Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 17, Issue 4

175 -- 184Koussalya Balasubramanian, M. Ganesh Madhan. Simulation of thermal effects in laser diode and its impact on high speed fiber optic link
185 -- 205Francesco Palmieri, Ugo Fiore, Sergio Ricciardi. Constrained minimum lightpath affinity routing in multi-layer optical transport networks
207 -- 218Heejung Byun. An explicit window adaptation algorithm over TCP networks using supervisory control
219 -- 236Tsung-Han Yang, Cheng-Yuan Ku, David C. Yen, Yi-Chen Lin. Utilizing the interactive techniques to achieve automated service composition for Web Services

Volume 17, Issue 3

129 -- 145Yoong Cheah Huei, Pung Hung Keng, Nikolai Krivulin. Calculating approximate blocking probabilities for TDM wavelength optical networks with OTSIs
147 -- 161Alaa M. Baker, Ng Chee Kyun, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Ahmed Mustafa, Ayyoub Akbari. An optimized energy saving mechanism in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX systems
163 -- 173Bashar J. Hamza, Ng Chee Kyun, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Mohd Fadlee A. Rasid, A. Ismail, Yaseen H. Tahir. Enhancement of packet reordering in a mobile stream control transmission protocol for a heterogeneous wireless network vertical handover

Volume 17, Issue 2

73 -- 81F. Furman Haddix, Wuxu Peng. A uniform process alternator for arbitrary topologies
83 -- 96Flávio Henrique Vieira Teles, Gabriel Rocon Bianchi, Luan Ling Lee. A network traffic prediction approach based on multifractal modeling
97 -- 128Lei Shi, Wenjie Li, Bin Liu. Flow-based packet-mode load-balancing for parallel packet switches

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 12Peng Jia, Jie Zhang, Wanyi Gu. Modeling and analysis of a hybrid optical switching system with delay buffer and wavelengths classification
13 -- 36Suogang Li, Ke Xu, Ying Liu, Jianping Wu. Edge overlay multicast to support comparable multi-class services
37 -- 50Rung-Shiang Cheng, Hui-Tang Lin. Modified TCP startup procedure for large bandwidth-delay networks
51 -- 57Hadj Bourdoucen. Effect of seasonal temperature fluctuations on performance of 160 Gbps transmission with adjustable chromatic dispersion compensation
59 -- 72Wen-Ping Chen, Wen-Fong Wang, Wen-Shyang Hwang. A novel and simple beforehand bandwidth reservation (BBR) MAC protocol for OBS metro ring networks