Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 1, Issue 4

0 -- 0Timothy Ross, Mohammad Jamshidi. Editorial
265 -- 278Michalis Vazirgiannis, K. Petrou, A. Tsobanidis, Michael Hatzopoulos. An Object-Oriented Framework for Knowledge Representation Based on Fuzzy Sets
279 -- 293Hwan Jin Choi, Yung-Hwan Oh. Isolated Korean Words Recognition Using Partially Connected Neural Networks and a Contextual Net
295 -- 305Nasser Kehtarnavaz, M. Chung, L. A. Hayman, Richard E. Wendt III. Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation by Contextual Fuzzy Clustering
307 -- 311K. K. Aggarwal, M. Pavan Kumar, B. K. Mohanty. Estimating Operational Profile in Software Reliability: Fuzzy Approach
313 -- 317Sie-Keng Tan, Pei-Zhuang Wang. A Characterization of Optimal Fuzzy Sets in Fuzzy Optimization
319 -- 334Anthony Tzes, Pei-Yuan Peng, Farshad Khorrami. Fuzzy Neural Network Control for a Single Flexible-Link Manipulator
335 -- 349Byeong-Mook Chung, Jun-Ho Oh. Autotuning Method of Membership Function in a Fuzzy Learning Controller
351 -- 363Kuo-Tung Sun, Peng-Yung Woo. Higher-order and Hard-nonlinear Control with Fuzzy Logic
365 -- 377Paul J. Werbos. Elastic Fuzzy Logic: A Better Fit to Neurocontrol and True Intelligence

Volume 1, Issue 3

189 -- 197Charles V. Trappey, Amy J. C. Trappey. Planning Merchandise Investments Using Fuzzy Optimization
199 -- 214W. J. Parkinson, P. D. Shalek, K. H. Duerre, George F. Luger, Mohammad Jamshidi. Two Intelligent Control Systems for Silicon Carbide Whisker Production
215 -- 224Ronald R. Yager. Aggregating Fuzzy Sets Represented by Belief Structures
225 -- 241Heloisa Scarpelli, Fernando Gomide. Fuzzy Reasoning and Fuzzy Petri Nets in Manufacturing Systems Modeling
243 -- 251Ashok Nedungadi. A Fuzzy Logic-Based Robot Controller
253 -- 264Nader Vadiee, Mohammad Jamshidi. A Tutorial on Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert Systems (FRBES) Models, 2: Models and Computational Techniques

Volume 1, Issue 2

95 -- 107Fran├žois G. Pin, Yutaka Watanabe. Steps Toward Sensor-Based Vehicle Navigation in Outdoor Environments Using a Fuzzy Behaviorist Approach
109 -- 123Hans Hellendoorn, Christoph Thomas. Defuzzification in Fuzzy Controllers
125 -- 133Jong-Hwan Kim, Jong Hwan Park, Seon Woo Lee, Edwin K. P. Chong. Fuzzy Precompensation of PD Controllers For Systems with Deadzones
135 -- 155Timothy J. Ross, T. K. Hasselman, J. D. Chrostowski, Stephen J. Verzi. Fuzzy Set Methods for Assessing Uncertainty in the Modeling and Control of Space Structures
157 -- 170Katsumi Sekii, Fabian C. Hadipriono. Toward the Development of an Expert System for Erecting Concrete Bridges (Experect)
171 -- 188Nader Vadiee, Mohammad Jamshidi. A Tutorial on Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert System (Frbes) Models, 1: Mathematical Foundations

Volume 1, Issue 1

0 -- 0Lotfi A. Zadeh. Foreword
0 -- 0Timothy J. Ross, Mohammad Jamshidi. Editorial
1 -- 25James C. Bezdek. A Review of Probabilistic, Fuzzy, and Neural Models for Pattern Recognition
27 -- 42Tsutomu Miki, Hidetoshi Matsumoto, Keishi Ohto, Takeshi Yamakawa. Silicon Implementation for a Novel High-Speed Fuzzy Inference Engine: Mega-Flips Analog Fuzzy Processor
43 -- 53Ronald R. Yager. Generalized Fuzzy and Matrix Associative Holographic Memories
55 -- 61Hitoshi Furuta. Comprehensive Analysis for Structural Damage Based Upon Fuzzy Sets Theory
63 -- 72Koji Shimojima, Toshio Fukuda, Fumihito Arai, Hideo Matsuura. Fuzzy Inference Integrated 3-D Measuring System With LED Displacement Sensor and Vision System
73 -- 92Madan M. Gupta, D. H. Rao. Dynamic Neural Units with Applications to the Control of Unknown Nonlinear Systems
93 -- 0Reza Langari. Book Review