Journal: JETC

Volume 11, Issue 4

32 -- 0Dan Hammerstrom, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan. Introduction to Special Issue on Neuromorphic Computing
33 -- 0Laurent Rodriguez, Benoit Miramond, Bertrand Granado. Toward a Sparse Self-Organizing Map for Neuromorphic Architectures
34 -- 0Djaafar Chabi, Weisheng Zhao, Damien Querlioz, Jacques-Olivier Klein. On-Chip Universal Supervised Learning Methods for Neuro-Inspired Block of Memristive Nanodevices
35 -- 0Philippe Coussy, Cyrille Chavet, Hugues Nono Wouafo, Laura Conde-Canencia. Fully Binary Neural Network Model and Optimized Hardware Architectures for Associative Memories
36 -- 0Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Philippe Coussy, Nikil Dutt. Large-Scale Spiking Neural Networks using Neuromorphic Hardware Compatible Models
37 -- 0Benoit Chappet de Vangel, Cesar Torres-Huitzil, Bernard Girau. Randomly Spiking Dynamic Neural Fields
38 -- 0Yongtae Kim, Yong Zhang, Peng Li. A Reconfigurable Digital Neuromorphic Processor with Memristive Synaptic Crossbar for Cognitive Computing
39 -- 0Masoud Daneshtalab, Farhad Mehdipour, Zhiyi Yu, Hannu Tenhunen. Special Issue on Emerging Many-Core Systems for Exascale Computing
40 -- 0Syed M. A. H. Jafri, Ozan Ozbag, Nasim Farahini, Kolin Paul, Ahmed Hemani, Juha Plosila, Hannu Tenhunen. Architecture and Implementation of Dynamic Parallelism, Voltage and Frequency Scaling (PVFS) on CGRAs
41 -- 0Oluleye Olorode, Mehrdad Nourani. Improving Performance in Sub-Block Caches with Optimized Replacement Policies
42 -- 0Zhongqi Li, Nilanjan Goswami, Tao Li. iConn: A Communication Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
43 -- 0Misagh Khayambashi, Pooria M. Yaghini, Ashkan Eghbal, Nader Bagherzadeh. Analytical Reliability Analysis of 3D NoC under TSV Failure

Volume 11, Issue 3

20 -- 0Chris J. Myers, Herbert M. Sauro, Anil Wipat. Introduction to the Special Issue on Computational Synthetic Biology
21 -- 0Tara L. Deans. Parallel Networks: Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence
22 -- 0Goksel Misirli, Jennifer Hallinan, Anil Wipat. Composable Modular Models for Synthetic Biology
23 -- 0Curtis Madsen, Zhen Zhang, Nicholas Roehner, Chris Winstead, Chris J. Myers. Stochastic Model Checking of Genetic Circuits
24 -- 0Harold Fellermann, Maik Hadorn, Rudolf M. Füchslin, Natalio Krasnogor. Formalizing Modularization and Data Hiding in Synthetic Biology
25 -- 0Ernst Oberortner, Swapnil Bhatia, Erik Lindgren, Douglas Densmore. A Rule-Based Design Specification Language for Synthetic Biology
26 -- 0Haiyao Huang, Douglas Densmore. Fluigi: Microfluidic Device Synthesis for Synthetic Biology
27 -- 0Fatima Zohra Hadjam, Claudio Moraga. RIMEP2: Evolutionary Design of Reversible Digital Circuits
28 -- 0Mahboobeh Houshmand, Morteza Saheb Zamani, Mehdi Sedighi, Mona Arabzadeh. Decomposition of Diagonal Hermitian Quantum Gates Using Multiple-Controlled Pauli Z Gates
29 -- 0Zhiqiang Li, Hanwu Chen, Xiaoyu Song, Marek A. Perkowski. A Synthesis Algorithm for 4-Bit Reversible Logic Circuits with Minimum Quantum Cost
30 -- 0Bibhash Sen, Manojit Dutta, Samik Some, Biplab K. Sikdar. Realizing Reversible Computing in QCA Framework Resulting in Efficient Design of Testable ALU
31 -- 0Md. Mazder Rahman, Gerhard W. Dueck, Joseph D. Horton. An Algorithm for Quantum Template Matching

Volume 11, Issue 2

8 -- 0Robert Wille, Rolf Drechsler, Mehdi Baradaran Tahoori. Introduction to the Special Issue on Reversible Computation
9 -- 0Alexis De Vos, Stijn De Baerdemacker. Matrix Calculus for Classical and Quantum Circuits
10 -- 0Ismo Hänninen, Craig S. Lent, Gregory L. Snider. Quantifying Irreversible Information Loss in Digital Circuits
11 -- 0Alexis De Vos, Stéphane Burignat, Robert Glück, Torben Ægidius Mogensen, Holger Bock Axelsen, Michael Kirkedal Thomsen, Eva Rotenberg, Tetsuo Yokoyama. Designing Garbage-Free Reversible Implementations of the Integer Cosine Transform
12 -- 0Torben Ægidius Mogensen. Garbage-Free Reversible Multipliers for Arbitrary Constants
13 -- 0Trung Duc Nguyen, Rodney Van Meter. A Resource-Efficient Design for a Reversible Floating Point Adder in Quantum Computing
14 -- 0Alireza Shafaei, Mehdi Saeedi, Massoud Pedram. Cofactor Sharing for Reversible Logic Synthesis
15 -- 0Kamalika Datta, Gaurav Rathi, Indranil Sengupta, Hafizur Rahaman. An Improved Reversible Circuit Synthesis Approach using Clustering of ESOP Cubes
16 -- 0Umamaheswara Rao Tida, Cheng Zhuo, Yiyu Shi. Novel Through-Silicon-Via Inductor-Based On-Chip DC-DC Converter Designs in 3D ICs
17 -- 0Jacob Murray, Ryan Kim, Paul Wettin, Partha Pratim Pande, Behrooz Shirazi. Performance Evaluation of Congestion-Aware Routing with DVFS on a Millimeter-Wave Small-World Wireless NoC
18 -- 0Pragyan (Sheela) Mohanty, Spyros Tragoudas. Scalable Offline Searches in DNA Sequences
19 -- 0Sourindra M. Chaudhuri, Prateek Mishra, Niraj K. Jha. Accurate Leakage/Delay Estimation for FinFET Standard Cells under PVT Variations using the Response Surface Methodology

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 0Jiun-Li Lin, Po-Hsun Wu, Tsung-Yi Ho. Placement optimization of flexible TFT circuits with mechanical strain and temperature consideration
2 -- 0Sudip Roy, Bhargab B. Bhattacharya, Sarmishtha Ghoshal, Krishnendu Chakrabarty. Theory and analysis of generalized mixing and dilution of biochemical fluids using digital microfluidic biochips
3 -- 0Xianmin Chen, Niraj K. Jha. Ultra-low-leakage chip multiprocessor design with hybrid FinFET logic styles
4 -- 0Ing-Chao Lin, Shun-Ming Syu, Tsung-Yi Ho. NBTI tolerance and leakage reduction using gate sizing
5 -- 0Jing Xie, Yang Du, Yuan Xie 0001. Testable cross-power domain interface (CPDI) circuit design in monolithic 3D technology
6 -- 0Renu Kumawat, Vineet Sahula, Manoj Singh Gaur. Probabilistic modeling and analysis of molecular memory
7 -- 0Chia-Chun Lin, Amlan Chakrabarti, Niraj K. Jha. QLib: Quantum module library