Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 38, Issue 3

439 -- 459Felix Franke, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Andreas Hierlemann, Klaus Obermayer. Bayes optimal template matching for spike sorting - combining fisher discriminant analysis with optimal filtering
461 -- 0Felix Franke, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Andreas Hierlemann, Klaus Obermayer. Erratum to: Bayes optimal template matching for spike sorting - combining fisher discriminant analysis with optimal filtering
463 -- 481Tatiana Kameneva, Miganoosh Abramian, Daniele Zarelli, Dragan Nesic, Anthony N. Burkitt, Hamish Meffin, David B. Grayden. Spike history neural response model
483 -- 497Pei-Chiang Shao, Jian-Jia Huang, Wei-Chang Shann, Chen-Tung Yen, Meng-Li Tsai, Chien-Chang Yen. Granger causality-based synaptic weights estimation for analyzing neuronal networks
499 -- 519Kyle Q. Lepage, Christopher J. MacDonald. Fast maximum likelihood estimation using continuous-time neural point process models
521 -- 538Ann M. Castelfranco, Daniel K. Hartline. The evolution of vertebrate and invertebrate myelin: a theoretical computational study
539 -- 558Wafa Soofi, Astrid A. Prinz. Differential effects of conductances on the phase resetting curve of a bursting neuronal oscillator
559 -- 575Vera M. Dadok, Heidi E. Kirsch, Jamie W. Sleigh, Beth A. Lopour, Andrew J. Szeri. A probabilistic method for determining cortical dynamics during seizures
577 -- 587Aldana M. González-Montoro, Ricardo Cao, Nelson Espinosa, Javier Cudeiro, Jorge Mariño. Bootstrap testing for cross-correlation under low firing activity
589 -- 600LieJune Shiau, Tilo Schwalger, Benjamin Lindner. Interspike interval correlation in a stochastic exponential integrate-and-fire model with subthreshold and spike-triggered adaptation
601 -- 616M. Grabowska, Tibor Istvan Tóth, C. Smarandache-Wellmann, Silvia Daun-Gruhn. A network model comprising 4 segmental, interconnected ganglia, and its application to simulate multi-legged locomotion in crustaceans

Volume 38, Issue 2

221 -- 234Giseli de Sousa, Reinoud Maex, Rod Adams, Neil Davey, Volker Steuber. Dendritic morphology predicts pattern recognition performance in multi-compartmental model neurons with and without active conductances
235 -- 248Audrey Sederberg, Matthias Kaschube. Inhibition facilitates direction selectivity in a noisy cortical environment
249 -- 261Nicholas V. Swindale, Martin A. Spacek. Spike detection methods for polytrodes and high density microelectrode arrays
263 -- 283Patrick J. Coskren, Jennifer I. Luebke, Doron Kabaso, Susan L. Wearne, Aniruddha Yadav, Timothy Rumbell, Patrick R. Hof, Christina M. Weaver. Functional consequences of age-related morphologic changes to pyramidal neurons of the rhesus monkey prefrontal cortex
285 -- 300Alessandro Sarti, Giovanna Citti. The constitution of visual perceptual units in the functional architecture of V1
301 -- 313Takayuki Hasegawa, Shogo Sakata. A model of multisecond timing behaviour under peak-interval procedures
315 -- 323Dylan Rich, Fanny Cazettes, Yunyan Wang, José Luis Peña, Brian J. Fischer. Neural representation of probabilities for Bayesian inference
325 -- 354Horacio G. Rotstein. Subthreshold amplitude and phase resonance in models of quadratic type: Nonlinear effects generated by the interplay of resonant and amplifying currents
355 -- 404Jiwei Zhang, Aaditya V. Rangan. A reduction for spiking integrate-and-fire network dynamics ranging from homogeneity to synchrony
405 -- 425Eugenio Urdapilleta, Inés Samengo. Effects of spike-triggered negative feedback on receptive-field properties
427 -- 438Wagner Endo, Fernando P. Santos, David M. Simpson 0001, Carlos D. Maciel, Philip L. Newland. Delayed mutual information infers patterns of synaptic connectivity in a proprioceptive neural network

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 24Aurel A. Lazar, Yevgeniy B. Slutskiy. Spiking neural circuits with dendritic stimulus processors - Encoding, decoding, and identification in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
25 -- 51Kendrick M. Shaw, David N. Lyttle, Jeffrey P. Gill, Miranda J. Cullins, Jeffrey M. McManus, Hui Lu, Peter J. Thomas, Hillel J. Chiel. The significance of dynamical architecture for adaptive responses to mechanical loads during rhythmic behavior
53 -- 66Zachary Danziger, Warren M. Grill. A neuron model of stochastic resonance using rectangular pulse trains
67 -- 82David F. Anderson, Bard Ermentrout, Peter J. Thomas. Stochastic representations of ion channel kinetics and exact stochastic simulation of neuronal dynamics
83 -- 88Moshe M. Greenberger, Abraham O. Samson. Normal mode dynamics of voltage-gated K+ channels: gating principle, opening mechanism, and inhibition
89 -- 103Roman A. Sandler, Dong Song, Robert E. Hampson, Sam A. Deadwyler, Theodore W. Berger, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Model-based asessment of an in-vivo predictive relationship from CA1 to CA3 in the rodent hippocampus
105 -- 127Filippo Cona, Mauro Ursino. A neural mass model of place cell activity: theta phase precession, replay and imagination of never experienced paths
129 -- 142Carl L. Gardner, Jeremiah R. Jones, Steven M. Baer, Sharon M. Crook. Drift-diffusion simulation of the ephaptic effect in the triad synapse of the retina
143 -- 166Jessica Lehmann, Philipp Tellers, Hermann Wagner, Hartmut Führ. Estimating characteristic phase and delay from broadband interaural time difference tuning curves
167 -- 187Shailesh Appukuttan, Keith L. Brain, Rohit Manchanda. A computational model of urinary bladder smooth muscle syncytium - Validation and investigation of electrical properties
189 -- 202Brian Nils Lundstrom. Modeling multiple time scale firing rate adaptation in a neural network of local field potentials
203 -- 220Logan Chariker, Lai-Sang Young. Emergent spike patterns in neuronal populations