Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 19, Issue 6

385 -- 392Mark Burgin, Oktay Duman. Properties of fuzzy statistical limits
393 -- 398Sung-Kyung Hong. A fuzzy logic based performance augmentation of MEMS gyroscope
399 -- 407Ferenc Peter Pach, Attila Gyenesei, János Abonyi. MOSSFARM: Model structure selection by fuzzy association rule mining
409 -- 420Junyan Wang, Ruiqing Zhao, Wansheng Tang. Supply chain coordination by revenue-sharing contract with fuzzy demand

Volume 19, Issue 4-5

231 -- 233Cengiz Kahraman. Fuzzy theory and technology with applications
235 -- 241Liang-Ying Wei, Ching-Hsue Cheng. An entropy clustering analysis based on genetic algorithm
259 -- 272Ihsan Kaya, Cengiz Kahraman. Fuzzy process capability analyses: An application to teaching processes
273 -- 284Wei Cheng Wang, Rongshun Chen. A vision-based fuzzy logic controller for backing-up an autonomous vehicle
285 -- 301Ethem Tolga, S. Emre Alptekin. Product evaluation and development process using a fuzzy compromise-based goal programming approach
303 -- 319Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu, Ya Gao. An algorithm for fuzzy multi-objective multi-follower partial cooperative bilevel programming
321 -- 334Donghai Guan, Weiwei Yuan, Young-Koo Lee, Andrey Gavrilov, Sungyoung Lee. Improving supervised learning performance by using fuzzy clustering method to select training data
335 -- 343Zou Li, Da Ruan, Pei Zheng, Xu Yang. A linguistic truth-valued reasoning approach in decision making with incomparable information
345 -- 358Chuan-Wen Chiang, Yu Qing Huang, Wen-Yen Wang. Ant colony optimization with parameter adaptation for multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling
359 -- 371A. Çagri Tolga. Fuzzy multicriteria R&D project selection with a real options valuation model
373 -- 383Nihal Erginel. Fuzzy individual and moving range control charts with alpha-cuts

Volume 19, Issue 3

171 -- 180Nikhil R. Pal, Animesh Sharma, Somitra Kumar Sanadhya. Deriving meaningful rules from gene expression data for classification
181 -- 188Bijan Davvaz, Jianming Zhan, K. P. Shum. Generalized fuzzy polygroups endowed with interval valued membership functions
189 -- 195. Ordering relation of fuzzy implications
197 -- 204Xiang Li, Baoding Liu. On distance between fuzzy variables
205 -- 229Adil Baykasoglu, Tolunay Göçken. A review and classification of fuzzy mathematical programs

Volume 19, Issue 2

85 -- 101Shaocheng Tong, Peng Shi, Hasan Al-Madfai. Robust fuzzy decentralized control for nonlinear large-scale systems with parametric uncertainties
103 -- 114Chia-Feng Juang. A symbiotic genetic algorithm with local-and-global mapping search for reinforcement fuzzy control
115 -- 130J. P. Ganjigatti, Dilip Kumar Pratihar. Forward and reverse modeling in MIG welding process using fuzzy logic-based approaches
131 -- 140Kourosh Eshghi, Javad Nematian. Special classes of mathematical programming models with fuzzy random variables
141 -- 149R. Ameri. Fuzzy congruence of hypergroups
151 -- 170Nicos H. Mateou, Andreas S. Andreou. A framework for developing intelligent decision support systems using evolutionary fuzzy cognitive maps

Volume 19, Issue 1

3 -- 8József Dombi, Zsolt Gera. Rule based fuzzy classification using squashing functions
9 -- 18Valentina Emilia Balas, Eugene Roventa, Tiberiu Spircu. Fusion devices and changes of belief
19 -- 28Kimiaki Shinkai. Sociometry analysis applying fuzzy theory
29 -- 40Marius M. Balas, Jean Duplaix, Moez Bouchouicha, Sanda V. Balas. Structural modeling of the wind s influence over the heat flow of the greenhouses
41 -- 50Annamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy. Fuzzy logic supported corner detection
51 -- 63Horia-Nicolai L. Teodorescu, Lucian Iulian Fira. Analysis of the predictability of time series obtained from genomic sequences by using several predictors
65 -- 73Marta Takács. Uninorm-based models for FLC systems
75 -- 84Marco Mussetta, Stefano Selleri, Paola Pirinoli, Riccardo Enrico Zich, Ladislau Matekovits. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms for electromagnetic optimization