Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 33, Issue 6

3173 -- 3180A. A. Abd El-Latif. Irresolute fuzzy pairwise multifunctions
3181 -- 3190Van Thien Le, Bao Qing Hu. A new approach on covering fuzzy variable precision rough sets based on residuated lattice
3191 -- 3199Zhen Lu. Model for evaluating the international competitiveness of financial system with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information
3201 -- 3208Xiaoyang Xu, Zhengrong Yang, Lizhong Hao. Research on the risk evaluation of the risk investment project based on the investor sentiment with triangular fuzzy information
3209 -- 3216Lingqiang Li. On the category of enriched (L, M)-convex spaces
3217 -- 3226Ming Luo, Lei Shi, Ming-Jing Xie. Research on the construction performance assessment of industry-university-research cooperation in collaborative innovation to promote the practice base construction based on CDIO idea
3227 -- 3240Samad Nejatian, Rohollah Omidvar, Hadayat Mohamadi, Arash Eskandar Baghbani, Vahideh Rezaie, Hamid Parvin. An optimization algorithm based on behavior of see-see partridge chicks
3241 -- 3253Zehua Li, Fuyi Wei. The logarithmic operational laws of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
3255 -- 3263Dong-Xin Li, Hui Dong, Xue Jin. Model for evaluating the enterprise marketing capability with picture fuzzy information
3265 -- 3273Junmin Li, Jiaxian Wang, Minglai Chen. Modeling and control of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy hyperbolic model for a class of nonlinear systems
3275 -- 3286Mohammad Nadjafi, Mohammad Ali Farsi, H. Jabbari Khamnei. Dynamic fault tree analysis using fuzzy L-U bounds failure distributions
3287 -- 3294Sen Feng, Jiucheng Xu, Tianhe Xu. An efficient gene selection technique based on Self-organizing Map and Particle Swarm Optimization
3295 -- 3308Zhengxing Zou, Qiang Zhang. Generalized Shapley function for cooperative games with fuzzy payoffs
3309 -- 3322Zhiming Zhang. Hesitant fuzzy linguistic TOPSIS method using a possibility-based comparison approach for multi-criteria decision-making with hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets
3323 -- 3337Aliya Fahmi, Saleem Abdullah, Fazli Amin, Nasir Siddiqui, Asad Ali. Aggregation operators on triangular cubic fuzzy numbers and its application to multi-criteria decision making problems
3339 -- 3353Zahoor Ali Khan, Muhammad Izhar, Mohammed M. Khalaf. Double-framed soft LA-semigroups
3355 -- 3362Jie Hong. Multimodal brain-computer interface combining synchronously electroencephalography and electromyography
3363 -- 3372Yu Zhong, Shao-Jun Yang, Fu-Gui Shi. The relationship between L-subuniverses and L-convexities
3373 -- 3381Liming Yang, Siyun Zhang. A smooth extreme learning machine framework
3383 -- 3395Yushui Geng, Peide Liu, Fei Teng, Zhengmin Liu. Pythagorean fuzzy uncertain linguistic TODIM method and their application to multiple criteria group decision making
3397 -- 3404Linhui Li, Bo Qian, Jing Lian, Wei-Na Zheng, Yafu Zhou. Study on semantic image segmentation based on convolutional neural network
3405 -- 3417Junhua Hu, Yao Yang, Xiaohong Chen. Three-way linguistic group decisions model based on cloud for medical care product investment
3419 -- 3432Xin Zhang, Peide Liu, Guolin Tang. Some interval-valued hesitant uncertain linguistic Bonferroni mean operators and their application in multiple attribute group decision making
3433 -- 3440Bijan Davvaz, N. Abbasizadeh. Fuzzy topological F-polygroups
3441 -- 3450Wei Ji, Yixiang Huang, Baohua Qiang, Yun Li. Min-Max Ensemble Feature Selection
3451 -- 3458Sumian Peng. Study on enterprise risk management assessment based on picture fuzzy multiple attribute decision-making method
