Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 27, Issue 6

2703 -- 2714Kemal Subulan, Adil Baykasoglu, Alper Saltabas. An improved decoding procedure and seeker optimization algorithm for reverse logistics network design problem
2715 -- 2723Feng-Yi Ai, Jing-Yi Yang. Approaches to dynamic multiple attribute decision making with 2-tuple linguistic information
2725 -- 2736Mohammad Izadikhah, Abolfazl Saeidifar, Razieh Roostaee. Extending TOPSIS in fuzzy environment by using the nearest weighted interval approximation of fuzzy numbers
2737 -- 2748Zhiming Zhang, Chong Wu. Some interval-valued hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators based on Archimedean t-norm and t-conorm with their application in multi-criteria decision making
2749 -- 2755Feng-Yi Ai, Jing-Yi Yang, Ping-Dan Zhang. An approach to multiple attribute decision making problems based on hesitant fuzzy set
2757 -- 2773Hassina Megherbi, Ahmed Chauki Megherbi, Najla Megherbi, Khier Benmahammed. Design and robustness enhancement of sectorial fuzzy controller via evolutionary algorithm
2775 -- 2784Ying Liu, Xiaozhong Li, Ziping Du. Reliability analysis of a random fuzzy repairable parallel system with two non-identical components
2785 -- 2796Youwei Wang, Yuanning Liu, Xiaodong Zhu. Two-step based hybrid feature selection method for spam filtering
2797 -- 2808B. Farhadinia. Fuzzy multicriteria decision-making method based on a family of novel measured functions under vague environment
2809 -- 2820Snejana Yordanova. Intelligent approaches for linear controllers tuning with application to temperature control
2821 -- 2833Neeraj Rathore, Inderveer Chana. Job migration with fault tolerance based QoS scheduling using hash table functionality in social Grid computing
2835 -- 2845Chuen-Jyh Chen, Shih-Ming Yang. Application neural network controller and active mass damper in structural vibration suppression
2847 -- 2855Erkan Celik, Alev Taskin Gumus, Mehmet Alegoz. A trapezoidal type-2 fuzzy MCDM method to identify and evaluate critical success factors for humanitarian relief logistics management
2857 -- 2868Yanbing Ju, Shanghong Yang, Xiaoyue Liu. Some new dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators based on Choquet integral and their applications to multiple attribute decision making
2869 -- 2881Lahsen Abouenour, Mohammed Nasri, Karim Bouzoubaa, Adil Kabbaj, Paolo Rosso. Construction of an ontology for intelligent Arabic QA systems leveraging the Conceptual Graphs representation
2883 -- 2895Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan. Characterizations of hemiregular hemirings via a kind of new soft union sets
2897 -- 2914Mohammad Reza Khalaj, Mohammad Modarres, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam. Designing a multi-echelon supply chain network: A car manufacturer case study
2915 -- 2925Wieslaw A. Dudek, Madad Khan, Nasir Khan. Characterizations of intra-regular Abel-Grassmann's groupoids
2927 -- 2935Jun Ye. Multiple attribute group decision-making method with completely unknown weights based on similarity measures under single valued neutrosophic environment
2937 -- 2948Md. Azizul Baten, Ruzelan Khalid. Optimal control of a continuous review production inventory system with Gamma distributed deterioration
2949 -- 2957Arsham Borumand Saeid, Somayeh Motamed. A new filter in BL-algebras
2959 -- 2967Omid Khayat, Fereidoon Nowshiravan Rahatabad, Mehdi Siahi, Bakhtiar Azadbakht. An evolutionary-based entropic image thresholding approach for nano-scale light microscopic image segmentation
2969 -- 2985Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu, Meimei Xia. Multiplicative consistency of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy preference relation
2987 -- 2995Seyed Yashar Zaheriani, Omid Zahiri. Monadic BE-algebras
2997 -- 3005Rajab Ali Borzooei, Wieslaw A. Dudek, A. Radfar, Omid Zahiri. Some remarks on hyper MV-algebras
3007 -- 3014Yan-An Hwang, Yu-Hsien Liao. The core configuration for fuzzy games
3015 -- 3032Naveed Yaqoob, Muhammad Aslam, Bijan Davvaz, A. Ghareeb. Structures of bipolar fuzzy Γ-hyperideals in Γ-semihypergroups
3033 -- 3046M. Mahdizadeh, M. Eftekhari. Generating fuzzy rule base classifier for highly imbalanced datasets using a hybrid of evolutionary algorithms and subtractive clustering
3047 -- 3058Gustavo Pessin, Jefferson R. Souza, Fernando Santos Osório, Bruno S. Faiçal, Geraldo P. R. Filho, Jó Ueyama, Patrícia A. Vargas, Denis Fernando Wolf. Investigation on the evolution of a robotic controller for autonomous vehicle navigation
3059 -- 3066Hadi Aghazadeh, Alireza Zare, Mohammad-Reza Akbari-Zadeh, Jafar Zare. Optimal PEM-FCPP operation considering detailed model based on artificial intelligence
3067 -- 3080Ehsan Shekarian, Christoph H. Glock, Seyyed Mehrdad Pourmousavi Amiri, Kurt Schwindl. Optimal manufacturing lot size for a single-stage production system with rework in a fuzzy environment
3081 -- 3087M. Suresh, S. Vengataasalam, K. Arun Prakash. Solving intuitionistic fuzzy linear programming problems by ranking function
