Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 5, Issue 4

353 -- 364William W. Lytton. Adapting a Feedforward Heteroassociative Network to Hodgkin-Huxley Dynamics
365 -- 381Ralph M. Siegel. Representation of Visual Space in Area 7a Neurons Using the Center of Mass Equation
383 -- 405Marcelo Camperi, Xiao-Jing Wang. A Model of Visuospatial Working Memory in Prefrontal Cortex: Recurrent Network and Cellular Bistability
407 -- 420Carson C. Chow, John A. White, Jason Ritt, Nancy Kopell. Frequency Control in Synchronized Networks of Inhibitory Neurons
421 -- 441Russell W. Anderson, Sanjoy Das, Edward L. Keller. Estimation of Spatiotemporal Neural Activity Using Radial Basis Function Networks
443 -- 459Per Hammarlund, Örjan Ekeberg. Large Neural Network Simulations on Multiple Hardware Platforms

Volume 5, Issue 3

243 -- 266Arthur Vermeulen, Jean-Pierre Rospars. Dendritic Integration in Olfactory Sensory Neurons: A Steady-State Analysis of How the Neuron Structure and Neuron Environment Influence the Coding of Odor Intensity
267 -- 284Tim Kiemel, Avis H. Cohen. Estimation of Coupling Strength in Regenerated Lamprey Spinal Cords Based on a Stochastic Phase Model
285 -- 314Pierre Baldi, Michael C. Vanier, James M. Bower. On the Use of Bayesian Methods for Evaluating Compartmental Neural Models
315 -- 329Sharon M. Crook, Bard Ermentrout, James M. Bower. Dendritic and Synaptic Effects in Systems of Coupled Cortical Oscillators
331 -- 348Henry Markram, Arnd Roth, Fritjof Helmchen. Competitive Calcium Binding: Implications for Dendritic Calcium Signaling

Volume 5, Issue 2

121 -- 140Jesper Tegnér, Anders Lansner, Sten Grillner. Modulation of Burst Frequency by Calcium-Dependent Potassium Channels in the Lamprey Locomotor System: Dependence of the Activity Level
141 -- 156Boris Lamotte d Incamps, Claude Meunier, Marie-Laure Monnet, Léna Jami, Daniel Zytnicki. Reduction of Presynaptic Action Potentials by PAD: Model and Experimental Study
157 -- 169Ofer Hendin, David Horn, Misha Tsodyks. Associative Memory and Segmentation in an Oscillatory Neural Model of the Olfactory Bulb
171 -- 190Ernst R. Dow, Thomas J. Anastasio. Analysis and Neural Network Modeling of the Nonlinear Correlates of Habituation in the Vestibulo-ocular Reflex
191 -- 208Bard Ermentrout. The Analysis of Synaptically Generated Traveling Waves
209 -- 235Joël Tabak, L. E. Moore. Simulation and Parameter Estimation Study of a Simple Neuronal Model of Rhythm Generation: Role of NMDA and Non-NMDA Receptors

Volume 5, Issue 1

5 -- 16John A. White, Carson C. Chow, Jason Ritt, Cristina Soto-Treviño, Nancy Kopell. Synchronization and Oscillatory Dynamics in Heterogeneous, Mutually Inhibited Neurons
17 -- 33Garrett T. Kenyon, Javier F. Medina, Michael D. Mauk. A Mathematical Model of the Cerebellar-Olivary System I: Self-Regulating Equilibrium of Climbing Fiber Activity
35 -- 51Masakazu Matsugu, James Duffin, Chi-Sang Poon. Entrainment, Instability, Quasi-periodicity, and Chaos in a Compound Neural Oscillator
53 -- 69Zhixiong Chen, Bard Ermentrout, Xiao-Jing Wang. Wave Propagation Mediated by GABAB Synapse and Rebound Excitation in an Inhibitory Network: A Reduced Model Approach
71 -- 90Garrett T. Kenyon, Javier F. Medina, Michael D. Mauk. A Mathematical Model of the Cerebellar-Olivary System II: Motor Adaptation Through Systematic Disruption of Climbing Fiber Equilibrium
91 -- 113Henry C. Tuckwell, Roger Rodriguez. Analytical and Simulation Results for Stochastic Fitzhugh-Nagumo Neurons and Neural Networks