Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4

243 -- 256Stephen L. Chiu. Selecting Input Variables for Fuzzy Models
257 -- 268Yau-Hwang Kuo, Jang-Pong Hsu, Cheng-I Kao. MCFC: A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Speech Recognition
269 -- 280Tomoyuki Fujino, Fabian C. Hadipriono. Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis for Structural Safety
281 -- 293Shu-Guang Cao, Neville W. Rees, Gang Feng. A Stabilization Algorithm for Discrete-Time Fuzzy Control Systems
295 -- 308Jörg Hohensohn, Jerry M. Mendel. Two-Pass Orthogonal Least-Squares Algorithm to Train and Reduce the Complexity of Fuzzy Logic Systems
309 -- 320Jae-Hoon Kim 0002, Jungyun Seo, Gil-Chang Kim. Estimating Membership Functions in a Fuzzy Network Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging