Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 4, Issue 3

177 -- 191Jozef Zurada, James H. Graham, Waldemar Karwowski. Intelligent Neural Network Based Decision Unit for Robot Safety
193 -- 206Ming-Chang Shih, Kuo-Chan Lee. Hydraulic Servocylinder Position Control Using a Hybrid Neurofuzzy Controller
207 -- 213Robert W. Newcomb, Rui J. P. de Figueiredo. A Multi-Input Multi-Output Functional Artificial Neural Network
215 -- 226Ruck Thawonmas, Shigeo Abe. Extraction of Fuzzy Rules for Classification Based on Partitioned Hyperboxes
227 -- 234Shou King Foo, P. Saratchandran, N. Sundararajan. Optimal and Suboptimal Pattern Allocation Schemes for Backpropagation Learning on a Heterogeneous Processor Network
235 -- 242Lei Guo, Baolong Guo. A Constraint Satisfaction Theory for Binary Neural Networks