3089 -- 3101Sukhendu Kar, Sudipta Purkait. Characterization of some k-regularities of semirings in terms of fuzzy ideals of semirings
3103 -- 3110Sadreddin Saleh, Sirus Mohammadi, Mohammad-Amin Rostami, Mohammad-Reza Askari. A hybrid artificial-based model for accurate short term electric load prediction
3111 -- 3122Dzung Dinh Nguyen, Long Thanh Ngo, Junzo Watada. A genetic type-2 fuzzy C-means clustering approach to M-FISH segmentation
3123 -- 3130Hung-Yi Chen. Hybrid adaptive fuzzy and neural network controller for the molten steel level control in strip casting processes
3131 -- 3143Sajid Ali Khan, Ayyaz Hussain, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Nazir, Naveed Riaz Ansari, Anwar Majid Mirza. Robust face recognition using computationally efficient features
3145 -- 3157Seyed Hossein Rouhani, Abdolreza Sheikholeslami, Roya Ahmadi, Hossein Hosseini. Using optimal fuzzy logic controller to improve transient fluctuations in deregulated power system with random variable load
3159 -- 3167Gholamreza Hesamian, Jalal Chachi. Fuzzy Sign test for imprecise quantities: A p-value approach
3169 -- 3180Fatemeh Ghofrani, Mohammad Sadegh Helfroush, Habibollah Danyali, Kamran Kazemi. Improving the performance of machine learning algorithms using fuzzy-based features for medical x-ray image classification
3181 -- 3195Gülçin Büyüközkan, Sezin Güleryüz. A new GDM based AHP framework with linguistic interval fuzzy preference relations for renewable energy planning
3197 -- 3204Mehdi Siahi, Fereidoon Nowshiravan Rahatabad, Omid Khayat, Javad Razjouyan, Hadi Chahkandi Nejad. Using feed-forward neural network for complex static balance signal characterization with chaotic features
3205 -- 3212O. T. Manjusha, M. S. Sunitha. Notes on domination in fuzzy graphs
3213 -- 3225G. R. Gnana King, C. Seldev Christopher. Improved block based segmentation algorithm for compression of compound images

Volume 27, Issue 5

2137 -- 2151Pier Luigi Gentili. The human sensory system as a collection of specialized fuzzifiers: A conceptual framework to inspire new artificial intelligent systems computing with words
2153 -- 2162Xian-Ping Jiang, Gui-Wu Wei. Some Bonferroni mean operators with 2-tuple linguistic information and their application to multiple attribute decision making
2163 -- 2175Mehmet Günal Ölçer, Derya Eren Akyol. A MADM based decision support system for international contractor rating
2177 -- 2190Jindong Qin, Xinwang Liu. An approach to intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute decision making based on Maclaurin symmetric mean operators
2191 -- 2209Zhi-gang Su, Shu-rong Zheng, Pei-Hong Wang. Likelihood-based multivariate fuzzy model with linear inequality constraints
2211 -- 2219Özlem Terzi. A genetic programming approach to river flow modeling
2221 -- 2230Qianhui Liu. An extended TOPSIS method for multiple attribute decision making problems with unknown weight based on 2-dimension uncertain linguistic variables
2231 -- 2241Jun Ye. Some aggregation operators of interval neutrosophic linguistic numbers for multiple attribute decision making
2243 -- 2255Dong-Yuan Ge, Xi-fan Yao, Chao Hu, Zhao-tong Lian. Nonlinear camera model calibrated by neural network and adaptive genetic-annealing algorithm
2257 -- 2264Antonio-Francisco Roldán-López-de-Hierro, Erdal Karapinar, Saurabh Manro. Some new fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces
2265 -- 2280Ali Ebrahimnejad, José L. Verdegay. On solving bounded fuzzy variable linear program and its applications
2281 -- 2287Zhen Ming Ma. Lattices of (generalized) fuzzy filters in residuated lattices
2289 -- 2296Hadi Chahkandi Nejad, Omid Khayat, Bakhtiar Azadbakht, Mohammad Mohammadi. Using feed forward neural network for electrocardiogram signal analysis in chaotic domain
2297 -- 2303Hadi Chahkandi Nejad, Bakhtiar Azadbakht, Karim Adenihvand, Mohammad Mohammadi, Mahsa Mirzamohammad. Fuzzy cellular learning automata for lesion detection in retina images
2305 -- 2317K. K. Mishra, Shailesh Tiwari, Arun Kumar Misra. Improved environmental adaption method and its application in test case generation
2319 -- 2326Aldo R. Sartorius, José de Jesús Moreno, Oscar Piñón, Ana Estela Ruiz. A new approach for adjusting scale factor in fuzzy PD+I controllers with anti-windup
2327 -- 2340Alireza Arshadi Khamseh, Fariba Soleimani, Bahman Naderi. Pricing decisions for complementary products with firm's different market powers in fuzzy environments
2341 -- 2353Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu. Automatic procedures for group decision making with intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations
2355 -- 2364Adil Baykasoglu, Sultan Maral. Fuzzy functions via genetic programming
2365 -- 2378George Tsakiris, Mike Spiliotis. Embankment dam break: Uncertainty of outflow based on fuzzy representation of breach formation parameters
2379 -- 2389Annaruemon Phoonsiri Chansaad, Supapan Chaiprapat, Pisal Yenradee. Fuzzy inference method for material loss and cost estimation under uncertainty: A case study of wooden product manufacturing
