Journal: J. Integrative Bioinformatics

Volume 11, Issue 3

0 -- 0Caroline König, René Alquézar, Alfredo Vellido, Jesús Giraldo. Reducing the n-gram feature space of class C GPCRs to subtype-discriminating patterns
0 -- 0Boris Brimkov. Geometric approach to string analysis for biosequence classification
0 -- 0Vera Afreixo, João M. O. S. Rodrigues, Carlos A. C. Bastos. Exceptional single strand DNA word symmetry: analysis of evolutionary potentialities
0 -- 0Shima Soroushnia, Masoud Daneshtalab, Juha Plosila, Tapio Pahikkala, Pasi Liljeberg. High Performance Pattern Matching on Heterogeneous Platform
0 -- 0Andre Lamurias, João D. Ferreira, Francisco M. Couto. Identifying interactions between chemical entities in biomedical text
0 -- 0Alberto Montañola, Concepció Roig, Porfidio Hernández. Efficient mapping of genomic sequences to optimize multiple pairwise alignment in hybrid cluster platforms
0 -- 0Ana Margarida Sousa, Maria Olívia Pereira, Nuno F. Azevedo, Anália Lourenço. An harmonised vocabulary for communicating and interchanging Biofilms experimental results
0 -- 0José Ignacio Requeno, José Manuel Colom. Analyzing Phylogenetic Trees with Timed and Probabilistic Model Checking: The Lactose Persistence Case Study

Volume 11, Issue 2

0 -- 0Matthias Klapperstück, Falk Schreiber. BioNetLink - An Architecture for Working with Network Data
0 -- 0Goksel Misirli, Jennifer Hallinan, Richard Röttger, Jan Baumbach, Anil Wipat. BacillusRegNet: A transcriptional regulation database and analysis platform for Bacillus species
0 -- 0Keith Flanagan, Simon J. Cockell, Colin Harwood, Jennifer Hallinan, Sirintra Nakjang, Beth Lawry, Anil Wipat. A distributed computational search strategy for the identification of diagnostics targets: Application to finding aptamer targets for methicillin-resistant staphylococci
0 -- 0Marko Djordjevic. Integrating Sequence Analysis with Biophysical Modelling for Accurate Transcription Start Site Prediction
0 -- 0Christoph Brinkrolf, Sebastian Janowski, Benjamin Kormeier, Martin Lewinski, Klaus Hippe, Daniela Borck, Ralf Hofestädt. VANESA - A Software Application for the Visualization and Analysis of Networks in System Biology Applications
0 -- 0Julija Rusakovica, Jennifer Hallinan, Anil Wipat, Paolo Zuliani. Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis Applied to Whole Bacterial Genomes Identifies Common Genomic Features
0 -- 0Maria Esch, Jinbo Chen, Stephan Weise, Keywan Hassani-Pak, Uwe Scholz, Matthias Lange. A Query Suggestion Workflow for Life Science IR-Systems
0 -- 0Markus List, Anne-Christin Hauschild, Qihua Tan, Torben Arvid Kruse, Jan Mollenhauer, Jan Baumbach, Richa Batra. Classification of Breast Cancer Subtypes by combining Gene Expression and DNA Methylation Data
0 -- 0Vuk Janjic, Natasa Przulj. The Topology of the Growing Human Interactome Data

Volume 11, Issue 1

0 -- 0Mehmet Volkan Cakir, Hans Binder, Henry Wirth. Profiling of Genetic Switches using Boolean Implications in Expression Data
0 -- 0Martijn P. van Iersel, Milka Sokolovic, Kaatje Lenaerts, Martina Kutmon, Freek G. Bouwman, Wouter H. Lamers, Edwin C. M. Mariman, Chris T. A. Evelo. Integrated Visualization of a Multi-omics Study of Starvation in Mouse Intestine
0 -- 0Vanishree Srinivas, Shubha Gopal. LmTDRM Database: A Comprehensive Database on Thiol Metabolic Gene/Gene Products in Listeria monocytogenes EGDe