3459 -- 3467Qimei Xiao, Guangming Lang, Wenjun Liu, Mingjie Cai. The approximations in rough concept lattice and approximable concept lattice
3469 -- 3482Yanbing Ju, Dawei Ju, Aihua Wang, Mingyue Ju. GRP method for multiple attribute group decision making under trapezoidal interval type-2 fuzzy environment
3483 -- 3491Di Xu. Efficiency evaluating methods of socialism with Chinese characteristics by the rule of law under the triangular fuzzy environment
3493 -- 3503Erick González-Caballero, Susana Díaz, Rafael Espín, Susana Montes. New measures of similarity based on fuzzy implications
3505 -- 3514Ke Chen, Meng Wang. Research on performance evaluation of projects loaned by international financial organizations with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information
3515 -- 3528Debnarayan Khatua, Kalipada Maity. Stability of fuzzy dynamical systems based on quasi-level-wise system
3529 -- 3538Malihe Danesh, Hossein Shirgahi. A novel hybrid knowledge of firefly and pso swarm intelligence algorithms for efficient data clustering
3539 -- 3560Nematallah Najafi, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Semi-analytical methods for solving fuzzy impulsive fractional differential equations
3561 -- 3567Sinem Tarsuslu(Yilmaz), Gökhan Çuvalcioglu, Emine Demirbas. The lower and upper approximations in a multiplicative set
3569 -- 3582Ju-Mok Oh, Yong Chan Kim. Generalized granular variable precision approximation operators
3583 -- 3596Ke-Chih Chen. Decomposing a MISO fuzzy rules system into its equivalent collection of SISO fuzzy rules systems
3597 -- 3614Mohit Jain, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. An improved Crow Search Algorithm for high-dimensional problems
3615 -- 3627Leili Kamali Ardekani, Bijan Davvaz. Classifying fuzzy (normal) subgroups of the group D 2 p × ℤ q and finite groups of order n ≤ 20
3629 -- 3640Bao Qing Hu. Hesitant sets and hesitant relations
3641 -- 3651Xiaohui Yu, Qiang Zhang, Zhen Zhou. Cooperative game with fuzzy coalition and payoff value in the generalized integral form
3653 -- 3663Xiaonan Li, HuangJian Yi. Intuitionistic fuzzy matroids
3665 -- 3675Ya Qin, Yi Liu, Zhiyong Hong. Multicriteria decision making method based on generalized Pythagorean fuzzy ordered weighted distance measures
3677 -- 3693Hongbin Liu, Le Jiang, Zeshui Xu. Improving the additive and multiplicative consistency of hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relations
3695 -- 3705Yan-Qing Lin, Yang-Geng Fu, Qun Su, Ying-Ming Wang, Xiao-Tingb Gong. A rule activation method for extended belief rule base with VP-tree and MVP-tree
3707 -- 3721Mi Zhou, Xinbao Liu, Jian-Bo Yang. Evidential reasoning approach for MADM based on incomplete interval value
3723 -- 3732Jiang-Xia Nan, Deng-Feng Li, Jingjing An. Solving bi-matrix games with intuitionistic fuzzy goals and intuitionistic fuzzy payoffs
3733 -- 3741Xi Zhu, Jiang Yang, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Extreme fuzzy filters and its application on BL-algebras
3743 -- 3752Eunsuk Yang. A non-associative generalization of continuous t-norm-based logics
3753 -- 3765Fadia Ali Khan, Jameel Ahmed, Jan Sher Khan, Jawad Ahmad, Muazzam A. Khan. 8 permutation
3767 -- 3777Manash Jyoti Borah, Bipan Hazarika. Some applications of similarity of soft sets
3779 -- 3787Chang-Il Kim, Giljun Han. Fuzzy stability for a class of cubic functional equations
3789 -- 3803Mostaan Khakpoor, Meysam Jafari-Nokandi, Ali Akbar Abdoos. A new hybrid GA-fuzzy optimization algorithm for security-constrained based generation and transmission expansion planning in the deregulated environment
3805 -- 3818Yijun Li, Arsham Borumand Saeid, Jun Tao Wang. Characterization of prefilters of EQ-algebra by falling shadow