2391 -- 2398R. Gomathi, A. Vincent Antony Kumar. Inpainting for satellite imagery using thin plate spline radial basis function neural networks in shearlet domain
2399 -- 2407Bin Pang, Fu-Gui Shi. Characterizations of (L, M)-fuzzy pseudo-metrics by pointwise pseudo-metric chains
2409 -- 2416Dengfeng Liu, Dong Wang, Jichun Wu, Yuankun Wang, Lachun Wang, Xinqing Zou, Yuanfang Chen, Xi Chen. A risk assessment method based on RBF artificial neural network - cloud model for urban water hazard
2417 -- 2430Ridvan Sahin, Ahmet Küçük. On similarity and entropy of neutrosophic soft sets
2431 -- 2444Babak Safari Chabok, Ahmad Ashouri. Optimizing spinning reserve with regard to FACTS device effects on transmission network
2445 -- 2452Naveed Yaqoob, Muhammad Aslam. Generalized rough approximations in Γ-semihypergroups
2453 -- 2462Jun Ye. Improved correlation coefficients of single valued neutrosophic sets and interval neutrosophic sets for multiple attribute decision making
2463 -- 2472Supak Phiangsungnoen, Wutiphol Sintunavarat, Poom Kumam. F-admissible pair
2473 -- 2480Ying Ma, Weiwei Pan, Shunzhi Zhu, Huayi Yin, Jian Luo. An improved semi-supervised learning method for software defect prediction
2481 -- 2495Yanbing Ju, Wenkai Zhang, Shanghong Yang. Some dual hesitant fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators and their applications to multiple attribute decision making
2497 -- 2509Muhammad Tahir Naseem, Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi, Muhammad Zeeshan Muzaffar. Novel technique for capacity maximizing in digital watermarking using fuzzy rule base
2511 -- 2528M. Kavitha, S. Palani. Hierarchical classifier for soft and hard exudates detection of retinal fundus images
2529 -- 2544Fernando Perez-Tellez, John Cardiff, Paolo Rosso, David Pinto. Weblog and short text feature extraction and impact on categorisation
2545 -- 2550Pedro Tirado. A new model based on a fuzzy quasi-metric type Baire applied to analysis of complexity
2551 -- 2561Jeng-Fung Chen, Quang Hung Do. A cooperative Cuckoo Search - hierarchical adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system approach for predicting student academic performance
2563 -- 2571Wang Ling, Wu Lu Lu. Fuzzy rules extraction based on output-interval clustering and support vector regression for forecasting
2573 -- 2595S. Ramathilagam, R. Devi, Tzung-Pei Hong, S. R. Kannan. Robust fuzzy clustering techniques for analyzing complicated colon cancer database
2597 -- 2602Bing Wang, Bin Pang, Guiyan Ding. Completion of gradual metric spaces
2603 -- 2610S. Chandra, A. Aggarwal. On solving fuzzy Linear programming problems: A revisit to zimmermann's approach
2611 -- 2622Ali Mohtashami. The optimal solution for several different degrees of feasibility for fuzzy linear and non-linear programming problems
2623 -- 2634Bakhtiar Azadbakht, Hamidreza Zolata, Omid Khayat. An intelligent electromyogram signal characterization method based on neuro-fuzzy model
2635 -- 2647P. Kannan, R. Shantha Selva Kumari. VLSI architecture for LGXP texture for face recognition
2649 -- 2664R. V. Maheswari, P. Subburaj, B. Vigneshwaran, L. Kalaivani. Non linear support vector machine based partial discharge patterns recognition using fractal features
2665 -- 2677Chengyu Liang, Fu-Gui Shi. Degree of continuity for mappings of (L, M)-fuzzy topological spaces
2679 -- 2690Wei Zhou, Sun Meng, Minghui Chen. Hybrid Atanassov intuitionistic fuzzy Bonferroni means for multi-criteria aggregation
2691 -- 2702Jingyu Zhang, Jian Zhou, Shuya Zhong. Models for inverse minimum spanning tree problem with fuzzy edge weights

Volume 27, Issue 4

1609 -- 1620Hamid Saadat Talab, Hadiseh Mohammadkhani. Design optimization traffic light timing using the fuzzy logic at a Diphasic's Isolated intersection
1621 -- 1629Ekrem Savas, Mehmet Gürdal. Certain summability methods in intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces
1631 -- 1638C. M. F. S. Reza, Didarul Islam, Saad Mekhilef. Stator resistance estimation scheme using fuzzy logic system for direct torque controlled induction motor drive
1639 -- 1648Yizhang Jiang, Fu-Lai Chung, Shitong Wang. Enhanced fuzzy partitions vs data randomness in FCM
1649 -- 1658Mohammad Amin Jangjoo, Ali Reza Seifi. Optimal voltage control and loss reduction in microgrid by active and reactive power generation
1659 -- 1669Mehdi Hajian, Asghar Akbari Foroud, Ali Akbar Abdoos. Power transformer protection scheme based on MRA-SSVM
1671 -- 1678Xiulian Gao. Regularity index of uncertain graph
1679 -- 1688De-Jian Yu, Deng-Feng Li. Dual hesitant fuzzy multi-criteria decision making and its application to teaching quality assessment
1689 -- 1691Tina Verma, Amit Kumar. A note on "A methodology for matrix games with payoffs of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number"
1693 -- 1702Rong Yang, Ren Ouyang. Classification based on Choquet integral
