Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 9, Issue 3

215 -- 236Joël Tabak, C. Richard Murphey, L. E. Moore. Parameter Estimation Methods for Single Neuron Models
237 -- 257Athanasios Athanasiades, John W. Clark Jr., Fathi H. Ghorbel, Akhil Bidani. An Ionic Current Model for Medullary Respiratory Neurons
259 -- 270Alain Destexhe, John R. Huguenard. Nonlinear Thermodynamic Models of Voltage-Dependent Currents
271 -- 291Stephanie R. Jones, David J. Pinto, Tasso J. Kaper, Nancy Kopell. Alpha-Frequency Rhythms Desynchronize over Long Cortical Distances: A Modeling Study

Volume 9, Issue 2

119 -- 132Ian C. Bruce, Laurence S. Irlicht, Mark W. White, Stephen J. O leary, Graeme M. Clark. Renewal-Process Approximation of a Stochastic Threshold Model for Electrical Neural Stimulation
133 -- 148Peter N. Steinmetz, Amit Manwani, Christof Koch, Michael London, Idan Segev. Subthreshold Voltage Noise Due to Channel Fluctuations in Active Neuronal Membranes
149 -- 170Kim T. Blackwell. Evidence for a Distinct Light-Induced Calcium-Dependent Potassium Current in Hermissenda Crassicornis
171 -- 185H. Sebastian Seung, Daniel D. Lee, Ben Y. Reis, David W. Tank. The Autapse: A Simple Illustration of Short-Term Analog Memory Storage by Tuned Synaptic Feedback
187 -- 205Akira Takashima, Masakazu Takahata. Electrophysiological and Theoretical Analysis of Depolarization-Dependent Outward Currents in the Dendritic Membrane of an Identified Nonspiking Interneuron in Crayfish

Volume 9, Issue 1

5 -- 30Amitabha Bose, Victoria Booth, Michael Recce. A Temporal Mechanism for Generating the Phase Precession of Hippocampal Place Cells
31 -- 47R. E. Burke. Comparison of Alternative Designs for Reducing Complex Neurons to Equivalent Cables
49 -- 65Paul H. E. Tiesinga, Jorge V. José. Synchronous Clusters in a Noisy Inhibitory Neural Network
67 -- 83Patrick D. Roberts, Curtis C. Bell. Computational Consequences of Temporally Asymmetric Learning Rules: II. Sensory Image Cancellation
85 -- 111David J. Klein, Didier A. Depireux, Jonathan Z. Simon, Shihab A. Shamma. Robust Spectrotemporal Reverse Correlation for the Auditory System: Optimizing Stimulus Design