Journal: J. Information Telecommunication

Volume 1, Issue 2

113 -- 126Lai Duc Anh, Bay Vo, Witold Pedrycz. Information granulation construction and representation strategies for classification in imbalanced data based on granular computing
127 -- 140Van Du Nguyen 0001, Mercedes G. Merayo. Intelligent collective: some issues with collective cardinality
141 -- 154Thi-Ngan Pham, Van Quang Nguyen, Van-Hien Tran, Tri Thanh Nguyen, Quang-Thuy Ha. A semi-supervised multi-label classification framework with feature reduction and enrichment
155 -- 175A. T. M. Shakil Ahamed, Navid Tanzeem Mahmood, Rashedur M. Rahman. An intelligent system to predict academic performance based on different factors during adolescence
176 -- 191Hong Son Nguyen, Minh Hieu Le, Chan Quan Loi Lam, Trong Hai Duong. Smart interactive search for Vietnamese disease by using data mining-based ontology