1703 -- 1717Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu. Multi-criteria decision making with intuitionistic fuzzy PROMETHEE
1719 -- 1729Sajjad Golshannavaz. Optimal simultaneous siting and sizing of DGs and capacitors considering reconfiguration in smart automated distribution systems
1731 -- 1742Muhammad Irfan Ali, Muhammad Shabir. Application of L-fuzzy soft sets to semirings
1743 -- 1755Tiew Gine Ling, Mohd Fua'ad Rahmat, Abdul Rashid Husain. ANFIS modeling of Electro-Hydraulic Actuator system through physical modeling and FCM gap statistic in initial FIS determination
1757 -- 1760Fu-Gui Shi, Bin Pang. Redundancy of fuzzy soft topological spaces
1761 -- 1773Peide Liu, Xiaofei Qi. Some generalized dependent aggregation operators with 2-dimension linguistic information and their application to group decision making
1775 -- 1781Akbar Azam, Maliha Rashid. A fuzzy coincidence theorem with applications in a function space
1783 -- 1790Yitian Xu, Rui Guo. A twin hyper-sphere multi-class classification support vector machine
1791 -- 1802Tasneem Bano, Jyoti Singhai. A fuzzy-logic control based probabilistic broadcasting technique for mobile ad hoc networks
1803 -- 1810Yong Liu. A method for 2-tuple linguistic dynamic multiple attribute decision making with entropy weight
1811 -- 1824Rajkumar Verma, Bhu Dev Sharma. A new measure of inaccuracy with its application to multi-criteria decision making under intuitionistic fuzzy environment
1825 -- 1835Lin Luo, Hongye Su, Baofen Zheng, Junfeng Zhang. Generalized convexity-based inexact projection method for multiple kernel learning
1837 -- 1847S. Sampath, B. Ramya. Credibility hypothesis testing of expectation of fuzzy normal distribution
1849 -- 1859Mokhtar Sha Sadeghi, Mohammad Hassan Khooban, Taher Niknam. A robust and simple optimal type II fuzzy sliding mode control strategy for a class of nonlinear chaotic systems
1861 -- 1872Yong Yang, Xindong Peng, Hao Chen, Ling Zeng. A decision making approach based on bipolar multi-fuzzy soft set theory
1873 -- 1879B. N. V. Satish, G. Ganesan. Approximations on intuitionistic fuzzy predicate calculus through rough computing
1881 -- 1896Li Yan, Z. M. Ma. Modeling fuzzy information in fuzzy extended entity-relationship model and fuzzy relational databases
1897 -- 1903Mai Cai, Zaiwu Gong, Daqin Wu, Minjie Wu. A pattern recognition method based on linguistic ordered weighted distance measure
1905 -- 1913Allah Bux Sargano, Muhammad Sarfraz, NuhmanUl Haq. An intelligent system for paper currency recognition with robust features
1915 -- 1922Xi Zhang, Huo-Bao Xie. Approaches to multiple attribute group decision making problems with interval grey uncertain linguistic variables
1923 -- 1934M. Taheri, Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi. Study on equality conditions of fuzzy rule-based classification systems to radial basis functions, SVM and nearest neighbor classifiers
1935 -- 1947Shanghong Yang, Yanbing Ju. Dual hesitant fuzzy linguistic aggregation operators and their applications to multi-attribute decision making
1949 -- 1962Elham Ganji, Reyhaneh Kardehi Moghaddam, Ali Toloui, Mahdi Taghizadeh. A new control method for leveling output frequency fluctuations in an autonomous PV/FC/UC network with maximum power point tracking of the photovoltaic system
1963 -- 1976Elham Ganji, Reyhaneh Kardehi Moghaddam, Ali Toloui, Mahdi Taghizadeh. A new frequency control approach for isolated WT/FC/UC power system using improved fuzzy PSO & maximum power point tracking of the WT system
1977 -- 1989Haiqing Zhang, Aicha Sekhari, Yacine Ouzrout, Abdelaziz Bouras. Deriving consistent pairwise comparison matrices in decision making methodologies based on linear programming method
1991 -- 1997Chunxiao Zhang, Congrong Guo. Uncertain block replacement policy with no replacement at failure
1999 -- 2010Ahmad M. El-Nagar, Mohammad El-Bardini. Simplified interval type-2 fuzzy logic system based on new type-reduction
2011 -- 2021Chihang Zhao, Xiaozheng Zhang 0002, Yunsheng Zhang, Qian Dang, Xiaoqin Zhang. Recognizing driving postures by combined features of contourlet transform and edge orientation histogram, and random subspace classifier ensembles
2023 -- 2028Muammer Catak. Car license plate recognition based on EKE-poisson transform
2029 -- 2043Alexander Gegov, Neelamugilan Gobalakrishnan, David Sanders. Rule base compression in fuzzy systems by filtration of non-monotonic rules
2045 -- 2053Mohamed Jleli, Erdal Karapinar, Bessem Samet. On cyclic (ψ, &phis;)-contractions in Kaleva-Seikkala's type fuzzy metric spaces
2055 -- 2065Man Yuan, Yuanxin Ouyang, Hao Sheng. Investigating association rules for sentiment classification of Web reviews
2067 -- 2075Ekrem Savas, Mehmet Gürdal. Generalized statistically convergent sequences of functions in fuzzy 2-normed spaces
2077 -- 2089Jinpei Liu, Huayou Chen, Ligang Zhou, Zhifu Tao, Yingdong He. On the properties of the generalized OWHA operators and their application to group decision making
2091 -- 2101Danijela Tadic, Miladin Stefanovic, Aleksandar Aleksic. The evaluation and ranking of medical device suppliers by using fuzzy topsis methodology
2103 -- 2113Haishu Lu, Qingwen Hu. Generalized selection theorems for fuzzy mappings and their applications
2115 -- 2125Haidong Zhang, Lan Shu. Possibility multi-fuzzy soft set and its application in decision making
2127 -- 2135Banu Pazar Varol, Abdülkadir Aygünoglu, Halis Aygün. Neighborhood structures of fuzzy soft topological spaces

Volume 27, Issue 3

1077 -- 1085Xin-ning, Jianping Yuan, Xiaokui Yue, Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano. Induced generalized Choquet aggregating operators with linguistic information and their application to multiple attribute decision making based on the intelligent computing
1087 -- 1094Shenghan Zhou, Wenbing Chang. Approach to multiple attribute decision making based on the Hamacher operation with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information and their application
1095 -- 1105Xuyang Li, Guiwu Wei. GRA method for multiple criteria group decision making with incomplete weight information under hesitant fuzzy setting
1107 -- 1117Jingjing Song, Xibei Yang, Xiaoning Song, Hualong Yu, Jing-yu Yang. Hierarchies on fuzzy information granulations: A knowledge distance based lattice approach
1119 -- 1127Branimir Seselja, Andreja Tepavcevic, Mirna Udovicic. Fuzzy ordered structures and fuzzy lattice ordered groups
1129 -- 1141Gabriele Oliva, Stefano Panzieri, Roberto Setola. Discrete-time linear systems with fuzzy dynamics
1143 -- 1152Dilek Bayrak, Sultan Yamak. The lattice of generalized normal L-subgroups
1153 -- 1159Yueli Yue, Meiqi Gu. Fuzzy partial (pseudo-)metric spaces
1161 -- 1168Ehsan Adili, Mohamad Reza Sohrabi, Hassan Mishmast Nehi. Prediction of microcracks in concrete using fuzzy systems
1169 -- 1177Ming Zhang, Li-Biao Lib, Jing-Sheng Ding. Method for aggregating induced correlated interval grey linguistic variables and their application to multiple attribute decision making
1179 -- 1186Ahmad Syafadhli Abu Bakar, Alexander Gegov. Ranking of fuzzy numbers based on centroid point and spread
1187 -- 1201Xiaoyue Liu, Yanbing Ju, Shanghong Yang. Hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic aggregation operators and their applications to multiple attribute decision making
1203 -- 1218Yanbing Ju, Xiaoyue Liu, Shanghong Yang. Interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators and their applications to multiple attribute decision making
1219 -- 1232Yanbing Ju, Xiaoyue Liu, Shanghong Yang. Trapezoid fuzzy 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operators and their applications to multiple attribute decision making
1233 -- 1241Shweta Rani, A. P. Singh. A novel design of hybrid fractal antenna using BFO
1243 -- 1255Zhen-Yu Xiu, Fu-Gui Shi. M-fuzzifying submodular functions
1257 -- 1265Mahdieh Abbasloo, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Krull dimension in BL-algebra
1267 -- 1276Lawrence K. Letting, Josiah L. Munda, Yskandar Hamam. Optimisation and rule firing analysis in fuzzy logic based maximum power point tracking
1277 -- 1283Yan-xia Zhang, Qian Zhang, Jin Zhao. An approach based on the I-IGLOWG and the IGLWG operators to multiple attributes group decision making
1285 -- 1296Ning Liu, Jing Liu, Qi Huang. The application of improved Markov Chain Monte Carlo method in liquidity management of commercial banks
1297 -- 1307Liuhao Chen, Zeshui Xu. A prioritized aggregation operator based on the OWA operator and prioritized measure
1309 -- 1324Fatemeh Afsari, Esfandiar Eslami, Pooya Eslami. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy generators: Application to edge detection
1325 -- 1334Yi-Jen Mon, Chih-Min Lin. 3-Dimensional sliding mode adaptive MIMO recurrent fuzzy neural network control for two-link manipulator system
1335 -- 1346Nguyen Cong Long, Phayung Meesad. An optimal design for type-2 fuzzy logic system using hybrid of chaos firefly algorithm and genetic algorithm and its application to sea level prediction
1347 -- 1359Tamalika Chaira. Enhancement of medical images in an Atanassov's't intuitionistic fuzzy domain using an alternative intuitionistic fuzzy generator with application to image segmentation
1361 -- 1373Pradipta K. Dash, B. N. Sahu, Milan Biswal. Nonstationary signal pattern recognition using fast time-time filtering and decision tree
1375 -- 1380Gang Chen, Qiang Zhang. Aubin core and bargaining set for almost-convex fuzzy cooperative games
1381 -- 1392Yubao Chen, Peide Liu. Multi-attribute decision-making approach based on intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy generalized heronian OWA operator
1393 -- 1406Mostafa Salari, Morteza Bagherpour, Afshin Kamyabniya. Fuzzy extended earned value management: A novel perspective
1407 -- 1417Juan-juan Peng, Jian Qiang Wang, Hong-Yu Zhang, Teng Sun, Xiao-hong Chen. OWA aggregation over a continuous fuzzy argument with applications in fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making
1419 -- 1431O. R. Sayed, Hu Zhao. Some covering properties in semantic method of continuous valued logic
1433 -- 1443Carlos Guerra, Aranzazu Jurio, Humberto Bustince Sola, Carlos Lopez-Molina. Multichannel generalization of the Upper-Lower Edge Detector using ordered weighted averaging operators
1445 -- 1455Farid Ghareh Mohammadi, Mohammad Saniee Abadeh. A new metaheuristic feature subset selection approach for image steganalysis
1457 -- 1467Hossein Hosseini, Seyed Mohamad Taghi Bathaee, Ali Abedini, Majid Hosseina, Alireza Fereidunain. Defending false data injection attack on smart grid network using neuro-fuzzy controller
1469 -- 1477Qi Liu, Jianming Zhan. Fuzzy parameterized fuzzy soft h-ideals of hemirings
1479 -- 1485Aghil Seyed Sadeghi Namin, Alireza Abunasri, Farzaneh Kavousi-Fard. Optimal operation of distributed generation in power systems considering uncertainty effects through probabilistic load flow
1487 -- 1490Marius Tarnauceanu. On the converse of Fuzzy Lagrange's Theorem
1491 -- 1506Ho Vu, Le Si Dong, Ngo Van Hoa. Random fuzzy functional integro-differential equations under generalized Hukuhara differentiability
1507 -- 1517Malin Song, Jun Peng, Qingqing Wu. An undesirable-output-considered super-efficiency DEA model and its illustration in evaluation of thermoelectric enterprises
1519 -- 1531Soheila Salmanpour, Homayun Motameni. Optimal path planning for mobile robot using Intelligent Water Drops algorithm
1533 -- 1543Yong Lin, Jiaqing Xu, Fillia Makedon. Evidence equilibrium: Nash equilibrium in judgment processes
1545 -- 1555Gavendra Norkey, Avanish Kumar Dubey, Sanat Agrawal. Artificial intelligence based modeling and optimization of heat affected zone in Nd: YAG laser cutting of duralumin sheet
1557 -- 1565Fereshteh Forouzesh, Esfandiar Eslami, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Stabilizer theory in MV-algebras
1567 -- 1573Marjan Golmaryami, Sadreddin Saleh, Abbas Bahaodini Ardekani, Farzaneh Kavousi-Fard. A new modified bat algorithm to solve optimal management of multi-objective reconfiguration problem
1575 -- 1587Rabiah Badar, Laiq Khan. Power system oscillations damping using HABsW based FACTS-SSSC
1589 -- 1599Muhammad Naeem, Sohail Asghar. Structure learning via non-parametric factorized joint likelihood function
1601 -- 1607Aliasghar Baziar, Mohammad-Ali Rostami, Mohammad-Reza Akbari-Zadeh. An intelligent approach based on bat algorithm for solving economic dispatch with practical constraints

Volume 27, Issue 2

573 -- 0Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. Special section on computational collective intelligence
575 -- 587Minho Bae, Jangsu Kihm, Sanggil Kang, Sangyoon Oh. Indexing and querying algorithm based on structure indexing for managing massive-scale RDF data
589 -- 599Xuan Hau Pham, Jason J. Jung. Recommendation system based on multilingual entity matching on linked open data
601 -- 609Binh Thanh Nguyen, Fabian Wagner. Collective intelligent toolbox based on linked model framework
611 -- 623Pawel Bogalinski, Daniel Davies, Leszek Koszalka, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak. Evaluation of strip nesting algorithms: An experimentation system for the practical users
625 -- 640Kalliopi Kravari, Nick Bassiliades, Christos Papavasileiou. Choreographing agent encounters in the Semantic Web using rules
641 -- 653Akram Beigi, Nasser Mozayani. A new dialogue strategy in multi-agent systems
655 -- 666Alejandro Cálad-Álvarez, Ricardo Mejia-Gutierrez, Cesar Sanín, Edward Szczerbicki. Smart experience engineering to support collaborative design problems based on constraints modelling
667 -- 677Van du Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. A method for temporal knowledge integration using indeterminate valid time
681 -- 689Zhen Ming Ma. Two types of MTL-L-filters in residuated lattices
691 -- 700Mohammad-Reza Akbari-Zadeh, Reza Kokabi, Shahin Gerami. Dstatcom allocation in the distribution system considering load uncertainty
701 -- 707Jianhui Shi, Chunlei Meng, Ying Liu. Approach to multiple attribute decision making based on the intelligence computing with hesitant triangular fuzzy information and their application
709 -- 716Mohsen Farahani. Design of PID controller using multi-objective genetic algorithm for load frequency control in interconnected power systems
717 -- 727Pillay Kanaksabee, Kumar Dookhitram, Muddun Bhuruth. Krylov subspace method for fuzzy eigenvalue problem
729 -- 742Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Aslam, Kifayat Ullah. Bipolar fuzzy soft sets and its applications in decision making problem
743 -- 751G. S. Mahapatra, B. S. Mahapatra, P. K. Roy. Network reliability evaluation for fuzzy components: An interval programming approach
753 -- 759Xiao Sun. Semantic polarity detection of Chinese multiword expression in microblogging based on discriminative latent model
761 -- 768Saurabh Manro, Ravindra K. Bisht. Common fixed points of minimal contractive conditions in intuitionistic fuzzy metric space
769 -- 781Ozlem Senvar, Cengiz Kahraman. Type-2 fuzzy process capability indices for non-normal processes
