Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 4, Issue 4

325 -- 326Imrich Chlamtac, Andrea Fumagalli. Guest Editorial
327 -- 339Mike J. O'Mahony. Multiwavelength Optical Networks: Design Considerations
341 -- 360Duanyang Guo, Yechiam Yemini, Zhensheng Zhang, Wei Guo. Scalable High-Speed Protocols for WDM Optical Star Networks
361 -- 383Subrata Banerjee, Biswanath Mukherjee. Algorithms for Optimized Node Arrangements in ShuffleNet Based Multihop Lightwave Networks
385 -- 406Marco Ajmone Marsan, Guido Albertengo, Emilio Leonardi, Fabio Neri. Square Grid Topologies for Wavelength-Routing All-Optical Networks
407 -- 424Leonard Kleinrock, Mario Gerla, Nicholas Bambos, Jason Cong, Eli Gafni, Larry Bergman, Joseph A. Bannister. The Supercomputer Supernet: A Scalable Distributed Terabit Network
425 -- 437Jean-Michel Gabriagues, Dominique Chiaroni, D. De Bouard, Paulette Gavignet, C. Chauzat, Jean-Baptiste Jacob, Francesco Masetti, P. A. Perrier, M. Sotom. Design Implementation of a Gigabit ATM Photonic Switching Matrix

Volume 4, Issue 3

221 -- 238George N. Rouskas, Mostafa H. Ammar. Dynamic Reconfiguration in Multihop WDM Networks
239 -- 254Oran Sharon, Adrian Segall. Schemes for Slot Reuse in a Dual Bus System with the CRMA II MAC
255 -- 273Dennis Karvelas, Michail Papamichail, George C. Polyzos. Fair DQDB: The Rotating Slot Generator Scheme
275 -- 286Wlodek Dobosiewicz, Pawel Gburzynski. On a MAC Protocol Based on Distributed Cycles
287 -- 297Raffaele Bona, Franco Davoli, Angela Di Febbraro. Distributed Coordinated Deflection Routing Algorithms for High Speed Networks
299 -- 316Elena Pagani, Gian Paolo Rossi. A Set of Multicast Primitives for Fault Tolerant Distributed Systems
317 -- 324Cesar A. Johnston, David J. Smith, Kenneth C. Young Jr.. ATMTraP: An ATM Traffic and Performance Measurement Tool

Volume 4, Issue 2

115 -- 116Krishna Bala, Biswanath Mukherjee. Guest Editorial
117 -- 131Rajesh K. Pankaj. All-Optical Network Topologies Based on Expander Graphs
133 -- 153Ciro Aloisio Noronha Jr., Fouad A. Tobagi. Routing of Multimedia Streams in Reconfigurable WDM Optical Networks
155 -- 167Michael S. Borella, Biswanath Mukherjee. Limits of Multicasting in a Packet-Switched WDM Single-Hop Local Lightwave Network
169 -- 187Srinivasan Tridandapani, James S. Meditch. Supporting Multipoint Connections in Multi-Hop WDM Optical Networks
189 -- 200Sheau-Ru Tong, David H. C. Du, Ronald J. Vetter. Design Principles for Multi-Hop Wavelength and Time Division Multiplexed Optical Passive Star Networks
201 -- 219Imrich Chlamtac, Andrea Fumagalli, Leonid G. Kazovsky, Pierluigi Poggiolini. A Contention/Collision Free WDM Ring Network for Multi Gigabit Packet Switched Communication

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 3Krishna Bala, Biswanath Mukherjee. Guest Editors' Introduction
5 -- 25Victor O. K. Li, Alan E. Willner, P. Daniel Dapkus, Kuo Chun Lee, A. David Norte, Eugene Park, William Shieh, Atul Mathur. Wavelength Conversion and Wavelength Routing for High-Efficiency All-Optical Networks: A Proposal for Research on All-Optical Networks
27 -- 40Zhensheng Zhang, Duanyang Guo, Anthony S. Acampora. Logarithmically Scalable Routing Algorithms in Large Optical Networks
41 -- 59Kai Choong Chan, Holden Ho Yuen Cheng, Hai-Feng Liu, Khawaja Aamer Ahmed. Application of Optical Solitons in High-Speed and Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Lightwave Communication Systems
61 -- 76Charles F. Barry, Sanjay K. Agrawal, Nina L. Taranenko, Ciro Aloisio Noronha Jr., Leonid G. Kazovsky. Network Interface Design for Multi-Gbit/s WDM Optical Networks
77 -- 98Adrian Grah, Terence D. Todd. Photonic Ring and Bus Networks with Reduced Station Hardware
99 -- 113B├╝lent Yener, Terrance E. Boult. Flow Trees: A Lower Bound Computation Tool with Applications to Rearrangeable Multihop Lightwave Network Optimization