3819 -- 3834Peng Zhao, Chao Qi, Dian Liu. Resource-constrained Hierarchical Task Network planning under uncontrollable durations for emergency decision-making
3835 -- 3852Shengbao Yao, Jiaqiao Hu. Combining comparative linguistic expressions and numerical information in multi-attribute group decision making - A simulation-based approach
3853 -- 3869Sankalap Arora, Priyanka Anand. Chaos-enhanced flower pollination algorithms for global optimization
3871 -- 3881Jorge Cervantes, Wen Yu, Sergio Salazar. On-line T-S fuzzy control using Riccati differential equation
3883 -- 3888Arafa A. Nasef, R. Mareay. On fuzzy slightly γ-continuous functions
3889 -- 3894Jing Han, Zhanpeng Yang, Xian Sun, Guangluan Xu. Chordal distance and non-Archimedean chordal distance between Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy set
3895 -- 3904Asghar Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Bijan Davvaz. On (M, N)-intersectional soft interior hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups
3905 -- 3911Vakeel A. Khan, Yasmeen, Ayhan Esi, Hira Fatima. Intuitionistic fuzzy I-convergent double sequence spaces defined by compact operator and modulus function
3913 -- 3928Yuan-zhi, Xiangnan Zhou, Qingguo Li. Rough sets induced by ideals in skew lattices
3929 -- 3938Inci Albayrak. On fuzzy solutions of the nonsquare fully fuzzy linear equation system with arbitrary triangular fuzzy numbers
3939 -- 3947Xiqing Long, Hua Zhu, Yang Xu. Study on the properties of A-subset
3949 -- 3958Yuming Lin, Xiangxiang Jiang, You Li, Jingwei Zhang, Guoyong Cai. Semi-supervised collective extraction of opinion target and opinion word from online reviews based on active labeling
3959 -- 3970Danijela Tadic, Aleksandar Dordevic, Milan Eric, Miladin Stefanovic, Snezana Nestic. Two-step model for performance evaluation and improvement of New Service Development process based on fuzzy logics and genetic algorithm
3971 -- 3985Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan, Saleem Abdullah, Asad Ali, Nasir Siddiqui, Fazli Amin. Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy sets and their application to group decision making with incomplete weight information
3987 -- 3998Neiping Chen, Bin Qin. Invariant characterizations of information structures in a lattice-valued information system under homomorphisms based on data compression
3999 -- 4006P. K. Kishore Kumar, S. Lavanya, Hossein Rashmanlou, Mostafa Nouri Jouybari. Magic labeling on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graphs
4007 -- 4015Sankar Sahoo, Madhumangal Pal, Hossein Rashmanlou, Rajab Ali Borzooei. Covering and paired domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graphs
4017 -- 4029Xiu-Yun Wu, Shi-Zhong Bai. M-fuzzifying gated amalgamations of M-fuzzifying geometric interval spaces
4031 -- 4041Yu-Fei Wen, Yu Zhong, Fu-Gui Shi. L-fuzzy convexity induced by L-convex degree on vector spaces
4043 -- 4053Mohamed E. Abd Elaziz. Simultaneous feature extraction and selection of microarray data using fuzzy-rough based multiobjective nonnegative matrix factorization
4055 -- 4066Mohamed Abdel Basset, Mai Mohamed, Yongquan Zhou, Ibrahim M. Hezam. Multi-criteria group decision making based on neutrosophic analytic hierarchy process
4067 -- 4076Weize Wang. On fuzzy TOPSIS method based on alpha level sets
4077 -- 4087Mumtaz Ali, Le Hoang Son, Irfan Deli, Nguyen Dang Tien. Bipolar neutrosophic soft sets and applications in decision making

Volume 33, Issue 5

2631 -- 2635M. Fernández-Martínez, Juan Luis García Guirao, Juan Antonio Vera. Similarity dimension for IFS-attractors
2637 -- 2645Guo Li, Yuchen Kang, Mengqi Liu. Dual-source procurement strategies for manufacturers with supply disruption risks