783 -- 792José M. Merigó, Montserrat Casanovas, Yejun Xu. Fuzzy group decision-making with generalized probabilistic OWA operators
793 -- 804Ehsan Momeni, Madjid Tavana, Hadi Mirzagoltabar, Seyed Mostafa Mirhedayatian. A new fuzzy network slacks-based DEA model for evaluating performance of supply chains with reverse logistics
805 -- 816Bin Pang. Degrees of continuous mappings, open mappings, and closed mappings in L-fuzzifying topological spaces
817 -- 826Juntao Fei, Mingyuan Xin. Adaptive fuzzy backstepping sliding mode control for MEMS gyroscope
827 -- 837Wen Ji. Interval type-2 fuzzy reasoning model of rehabilitation training for stroke
839 -- 847Yi Zhang. Models for decision making problems with hesitant fuzzy information
849 -- 861Asma Khalid, Mian Muhammad Awais. Comparing ranking methods: Complete RCI preference and multiplicative preference relations
863 -- 875Aftab Ali Haider, Aamer Nadeem, Shahzad Rafiq. Multiple objective test suite optimization: A fuzzy logic based approach
877 -- 890Mirjana Maksimovic, Vladimir Vujovic, Vladimir Milosevic. Fuzzy logic and Wireless Sensor Networks - A survey
891 -- 900S. Senthilkumar, S. Vijayan. High performance emotional intelligent controller for induction motor speed control
901 -- 912José M. Merigó, Marta Peris-Ortiz, Daniel Palacios Marqués. Entrepreneurial fuzzy group decision-making under complex environments
913 -- 920Masoud Bakhshi Germi, Mohammad Mirjavadi, Aghil Seyed Sadeghi Namin, Aliasghar Baziar. A hybrid model for daily peak load power forecasting based on SAMBA and neural network
921 -- 928S. Seyedtabaii, A. Khalaji. Single chip digital CMOS implementation of a reconfigurable fuzzy logic traffic controller
929 -- 935Mahsa Mirzamohammad, Ali Ahmadi, Mitra Mirzarezaee. Moving object detection and tracking in video by cellular learning automata and gradient method in fuzzy domain
937 -- 942Ibrahim Çanak. Tauberian theorems for Cesàro summability of sequences of fuzzy numbers
943 -- 951Ismail Ibedou. Separation axioms in fuzzy bitopological spaces
953 -- 964Jian Lin, Qiang Zhang. The Shapley function for n-person fuzzy cooperative games with combined weighted form
965 -- 975Xiao-Li Li, Xiao-fei Zhang, Chao Jia, De-Xin Liu. Multi-model adaptive control based on fuzzy neural networks
977 -- 986Hong-xia Sun. Fuzzy coalitional core for fuzzy games with coalition structures
987 -- 1000Yanbing Ju, Shanghong Yang. Approaches for multi-attribute group decision making based on intuitionistic trapezoid fuzzy linguistic power aggregation operators
1001 -- 1009Qingfeng Song, Kai Shi. A fuzzy waiting time contract for patient's public health care
1011 -- 1019Qinghua Zhang, Wen Shen. Research on attribute reduction algorithm with weights
1021 -- 1033Hua Zhao, Zeshui Xu. Group decision making with density-based aggregation operators under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environments
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1057 -- 1065Jianqi Zhu, Feng Fu, Ke-xin Yin, Jia-Qian Luo, Da Wei. Approaches to multiple attribute decision making with hesitant interval-valued fuzzy information under correlative environment
1067 -- 1075Lan He, Hui Teng. GRA model for dynamic hybrid multiple attribute decision making

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 8Wei Li. Approaches to decision making with Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information and their application to enterprise financial performance assessment
9 -- 18P. Senthilkumar, M. Umapathy, K. Dhanalakshmi. Modulated adaptive fuzzy controller for position control of SMA wire actuator
19 -- 36Guiwu Wei, Rui Lin, Hongjun Wang. Distance and similarity measures for hesitant interval-valued fuzzy sets
37 -- 48Khalil Paryab, Rashed Khanjani Shiraz, Leila Jalalzadeh, Hirofumi Fukuyama. Imprecise data envelopment analysis model with bifuzzy variables
49 -- 63Rui Lin, Xiaofei Zhao, Hongjun Wang, Guiwu Wei. Hesitant fuzzy linguistic aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
65 -- 72Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu. Subtraction and division operations over hesitant fuzzy sets
73 -- 82Wei Chen, Yonghong Shen. Approximate solution for a class of second-order ordinary differential equations by the fuzzy transform
83 -- 91Ahmad Jafarian, Safa Measoomy Nia. Artificial neural network approach to the fuzzy Abel integral equation problem
93 -- 103Bin Pang. Enriched (L, M)-fuzzy convergence spaces
105 -- 117S. M. Hashemi Doolabi, J. Roshanian. Sequential optimization and possibility assessment, a new efficient method for reliable optimal design
119 -- 129Fanyong Meng, Dongmin Jiang. Fuzzy games on augmenting systems with fuzzy characteristic functions
131 -- 142Dejian Yu, Lincong Fang. Intuitionistic multiplicative aggregation operators with their application in group decision making
143 -- 158Na Chen, Zeshui Xu. Properties of interval-valued hesitant fuzzy sets
159 -- 171Nihal Erginel. Fuzzy rule-based and control charts
