Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 5, Issue 3

167 -- 191John Theocharis, George J. Vachtsevanos. Identification of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems Via Recurrent Fuzzy Models
193 -- 203Yin Pan, George J. Klir. Bayesian Inference Based on Interval-Valued Prior Distributions and Likelihoods
205 -- 217Majd Alwan, Peter Y. K. Cheung. Modelling and Handling Uncertainties in Mobile Robotics
219 -- 227Gang Feng, Shu-Guang Cao, Neville W. Rees, Jian Ma. Quadratic Stabilization of Fuzzy Control Systems Using Output Feedback
229 -- 243John P. T. Mo, Hongbing Wang, Nelson Chen. Component Oriented Modelling and Design of Fuzzy Control Scheme for a Class of Pneumatic Actuators
245 -- 256Guanrong Chen, Hao Ying. BIBO Stability of Nonlinear Fuzzy PI Control Systems
257 -- 269Marimin, Motohide Umano, Itsuo Hatono, Hiroyuki Tamura. Non-Numeric Method for Pairwise Fuzzy Group-Decision Analysis
271 -- 284Dae-Sik Jang, Hyung-Il Choi. Fuzzy Inference System Based on Fuzzy Associative Memory
285 -- 295Tomasz Arciszewski. Engineering Semantic Evaluation of Decision Rules
297 -- 310Byeong-Mook Chung. Control of Nonlinear Multivariable Systems Using Direct Fuzzy Learning Method