2647 -- 2656He Li, Liu Changhu, Tao Jiange. Gray clustering assessment of environmental cost-benefit study in enterprise - A case of Haier
2657 -- 2666Ding Zhike, Li Yuxue, Xiaoqing Yang, Maozhu Jin. Research on the flexibility evaluation of platform organization based on fuzzy linguistic variables
2667 -- 2676Chunxiang Guo, Rui-Li Shi, Maozhu Jin. Group decision opinion evolution and simulation based on community and individual influence power
2677 -- 2686Zhaoping Tang, Jin Qin, Jianping Sun. Railway emergency resource dispatching optimization based on fuzzy satisfaction degree under the priority principle
2687 -- 2697Minjing Peng, Xinglin Liu, Luo Ximing, Mingliang Zhu, Xianyong Zhang, Xiangming Deng, Mingfen Wu. Recognizing intentions of E-commerce consumers based on ant colony optimization simulation
2699 -- 2709Ke Han, Guohui Qiao, Zhongliang Deng, Qingbo Li, Huashuai Xing. The optimal geometry parameters and impact of parasitic capacitance and resistance of sub-14nm SOI multi-fin FinFETs
2711 -- 2718Shunyuan Sun, Li Sun, Shu Chen. Localization Research about the Node without Identifies for the Sparse WSN Environment
2719 -- 2726Zuwen Ji, Zhaocai Wang, Tunhua Wu, Wei Huang. Solving the 0-1 knapsack problem based on a parallel intelligent molecular computing model system
2727 -- 2736Xu Chen, Haitao Cheng, Hairong Wang, Weijun Li. Fuzzy spatiotemporal object modeling based on UML class diagram
2737 -- 2747Chengming Qi, Lishuan Hu, Xin Yu. A framework of multiple kernel ensemble learning for classification using two-stage feature selection method
2749 -- 2762Shaojian Qu, Dehua Meng, Yongyi Zhou, Yeming Dai. Distributionally robust games with an application to supply chain
2763 -- 2774Fei Mei, Pan Yi, Kedong Zhu, Jianyong Zheng. On-line hybrid fault diagnosis method for high voltage circuit breaker
2775 -- 2782Shunyuan Sun, Li Sun, Shu Chen. Improved Uneven Cluster-Based routing protocol based on CRT algorithm
2783 -- 2792Qiang Tong, Haitao Cheng. RDF(S) extraction from fuzzy entity-relationship models
2793 -- 2799Xiaonan Zhang, JianHua Yuan, Lizhou An, Xinmin Shen, Jiaxing Song, Panfeng Bai, Aoke Tian. Research on position analysis of a new partly-DOF parallel stable platform
2801 -- 2809Leng Kaijun, Shi Wen, Hu Xuejun, Pan Lin. Schedule of supply chain management project based on TOC
2811 -- 2822Wenliang Lin, Zhongliang Deng, Xueming Li, Qin Fang, Ning Li, Ke Wang. Multi-dimensional features models and compacted clustering for ILBD (Indoor Location Big Data)
2823 -- 2835Lu Zhang, Wenbi Rao, Daxing Xu, Hailun Wang. Two-stage High-degree Cubature Information Filter
2837 -- 2842Weipeng Zhang, Li Qing. Evaluation and optimization of input and output efficiency of University laboratory by data envelopment analysis
2843 -- 2849Yungang Zhu, Hongying Duan, Xinhua Wang, Baokui Zhou, Guodong Wang, Radu Grosu. Gaussian convex evidence theory for ordered and fuzzy evidence fusion
2851 -- 2860Jinxue Sui, Li Yang, Suiyu Li, Hongzhi Shi. Blood circulation diseases treatment based on decentralized adaptive control
2861 -- 2868Chengjiang Lu, Hongming Zhu, Shuang Li. Initial form-finding design of deployable Tensegrity structures with dynamic relaxation method
2869 -- 2876Xiaofei Li. KANO quality attribute classification method based on trapezoidal fuzzy number similarity measures
2877 -- 2886Yuyan Luo, Zhong Wang, Jun Wang, Zhixue Liao, Mingming Hu. Measuring decarbonated development of tourist attractions associated with ecological environment and tourism economy
2887 -- 2893Shuo Xiao, Wei Li, Tao Shang. Fuzzy logic based high speed data transmission algorithm of sensor networks for target tracking
2895 -- 2901Xuemei Guan, Fenxiao Fan, Yuren Zhu, Wenlong Song. Application of RBF neural network optimized globally by genetic algorithm in intelligent color matching of wood dyeing