173 -- 185Ali Ebrahimnejad, José L. Verdegay. A novel approach for sensitivity analysis in linear programs with trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
187 -- 199Zahra Pooranian, Mohammad Shojafar, Bahman Javadi, Ajith Abraham. Using imperialist competition algorithm for independent task scheduling in grid computing
201 -- 209Alexsandra Oliveira Andrade, Roque Mendes Prado Trindade, Deise Santana Maia, Regivan Hugo Nunes Santiago, Ana Maria Guimarães Guerreiro. Analysing some R-Implications and its application in fuzzy mathematical morphology
211 -- 220Farshid Mirzaee, Mahmoud Paripour, Mohammad Komak Yari. Application of hat functions to solve linear Fredholm fuzzy integral equation of the second kind
221 -- 233Xiaolu Zhang, Zeshui Xu. Deriving experts' weights based on consistency maximization in intuitionistic fuzzy group decision making
235 -- 245Omid Khayat. Structural parameter tuning of the first-order derivative of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy system for chaotic function modeling
247 -- 255Vildan Çetkin, Halis Aygün. On fuzzy soft topogenous structure
257 -- 271Shengju Sang. Optimal models in price competition supply chain under a fuzzy decision environment
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287 -- 298Xiaolong Xin, Yulong Fu. Some results of convex fuzzy sublattices
299 -- 306Mohammad-Reza Akbari-Zadeh, Mahdi Vosoogh, Mohammad Mirjavadi, Alireza Abbasi. A novel modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm to solve the optimal capacitor allocation problem in distribution system
307 -- 316Yanbing Gong, Lanping Feng, Gaofeng Liu. Fuzzy multi-attribute group decision making method with incomplete weight information under interval type-2 fuzzy environment
317 -- 329R. Pushpa Lakshmi, A. Vincent Antony Kumar. A fuzzy based secure QoS routing protocol using ant colony optimization for mobile Ad hoc network
331 -- 338Xuesen Cai, Liguo Han. Some induced Einstein aggregation operators based on the data mining with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information and their application to multiple attribute decision making
339 -- 350Feyzan Arikan. A modified augmented max min model for weighted fuzzy goal programming
351 -- 360Mahdieh Abbasloo, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Coatoms and comolecules of BL-algebras
361 -- 365R. Rameshkumar, K. Mayilsamy. Prediction of tar and particulate in biomass gasification using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system
367 -- 375María Jesús Campión, Raquel Garcia Catalán, Esteban Induráin, Gustavo Ochoa. Reinterpreting a fuzzy subset by means of a Sincov's functional equation
377 -- 389Shahideh Nasery Isfahani, Ahmad Asle Haddad, Emad Roghanian, Mehdi Rezayi. Customer relationship management performance measurement using balanced scorecard and fuzzy analytic network process: The case of MAPNA group
391 -- 406Elham Javidmanesh, Zohreh Dadi, Zahra Afsharnezhad, Sohrab Effati. Global stability analysis and existence of periodic solutions in an eight-neuron BAM neural network model with delays
407 -- 417Abbas Biniaz, Ataollah Abbasi. Unsupervised ACO: Applying FCM as a supervisor for ACO in medical image segmentation
419 -- 424Fatma Adam, Nasruddin Hassan. Multi Q-fuzzy parameterized soft set and its application
425 -- 434Zhi Xiao, Yuan Zou. A comparative study of soft sets with fuzzy sets and rough sets
435 -- 442J. P. Linda, M. S. Sunitha. Fuzzy detour g-interior nodes and fuzzy detour g-boundary nodes of a fuzzy graph
443 -- 450Yi-Jen Mon, Chih-Min Lin. ANFIS-based integral terminal sliding mode control for disturbed chaotic system
451 -- 463Belkacem Mahdad, Kamel Srairi, Mohamed El Hachemi Benbouzid. Solving practical power system problems using hierarchical interactive PSO strategy considering SVC controllers
465 -- 473Mahdi Vosoogh, Mohsen Kamyar, Ayat Akbari, Alireza Abbasi. A novel modification approach based on MTLBO algorithm for optimal management of renewable micro-grids in power systems
475 -- 486Xiuzhi Sang, Xinwang Liu, Lianghua Chen. Parametric WOWA operator and its application in dynamic decision making
487 -- 494Chang Bum Kim, Hee Sik Kim, Keum Sook So. On the fuzzy polynomial ideals
495 -- 504Bipan Hazarika. Lacunary ideal convergent double sequences of fuzzy real numbers
505 -- 513Ju-Ying Huang. Intuitionistic fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
515 -- 525Walid Elloumi, Nesrine Baklouti, Ajith Abraham, Adel M. Alimi. The multi-objective hybridization of particle swarm optimization and fuzzy ant colony optimization
527 -- 534Shuo Xiao. Induced interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Hamacher ordered weighted geometric operator and their application to multiple attribute decision making
535 -- 548Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong. Mining fuzzy frequent itemsets based on UBFFP trees
549 -- 553Xingfang Zhang, Lingqiang Li, Guangwu Meng. A modified uncertain entailment model
555 -- 566Pushpinder Singh. A new similarity measure between interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets