Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 32, Issue 6

3797 -- 3807Yizhao Wang, Lide Wang, Xiang Yan, Ping Shen. Fuzzy immune particle swarm optimization algorithm and its application in scheduling of MVB periodic information
3809 -- 3820Chih-Hui Chiu, Ya-Fu Peng, Chung-Hsun Sun. Intelligent decoupled controller for mobile inverted pendulum real-time implementation
3821 -- 3838Jian Tang, Bijan Davvaz, Xiang-Yun Xie. A study on (fuzzy) quasi-Γ-hyperideals in ordered Γ-semihypergroups
3839 -- 3846Bahman Bahmani Firouzi, Reza Khorshidi. A new optimization algorithm based on teacher learning algorithm for optimal operation of electric grids
3847 -- 3858Saptarsi Goswami, Amlan Chakrabarti, Basabi Chakraborty. An efficient feature selection technique for clustering based on a new measure of feature importance
3859 -- 3866Mohsen Simab, Seyavash Chatrsimab, Sepide Yazdi, Ali Simab. A new method for power system contingency ranking using combination of neural network and data envelopment analysis
3867 -- 3878Bin Yu, Qingguo Li. Rough soft set theory applied to lattices and its applications
3879 -- 3891Xiaolu Ke, Liyao Ma, Yong Wang. A modified belief rule based model for uncertain nonlinear systems identification
3893 -- 3908Turki Y. Abdalla, Ali A. Abed, Alaa A. Ahmed. Mobile robot navigation using PSO-optimized fuzzy artificial potential field with fuzzy control
3909 -- 3920Cheng Wu, Huichun Song, Changsheng Yan, Yiming Wang. A fuzzy-based function approximation technique for reinforcement learning
3921 -- 3943Salman Nazari Shirkouhi, Sina Miri-Nargesi, Ayyub Ansarinejad. A fuzzy decision making methodology based on fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS with a case study for information systems outsourcing decisions
3945 -- 3960Pooja Bhatt Vashisth, Purnima Khurana, Punam Bedi. A fuzzy hybrid recommender system
3961 -- 3971Mohammad Hasan Bakhtiarifar, Amirhossein Amiri, Adel Alaeddini. Economic-statistical design of X ¯ Shewhart control charts with fuzzy parameters
3973 -- 3985Hong Yang, Xiaodong Liu, Le Zhang. Observer-based tracking control using unmeasurable premise variables for time-delay switched fuzzy systems
3987 -- 3998Sahar Kianian, Mohammad-Reza Khayyambashi, Naser Movahhedinia. FuSeO: Fuzzy semantic overlapping community detection
3999 -- 4008Fei Cai, Honghui Chen. Term-level semantic similarity helps time-aware term popularity based query completion
4009 -- 4022Congjun Rao, Xinping Xiao, Ming Xie, Mark Goh, Junjun Zheng. Low carbon supplier selection under multi-source and multi-attribute procurement
4023 -- 4029Miao Yu. Model for evaluating the E-commerce logistics service quality with hesitant fuzzy uncertain linguistic information
4031 -- 4045Abbas Rahimi Gollou, Noradin Ghadimi. A new feature selection and hybrid forecast engine for day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets
4047 -- 4058D. Modhej, M. Sanei, N. Shoja, F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi. Integrating inverse data envelopment analysis and neural network to preserve relative efficiency values
4059 -- 4068Karzan Ghafour, Razamin Ramli, Nerda Z. Zaibidi. Developing a M/G/C-FCFS queueing model with continuous review (R, Q) inventory system policy in a cement industry
4069 -- 4079Vahid Mohagheghi, S. Meysam Mousavi, Behnam Vahdani, Ali Siadat. A mathematical modeling approach for high and new technology-project portfolio selection under uncertain environments
4081 -- 4093Sadoullah Ebrahimnejad, M. A. Naeini, Hossein Gitinavard, S. Meysam Mousavi. Selection of IT outsourcing services' activities considering services cost and risks by designing an interval-valued hesitant fuzzy-decision approach
4095 -- 4108Ebrahim Abiri, Zobeideh Bezareh, Abdolreza Darabi. The optimum design of RAM cell based on the modified-GDI method using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSGA-II)
4109 -- 4118Xiao-Yan Gao, Xiao-fei Yang. Measures of compactness in (L, M)-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces
4119 -- 4134Shafaq Naz, Muhammad Shabir. Regular and intra-regular semihypergroups in terms of soft union hyperideals
4135 -- 4143Qi-yu Jiang, Xiao-jing Yang, Xiao-sheng Sun. An aided diagnosis model of sub-health based on rough set and fuzzy mathematics: A case of TCM
4145 -- 4157Qiang Tong, Jingwei Cheng, Fu Zhang. Relaxing of flexible RDF queries: A relative proximity relation-based approach
4159 -- 4172Orlando Donato Rocha Filho, Ginalber Luiz de Oliveira Serra. Evolving Neuro-Fuzzy network modeling approach based on recursive fuzzy instrumental variable
4173 -- 4182Mansour Bagheri, Mahmoud Miri, Naser Shabakhty. Fuzzy time dependent structural reliability analysis using alpha level set optimization method based on genetic algorithm
4183 -- 4195Yongming Han, Zhiqiang Geng, Qunxiong Zhu, Zun Wang, Yunfei Cui. Energy consumption analysis and evaluation of petrochemical industries using an improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy process approach
4197 -- 4204Yuming Feng, Chuandong Li. Comparison system of impulsive control system with impulse time windows
4205 -- 4211Xia Wang. Approach for multiple attribute decision-making with interval grey number based on Choquet integral
4213 -- 4225Guijun Wang, Xiaoping Li. Mesh construction of PLF and its approximation process in Mamdani fuzzy system
4227 -- 4233HongWei Xia, Hak-Keung Lam, Li Li, Qiyong Wen, Guangcheng Ma. Stability analysis and synthesis of fuzzy-model-based time-delay systems under imperfect premise matching
4235 -- 4246Xiaoyuan Wang, Jinglei Zhang, Yaqi Liu, Yunyun Wang, Fang Wang, Jingheng Wang. The drivers' lane selection model based on mixed fuzzy many-person multi-objective non-cooperative game
4247 -- 4258Jiayi Niu, Jing Chen, Yitian Xu. Twin support vector regression with Huber loss
4259 -- 4271Sheng Luo, Jing-hua Xu, Shu-you Zhang. Decompose image into meaningful regions based on contour detector and watershed algorithm
4273 -- 4284Xiu-Yun Wu, Er-Qiang Li, Shi-Zhong Bai. Geometric properties of M-fuzzifying convex structures
4285 -- 4297Hong-Yu Qiao, Wen-Jer Chang, Cheung-Chieh Ku. Robust sliding mode fuzzy control for perturbed nonlinear stochastic systems subject to input and state requirements
4299 -- 4309Ying Han, Cheng-Chew Lim, Sheng Chen. Triple I fuzzy modus tollens method with inconsistent bipolarity information
4311 -- 4318Shawkat Alkhazaleh. n-Valued refined neutrosophic soft set theory
4319 -- 4330Uros Mlakar, Milan Zorman, Iztok Fister 0001, Iztok Fister Jr.. Modified binary cuckoo search for association rule mining
4331 -- 4342S. A. Mohiuddine, Bipan Hazarika, Abdullah Alotaibi. On statistical convergence of double sequences of fuzzy valued functions
4343 -- 4355Shuyang Li, Hongxing Li. An approximation method of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
4357 -- 4365Wei Fan. An approach to evaluating the knowledge innovation ability of new ventures based on knowledge management with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information
4367 -- 4378Rong Gao, Xiaowei Chen. Some concepts and properties of uncertain fields
4379 -- 4387Wendai Lv, Meng Guo. Research on the financial risk evaluation of listed companies with intuitionistic fuzzy information
4389 -- 4402Chuan Yue. Two normalized projection models and application to group decision-making
4403 -- 4413Peide Liu, Lili Zhang. An extended multiple criteria decision making method based on neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy information
4417 -- 0Xiaoxia Huang, Qun Zhang, Qing Yang. Preface
4419 -- 4429Wei Chen, Jinqiu Li. Evaluation of risk management capability of partners in R&D projects based on error propagation and orthogonal projection
4431 -- 4441Pankaj Gupta, Mukesh Kumar Mehlawat, Nishtha Grover, Wei Chen. Modified intuitionistic fuzzy SIR approach with an application to supplier selection
4443 -- 4452Takashi Hasuike, Hideki Katagiri. An objective formulation of membership function based on fuzzy entropy and pairwise comparison
4453 -- 4465Xiaoxia Huang. A review of uncertain portfolio selection
4467 -- 4483Mohuya B. Kar, Saibal Majumder, Samarjit Kar, Tandra Pal. Cross-entropy based multi-objective uncertain portfolio selection problem
4485 -- 4501Hideki Katagiri, Kosuke Kato, Takeshi Uno. Possibilistic Stackelberg solutions to bilevel linear programming problems with fuzzy parameters
4503 -- 4511Hui-Jia Li, Ju Xiang. Explore of the fuzzy community structure integrating the directed line graph and likelihood optimization
4513 -- 4522Xingmei Li, Zhiming Zhong, Youzhong Zhang, Yaxian Wang. Uncertain mean-variance model for project portfolio selection problem with divisibility
4523 -- 4531Zhongfeng Qin, Yuanzhen Dai, Haitao Zheng. Uncertain random portfolio optimization models based on value-at-risk
4533 -- 4542Xiaoning Xu, Rong Chen, Feng He, Liyun Zhu. Two non-radial measures of super-efficiency in DEA with data uncertainty
4543 -- 4554Chao Zhang, Rui Hu, Lirong Wei. Uncertain portfolio selection model considering transaction costs and minimum transaction lots requirement
4555 -- 4561Zhang Zenglian, Ma Junyang, Fu Yingshi. Uncertain project selection model considering sustainability and compatibility
4563 -- 4572Kai Zheng, Lina Han, Shuli Guo, Zhenyu Wang, Xinmiao Zhang, Xinghui Dong. Fuzzy synthetic condition assessment of wind turbine based on combination weighting and cloud model

Volume 32, Issue 5

3229 -- 0K. K. Mishra. Recent advancements in computer, communication and computational sciences
3231 -- 3243Pedro Luis Mateo Navarro, Diego Sevilla Ruiz, Gregorio Martínez Pérez. OHT: Open and cross-platform GUI testing
3245 -- 3257Shailendra Pratap Singh, Anoj Kumar. Pareto based differential evolution with homeostasis based mutation
3259 -- 3271Aisha Siddiqa, Ahmad Karim, Tanzila Saba, Victor Chang. On the analysis of big data indexing execution strategies
3273 -- 3284S. Sarika, Varghese Paul. Parallel phishing attack recognition using software agents
3285 -- 3295Akash Punhani, Pardeep Kumar, Nitin 0001. Optimal extra links placement in mesh interconnection network using improved environmental adaptation method
3297 -- 3311Rajesh Piryani, Vedika Gupta, Vivek Kumar Singh 0001. Movie Prism: A novel system for aspect level sentiment profiling of movies
3313 -- 3324Iwan Kustiawan, Kuang-Hui Chi. An intelligent handoff strategy in heterogeneous wireless networks
3325 -- 3337Arvind Selwal, Sunil Kumar Gupta 0001, Surender Kumar. Low overhead octet indexed template security scheme for multi-modal biometric system
3339 -- 3353Ramesh Chand Pandey, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Kaushal K. Shukla. A passive forensic method for video: Exposing dynamic object removal and frame duplication in the digital video using sensor noise features
3355 -- 3364Jinqiang He, Xiaojie Sun, Wei Li, Jie Chen. A new pheromone update strategy for ant colony optimization
3365 -- 3375Munesh Chandra Trivedi, Shilpi Mishra, Virendra Kumar Yadav. Metamorphic cryptography using strength of chaotic sequence and XORing method
3377 -- 3385Haitao Sang, Zhen Zhou, Fang Qu, Qiao Ke. An effective face recognition algorithm based on parallel local phase quantization and matching degree
3387 -- 3400Kun Liu, Jianqing Li, H. Z. Chris. 2 emissions reduction by wireless sensor networks for transportation management
3401 -- 3412Tong Wang, Yunfeng Wang, Chong Han. An improved clustering routing mechanism for wireless Ad hoc network
3413 -- 3427Malay Kumar, Jasraj Meena, Shailesh Tiwari, Manu Vardhan. Privacy preserving, verifiable and efficient outsourcing algorithm for regression analysis to a malicious cloud
3429 -- 3445Hao Bu, Rong Zhu, Shihong Chen, Xiaoqiong Tan. Sorting realization of well-ordered sets based on π-calculus
3447 -- 3459Tao Ma, Fen Wang, Jianzhou Wang, Yukai Yao, Xiaoyun Chen. A combined model based on seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average and modified particle swarm optimization algorithm for electrical load forecasting
3461 -- 3473Xiaoying Song, Qilong Zhang, Wei Sun, Wei Wei. Energy-efficient data gathering protocol in unequal clustered WSN utilizing fuzzy multiple criteria decision making
3475 -- 3485Lei Liu, Ming Diao. Research of direction-of-arrival estimation in fewer snapshots based on niche artificial bee colony algorithm
3487 -- 3494Yanli Shi, Jizhu Nan. Improved FCM algorithm based on initial center optimization method
3495 -- 3507Linqin Cai, Cui Shuangjie, Xiang Min, Jimin Yu, Jianrong Zhang. Dynamic hand gesture recognition using RGB-D data for natural human-computer interaction
3509 -- 3524Fengjun Hu, Chun Tu. An optimization model for target tracking of mobile sensor network based on motion state prediction in emerging sensor networks
3525 -- 3537Shailendra Pratap Singh, Anoj Kumar. Homeostasis mutation based differential evolution algorithm
3539 -- 3550Liang Zong, Yong Bai, Tongcheng Huang, Shihao Zhou. Transmission control for heterogeneous network composed of MANET and terrestrial-satellite network
3551 -- 3560Xue-Gang Chen. Research on reliability of complex network for estimating network reliability
3561 -- 3573Sachin Bagga, Akshay Girdhar, Munesh Chandra Trivedi. SPMD based time sharing intelligent approach for image denoising
3575 -- 3583Tanvi Gupta, Tapan Kumar Gandhi, Bijaya K. Panigrahi. Multi-sequential MR brain image classification for tumor detection
3585 -- 3594Ming-ming Xiao, Yu-Ping Luo. Automatic protocol reverse engineering using grammatical inference
3595 -- 3608Jian Zhang, Lionel Fillatre, Igor V. Nikiforov. Bayesian localization of anomaly in distributed networks with quadratic criterion
3609 -- 3617Luwei He, Lu Lu, Qiang Wang. An optimal parallel implementation of Markov Clustering based on the coordination of CPU and GPU
3619 -- 3632Avinash Samuel, Dilip Kumar Sharma. A spatial, temporal and sentiment based framework for indexing and clustering in twitter blogosphere
3633 -- 3640Lu Lu, Cancan Li, Yubin Yang. Research on comprehensive virtualization performance evaluation method
3641 -- 3653Priti Sehgal, Nidhi Goel. Non-destructive low-cost approach for fuzzy classification of tomato images based on firmness prediciton using regression
3655 -- 3667Chen Li, Cheng Yang, Qin Jiang. The research on text clustering based on LDA joint model
3669 -- 3687Vijay Mohan, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. Robust adaptive fuzzy controller applied to double inverted pendulum
3689 -- 3694Allen D. Allen. Algorithms that extract knowledge from fuzzy big data: Conserving traditional science
3695 -- 3710Hua Wang, Yingyou Wen, Dazhe Zhao. Robust positioning algorithm based on relative location map for mobile wireless sensor networks
3711 -- 3727Abul Hasnat, Dibyendu Barman, Santanu Halder, Debotosh Bhattacharjee. Modified vector quantization algorithm to overcome the blocking artefact problem of vector quantization algorithm
3729 -- 3737Cheng-Fan Li, Lan Liu, Yong-mei Lei, Jing-Yuan Yin, Jun-Juan Zhao, Xian-Kun Sun. Clustering for HSI hyperspectral image with weighted PCA and ICA
3739 -- 3748Niu Lianqiang, Chen Xin, Peng Min, Zhang Gang. Connected components labeling based on union-find operations applied to connected branches
3749 -- 3760Zhenhua Zhang, Yong Hu, Chao Ma, Jinhui Xu, Shenguo Yuan, Zhao Chen. Incentive-punitive risk function with interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy information for outsourced software project risk assessment
3761 -- 3773Tarun Kumar, Dharmender Singh Kushwaha. Traffic surveillance and speed limit violation detection system
3775 -- 3784Bin Wang, Bin Kong, Dawen Ding, Can Wang, Jing Yang. A novel traffic sign recognition algorithm based on sparse representation and dictionary learning
3785 -- 3796Guiliang Zhou, Zhiqiang Liu, Wanneng Shu, Tianwen Bao, Lina Mao, Dingxin Wu, Feng Qiu. Smart savings on private car pooling based on internet of vehicles

Volume 32, Issue 4

2791 -- 2796Sabu M. Thampi, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy. Special issue on soft computing and intelligent systems: Tools, techniques and applications
2797 -- 2805P. S. Deepthi, Sabu M. Thampi. Predicting cancer subtypes from microarray data using semi-supervised fuzzy C-means algorithm
2807 -- 2818Ankit Vidyarthi, Namita Mittal. Texture based feature extraction method for classification of brain tumor MRI
2819 -- 2828Stephan Punitha, Ravi Subban, M. Anousouya Devi, Jothimani Vaishnavi. Particle swarm optimized computer aided diagnosis system for classification of breast masses
2829 -- 2836Sarika B. Patil, Abbhilasha S. Narote, Sandipann P. Narote. Efficient retinal vessel detection using line detectors with morphological operations
2837 -- 2845V. M. Mane, Dattatray V. Jadhav, S. D. Shirbahadurkar. Hybrid classifier and region-dependent integrated features for detection of diabetic retinopathy
2847 -- 2856Salam Shuleenda Devi, Joyeeta Singha, Manish Sharma, Rabul Hussain Laskar. Erythrocyte segmentation for quantification in microscopic images of thin blood smears
2857 -- 2862Shivangi Agarwal, Vijander Singh, Asha Rani, A. P. Mittal. Hardware efficient denoising system for real EOG signal processing
2863 -- 2873K. C. Sreedhar, M. N. Faruk, B. Venkateswarlu. A genetic TDS and BUG with pseudo-identifier for privacy preservation over incremental data sets
2875 -- 2883Mirza Mubasher Baig, Mian M. Awais, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy. A multiclass cascade of artificial neural network for network intrusion detection
2885 -- 2892Kapil Mishra, Ravi Saharan, Bharti Rathor. A new cryptographic method for image encryption
2893 -- 2899Gopal, Shefali Srivastava, Smriti Srivastava. Biometric authentication using local subspace adaptive histogram equalization
2901 -- 2907Aravind Ashok, Prabaharan Poornachandran, Soumajit Pal, A. U. Prem Sankar, Surendran K. Why so abnormal? Detecting domains receiving anomalous surge traffic in a monitored network
2909 -- 2921Preeti Mishra, Emmanuel S. Pilli, Vijay Varadharajan, Udaya Kiran Tupakula. PSI-NetVisor: Program semantic aware intrusion detection at network and hypervisor layer in cloud
2923 -- 2932Lokesh Kumar Sharma, Namita Mittal. Prominent feature extraction for evidence gathering in question answering
2933 -- 2939Mitar Milacic, Alex Pappachen James, Sima Dimitrijev. Recognizing isolated words with minimum distance similarity metric padding
2941 -- 2951Remya R. K. Menon, Joseph Deepthy, M. R. Kaimal. Semantics-based topic inter-relationship extraction
2953 -- 2961Nadeem Akhtar, Bushra Siddique. Hierarchical visualization of sport events using Twitter
2963 -- 2969Ramkumar N, P. Venkat Rangan, Uma Gopalakrishnan, Balaji Hariharan. Gesture triggered, dynamic gaze alignment architecture for intelligent eLearning systems
2971 -- 2976Rachita Sreedasyam, Aishwarya Rao, Nidhi Sachidanandan, Nalini Sampath, Shriram K. Vasudevan. Aarya - A Kinesthetic companion for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
2977 -- 2986El-Sayed M. El-Alfy. Evaluation of sequential adaptive testing with real-data simulation: A case study
2987 -- 2995Chhavi Sharma, Punam Bedi. CCFRS - Community based Collaborative Filtering Recommender System
2997 -- 3008Anjali Gautam, Punam Bedi. Developing content-based recommender system using Hadoop Map Reduce
3009 -- 3015Harpreet Singh, Manpreet Kaur, Parminder Kaur. Web page recommendation system based on partially ordered sequential rules
3017 -- 3029S. P. Nangrani, S. S. Bhat. Instability, chaos and bifurcation control in nonlinear dynamical system behavior using perturb-boost fuzzy logic controller
3031 -- 3041S. Sheik Mohammed, D. Devaraj, T. P. Imthias Ahamed. Learning Automata based fuzzy MPPT controller for solar photovoltaic system under fast changing environmental conditions
3043 -- 3050Hasmat Malik, Rajneesh Sharma. EMD and ANN based intelligent fault diagnosis model for transmission line
3051 -- 3058P. D. Raval, A. S. Pandya. A hybrid Wavelet-ANN protection scheme for series compensated EHV transmission line
3059 -- 3067L. R. Sreedhanya, Abi Varghese, Madhu S. Nair, M. Wilscy. Temperature mapping of a rotary kiln using fuzzy logic
3069 -- 3080Xin Chen, Pengfei Yang, Tie Qiu, Hao Yin, Jianwei Ji. IoE-MPP: A mobile portal platform for internet of everything
3081 -- 3089N. M. Dhanya, G. Kousalya, P. Balakrishnan. Dynamic mobile cloud offloading prediction based on statistical regression
3091 -- 3101Sizakele Mathaba, Matthew Adigun, John Oladosu, Okikayode Oki. On the use of the Internet of Things and Web 2.0 in inventory management
3103 -- 3110Olukayode Oki, Thomas O. Olwal, Pragasen Mudali, Matthew O. Adigun. Dynamic spectrum reconfiguration for distributed cognitive radio networks
3111 -- 3120PL. Rajarajeswari, N. K. Karthikeyan. Hyper-geometric energy factor based semi-Markov prediction mechanism for effective cluster head election in WSNs
3121 -- 3128Bhawna Kalra, J. B. Sharma. Vedic multiplication based efficient OFDM FFT processor
3129 -- 3142Rohit K. Bhullar, Lokesh Pawar, Rohit Bajaj, Amit K. Manocha. Intelligent stress calculation and scheduling in segmented processor systems using buddy approach
3143 -- 3149T. Soumya, Sabu M. Thampi. A fuzzy fusion approach to enlighten the illuminated regions of night surveillance videos
3151 -- 3158V. Vishnu Pradeep, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman. Application of M-band wavelet in pan-sharpening
3159 -- 3166Arshvir Kaur, Nitakshi Sood, Naveen Aggarwal, Dinesh Vij, Bhavdeep Sachdeva. Traffic state detection using smartphone based acoustic sensing
3167 -- 3176Mugdha Dewasthale, R. D. Kharadkar. High performance self tuning adaptive filter algorithm for noise cancellation in speech
3177 -- 3188Divya S. Vidyadharan, Sabu M. Thampi. Digital image forgery detection using compact multi-texture representation
3189 -- 3199Ritesh Sarkhel, Tithi Mitra Chowdhury, Mayuk Das, Nibaran Das, Mita Nasipuri. A novel Harmony Search algorithm embedded with metaheuristic Opposition Based Learning
3201 -- 3208Kohei Tsuya, Mayumi Takaya, Akihiro Yamamura. Application of the firefly algorithm to the uncapacitated facility location problem
3209 -- 3219Jyothisha J. Nair, Susanna Thomas. Improvised Apriori with frequent subgraph tree for extracting frequent subgraphs
3221 -- 3228S. N. Abhishek, R. B. Balakirithikaa, C. Madhan, Shriram K. Vasudevan. An innovative and intelligent earphone with auto pause facility

Volume 32, Issue 3

1639 -- 1648Alexandru Mihai Bica, Constantin Popescu. Iterative numerical method for nonlinear fuzzy Volterra integral equations
1649 -- 1658Abbas Parchami, Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh, S. Mahmoud Taheri, Mashaallah Mashinchi. A general p-value-based approach for testing quality by considering fuzzy hypotheses
1659 -- 1671Cengiz Kahraman, Abbas Parchami, Sezi Çevik Onar, Basar Öztaysi. Process capability analysis using intuitionistic fuzzy sets
1673 -- 1683Junhong Li, Wenyi Zeng. Fuzzy risk analysis based on the similarity measure of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
1685 -- 1696Zahra Zareizadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Helfroush, Kamran Kazemi. A new multiobjective evolutionary optimization algorithm based on θ-multiobjective clonal selection
1697 -- 1709Sankar Kumar Roy, Gurupada Maity. Minimizing cost and time through single objective function in multi-choice interval valued transportation problem
1711 -- 1717Morteza Norouzi, Irina Cristea. A new type of fuzzy subsemihypermodules
1719 -- 1734Bingzhen Sun, Weimin Ma. 1
1735 -- 1744Xiaokun Huang, Qingguo Li. On strongly convex L-fuzzy subsets of an ordered semigroup
1745 -- 1751Xi-Ping Sun. Research on the nitrogen use efficiency evaluation of different rice genotypes with intuitionistic fuzzy information
1753 -- 1773Hamid Reza Baghaee, Mojtaba Mirsalim, Gevork B. Gharehpetian. Multi-objective optimal power management and sizing of a reliable wind/PV microgrid with hydrogen energy storage using MOPSO
1775 -- 1786Keli Hu, Jun Ye, En Fan, Shigen Shen, Longjun Huang, Jiatian Pi. A novel object tracking algorithm by fusing color and depth information based on single valued neutrosophic cross-entropy
1787 -- 1804Edson B. M. Costa, Ginalber L. O. Serra. Swarm optimization based adaptive fuzzy control design from robust stability criteria
1805 -- 1813A. Namdar, Rajab Ali Borzooei, A. Borumand Saeid, M. Aaly Kologani. Some results in hoop algebras
1815 -- 1820Arnab Paul, Baby Bhattacharya, Jayasree Chakraborty. γ-Hyperconnectedness and fuzzy mappings in fuzzy bitopological spaces
1821 -- 1832Suresh Babu Chandanapalli, E. Sreenivasa Reddy, D. Rajya Lakshmi. FTDT: Rough set integrated functional tangent decision tree for finding the status of aqua pond in aquaculture
1833 -- 1845Aiguo Chen, Pengjiang Qian, Shitong Wang, Yizhang Jiang. Large-scale fuzzy multiple-medoid clustering method
1847 -- 1854Md. Azizul Baten, Ruzelan Khalid. Extended optimal stochastic production control model with application to economics
1855 -- 1865Shuli Liu, Xinwang Liu, Dongwei Liu. A prospect theory based MADM method for solar water heater selection problems
1867 -- 1875Baohua Liang, Shangzhi Zheng, Lin Wang. The attribute reduction algorithm based on parallel computing
1877 -- 1889Hang Zhan, Hua-Wen Liu. Cross-migrative uninorms with different neutral elements
1891 -- 1902Yanbing Gong, Shuxin Yang, Liangliang Dai, Na Hu. A new approach for ranking of interval type-2 trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
1903 -- 1915Xiaona Song, Shuai Song, Leipo Liu, Inés Tejado. Adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy sliding mode control for fractional-order systems based on finite-time scheme
1917 -- 1930Faisal Yousafzai, Mohammed M. Khalaf, Murad-ul-Islam Khan, A. Borumand Saeid, Quaid Iqbal. Some studies in fuzzy non-associative semigroups
1931 -- 1943Wen Jiang, Chunhe Xie, Yu Luo, Yongchuan Tang. Ranking Z-numbers with an improved ranking method for generalized fuzzy numbers
1945 -- 1958Masoud Dehghani Champiri, Shahin Sajjadi, S. Hossein Mousavizadegan, Faramarz Moodi. A fuzzy system for evaluation of deteriorated marine steel structures
1959 -- 1968Bo Peng, Jinming Zhou, Ding-Hong Peng. Cloud model based approach to group decision making with uncertain pure linguistic information
1969 -- 1981Feng Sun, Xue-ping Wang, Xiao-bing Qu. 1
1983 -- 1995Ling-Yu Zhang, Jia-Dong Ren, Xian-Wei Li. OIM-SM: A method for ontology integration based on semantic mapping
1997 -- 2007S. Z. Alavi, Rajab Ali Borzooei, M. Aaly Kologani. Fuzzy filters in pseudo hoops
2009 -- 2016Seok-Zun Song, Hashem Bordbar, Young Bae Jun. A new type of hesitant fuzzy subalgebras and ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras
2017 -- 2032Jifa Guo, Xiaodong Shao. A fine fuzzy spatial partitioning model for line objects based on computing with words and application in natural language spatial query
2033 -- 2050Fabio Blanco-Mesa, José M. Merigó, Anna Maria Gil Lafuente. Fuzzy decision making: A bibliometric-based review
2051 -- 2059Xiangfeng Yang, Yaodong Ni, Yansheng Zhang. Stability in inverse distribution for uncertain differential equations
2061 -- 2070Tongle Xu, Zhaojie Yin, Daoyong Cai, Diankun Zheng. Fault diagnosis for rotating machinery based on Local Mean Decomposition morphology filtering and Least Square Support Vector Machine
2071 -- 2082Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan, Muhammad Irfan Ali. Applications of a kind of novel Z-soft fuzzy rough ideals to hemirings
2083 -- 2099Ridvan Sahin, Peide Liu. Some approaches to multi criteria decision making based on exponential operations of simplified neutrosophic numbers
2101 -- 2109Hongtao Yu, Ruibo Gao, Kun Wang, Fuzhi Zhang. A novel robust recommendation method based on kernel matrix factorization
2111 -- 2122Tong Zhao, Yan Lu, Changyou Liu. Comprehensive optimization and engineering applications of thick residual coal re-mining methodology
2123 -- 2135Siavash Ghannadi, Mahdi Mehrtash, Mohammad Mohammadi, Mahdi Raoofat. Determining inactive constraints in stochastic security-constrained unit commitment using cumulants
2137 -- 2151Sumera Naz, Hossein Rashmanlou, M. Aslam Malik. Operations on single valued neutrosophic graphs with application
2153 -- 2164Shahzad Faizi, Tabasam Rashid, Sohail Zafar. An outranking method for multi-criteria group decision making using hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic term sets
2165 -- 2185K. A. Vidhya, T. V. Geetha. Rough set theory for document clustering: A review
2187 -- 2194Yuhong Sheng, Gang Shi, Qing Cui. Almost sure stability for multifactor uncertain differential equation
2195 -- 2206Chao Xu 0001, Fanyong Meng 0001, Qiang Zhang. PN equilibrium strategy for matrix games with fuzzy payoffs
2207 -- 2219Tong Zhao, Changyou Liu, Kaan Yetilmezsoy, Peilin Gong, Jianwei Li. Realization and engineering application of hydraulic support optimization in residual coal remining
2221 -- 2232Lukui Shi, Jiasi Hao, Xin Zhang. Image recognition method based on supervised multi-manifold learning
2233 -- 2249Ahmad Makui, Pooria Moeinzadeh, Morteza Bagherpour. Developing a fuzzy inference approach to evaluate the static complexity of construction projects
2251 -- 2267R. J. Kuo, L. Lin, Ferani E. Zulvia, C. C. Lin. Integration of cluster analysis and granular computing for imbalanced data classification: A case study on prostate cancer prognosis in Taiwan
2269 -- 2280R. Anuradha, N. Rajkumar. Mining generalized positive and negative inter-cross fuzzy multiple-level coherent rules
2281 -- 2294Xianjun Guan, Li Qian, Mengxin Li, Huayou Chen, Ligang Zhou. Earthquake relief emergency logistics capacity evaluation model integrating cloud generalized information aggregation operators
2295 -- 2308Meng-Xian Wang, Jian Qiang Wang. An evolving Takagi-Sugeno model based on aggregated trapezium clouds for anomaly detection in large datasets
2309 -- 2314Ahmed Mostafa Khalil, Nasruddin Hassan. A note on "possibility multi-fuzzy soft set and its application in decision making"
2315 -- 2325Dandan Yan, Youlong Yang, Benchong Li. An improved fuzzy classifier for imbalanced data
2327 -- 2338Mahmoud Paripour, Mohammad Komak Yari. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for Fuzzy quadratic integral equation of fractional order
2339 -- 2349Xiaopeng Zhao, Guotian Yang. An entropy-based online multi-model identification algorithm and generalized predictive control
2351 -- 2363Jing Zhao, Pak-Kin Wong, Zhengchao Xie, Xinbo Ma. Cuckoo search-based intelligent control of a novel variable rotary valve system for engines using PID controller
2365 -- 2373Yong Zhang, Bo Liu, Jiaxin Yu. A selective ensemble learning approach based on evolutionary algorithm
2375 -- 2391Peide Liu, Fei Teng. Multiple attribute group decision making methods based on some normal neutrosophic number Heronian Mean operators
2393 -- 2411Mohammad Javadian, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki. UALM: Unsupervised Active Learning Method for clustering low-dimensional data
2413 -- 2424Qingzhao Kong, Zengxin Wei. Further study of multi-granulation fuzzy rough sets
2425 -- 2436Clemente Rubio-Manzano, M. Pereira-Fariña. Towards fuzzy lexical reasoning
2437 -- 2446Osman Kazanci, Bijan Davvaz, S. Yilmaz. A novel concept of (m, n)-ary subhypermodules in the framework of fuzzy sets
2447 -- 2460Jian Tang, Bijan Davvaz, Xiang-Yun Xie, Naveed Yaqoob. On fuzzy interior Γ-hyperideals in ordered Γ-semihypergroups
2461 -- 2475Iván Contreras, José Ignacio Hidalgo, Laura Núñez-Letamendia. A hybrid automated trading system based on multi-objective grammatical evolution
2477 -- 2484Heejeong Koh, Dongseung Kang. On the fuzzy stability problem of generalized cubic mappings
2485 -- 2498K. K. Mishra, Ashish Tripathi, Shailesh Tiwari, Nitin Saxena. Evolution based memetic algorithm and its application in software cost estimation
2499 -- 2507Mehrdad Taki. A new fuzzy based scheme to optimize buffer constrained throughput of a wireless link using adaptive modulation, coding and transmit power
2509 -- 2522P. S. Londhe, B. M. Patre, L. M. Waghmare, Mohan Santhakumar. Robust proportional derivative (PD)-like fuzzy control designs for diving and steering planes control of an autonomous underwater vehicle
2523 -- 2536Jie Ding, Zeshui Xu, Na Zhao. An interactive approach to probabilistic hesitant fuzzy multi-attribute group decision making with incomplete weight information
2537 -- 2548Shenghai Zhou, Xuanhua Xu, Zhaohui Li, Faming Zhang. Probability approximation to multi-attribute decision making method with stochastic attribute values
2549 -- 2562Qinghua Zhang, Pei Zhang, Guoyin Wang. Research on approximation set of rough set based on fuzzy similarity
2563 -- 2578Junfeng Chu, Kwai-Sang Chin, Xinwang Liu, Ying-Ming Wang. A prospect theory based approach to multiple attribute decision making considering the decision maker's attitudinal character
2579 -- 2589Yang Liu, Xiaojun Ban, Fen Wu, H. K. Lam. Gain-scheduling control of T-S fuzzy systems with actuator saturation
2591 -- 2602Xiaolong Xin, Xiaoyun Cheng, Xiaohong Zhang. Generalized state operators on BCI-algebras