2903 -- 2911Yipeng Xiong, Rui Huang. Optimal ordering strategy with service constraints under supply disruptions
2913 -- 2923Linchong Huang, Chenyuan Tao, Jindong Yu, Shuai Huang, Yu Liang. Modelling the microstructure random fields of soft soil under the scale optimized Retinex algorithm and microscopic image enhancement
2925 -- 2935Miao Yu, Sisi Mei, Zichen Lu, Jiqiu Xiao. The optimization solutions method for customs risk with random dispatched model
2937 -- 2944Chen Li, Fajie Wei, Cheng Wang, Shenghan Zhou. Fault diagnosis and prediction of complex system based on Hidden Markov model
2945 -- 2952Quanbao Li, Fajie Wei, Shenghan Zhou. Early warning systems for multi-variety and small batch manufacturing based on active learning
2953 -- 2960Yuan-Wei Du, Wen-Ming Xu. Multiattribute group decision making based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets and analytically evidential reasoning methodology
2961 -- 2970Jun Huang, Dingju Zhu, Yong Tang. Health diagnosis robot based on healthcare big data and fuzzy matching
2971 -- 2978Yujie Li, Long Zhang, Haorui Liu. Adaptive synchronization of uncertain fractional order chaotic systems using fuzzy sliding mode control based on a novel control term
2979 -- 2985Weiwei Pan, Huixin He. An ordinal rough set model based on fuzzy covering for fault level identification
2987 -- 2997Limei Zhang, Yongfu Liu, Penghui Zhang, Wei Tang, Jing Lv, Lu Zhang, Dongming Li. Parallel computing of power flow for complex distribution network with DGs
2999 -- 3008Ying Ji, Gang Ma, Ju Wei, Yeming Dai. A hybrid approach for uncertain multi-criteria bilevel programs with a supply chain competition application
3009 -- 3020Gengchen Liu, Jianwu Zhang. An energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles based on driver behavior and road information
3021 -- 3025Zhen-Guo Li, Ze-Sheng Ji, Li-Li Jiang, Si-Wen Yu. Effect of additives on the properties of magnesium oxysulfate cement
3027 -- 3039Hua Wang, Lu Huang, Peiyu Ren, Rong Zhao, Yuyan Luo. Dynamic incomplete uninorm trust propagation and aggregation methods in social network
3041 -- 3049Renjie Han, Qilin Cao. Fuzzy chance constrained least squares twin support vector machine for uncertain classification
3051 -- 3058Lin Guo, Xue-Min Hu, Bo Ye, Yi Zhang. Multi-frame super-resolution reconstruction via kernel regression regularized sparse learning
3059 -- 3067Yu Yu. Complexity analysis of taxi duopoly game with heterogeneous business operation modes and differentiated products
3069 -- 3077Zu-Chang Zhong, Wen-Tsao Pan, Shi-Hua Luo, Tian-Tian Yang, Wen-Zhong Zhu. Acceptable if building electricity price trend change to some biology trends
3079 -- 3086Yuan Yuan, Zhang Liming, Zhou Rui, Siyuan Du, Jirui Yang. Research on the evaluation of enterprise's organization innovative climate based on intuitionistic fuzzy number
3087 -- 3094Dingju Zhu, Zhaotong Lian. Parking robot based on fuzzy reasoning and parking big data
3095 -- 3102Zhong-Zhong Jiang, Yi-Ru Jiao, Ying Sheng, Xiaohong Chen. A novel model and its algorithms for the shortest path problem of dynamic weight-varying networks in Intelligent Transportation Systems
3103 -- 3111Francisco J. Martínez-Albaladejo, Andrés Bueno-Crespo, Germán Rodríguez-Bermúdez. Testing Extreme Learning Machine in Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interface
3113 -- 3122Linli Zhu, Yu Pan, Mohammad Reza Farahani, Wei Gao. Magnitude preserving based ontology regularization algorithm
3123 -- 3135Hualong Wu, Jianzhou Gan, Bo Zhao, Wei Gao. On the computation of degree and distance mixing indices of Harary graphs and coronene polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
