Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 47, Issue 2-3

91 -- 108Patrick Toglia, Ghanim Ullah. Mitochondrial dysfunction and role in spreading depolarization and seizure
109 -- 124Jiang-Ling Song, Luis Paixao, Qiang Li, Si-Hui Li, Rui Zhang, M. Brandon Westover. A novel neural computational model of generalized periodic discharges in acute hepatic encephalopathy
125 -- 140Mathieu Desroches, Olivier D. Faugeras, Martin Krupa, Massimo Mantegazza. Modeling cortical spreading depression induced by the hyperactivity of interneurons
141 -- 166Daniel Ioan, Ruxandra Barbulescu, Luís Miguel Silveira, Gabriela Ciuprina. Reduced order models of myelinated axonal compartments
167 -- 189Nilapratim Sengupta, Rohit Manchanda. Spontaneous synaptic drive in detrusor smooth muscle: computational investigation and implications for urinary bladder function
191 -- 204Osamu Hoshino, Rikiya Kameno, Kazuo Watanabe. Reducing variability in motor cortex activity at a resting state by extracellular GABA for reliable perceptual decision-making
205 -- 222Nicholas W. Barendregt, Kresimir Josic, Zachary P. Kilpatrick. Analyzing dynamic decision-making models using Chapman-Kolmogorov equations
223 -- 230Nikolaos Chrysanthidis, Florian Fiebig, Anders Lansner. Introducing double bouquet cells into a modular cortical associative memory model
231 -- 0Noemi Montobbio, Giovanna Citti, Alessandro Sarti. Correction to: From receptive profiles to a metric model of V1

Volume 47, Issue 1

1 -- 16Pedro D. Maia, Ashish Raj, J. Nathan Kutz. Slow-gamma frequencies are optimally guarded against effects of neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries
17 -- 30Janina Hesse, Susanne Schreiber. How to correctly quantify neuronal phase-response curves from noisy recordings
31 -- 41Christian G. Bénar, Christophe Grova, Viktor K. Jirsa, J. M. Lina. Differences in MEG and EEG power-law scaling explained by a coupling between spatial coherence and frequency: a simulation study
43 -- 60Sophie Rosay, Simon Weber, Marcello Mulas. Modeling grid fields instead of modeling grid cells
61 -- 76Vignesh Narayanan, Jr-Shin Li, ShiNung Ching. Biophysically interpretable inference of single neuron dynamics
77 -- 89Thibault Lagache, Krishna Jayant, Rafael Yuste. Electrodiffusion models of synaptic potentials in dendritic spines