Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 17, Issue 6

541 -- 556Niranjan P. Bidargaddi, Madhu Chetty, Joarder Kamruzzaman. Fuzzy measures and integrals in profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis
557 -- 574B. Mozafari, A. M. Ranjbar, T. Amraee, M. Mirjafari, A. R. Shirani. A hybrid of particle swarm and ant colony optimization algorithms for reactive power market simulation
575 -- 581Andrzej Bargiela, Wladyslaw Homenda. Information structuring in natural language communication: Syntactical approach
583 -- 596Gerardo M. Mendez, Alberto Cavazos, Rogelio Soto, Luis Adolfo Leduc. Entry temperature prediction of a hot strip mill by a hybrid learning type-2 FLS
597 -- 612Z. M. Ma, Derong Shen. Modeling fuzzy information in the IF<SUB>2</SUB>O and object-oriented data models
613 -- 621Bijan Davvaz. Rough subpolygroups in a factor polygroup
623 -- 631Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Florence Choong, M. S. Sulaiman, Faisal Mohd-Yasin. Design and implementation of a power quality disturbance classifier: An AI approach
633 -- 647Wen-Jer Chang, Wei Chang. Model-based fuzzy controller design for time-delay affine Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models via ILMI algorithm

Volume 17, Issue 5

417 -- 430Dongwon Kim, Gwi-Tae Park. A hybrid fuzzy model in nonlinear system modeling
431 -- 442Jialin Song, Hamid R. Tizhoosh. Fuzzy anisotropic diffusion based on edge detection
443 -- 456Changman Son. Systematic strategy for choosing optimal membership function and fuzzy rulebase based on fuzzy entropy for intelligent control of robotic part assembly tasks
457 -- 469Eghbal G. Mansoori, Hassan J. Eghbali. Heuristic edge detection using fuzzy rule-based classifier
471 -- 478Yuanguo Zhu, Xiaoyu Ji. Expected values of functions of fuzzy variables
479 -- 491C. M. Lin, C.-H. Chen, Y. F. Lee. Recurrent fuzzy neural network adaptive hybrid control for linearized multivariable systems
493 -- 501Min Xu, Ning Li, Shaoyuan Li. A wide-range operating fuzzy control algorithm via receding horizon optimization
503 -- 516Paolo Corsini, Francesco Marcelloni. A fuzzy system for profiling web portal users from web access log
517 -- 532Luís F. Mendonça, João Miguel da Costa Sousa, Uzay Kaymak, José M. G. Sá da Costa. Weighting goals and constraints in fuzzy predictive control
533 -- 540Faridoon Shabaninia, Reza Khorshidi. A control system for a single-spin LEO satellite employing supervisory control with fuzzy logic and adaptive control under uncertainty

Volume 17, Issue 4

335 -- 351Fredrik Heintz, Patrick Doherty. A knowledge processing middleware framework and its relation to the JDL data fusion model
353 -- 365Lorenz Drack, Hossein S. Zadeh. Soft computing in engineering design optimisation
367 -- 376Mikael Hedelind, Peter Funk, Milun Milic. Intelligent buffer storage system: Enabling fast and flexible assembling with industrial robots
377 -- 385Magnus Johnsson, Christian Balkenius. Experiments with artificial haptic perception in a robotic hand
387 -- 394Helena Lindgren, Patrik Eklund. Differential diagnosis of dementia in an argumentation framework
395 -- 405Per Olof Pettersson, Patrick Doherty. Probabilistic roadmap based path planning for an autonomous unmanned helicopter
407 -- 416Ning Xiong, Peter Funk. Building similarity metrics reflecting utility in case-based reasoning

Volume 17, Issue 3

189 -- 190Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Radoslaw Katarzyniak. Guest editorial
191 -- 207Mariusz Nowostawski, Martin K. Purvis, Marcos De Oliveira, Stephen Cranefield. Institutions in the OPAL multi-agent system
209 -- 218Radoslaw Katarzyniak. On some properties of grounding uniform sets of modal conjunctions
219 -- 229Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. Methods for achieving susceptibility to consensus for conflict profiles
231 -- 238Radoslaw Katarzyniak, Agnieszka Pieczynska-Kuchtiak. An approach to resolving semantic inconsistency of multiple prepositional attitudes
241 -- 251Bijan Davvaz, P. Corsini. Generalized fuzzy hyperideals of hypernear-rings and many valued implications
253 -- 261S. Mehdi Hashemi, Mohammad Modarres, Ebrahim Nasrabadi, Mohammad Mehdi Nasrabadi. Fully fuzzified linear programming, solution and duality
263 -- 285Jürgen Paetz. Optimization study with ligand-design interval rules
287 -- 295Abbas Parchami, Mashaallah Mashinchi, Hamid Reza Maleki. Fuzzy confidence interval for fuzzy process capability index
297 -- 311W. S. Ooi, C. P. Lim. Fuzzy clustering of color and texture features for image segmentation: A study on satellite image retrieval
313 -- 323Linda Zhixia Shi, Mohamed B. Trabia. Design and tuning of importance-based fuzzy logic controller for a flexible-link manipulator
325 -- 332Lixing Yang, Baoding Liu. On continuity theorem for characteristic function of fuzzy variable

Volume 17, Issue 2

83 -- 93Chia-Feng Juang. Simultaneous structure and parameter design of fuzzy systems by hybridizing multi-group genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization
95 -- 111Chung-Cheng Chen, Tzung-Han Wu, Ying-Jen Chen. Almost disturbance decoupling of nonlinear systems with mismatch uncertainties via feedback linearization approach and fuzzy logic control
113 -- 124Ibrahim B. Kucukdemiral, Galip Cansever. Sugeno based robust adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller for SISO nonlinear systems
125 -- 144Arash Fanaei, Mohammad Farrokhi. Robust adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for hybrid position/force control of robot manipulators in contact with unknown environment
145 -- 157Cheng-Jian Lin, Chi-Yung Lee, Cheng-Chung Chin. Temperature control using neuro-fuzzy controllers with compensatory operations and wavelet neural networks
159 -- 171M. R. Mosavi. A practical approach for accurate positioning with L1 GPS receivers using neural networks
173 -- 181O. Torkul, I. H. Cedimoglu, A. K. Geyik. An application of fuzzy clustering to manufacturing cell design
183 -- 188H. Torabi, Bijan Davvaz, Javad Behboodian. Fuzzy random events in incomplete probability models

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 13Edgar Sanchez, Victor Flores. Real-time underactuated robot swing-up via fuzzy PI+PD control
15 -- 26Carole Fayad, Phil Webb. Development of a hybrid crisp-fuzzy logic algorithm optimised by genetic algorithms for path-planning of an autonomous mobile robot
27 -- 34Majid Nojavan, Mehdi Ghazanfari. A fuzzy ranking method by desirability index
35 -- 46N. Sheikholeslami, D. Shahmirzadi, Elham Semsar-Kazerooni, Caro Lucas, Mohammad Javad Yazdanpanah. Applying brain emotional learning algorithm for multivariable control of HVAC systems
47 -- 57Noureddine Goléa, Amar Goléa, Mohamed Kadjoudj. Nonlinear model reference adaptive control using Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems
59 -- 69Wen-Jer Chang, Yi-Lin Yeh, Wei Chang. Variance constrained fuzzy control for observer-based T-S fuzzy models with minimizing auxiliary performance index
71 -- 82Sittisak Rodtook, Stanislav S. Makhanov. Rotationally invariant filter bank for pattern recognition of noisy images