3137 -- 3143Xiaoyong Liu, Zhili Zhou. A novel prediction model based on particle swarm optimization and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
3145 -- 3152Shu Gong, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui, Yi Luo, Wei Gao. Feasibility analysis of data transmission in SDN
3153 -- 3163Wei Gao, Linli Zhu, Yun Guo, Kaiyun Wang. Ontology learning algorithm for similarity measuring and ontology mapping using linear programming
3165 -- 3172Yaping Zhang, Dan Xu. Parallel construction and rendering of multi-resolution representation for massive meshes with GPU

Volume 33, Issue 4

1983 -- 1990Jagdeep Kaur, Amit Kumar 0003. A novel method for solving fully fuzzy linear fractional programming problems
1991 -- 2005Susmita Paul, Debaldev Jana, Sankar Prasad Mondal, Paritosh Bhattacharya. Optimal harvesting of two species mutualism model with interval parameters
2007 -- 2017Temitope Thompson, Olaperi Yeside Sowunmi, Sanjay Misra, Luis Fernandez-Sanz, Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto. An expert system for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases - ESSTD
2019 -- 2032Ju-Mok Oh, Yong Chan Kim. The relationships between L-fuzzy topogenous orders and topological structures
2033 -- 2045Xiaomin Wang, Ying Liu, Piyu Li, Jianbo Liu. Multi-granularity soft rough set and its application in multi-attribute decision making
2047 -- 2057Shuchen Ding, Xianlin Huang, Xiaojun Ban, Hongqian Lu, Hongyang Zhang. Type-2 fuzzy logic control for underactuated truss-like robotic finger with comparison of a type-1 case
2059 -- 2073Youwei Wang, Lizhou Feng, Yang Li. Two-step based feature selection method for filtering redundant information
2075 -- 2084Fardin Ahmadizar, Ahmad Rabanimotlagh, Jamal Arkat. Stochastic group shop scheduling with fuzzy due dates
2085 -- 2094Zhen Zeng. Model for evaluating the Technological Innovation Capability in High-tech Enterprises with Fuzzy Number Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information
2095 -- 2107Shikha Agarwal, Prabhat Ranjan. Optimum feature selection using new ternary particle swarm optimization in two phases
2119 -- 2132Guiwu Wei. Pythagorean fuzzy interaction aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
2133 -- 2144Zhengzheng Xian, Qiliang Li, Xiaoyu Huang, Lei Li. New SVD-based collaborative filtering algorithms with differential privacy
2145 -- 2157XinBin Zhao, Naiyang Deng, Ling Jing. Application of image recognition in civil aviation security based on tensor learning
2159 -- 2169Mohammad-Javad Davoudabadi, Mina Aminghafari. A fuzzy-wavelet denoising technique with applications to noise reduction in audio signals
2171 -- 2176Zhi-bin Liu, Ke-zhong Tian, Guo-quan Wen, Chao Min. Uniqueness and continuous dependence of the solutions of fuzzy delay differential inclusions
2177 -- 2188Cun-Bin Li, Jiahang Yuan, Ding Liu, Wenle Li, Shuaishuai Lin. Risk group assessment based on the demands of important consumers with standby electric source
2189 -- 2197Guanjun Xia, Ying Sun, Songqiang Wu, Chuiyong Zheng. Model for evaluating the high-tech industry competitiveness of science and technology parks with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information
2199 -- 2210Shuhua Su, Qingguo Li. The category of algebraic L-closure systems
2211 -- 2222S. Bala Murugan, M. Lenin Sundar. Investigate safety and quality performance at construction site using artificial neural network
2223 -- 2234Hamidreza Keshavarz, Mohammad Saniee Abadeh. Accurate frequency-based lexicon generation for opinion mining
2235 -- 2247Hao Zhai, Jianguo Zhang. An analytic method based on plane decomposition for solving two-stage fuzzy EV programming problem
2249 -- 2258P. Phani Bushan Rao. Ranking fuzzy numbers using alpha cuts and centroids
2259 -- 2268Dilip Singh Sisodia. A subtractive medoids selection based fuzzy relational clustering of augmented web user sessions
2269 -- 2279Zongyun Song, Xinli Xiao, Dongxiao Niu. Distributed power generation programming with waste incineration generation and hybrid energy storage equipment
2281 -- 2289ChangXing Fan, Jun Ye. The cosine measure of refined-single valued neutrosophic sets and refined-interval neutrosophic sets for multiple attribute decision-making
2291 -- 2303Keyun Qin, Jilin Yang, Zhicai Liu. On the similarity property of some fuzzy reasoning methods
2305 -- 2316Mohamed Elhoseny, Abdulaziz Shehab, Xiaohui Yuan. Optimizing robot path in dynamic environments using Genetic Algorithm and Bezier Curve
2317 -- 2327Zhiming Li, Yuhong Sheng, Zhidong Teng, Hui Miao 0002. An uncertain differential equation for SIS epidemic model
2329 -- 2339Saad Adnan Abed, Helmi Md Rais. Hybrid bat algorithm for minimum dominating set problem
2341 -- 2350Chang Wang. Vague parameterized vague soft set theory and its decision making
2351 -- 2361Hua Ke, Chenkai Zhao. Uncertain resource leveling problem
2363 -- 2373Nabanita Konwar, Pradip Debnath. Continuity and Banach contraction principle in intuitionistic fuzzy n-normed linear spaces
2375 -- 2389Yan Huang, Ying-Ming Wang. Pareto approach for DEA cross efficiency evaluation based on interval programming
2391 -- 2402Kuanyun Zhu, Bao Qing Hu. A new study on soft rough fuzzy lattices (ideals, filters) over lattices
2403 -- 2413Maciej Luczak. Univariate and multivariate time series classification with parametric integral dynamic time warping
2415 -- 2426Shuanghong Zhang, Qingling Zhang, Liang Qiao, Junchao Ren, Chao Liu, Yifu Feng. Fuzzy optimal guaranteed cost control of a single species model with stage-structure in toxic environment
2427 -- 2435Fei Cai, Wanyu Chen, Xinliang Ou. Learning search popularity for personalized query completion in information retrieval
2437 -- 2449Chao Huang, Mengying Liu, Huiqun Gong, Feifei Xu. Season-aware attraction recommendation method with dual-trust enhancement
2451 -- 2462Amir Ahmad. Evaluation of the relationship between brand measures and customer satisfaction by using data mining techniques
2463 -- 2483Guohua Qu, Yuejiao Li, Weihua Qu, Chunhua Li. Some new Shapley dual hesitant fuzzy Choquet aggregation operators and their applications to multiple attribute group decision making-based TOPSIS
2485 -- 2496Lv Guiwen, Lixia Liu, Li Wenhan. Option pricing formulas in a new uncertain stock model with floating interest rate
2497 -- 2508Mohammad Bagher Khodabakhshi, Mohammad Hassan Moradi, Zahra Momayez Sanat, Pooria Jafari Moghadam. Lung sound decomposition using recurrent fuzzy wavelet network
2509 -- 2521Jorge de Andrés Sánchez. An empirical assestment of fuzzy Black and Scholes pricing option model in Spanish stock option market
2523 -- 2531Weifeng Yang, Zhihong Zheng, Xinquan Zhang, Baohua Tan, Luyao Li. Analysis of landslide risk based on fuzzy extension analytic hierarchy process
2533 -- 2545Mingbo Chi, Dongsheng Zhang, Gangwei Fan, Wei Zhang, Honglin Liu. Prediction of top-coal caving and drawing characteristics by the analytic hierarchy process-fuzzy discrimination method in extra-thick coal seams
2547 -- 2564Ruipu Tan, Wende Zhang. Multiple attribute group decision making methods based on trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic numbers
2565 -- 2576Yangrui Yang, Qing Huang. IECS: Intent-Enforced Code Search via Extended Boolean Model
2577 -- 2584Navid Javidtash, Masoud Jabbari, Taher Niknam, Mehdi Nafar. A novel mixture of non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm and fuzzy method to multi-objective placement of distributed generations in Microgrids