2603 -- 2615Changjin Xu, Peiluan Li. Global exponential stability of periodic solution for fuzzy cellular neural networks with distributed delays and variable coefficients
2617 -- 2624Özer Talo, Funda Bayazit. Tauberian theorems for statistically convergent double sequences of fuzzy numbers
2625 -- 2631Huan Zhang. Research on fuzzy evaluation of performance in green supply chain based on environmental economics
2633 -- 2640Licai Zhu, Jin-Long Hou, Lv Wang. Research on sports grounds' management performance evaluation with triangular fuzzy information
2641 -- 2653Guangji Yu, Xiaoyun Wu, Guo-en Xia. T-similarity of fuzzy relations on a complete residuated lattice and its algebraic structures
2655 -- 2664Xiao Wang, Yufu Ning. Stability of uncertain delay differential equations
2665 -- 2677Bipan Hazarika. Pointwise ideal convergence and uniformly ideal convergence of sequences of fuzzy valued functions
2679 -- 2695Yao Zhang, Xin Guan. A fuzzy optimization method to select marketing strategies for new products based on similar cases
2697 -- 2704Jia Cui. Model for evaluating the security of wireless network with fuzzy linguistic information
2705 -- 2715Chengdong Li, Guiqing Zhang, Jianqiang Yi, Fang Shang, Junlong Gao. A fast learning method for data-driven design of interval type-2 fuzzy logic system
2717 -- 2723Yun Tong. Model for evaluating the green supply chain performance under low-carbon agricultural economy environment with 2-tuple linguistic information
2725 -- 2731Hifsi Altinok, Damla Yagdiran. Lacunary statistical convergence defined by an Orlicz function in sequences of fuzzy numbers
2733 -- 2745Xingxing He, Yingfang Li, Keyun Qin, Dan Meng. On the characterizations of fuzzy XNOR connectives
2747 -- 2762Muhammad Akram, Musavarah Sarwar. Novel applications of m-polar fuzzy hypergraphs
2763 -- 2769Huan Jin. Models for evaluating the vehicle stability performance with hesitant fuzzy information
2771 -- 2778Xiaobin Guo, Ke Zhang. Solving fuzzy matrix equation of the form X ˜ A = B ˜
2779 -- 2790Zhengmin Liu, Peide Liu, Weilong Liu, Jinyan Pang. Pythagorean uncertain linguistic partitioned Bonferroni mean operators and their application in multi-attribute decision making

Volume 32, Issue 2

1157 -- 1160Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Manuel Núñez, Bogdan Trawinski. Collective intelligent information and database systems
1161 -- 1172Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmanska, Marcin Pietranik. The knowledge increase estimation framework for ontology integration on the concept level
1173 -- 1182Quang Vu Nguyen, Lech Madeyski. Addressing mutation testing problems by applying multi-objective optimization algorithms and higher order mutation
1183 -- 1192Bogumila Hnatkowska. Verification of SUMO ontology
1193 -- 1202Lukasz Strobin, Adam Niewiadomski. Linguistic summaries of graph datasets using ontologies: An application to Semantic Web
1203 -- 1215Linh Anh Nguyen, Thi Hong Khanh Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Quang-Thuy Ha. Bisimilarity for paraconsistent description logics
1217 -- 1228Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Van du Nguyen, Dosam Hwang. An influence analysis of the number of members on the quality of knowledge in a collective
1229 -- 1240Quang Dieu Tran, Dosam Hwang, Jason J. Jung. 1
1241 -- 1252Marcin Maleszka. Observing collective knowledge state during integration
1253 -- 1263Bernadetta Maleszka. A method for determining ontology-based user profile in document retrieval system
1265 -- 1275Eleni Vathi, Georgios Siolas, Andreas Stafylopatis. Mining and categorizing interesting topics in Twitter communities
1277 -- 1287Van Cuong Tran, Dinh Tuyen Hoang, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Dosam Hwang. A named entity recognition approach for tweet streams using active learning
1289 -- 1296Joanna Jedrzejowicz, Piotr Jedrzejowicz. An ensemble of the distance-based and Naive Bayes classifiers for the online classification with data reduction
1297 -- 1305Loan T. T. Nguyen, Truc Trinh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Bay Vo. A method for mining top-rank-k frequent closed itemsets
1307 -- 1319Víctor Rodríguez-Fernández, Héctor D. Menéndez, David Camacho. A study on performance metrics and clustering methods for analyzing behavior in UAV operations
1321 -- 1332Florin Leon, Silvia Curteanu. Large margin nearest neighbour regression using different optimization techniques
1333 -- 1342Diego Rueda-Plata, Raúl Ramos-Pollán, Fabio A. González. Effective training of convolutional neural networks with small, specialized datasets
1343 -- 1354Pablo C. Cañizares, Mercedes G. Merayo, Juan M. Vara. 1
1355 -- 1363Saber Salehi, Ali Selamat, Kamil Kuca, Ondrej Krejcar, Thabit Sabbah. Fuzzy granular classifier approach for spam detection
1365 -- 1376Maciej Huk. Notes on the generalized backpropagation algorithm for contextual neural networks with conditional aggregation functions
1377 -- 1388Andrzej Sieminski, Marek Kopel. Comparing efficiency of ACO parallel implementations
1389 -- 1400Feng Tian, Rong Zhang, Jacek Lewandowski, Kuo-Ming Chao, Longzhuang Li, Bo Dong. Deadlock-free migration for virtual machine consolidation using Chicken Swarm Optimization algorithm
1401 -- 1411Ireneusz Czarnowski, Piotr Jedrzejowicz. Learning from examples with data reduction and stacked generalization
1413 -- 1426Szu-Yin Lin, Yao-Ching Chiu, Jacek Lewandowski, Kuo-Ming Chao. Parallel dynamic data-driven model for concept drift detection and prediction
1427 -- 1436Pawel Ksieniewicz, Manuel Graña, Michal Wozniak. Paired feature multilayer ensemble - concept and evaluation of a classifier
1437 -- 1448Tuong Tri Nguyen, Dosam Hwang, Jason J. Jung. Handling imbalanced classification problem: A case study on social media datasets
1449 -- 1459Diego García-Saiz, Marta E. Zorrilla. A meta-learning based framework for building algorithm recommenders: An application for educational arena
1461 -- 1473Dariusz Król 0001, Filip Nowakowski. Development of a real-time multi-agent system: A practical study on ensuring timing correctness
1475 -- 1484Vladimir Sobeslav, Ladislav Balik, Ondrej Hornig, Josef Horalek, Ondrej Krejcar. Endpoint firewall for local security hardening in academic research environment
1485 -- 1496Azahara Camacho, Mercedes G. Merayo, Manuel Núñez. 1
1497 -- 1508Pavel Blazek, Kamil Kuca, Daniel Jun, Ondrej Krejcar. Development of information and management system for laboratory based on open source licensed software with security logs extension
1509 -- 1521Lech Madeyski, Barbara Kitchenham. Would wider adoption of reproducible research be beneficial for empirical software engineering research?
