Journal: JDIM

Volume 18, Issue 3

85 -- 0Djamila Bouhalouan, Bakhta Nachet, Abdelkader Adla. Knowledge-Intensive Decision Support System for Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance
99 -- 0Rakesh Kumar, Aditi Sharan. A Graph-Based Approach for Aspect Extraction from Online Customer Reviews
109 -- 0Mina Ranjbarfard, Shahideh Ahmadi. A Study of Data Requirements for Data Mining Applications in Banking

Volume 18, Issue 2

49 -- 0Alam Rahmatulloh, Neng Ika Kurniati, Irfan Darmawan, Adi Zaenal Asyikin, Deden Witarsyah. Comparison of the Effects Stemmer Porter and Nazief-Adriani on the Performance of Winnowing Algorithms for Measuring Plagiarism
57 -- 0Djasen Tjendry, Wirawan Istiono. Is the Binary Search Faster when Two Variables are Added in the Middle of the Data?
65 -- 0Abdelkader Adla. Real Estate Loan Knowledge-Based Recommender System

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 0Farah Fekraoui, Mohamed Chaouki Babahenini. Automatic Marching Cubes for Improving 3D Medical Images Reconstruction
11 -- 0Wataru Souma, Irena Vodenska, Lou Chitkushev. New Measures of Journal Impact Based on the Number of Citations and PageRank
21 -- 0Alton Y. K. Chua, Xiaoyu Chen. Rumor Retransmission on Twitter: Message Characteristics, user Characteristics and Retransmission Outcomes
33 -- 0Farid Ayeche, Adel Alti, Abdallah Boukerram. Improved Face and Facial Expression Recognition Based on a Novel Local Gradient Neighborhood