Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 3, Issue 4

259 -- 260Valerie Steinmaus, Timothy Ross, Mohammad Jamshidi. Editorial
261 -- 271Pradipta K. Dash, S. Dash, A. C. Liew, Saifur Rahman. A Fuzzy Engineering Approach for Time Series Forecasting of Electric Load
273 -- 286Robert J. Hammell II, Thomas Sudkamp. A Two-Level Architecture for Fuzzy Learning
287 -- 294Pennagaram D. Devika, Luke E. K. Achenie. On the Use of Quasi-Newton-Based Training of a Feedforward Neural Network for Time Series Forecasting
295 -- 304Gang Feng, Shu-Guang Cao, Neville W. Rees, Chu Kwong Chak. Design of Fuzzy Control Systems Based on State Feedback
305 -- 316Robert M. Kleyle, André de Korvin. An Approach to Object Identification Using Fuzzy Expected Payoffs
317 -- 323Ronald R. Yager, Antoine Kelman. Decision Making Under Various Types of Uncertainties

Volume 3, Issue 3

189 -- 196Robert Lowen. Logical Connectives Via Probabilistic Extensions
197 -- 213Boon C. Hwang, Mehrdad Saif, Mohammad Jamshidi. Fault Detection and Diagnosis of a Nuclear Power Plant Using Artificial Neural Networks
215 -- 227Soon-Ju Kang, Yong Rae Kwon. A Tightly Coupled Approach to Fuzzy Syntactic Parsing and Neural Networks for Event-Synchronous Signal Inspection
229 -- 238P. K. Chande, Smita Dighe. Fuzzy Motion Emulator for a Slave Locomotive
239 -- 246Tomonobu Senjyu, Katsumi Uezato. Enhancement of Transient Stability of Power Systems by Using Fuzzy Controller
247 -- 256Sankar K. Pal, Albert B. Leigh. Motion Frame Analysis and Scene Abstraction: Discrimination Ability of Fuzziness Measures
257 -- 258Kevin M. Passino. Driankov, Hellendoorn, and Reinfrank's An Introduction to Fuzzy Control

Volume 3, Issue 2

107 -- 116Marimin, Eriyatno, Sri Ainin Muktirizka, Hiroyuki Tamura. Expert System for Product-Advertising-Strategy Development
117 -- 130Celal Batur, Arvind Srinivasan, Chien-Chung Chan. Fuzzy Model Based Fuzzy Predictive Controllers
131 -- 144Chu Kwong Chak, Gang Feng. A New Fuzzy Neural Network System
145 -- 154Arto Makkonen, Heikki N. Koivo. Fuzzy Control of a Nonlinear Servomotor Model
155 -- 163Pradipta K. Dash, S. Mishra, A. C. Liew. Design of a Fuzzy PI Controller for Power System Applications
165 -- 180Fei-Yue Wang, Hung-man Kim. Implementing Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controllers with Neural Networks: A Design Paradigm
181 -- 185Mark E. Dreier. A Fast, Noniterative Method to Generate Fuzzy Inference Rules From Observed Data
187 -- 188Hao Ying. Li Xin Wang's Adaptive Fuzzy Systems and Control: Design and Stability Analysis

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 2Fei-Yue Wang, Z. Jason Geng, Mo Jamshidi. Guest Editorial
3 -- 19Tiehua Cao, Arthur C. Sanderson. Representation and Analysis of Uncertainty Using Fuzzy Petri Nets
21 -- 29Kishan Kumar Kumbla, Mo Jamshidi. Hierarchical Fuzzy Control of Robotic Manipulators
31 -- 42Paul J. A. Lever, Fei-Yue Wang, Deqian Chen, Xiaobo Shi. Autonomous Robotic Mining Excavation Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
43 -- 57Constantine N. Manikopoulos, MengChu Zhou, Sujit S. Nerurkar. Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controllers for a Heat Exchanger in a Water-for-Injection System
59 -- 69John S. Baras, Nital S. Patel. Derivation of Fuzzy Rules for Model-Free Tuning of PID Controllers
71 -- 85François E. Cellier, Francisco Mugica. Inductive Reasoning Supports the Design of Fuzzy Controllers
87 -- 102Z. Jason Geng. Fuzzy CMAC Neural Networks