Journal: JDIM

Volume 6, Issue 6

430 -- 433Thomas Burkhart, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos. Commius - An email based interoperability solution tailored for SMEs
434 -- 441Elisabeth Lex, Christin Seifert, Wolfgang Kienreich, Michael Granitzer. A Generic Framework for Visualizing the News Article Domain and its Application to Real-World Data
442 -- 448Ilham Esslimani, Armelle Brun, Anne Boyer. Behavioral similarities for collaborative recommendations
449 -- 455Fouzi Harrag, Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif, Eyas El-Qawasmeh. Information Retrieval Architecture for Hadith Text Mining
456 -- 462Xin Sun, Yushu Liu, Yue He. Building a P2P Overlay Network for Efficient Search
463 -- 489Sandipan Dey, Ajith Abraham, Bijoy Bandyopadhyay, Sugata Sanyal. Hiding Techniques Using Prime and Natural Numbers
490 -- 497M. Elarbi Boudihir. Enhanced Fuzzy Perception for Robot Vision
498 -- 0Pit Pichappan. Architectural paradigms for Self-Management process in Autonomic Computing

Volume 6, Issue 5

353 -- 0Youakim Badr, Richard Chbeir. Editorial
354 -- 365Lynda Tamine-Lechani, Mohand Boughanem, Nesrine Zemirli. Personalized document ranking: Exploiting evidence from multiple user interests for profiling and retrieval
366 -- 374Anastasia Karanastasi, Stavros Christodoulakis. The OntoNL Semantic Relatedness Measure for OWL Ontologies
375 -- 385Hajer Baazaoui Zghal, Marie-Aude Aufaure, Rania Soussi. Towards an on-Line Semantic Information Retrieval System based on Fuzzy Ontologies
386 -- 395Vincenzo Del Fatto, Vincenzo Deufemia, Luca Paolino. Map Integrity Constraint Verification by using Visual Language Parsing
396 -- 404Carsten Kleiner, Alberto Garcia Aliste. Classification of Geographic Web Services for Building an Efficient Geographic Information System Offering Profitable Value Added Services
405 -- 413Michel Kamel, Romain Laborde, François Barrère, Abdelmalek Benzekri. A trust-based virtual collaborative environment
414 -- 420Josep Lluís de la Rosa, Boleslaw K. Szymanski. Citation Auctions as a Method to Improve Selection of Scientific Papers
421 -- 426Deepali Gupta. Software Fault Prediction Based on Machine Learning Techniques Using Software Metrics
427 -- 432Abdullah A. Al-Tameem. A Research into the technological capabilities in Information Technology Sector

Volume 6, Issue 4

281 -- 284Youakim Badr, Richard Chbeir. Editorial
285 -- 293Werner Winiwarter. Learning Transfer Rules for Machine Translation from Parallel Corpora
294 -- 302Rudolf Mayer, Angela Roiger, Andreas Rauber. Map-based Interfaces for Information Management in Large Text Collections
303 -- 306Adeline Leblanc, Marie-Hélène Abel. A Forum-based Organizational Memory as Organizational Learning Support
307 -- 314Kjetil Nørvåg, Eirik Eide, Odin Hole Standal. Query Planning in the PORDaS P2P Database System
315 -- 331Mario Döller, Kerstin Bauer, Harald Kosch, Matthias Gruhne. Standardized Multimedia Retrieval based on Web Service technologies and the MPEG Query Format
332 -- 341Vincenzo Del Fatto, Vincenzo Deufemia, Luca Paolino. Map Integrity Constraint Verification by using Visual Language Parsing
342 -- 347Jurriaan Souer, Paul Honders, Johan Versendaal, Sjaak Brinkkemper. A Framework for Web Content Management System Operations and Maintenance
348 -- 352Shinobu Izumi, Go Kobayashi, Takaichi Yoshida. Route Navigation Method for Disabled Access GIS in Consideration of Abilities and Psychologies

Volume 6, Issue 3

235 -- 0Pit Pichappan. Editorial
235 -- 243Ping Zhong, Jinlin Chen. Web Information Extraction Using Web-specific Features
244 -- 255Sofia Stamou, Lefteris Kozanidis, Paraskevi Tzekou, Nikos Zotos. A Recommendation Model Based on Site Semantics and Usage Mining
256 -- 261Mohammed Misbahuddin, P. Premchand, A. Govardhan. A smart card based remote user authentication scheme
262 -- 271Walid-Khaled Hidouci, Djamel Eddine Zegour. An actor like data model for a parallel DBMS
272 -- 277K. Thammi Reddy, M. Shashi, L. Pratap Reddy. Hybrid Clustering Approach for Term Partitioning in Document Data Sets
278 -- 0Pit Pichappan. Transaction clustering of web log data files using genetic algorithm

