Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 7, Issue 3

197 -- 211Richard Bertram, Matthew Behan. Implications of G-Protein-Mediated Ca2+ Channel Inhibition for Neurotransmitter Release and Facilitation
213 -- 234Jürgen Haag, Arthur Vermeulen, Alexander Borst. The Intrinsic Electrophysiological Characteristics of Fly Lobula Plate Tangential Cells: III. Visual Response Properties
235 -- 246Patrick D. Roberts. Computational Consequences of Temporally Asymmetric Learning Rules: I. Differential Hebbian Learning
247 -- 254Michele Giugliano, Marco Bove, Massimo Grattarola. Activity-Driven Computational Strategies of a Dynamically Regulated Integrate-and-Fire Model Neuron
255 -- 267Kyle L. Kirkland, George L. Gerstein. A Feedback Model of Attention and Context Dependence in Visual Cortical Networks

Volume 7, Issue 2

99 -- 118Hillel J. Chiel, Randall D. Beer, John C. Gallagher. Evolution and Analysis of Model CPGs for Walking: I. Dynamical Modules
119 -- 147Randall D. Beer, Hillel J. Chiel, John C. Gallagher. Evolution and Analysis of Model CPGs for Walking: II. General Principles and Individual Variability
149 -- 171Michael C. Vanier, James M. Bower. A Comparative Survey of Automated Parameter-Search Methods for Compartmental Neural Models
173 -- 189Miguel A. García-Pérez. Direction Selectivity and Spatiotemporal Separability in Simple Cortical Cells

Volume 7, Issue 1

5 -- 15Michele Migliore, D. A. Hoffman, J. C. Magee, D. Johnston. Role of an A-Type K+ Conductance in the Back-Propagation of Action Potentials in the Dendrites of Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons
17 -- 32Hans A. Braun, Mathias Dewald, Klaus Schäfer, Karlheinz Voigt, Xing Pei, Kevin Dolan, Frank Moss. Low-Dimensional Dynamics in Sensory Biology 2: Facial Cold Receptors of the Rat
33 -- 39Christoph Rasche, Rodney J. Douglas. Silicon Synaptic Conductances
41 -- 53Abdelkrim Elaagouby, Rafael Yuste. Role of Calcium Electrogenesis in Apical Dendrites: Generation of Intrinsic Oscillations by an Axial Current
55 -- 70Ernst R. Dow, Thomas J. Anastasio. Analysis and Modeling of Frequency-Specific Habituation of the Goldfish Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
71 -- 87Jeffrey B. Colombe, Philip S. Ulinski. Temporal Dispersion Windows in Cortical Neurons