1523 -- 1534Josef Horalek, Filip Holík, Oldrich Horák, Lukás Petr, Vladimir Sobeslav. Analysis of the use of Rainbow Tables to break hash
1535 -- 1546Piotr Blaszczyk, Wojciech Turek, Krzysztof Cetnarowicz, Aleksander Byrski. Urban traffic simulation using credible driver modeling method
1547 -- 1559Jakub Nalepa, Miroslaw Blocho. Adaptive guided ejection search for pickup and delivery with time windows
1561 -- 1573Mariusz Hudziak, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak. Multi-agent pathfinding in the crowded environment with obstacles: Algorithms and experimentation system
1575 -- 1584Haoxi Zhang, Cesar Sanín, Edward Szczerbicki, Ming Zhu. Towards neural knowledge DNA
1585 -- 1599Cesar Sanín, Syed Imran Shafiq, Mohammad Maqbool Waris, Carlos Toro 0001, Edward Szczerbicki. Manufacturing collective intelligence by the means of Decisional DNA and virtual engineering objects, process and factory
1601 -- 1613Kang-Hyun Wahyono Jo. 1
1615 -- 1626Kazimierz Choros. Application of the temporal aggregation and pre-categorization of news video shots to reduce the time of content analysis
1627 -- 1638Trong Hai Duong, Duc Anh Nguyen, Van du Nguyen, Van Huan Nguyen. Behavior-based video recommendation using adaptive neuro-fuzzy system on social TV

Volume 32, Issue 1

1 -- 9Qianwei Zhang, Zhihua Yang, Binwei Gui. Coalitional game with fuzzy payoffs and credibilistic nucleolus
11 -- 22Shouzhen Zeng, José M. Merigó, Daniel Palacios Marqués, Huanhuan Jin, Fengjuan Gu. Intuitionistic fuzzy induced ordered weighted averaging distance operator and its application to decision making
23 -- 33Zhichao Sun, Ying He, Junjie Wu, Yulin Huang, Jianyu Yang. A robust adaptive particle swarm optimization for clustering analysis based on steepest descent method
35 -- 42Abdelaziz Amroune, Ali Oumhani. A representation theorem for infinite fuzzy distributive lattices
43 -- 48G. Muhiuddin, Hee Sik Kim, Seok-Zun Song, Young Bae Jun. Hesitant fuzzy translations and extensions of subalgebras and ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras
49 -- 62S. Meysam Mousavi, Behnam Vahdani. A robust approach to multiple vehicle location-routing problems with time windows for optimization of cross-docking under uncertainty
63 -- 74Yujia Liu, Jian Wu, Changyong Liang. Some Einstein aggregating operators for trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy MAGDM and application in investment evolution
75 -- 83Ze Gu, Xilin Tang. (Fuzzy) strongly regular equivalence relations on semihypergroups
85 -- 95Chang Wang. Decomposition theorems and representation theorems of vague soft sets
97 -- 113Navid Moradi, S. Meysam Mousavi, Behnam Vahdani. An earned value model with risk analysis for project management under uncertain conditions
115 -- 126Lizhou Feng, Youwei Wang, WanLi Zuo. Novel feature selection method based on random walk and artificial bee colony
127 -- 136Chong Shen, Wei Yao. Categorical dualities between certain kinds of fuzzy posets
137 -- 139Ajoy Dutta, Binod Chandra Tripathy. On fuzzy b-θ open sets in fuzzy topological space
141 -- 155Bo Zeng. Forecasting the relation of supply and demand of natural gas in China during 2015-2020 using a novel grey model
157 -- 164Samayan Narayanamoorthy, Sengottaiyan Maheswari. Fuzzy critical path method based on ranking methods using hexagonal fuzzy numbers for decision making
165 -- 176O. R. Sayed, Yong Chan Kim. Local β compactness as fuzzy predicates defined in Łukasiewicz logic
177 -- 188Aiguo Chen, Shitong Wang. A robust fuzzy clustering algorithm using mean-field-approximation based hidden Markov random field model for image segmentation
189 -- 195Shulin Tang. Green supplier selection model with hesitant fuzzy information
197 -- 205Youlong Yang, Dandan Yan, Junhang Zhao. Optimal path selection approach for fuzzy reliable shortest path problem
207 -- 214Jiayu Shen, Yuanguo Zhu. Uncertain flexible flow shop scheduling problem subject to breakdowns
215 -- 227Qian Sun, Chong Wu, Yongli Li. A new probabilistic neural network model based on backpropagation algorithm
229 -- 240Maryam Amiri, Mohammad Reza Feizi Derakhshi, Leili Mohammad Khanli. IDS fitted Q improvement using fuzzy approach for resource provisioning in cloud
241 -- 248Alireza Fakharzadeh J., Fateme Zarei. A LoOP based outlier detection method for high dimensional fuzzy data set
249 -- 256Song-Qiang Wu. Models for evaluating the technological innovation capability of small and micro enterprises with hesitant fuzzy information
257 -- 270Jung Mi Ko, Yong Chan Kim. 1
271 -- 277Licai Zhu, Jin-Long Hou, Lv Wang. Model for evaluating the operation modes of sports sites facilities with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information
279 -- 289Pei Wang, Qingguo Li. The rough membership function based on C 10 ¯ and its applications
291 -- 301Irfan Deli, Yusuf Subas. Some weighted geometric operators with SVTrN-numbers and their application to multi-criteria decision making problems
303 -- 319Peide Liu, Lili Zhang. Multiple criteria decision making method based on neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy Heronian mean aggregation operators
321 -- 335Zutong Wang, Mingfa Zheng, Jiansheng Guo, Hanqiao Huang. Uncertain UAV ISR mission planning problem with multiple correlated objectives
337 -- 350Samaneh Aliannezhadi, Shadi Shahab Ardalan, Ali Abbasi Molai. Maximizing a monomial geometric objective function subject to bipolar max-product fuzzy relation constraints
351 -- 362R. Hemmati, Akbar Rahideh. Optimal design of slotless tubular linear brushless PM machines using metaheuristic optimization techniques
363 -- 371Atefeh Armand, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Saeid Abbasbandy, Zienab Gouyandeh. Fractional relaxation-oscillation differential equations via fuzzy variational iteration method
373 -- 387Hamidreza Kamankesh, Vassilios G. Agelidis. A sufficient stochastic framework for optimal operation of micro-grids considering high penetration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles
389 -- 400Majid Moradi Zirkohi. Model reference type-2 fuzzy sliding mode control for a novel uncertain hyperchaotic system
401 -- 407Yongquan Wang, Tianjiao Chen. Performance evaluation on the water endurance of chemical adhesive steel bar in concrete with triangular fuzzy information
409 -- 420Nazila Aghayi. Cost efficiency measurement with fuzzy data in DEA
421 -- 433Rubi Arya, Pitam Singh. Fuzzy parametric iterative method for multi-objective linear fractional optimization problems
435 -- 441Kh. Mirdar Harijani, S. M. Anvariyeh. Fuzzy absolute value on a ring
443 -- 450J. Mahanta, P. K. Das. Fuzzy soft topological spaces
451 -- 466Ke Wang, Jian Zhou, Dan A. Ralescu. Arithmetic operations for LR mixed fuzzy random variables via mean chance measure with applications
467 -- 481Seyed Mahmood Kazemi, Masoud Rabbani, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Farid Abolhassani Shahreza. Blood inventory-routing problem under uncertainty
483 -- 497Prasenjit Mandal, A. S. Ranadive. On the structure of fuzzy variable precision rough sets based on generalized residuted lattices
499 -- 507Maliha Rashid, Aqeel Shahzad, Akbar Azam. Fixed point theorems for L-fuzzy mappings in quasi-pseudo metric spaces
509 -- 519Hongbing Liu, Weihua Li, Ran Li. A comparative analysis of granular computing clustering from the view of set
