Journal: J. Information Telecommunication

Volume 2, Issue 4

359 -- 373Yasuhiro Ogawa, Makoto Nakamura, Tomohiro Ohno, Katsuhiko Toyama. Extraction of legal bilingual phrases from the Japanese Official Gazette, English Edition
374 -- 391Daiki Kurita, Boonsita Roengsamut, Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Hung-Hsuan Huang. Simulating gamified crowdsourcing of knowledge base refinement: effects of game rule design
392 -- 410Siamak Dehghanpour, Akbar Esfahanipour. Dynamic portfolio insurance strategy: a robust machine learning approach
411 -- 427Kambiz Badie, Nasrin Asadi, Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi. Zone identification based on features with high semantic richness and combining results of separate classifiers
428 -- 448Grzegorz Kolaczek, Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko. Security framework for dynamic service-oriented IT systems
449 -- 464Tomasz Xieski, Roman Siminski. Backward chaining inference as a database stored procedure - the experiments on real-world knowledge bases
465 -- 491Emmanuel Okafor, Lambert Schomaker, Marco A. Wiering. An analysis of rotation matrix and colour constancy data augmentation in classifying images of animals
492 -- 510Konstantinos Demertzis, Lazaros S. Iliadis, Vardis-Dimitris Anezakis. Extreme deep learning in biosecurity: the case of machine hearing for marine species identification

Volume 2, Issue 3

231 -- 245Faisal Mohammed Nafie Ali, Abdelmoneim Ali Mohamed Hamed. Usage Apriori and clustering algorithms in WEKA tools to mining dataset of traffic accidents
246 -- 264D. Duy, K. Tanaka. Enhanced virtual release advancing algorithm for real-time task scheduling
265 -- 290Nguyen Mau Toan, Yasushi Inoguchi. Audio fingerprint hierarchy searching strategies on GPGPU massively parallel computer
291 -- 304Mare Koit. Reasoning and communicative strategies in a model of argument-based negotiation
305 -- 321Amy Hamijah Ab. Hamid, Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan, Roliana Ibrahim, Safaai Deris, Ali Selamat, Muhd. Noor Muhd Yunus. Requirements engineering of Malaysian radiological medical emergency response simulator
322 -- 333Jacek Grekow. Audio features dedicated to the detection and tracking of arousal and valence in musical compositions
334 -- 346Omar Sami Thiab, Lukasz Nogal, Ryszard Kowalik. Adaptive phasor estimation technique during off-nominal frequency for numerical relays
347 -- 357Gozde Ozsert Yigit, Buse Melis Ozyildirim. Comparison of convolutional neural network models for food image classification

Volume 2, Issue 2

125 -- 0. Notice of duplicate publication
126 -- 146Hai Vu, Thi-Lan Le, Van Giap Nguyen, Tan Hung Dinh. Semantic regions segmentation using a spatio-temporal model from an UAV image sequence with an optimal configuration for data acquisition
147 -- 162Hong Hai Le, Ngoc-Hoa Nguyen, Tri Thanh Nguyen. Speeding up and enhancing a large-scale fingerprint identification system on GPU
163 -- 180Basabi Chakraborty, Atsushi Kawamura. A new penalty-based wrapper fitness function for feature subset selection with evolutionary algorithms
181 -- 191Dragan Lambic. S-box design method based on improved one-dimensional discrete chaotic map
192 -- 204Leslie F. Sikos. VidOnt: a core reference ontology for reasoning over video scenes
205 -- 216Mehmet Sarigul, Mutlu Avci. Performance comparison of different momentum techniques on deep reinforcement learning
217 -- 230Joanna Jedrzejowicz, Robert Kostrzewski, Jakub Neumann, Magdalena Zakrzewska. Imbalanced data classification using MapReduce and relief

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 0Le Vinh Danh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. From the Editors and Ton Duc Thang University
2 -- 18Pablo C. Cañizares, Mercedes G. Merayo, Alberto Núñez. FORTIFIER: a FORmal disTrIbuted Framework to Improve the dEtection of thReatening objects in baggage
19 -- 32Chao-Fu Hong, Mu-Hua Lin, Pen-Choug Sun, Hsiao-Fang Yang. Framework of early adopters' incipient and innovative ideas and chance discovery
33 -- 52Cuong Duc Nguyen, Trong Hai Duong. EREL: an Entity Recognition and Linking algorithm
53 -- 67Leon Bobrowski, Pawel Zabielski. Basis exchange and learning algorithms for extracting collinear patterns
68 -- 90Bálint Molnár, András Béleczki, András A. Benczúr. Information systems modelling based on graph-theoretic background
91 -- 106Trong-The Nguyen, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Thi-Kien Dao, Shu-Chuan Chu. Load balancing for mitigating hotspot problem in wireless sensor network based on enhanced diversity pollen
107 -- 123Phat Tan Lam, Tan Quang Le, Ngan Nguyen Le, Dat Son Nguyen. Wireless sensing modules for rural monitoring and precision agriculture applications