Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 2, Issue 4

0 -- 0Timothy J. Ross, Mohammad Jamshidi, Valerie Steinmaus. Editorial
289 -- 298David Zhang, Mohamed Kamel, Mohamed I. Elmasry. Fuzzy Clustering Neural Network (FCNN): Competitive Learning and Parallel Architecture
299 -- 313Akio Ukita, Waldemar Karwowski, Gavriel Salvendy. Aggregation of Evidence in a Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Method for Automated Tuning of Microwave Electric Circuits
315 -- 323Akbar Ebrahimi, M. Ehsan, Valiollah Tahani. Multicriteria Load Dispatch with Fuzzy Constraints
325 -- 336Kai Liu, Frank L. Lewis. Hybrid Feedback Linearization/Fuzzy Logic Control of a Flexible Link Manipulator
337 -- 345J. Arlin Cooper. Fuzzy-Algebra Uncertainty Analysis for Abnormal-Environment Safety Assessment
347 -- 361Peter W. Pachowicz, Jerzy W. Bala. A Noise-Tolerant Approach to Symbolic Learning from Sensory Data

Volume 2, Issue 3

209 -- 219Ronald R. Yager, Dimitar P. Filev. Generation of Fuzzy Rules by Mountain Clustering
221 -- 228Simone Gardella, Toru Kumagai, Ryoichi Hashimoto, Mitsuo Wada. On the Dynamics and Applications of a Discrete Time Binary Neural Network with Time Delay
229 -- 241John E. Hogans IV, Abdollah Homaifar, Bijan Sayyarrodsari. Fuzzy Inference for Variable Structure Control
243 -- 250Yinghua Lin, George A. Cunningham III. Building a Fuzzy System from Input-Output Data
251 -- 265Teresa M. Adams. Retaining Structure Selection with Unequal Fuzzy Project-Level Objectives
267 -- 278Stephen L. Chiu. Fuzzy Model Identification Based on Cluster Estimation
279 -- 288Kwang-Choon Kim, Jong-Hwan Kim. Multicriteria Fuzzy Control

Volume 2, Issue 2

101 -- 114Mohsen Rashwan, Hazem Raafat, Abdulla Ismail, Hussein I. Shahein, Mohamed H. El-Shafie. Improving Classification Using a Tree Structured Neural Network
115 -- 123Jin Seol Yang, Sung Joo Park. A Neural Network Approach for Adaptive Control: Application to Traffic Signal Control
125 -- 146Alberto Bugarín, Senén Barro, Ramon Ruíz. Fuzzy Control Architectures
147 -- 159Wonseek Yu, Zeungnam Bien. Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller with Inconsistent Rule Base
161 -- 178Witold Pedrycz. Neural Structures of Fuzzy Decision-Making
179 -- 189Ali Bahrami. Design by Fuzzy Association of Needs-to-Functions-to-Structures
191 -- 199Robert M. Kleyle, André de Korvin. Object Identification When Imprecise Information is Available from Multiple Sources of Unequal Reliability
201 -- 203S. I. Ahson, D. D. Joshi. A Comparison of Two Neurocontroller Architectures

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 14Minho Lee, Soo-Young Lee, Cheol Hoom Park. Neuro-Fuzzy Identifiers and Controllers
15 -- 37Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Manuel Delgado-Restituto. Generation of Chaotic Signals Using Current-Mode Techniques
39 -- 54Ronald R. Yager, Dimitar P. Filev. Template-Based Fuzzy Systems Modeling
55 -- 68Hani G. Melhem, Senaka Aturaliya. Applications of Fuzzy Logic to Bridge Engineering
69 -- 73Yuji Iwahori, Naobiro Ishii, Robert J. Woodham, Masahiro Ozaki, Yoshinori Adachi. An Application to Photometric Stereo by Neural Networks
75 -- 87André de Korvin, B. Bourgeois, Robert M. Kleyle. Extracting Fuzzy Rules Under Uncertainty and Measuring Definability Using Rough Sets
89 -- 97M. Hambaba, H. Elsherif, W. O'Brien, E. Bergstrom. Intelligent Framework for Part Design
99 -- 0Reza Langari. Book Review