Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 48, Issue 4

365 -- 375Preeti Sar, Hartmut Geyer. A model for the transfer of control from the brain to the spinal cord through synaptic learning
377 -- 386Omar A. Hafez, Allan Gottschalk. Altered neuronal excitability in a Hodgkin-Huxley model incorporating channelopathies of the delayed rectifier potassium channel
387 -- 407Jennifer Crodelle, Douglas Zhou, Gregor Kovacic, David Cai. A computational investigation of electrotonic coupling between pyramidal cells in the cortex
409 -- 428Qiang Zhang, Yue Dai. A modeling study of spinal motoneuron recruitment regulated by ionic channels during fictive locomotion
429 -- 444Parul Verma, Achim Kienle, Dietrich Flockerzi, Doraiswami Ramkrishna. Computational analysis of a 9D model for a small DRG neuron

Volume 48, Issue 3

253 -- 263Yuan-Ting Wu, Kathleen Gilpin, Ashfaq Adnan. Effects of Focal Axonal Swelling Level on the Action Potential Signal Transmission
265 -- 280Sedigheh Dehghani, Fariba Bahrami. 3D human arm reaching movement planning with principal patterns in successive phases
299 -- 316Christian Robert Huyck, Alberto Arturo Vergani. Hot coffee: associative memory with bump attractor cell assemblies of spiking neurons
317 -- 332Osamu Hoshino, Rikiya Kameno, Jin Kubo, Kazuo Watanabe. Spatiotemporal regulation of GABA concentration in extracellular space by gliotransmission crucial for extrasynaptic receptor-mediated improvement of sensory tuning performance in schizophrenia
333 -- 353Ismail Devecioglu, Burak Güçlü. Psychophysical detection and learning in freely behaving rats: a probabilistic dynamical model for operant conditioning
355 -- 0Ismail Devecioglu, Burak Güçlü. Correction to: Psychophysical detection and learning in freely behaving rats: a probabilistic dynamical model for operant conditioning
357 -- 363Wilfredo Blanco, Paulo H. Lopes, Anderson Abner de S. Souza, Michael Mascagni. Non-replicability circumstances in a neural network model with Hodgkin-Huxley-type neurons

Volume 48, Issue 2

123 -- 147Cody Baker, Emmanouil Froudarakis, Dimitri Yatsenko, Andreas S. Tolias, Robert Rosenbaum. Inference of synaptic connectivity and external variability in neural microcircuits
149 -- 159Fabio Anselmi, Micah M. Murray, Benedetta Franceschiello. A computational model for grid maps in neural populations
161 -- 176Yves Denoyer, Isabelle Merlet, Fabrice Wendling, Pascal Benquet. Modelling acute and lasting effects of tDCS on epileptic activity
177 -- 192Yunjiao Wang, Zachary P. Kilpatrick, Kresimir Josic. A hierarchical model of perceptual multistability involving interocular grouping
193 -- 211Ziqi Wang, Wei Dai, David W. McLaughlin. Ring models of binocular rivalry and fusion
213 -- 227Kuo-Wei Kao, Chung-Chuan Lo. Short term depression, presynaptic inhibition and local neuron diversity play key functional roles in the insect antennal lobe
229 -- 251André H. Erhardt, Kent-André Mardal, Jakob E. Schreiner. Dynamics of a neuron-glia system: the occurrence of seizures and the influence of electroconvulsive stimuli

Volume 48, Issue 1

1 -- 20Jhunlyn Lorenzo, Roman Vuillaume, Stéphane Binczak, Sabir Jacquir. Spatiotemporal model of tripartite synapse with perinodal astrocytic process
21 -- 26Evan D. Doubovikov, Daniil P. Aksenov. Oscillations and concentration dynamics of brain tissue oxygen in neonates and adults
27 -- 46Harry Tran, Radu Ranta, Steven Le Cam, Valérie Louis-Dorr. Fast simulation of extracellular action potential signatures based on a morphological filtering approximation
47 -- 63Samira Abbasi, Selva K. Maran, Dieter Jaeger. A general method to generate artificial spike train populations matching recorded neurons
65 -- 84Akke Mats Houben, Matthias S. Keil. A calcium-influx-dependent plasticity model exhibiting multiple STDP curves
85 -- 102Ryan John Cubero, Matteo Marsili, Yasser Roudi. Multiscale relevance and informative encoding in neuronal spike trains
103 -- 122Farshad Shirani. Transient neocortical gamma oscillations induced by neuronal response modulation