Volume 6, Issue 2

140 -- 142Jeng-Shyang Pan, Ajith Abraham. Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
143 -- 150Chin-Chen Chang, The Duc Kieu, Yung-Chen Chou. Reversible Data Embedding for Color Images
151 -- 160Katsunari Yoshioka, Kotaro Sonoda, Osamu Takizawa, Tsutomu Matsumoto. Information Hiding on Lossless Data Compression
161 -- 167Yusuke Atomori, Isao Echizen, Masanori Dainaka, Shinta Nakayama, Hiroshi Yoshiura. Robust Video Watermarking based on Dual-plane Correlation for Immunity to Rotation, Scale, Translation, and Random Distortion
168 -- 173Qi Han, Zhifang Wang, Xiamu Niu. An Improved Biometric Template Protection Method based on Non-Uniform Quantization
174 -- 179Do-Kyoung Kwon, Mei-Yin Shen, C. C. Jay Kuo. Optimal Two-Pass Frame-Layer Bit Allocation for H.264 Video
180 -- 188Nongluk Eiamjumrus, Supavadee Aramvith. Rate Control Scheme based on Cauchy R-D Optimization Model for H.264/AVC under Low Delay Constraint
189 -- 195Akinori Ito, Shozo Makino. Multiple description coding of an audio stream by optimum recovery transforms
196 -- 200Da-Jinn Wang, Thou-Ho (Chao-Ho) Chen, Yen-Hui Yin, Tsong-Yi Chen. Smoke Detection for Early Fire-Alarming System Based on Video Processing
201 -- 207Jun-Bao Li, Shu-Chuan Chu, Jeng-Shyang Pan. Discriminant Parallel Feature Fusion Based on Maximum Margin Criterion for Pattern Classification
208 -- 213Lianlei Lin, Shouda Jiang. An Adaptive Online Recursive Learning Algorithm for Least Squares SVM Classifiers
214 -- 219Yufeng Zhao, Yao Zhao, Zhenfeng Zhu. Co-training for search-based automatic image annotation
220 -- 223Mong-Fong Horng, Bin-Yih Liao, Yau-Hwang Kuo, Yi-Hsiang Hung. A Fast-Startup TCP Mechanism for VoIP Services in Long-Distance Networks
224 -- 230Wei Kuang Lai, Chin-Shiuh Shieh, Chih-Hui Pan. A Power Control MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Improved Energy Efficiency and Channel Utilization

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 2Richard Chbeir, Pit Pichappan, Ajith Abraham. Special issue on Digital Information Management
3 -- 11Andreas Pesenhofer, Rudolf Mayer, Andreas Rauber. Automating the Management of Scientific Conferences using Information Mining Techniques
12 -- 20Susanta Mitra, Aditya Bagchi, A. K. Bandyopadhyay. Complex Query Processing on Web Graph: a Social Network Perspective
21 -- 29S. Sankara Gomathi, Richard Chbeir, Shriram Krishnamurthi. Efficient Power Aware and Reputation-Based Routing Protocol for MANET
30 -- 37Jinlin Chen, Ping Zhong, Terry Cook. Cluster based Mixed Coding Schemes for Inverted File Index Compression
38 -- 50Maytham Safar, Dariush Ebrahimi, Mary Magdalene Jane F., R. Nadarajan. Restricted Continuous KNN Queries on Road Networks with Caching Enhancement
51 -- 60Manoj Paul, S. K. Ghosh. Application Schema Mapping based on Ontology: An Approach for Geospatial Data Storage
61 -- 70Gaëlle Lortal, Amalia Todirascu-Courtier, Myriam Lewkowicz. AnT&CoW: Share, Classify and Elaborate Documents by means of Annotation
71 -- 80Bernd Markscheffel, Daniel Fischer, Dirk Stelzer. Classification of Digital Libraries - An e-Business Model-Based Approach
81 -- 91Temenushka Ignatova, Andreas Heuer. Model-Driven Development of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems
92 -- 101Sachit Rajbhandari, Frédéric Andrès, Motomu Naito, Vilas Wuwongse. Topic Maps Management in Spatial-Temporal Multimedia Blog
102 -- 119Christophe Marquesuzaà, Patrick Etcheverry, Christian Sallaberry, Mustapha Baziz. Accessing Heritage Documents according to Space Criteria within Digital Libraries
120 -- 127Youakim Badr. Service-Oriented Workflow