Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 18, Issue 6

527 -- 541Xiujuan Chen, Yong Li, Robert W. Harrison, Yan-Qing Zhang. Genetic fuzzy classification fusion of multiple SVMs for biomedical data
543 -- 559Han-Saem Park, Sung-Bae Cho. Evolutionary fuzzy cluster analysis with Bayesian validation of gene expression profiles
561 -- 574Ashish Ghosh, Anindya Sen. Hybrid-genetic algorithms for flexible ligand docking
575 -- 583Heitor S. Lopes, Mauricio Perretto. An Ant Colony system for large-scale phylogenetic tree reconstruction

Volume 18, Issue 5

435 -- 444Bruno Feres de Souza, André Carlos Ponce Leon Ferreira de Carvalho, Waldo Cancino Ticona. Applying genetic algorithms and support vector machines to the gene selection problem
445 -- 454Ana Carolina Lorena, André C. P. L. F. Carvalho. Evolutionary design of multiclass support vector machines
455 -- 464B. P. de Amorim, Germano C. Vasconcelos, Lourdes Mattos Brasil. Hybrid neural systems for large scale credit risk assessment applications
465 -- 475Takashi Kohno, Kazuyuki Aihara. Bottom-up design of Class 2 silicon nerve membrane
477 -- 484Catão T. F. Barbosa, Regina A. Campos de Oliveira, Romildo A. Nogueira. Calcium does not change memory in single calcium-activated potassium channel kinetics
485 -- 491Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto, Philippe De Wilde. Simulation of contra-lateral inhibition using venn-networks
493 -- 500Rewbenio A. Frota, Guilherme De A. Barreto, João Cesar M. Mota. Anomaly detection in mobile communication networks using the self-organizing map
501 -- 511Jugurta R. Montalvão Filho, Eduardo O. Freire, Murilo A. Bezerra Jr.. Clustering with multilayer perceptrons and self-organized (Hebbian) learning
513 -- 523Aluizio F. R. Araújo, Luciana P. P. Bueno, Marcília A. Campos. Dynamic behaviors in chaotic bidirectional associative memory

Volume 18, Issue 4

329 -- 343Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Adnan Shaout. Automotive volume control using fuzzy logic
345 -- 362Zeki Ayag, Rifat Gürcan Özdemir. A combined fuzzy AHP-goal programming approach to assembly-line selection
363 -- 376Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, M. B. Aryanezhad, Nima Safaei, M. Vasei, Amir Azaron. A new approach for the cellular manufacturing problem in fuzzy dynamic conditions by a genetic algorithm
377 -- 382Bijan Davvaz, P. Corsini. Fuzzy n-ary hypergroups
383 -- 390Xiaoxia Huang. Portfolio selection with fuzzy returns
391 -- 403Kausik Kumar Majumdar, Dwijesh Dutta Majumder. Fuzzy knowledge-based and model-based systems
405 -- 415Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Chin-Hsun Chiu. Auto-focus control of a CMOS image sensing module
417 -- 431Won-Sin Hong, Shi-Jay Chen, Li-Hui Wang, Shyi-Ming Chen. Prioritized information fusion for fuzzy information retrieval

Volume 18, Issue 3

211 -- 215Ephraim Nissan. Marco Somalvico memorial issue
217 -- 232Emanuele Menegatti, C. Simionato, Stefano Tonello, Grazia Cicirelli, Arcangelo Distante, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Enrico Pagello. Knowledge propagation in a distributed omnidirectional vision system
233 -- 244Vincenzo Caglioti. Incremental pose estimation for mobile robots within curvilinear environments
245 -- 254Andrea Bonarini, Matteo Matteucci, Marcello Restelli. Problems and solutions for anchoring in multi-robot applications
255 -- 265Silvana Badaloni, Marco Falda, Massimiliano Giacomin. Solving temporal over-constrained problems using fuzzy techniques
267 -- 280Güleser K. Demir, Maria L. Gini. Winner determination for combinatorial auctions for tasks with time and precedence constraints
281 -- 306Ephraim Nissan. Goals, arguments, and deception: A formal representation from the Aurangzeb project. I: An episode from the succession war
307 -- 327Ephraim Nissan. Goals, arguments, and deception: A formal representation from the Aurangzeb project. II: A formalism for the capture of Murad

Volume 18, Issue 2

109 -- 115Wann-Yih Wu, Chinho Lin, Jung-Yuan Kung, Chia-Tzu Lin. A new fuzzy TOPSIS for fuzzy MADM problems under group decisions
117 -- 122Jung-Yuan Kung, Tzung-Nan Chuang, Chia-Tzu Lin. A new dynamic programming approach for finding the shortest path length and the corresponding shortest path in a discrete fuzzy network
123 -- 148Euntai Kim, Witold Pedrycz. Information granulation as a basis of fuzzy modeling
149 -- 156Shunqin Li, Ruiqing Zhao, Wansheng Tang. Fuzzy random delayed renewal process and fuzzy random equilibrium renewal process
157 -- 169Yun Li, Bao-Liang Lu, Zhong-Fu Wu. Hierarchical fuzzy filter method for unsupervised feature selection
171 -- 183Wen Yu, Marco A. Moreno-Armendariz, Floriberto Ortiz Rodriguez. System identification using hierarchical fuzzy neural networks with stable learning algorithm
185 -- 210Noureddine Manamanni, Badr Mansouri, Abdelaziz Hamzaoui, Janan Zaytoon. Relaxed conditions in tracking control design for a TS fuzzy model

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 17Flávia O. Santos de Sá Lisboa, Maria do Carmo Nicoletti, Arthur Ramer. A version of the NGE model suitable for fuzzy domains
19 -- 30Sheng-Ming Wu, Chein-Chung Sun, Hung-Yuan Chung, Wen-Jer Chang. Mixed H::2::/H::infinity:: region-based fuzzy controller design for continuous-time fuzzy systems
31 -- 41Sung-Kwun Oh, Witold Pedrycz, Keon-Jun Park. Identification of fuzzy systems by means of genetic optimization and data granulation
43 -- 56Shaun H. Lee, Robert J. Howlett, Cyril Crua, Simon D. Walters. Fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy modelling of diesel spray penetration: A comparative study
57 -- 71Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi, I. Burhan Türksen, S. M. Hadian. Development of a neuro-fuzzy controller for a steam generation plant using fuzzy cluster analysis
73 -- 82Sunhyo Kim, Se-Young Oh. Hybrid Position and Image Based Visual Servoing for mobile robots
83 -- 97Jie Lu, Fengjie Wu, Guangquan Zhang. On a generalized fuzzy goal optimization for solving fuzzy multi-objective linear programming problems
99 -- 108S. Ghazinoory, A. Esmail Zadeh, A. Memariani. Fuzzy SWOT analysis