521 -- 528Vishnu Pratap Singh, Debjani Chakraborty. Solving bi-level programming problem with fuzzy random variable coefficients
529 -- 541Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa, Nguyen Anh Tuan. Impulsive hybrid interval-valued functional integro-differential equations
543 -- 549Shenghan Zhou, Lei Li, Min Yang, Wenbing Chang. Research on the performance evaluation of experiment platforms with 2-tuple linguistic information
551 -- 563Iman Kardan, Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T, Alireza Akbarzadeh Tootoonchi, Hadi Kalani. Quasi type 2 fuzzy differential equations
565 -- 577J. N. Roul, K. Maity, Samarjit Kar, Manoranjan Maiti. Optimal control problem for an imperfect production process using fuzzy variational principle
579 -- 587Rabah Kellil. New approaches on some fuzzy algebraic structures
589 -- 611Hossein Shirgahi, Mehran Mohsenzadeh, Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi. A three level fuzzy system for evaluating the trust of single web services
613 -- 627Luis A. Leiva, Vicent Alabau. Polyglot machine translation
629 -- 641Aimin Song. The Ulam stability of matrix intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces
643 -- 660Zhiyao Zhao, Quan Quan, Kai-Yuan Cai. A modified profust-performance-reliability algorithm and its application to dynamic systems
661 -- 669P. Sivaranjani, A. Senthil Kumar. Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization-Firefly algorithm (HPSOFF) for combinatorial optimization of non-slicing VLSI floorplanning
671 -- 680Yonghong Shen, Wei Chen, Jing Wang. Fuzzy Laplace transform method for the Ulam stability of linear fuzzy differential equations of first order with constant coefficients
681 -- 690Zhen Ming Ma, Wei Yang, Zhi-Qiang Liu. Several types of filters related to the Stonean axiom in residuated lattices
691 -- 701Yang Lin, Ying-Ming Wang, ShengQun Chen. Multistage decision making based on prioritization of hesitant multiplicative preference relations
703 -- 710Jianhua Dai, Guojie Zheng, Huifeng Han, Qinghua Hu, Nenggan Zheng, Jun Liu, Qilai Zhang. Probability approach for interval-valued ordered decision systems in dominance-based fuzzy rough set theory
711 -- 722Nikos Fazakis, Stamatis Karlos, Sotiris Kotsiantis, Kyriakos N. Sgarbas. Self-trained Rotation Forest for semi-supervised learning
723 -- 735Ruiying Zhao, Ye Hwa Chen, Shengjie Jiao. Optimal design of robust control for positive fuzzy dynamic systems with one-sided control constraint
737 -- 748Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Xiaokun Huang. The category of algebraic fuzzy closure L-systems on fuzzy complete lattices
749 -- 765Caihui Liu, Witold Pedrycz, Meizhi Wang. Covering-based multigranulation decision-theoretic rough sets
767 -- 780Wei Yang, Yongfeng Pang, Jiarong Shi, Hongyun Yue. Linguistic hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linear assignment method based on Choquet integral
781 -- 790Vildan Çetkin, Abdülkadir Aygünoglu, Halis Aygün. A topological view on application of L-fuzzy soft sets: Compactness
791 -- 805Retheep Raj, K. S. Sivanandan. Comparative study on estimation of elbow kinematics based on EMG time domain parameters using neural network and ANFIS NARX model
807 -- 816Weijiang Li, Jing Qi, Zhengtao Yu, Dongjun Li. A social recommendation method based on trust propagation and singular value decomposition
817 -- 829Farzan Rashidi. Adaptive neurofuzzy control of engine idle speed
831 -- 839Keyun Qin, Jilin Yang, Zhicai Liu. 1
841 -- 858Muhammad Akram, Sundas Shahzadi. Neutrosophic soft graphs with application
859 -- 866Yi-xin Wang. Comprehensive evaluation of regional economy development level in Jiangsu Province with 2-tuple linguistic information
867 -- 869Yong Yang, Yanru Wang. Commentary on "Type-2 soft sets" [Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems 29 (2015) 885-898]
871 -- 876Pushparenu Bhattacharjee, Abhiman Debnath, Sujoy Chakraborty, Uttam Kumar Mandal. Selection of optimal aluminum alloy using TOPSIS method under fuzzy environment
877 -- 888Zhenmin Yuan, Yaowu Wang, Chengshuang Sun. Construction schedule early warning from the perspective of probability and visualization
889 -- 897Dong Qiu, Yumei Xing. On relationships among different types of solutions of fuzzy optimization problems
899 -- 911Zhan-ao Xue, Si Xiao-Meng, Xue Tian-Yu, Xin Xian-Wei, Yuan Yi-lin. Multi-granulation covering rough intuitionistic fuzzy sets
913 -- 923Wenzhu Liao, Maocai Chen, Xiaoxia Yang. Joint optimization of preventive maintenance and production scheduling for parallel machines system
925 -- 936Senol Dost. Semi-compactness in ditopological texture spaces and soft fuzzy topological spaces
937 -- 943Enes Yavuz. Euler summability method of sequences of fuzzy numbers and a Tauberian theorem
945 -- 953Zhouzhou Liu, Yanhong She. Uncertainty measure in rough logic: A probabilistic approach
955 -- 968Xindong Peng, Chong Liu. Algorithms for neutrosophic soft decision making based on EDAS, new similarity measure and level soft set
969 -- 978Negar Rikhtegar, Reza Javidan, Manijeh Keshtgari. Mobility management in wireless nano-sensor networks using fuzzy logic
979 -- 990Kyoungok Kim. A weighted k-modes clustering using new weighting method based on within-cluster and between-cluster impurity measures
991 -- 997Faye Zang, Yong Wang, Renming Yang. 1
999 -- 1006Cuilian You, Lijuan Yan. The p-distance of uncertain variables
1007 -- 1018Ali Kandil, Osama A. E. Tantawy, Sobhy A. El-Sheikh, Shawqi A. Hazza. Some types of pairwise soft sets and the associated soft topologies
1019 -- 1028Gao-Feng Yu, Deng-Feng Li, Jin-Ming Qiu, Yin-Fang Ye. Application of satisfactory degree to interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy multi-attribute decision making
1029 -- 1043Peide Liu, Xi-Yun Qin. Power average operators of linguistic intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and their application to multiple-attribute decision making
1045 -- 1057Noor Mohammad Khan, Bijan Davvaz, Mohammad Aasim Khan. Ordered semigroups characterized in terms of generalized fuzzy ideals
1059 -- 1067Sankar Sahoo, Madhumangal Pal. Product of intuitionistic fuzzy graphs and degree
1069 -- 1078Pei Wang, Xuan-hua Xu, Jian Qiang Wang, Chenguang Cai. Some new operation rules and a new ranking method for interval-valued intuitionistic linguistic numbers
1079 -- 1088Sankalap Arora, Satvir Singh. An improved butterfly optimization algorithm with chaos
1089 -- 1099W. S. Amer, Mohamed I. Abbas, Mostafa K. El-Bably. On j-near concepts in rough sets with some applications
1101 -- 1110N. Abbasizadeh, Bijan Davvaz, Violeta Leoreanu Fotea. Studies on fuzzy topological polygroups
1111 -- 1117Ekrem Savas. On I -lacunary statistical convergence of weight g of fuzzy numbers
1119 -- 1127Sheng-Xu Shi. Performance evaluation of urban ecological environment construction with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information
1129 -- 1138Wei Zhou, Zeshui Xu. Extreme intuitionistic fuzzy weighted aggregation operators and their applications in optimism and pessimism decision-making processes
1139 -- 1146Qian Wang. Research on the assessment of psycholinguistic teaching effect with triangular fuzzy information
1147 -- 1156Qunxian Zheng, Hongbin Zhang. New results on state feedback control for a class of switched nonlinear systems