Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 11, Issue 3-4

99 -- 119Rafael Alcalá, Jorge Casillas, Oscar Cordón, Francisco Herrera. Building fuzzy graphs: Features and taxonomy of learning for non-grid-oriented fuzzy rule-based systems
121 -- 134M. A. Jarrah, Adnan K. Shaout. Fuzzy modular autonomous intelligent cruise control (AICC) system
147 -- 161Jeong-Mi Yoon, André de Korvin. Structure and parameter learning of neuro-fuzzy systems: A methodology and a comparative study
163 -- 169Runtong Zhang, Yannis A. Phillis. Fuzzy assignment of customers for a parallel queueing system with two heterogeneous servers
171 -- 184Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Omar Q. Bani-Melhem. Building maps for mobile robot navigation using fuzzy classification of ultrasonic range data
185 -- 194A. H. M. A. Rahim, H. M. Al-Maghraby, E. P. Nowicki. Power system damping control through fuzzy static VAR compensator design including crisp optimum theory

Volume 11, Issue 1-2

1 -- 7Berlin Wu, Ching-Min Sun. Interval-valued statistics, fuzzy logic, and their use in computational semantics
9 -- 22Babak Nadjar Araabi, Nasser D. Kehtarnavaz, Caro Lucas. Restrictions imposed by the fuzzy extension of relations and functions
23 -- 32P. Radha Krishna, Supriya Kumar De. A fuzzy approach to build an intelligent data warehouse
33 -- 52K. Z. Tang, K. K. Tan, Clarence W. de Silva, H. Lee, S. J. Chin. Monitoring and suppression of vibration in precision machines
53 -- 64Gleiber Fernandes Royes, Rogério Cid Bastos. Political analysis using fuzzy MCDM
65 -- 84V. S. Kodogiannis. An efficient fuzzy based technique for signal classification
85 -- 98Müjde Güzelkaya, Ibrahim Eksin, F. Gürleyen. A new methodology for designing a fuzzy logic controller and PI, PD blending mechanism