2585 -- 2594Waqas Mahmood, Waqas Nazeer, Shin Min Kang. The lower and upper approximations and homomorphisms between lower approximations in quotient groups
2595 -- 2608Hardik N. Soni, Biswajit Sarkar, Manisha Joshi. Demand uncertainty and learning in fuzziness in a continuous review inventory model
2609 -- 2615Fengxiao Wang. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy ideals of B-algebras
2617 -- 2629Xiaobin Guo, Yanlong Han. Further investigation to dual fuzzy matrix equation

Volume 33, Issue 3

1327 -- 1337Osama Tantawy, Maha Abd Allah, Ashraf Nawar. Generalization of Pawlak's rough approximation spaces by using ij-χ-open sets and its applications
1339 -- 1353Min Qu, Suihuai Yu, Dengkai Chen, Jianjie Chu, Zhixue Sun. An improved rough set approach to evaluate auto-mobility systems
1355 -- 1361Gang Shi, Zhiqiang Zhang, Yuhong Sheng. Valuation of stock loan under uncertain mean-reverting stock model
1363 -- 1373Yuhong Sheng. Stability of high-order uncertain differential equations
1375 -- 1384Weimin Ma, Liying Liu, Xingfang Zhang. Stability in p-th moment for uncertain differential equation with jumps
1385 -- 1395Yu Zhong, Fu-Gui Shi. Formulations of L-convex hulls on some algebraic structures
1397 -- 1411Wei Chen, Yun Wang, Jun Zhang, Shan Lu. Uncertain portfolio selection with high-order moments
1413 -- 1422Xiao Wang, Yufu Ning. Almost sure and pth moment exponential stability of backward uncertain differential equations
1423 -- 1433Xin Gao, Lin Fu. Methods of uncertain partial differential equation with application to internet public opinion problem
1435 -- 1439Gülhan Minak, Ishak Altun, Murat Olgun. Fixed points of F-contractive type fuzzy mappings
1441 -- 1451Lixia Cao, Guangqiu Huang. Concept design and construction algorithm of rough complex networks
1453 -- 1466Xiaoli He, Ling Wei, Yanhong She. A compromise operator-based approach for multigranulation space
1467 -- 1478Yan-Ling Liu, Hai-Long Yang. Further research of single valued neutrosophic rough sets
1479 -- 1489Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan, Violeta Leoreanu Fotea. Rough soft hyperrings and corresponding decision making
1491 -- 1503Yejun Xu, Huimin Wang. An eigenvector method based consistency improving procedure for fuzzy and multiplicative preference relations
1505 -- 1512M. Aiyub, Ayhan Esi, N. Subramanian. The triple entire difference Ideal of fuzzy real numbers over fuzzy p-metric spaces defined by Musielak Orlicz function
1513 -- 1526A. A. Abd El-Latif. Convergence structures in (L, M)-DFTML
1527 -- 1540Yousef Al-Qudah, Nasruddin Hassan. Operations on complex multi-fuzzy sets
1541 -- 1551Majid Yarahmadi, Somayeh Chegini. Indirect fuzzy sliding mode control with varying boundary layer via time-variant sliding function
1553 -- 1562Yong Lin Liu, Hee Sik Kim, Joseph Neggers. Hyperfuzzy subsets and subgroupoids
1563 -- 1575Changlin Xu. Improvement of the distance between intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its applications
1577 -- 1588Ziyu Hu, Jingming Yang, Huihui Cui, Hao Sun, Lixin Wei. Multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm based on leader combination of decomposition and dominance
1589 -- 1601Vladimír Kobza, Vladimír Janis, Susana Montes. Divergence measures on hesitant fuzzy sets
1603 -- 1611Zongwen Fan, Jin Gou, Cheng Wang, Wei Luo. Fuzzy model identification based on fuzzy-rule clustering and its application for airfoil noise prediction
1613 -- 1626Mohammad Masoud Javidi, Sadegh Eskandari. A noise resistant dependency measure for rough set-based feature selection
1627 -- 1638Mehdi Keshavarz Ghorabaee, Maghsoud Amiri, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Zenonas Turskis, Jurgita Antucheviciene. Stochastic EDAS method for multi-criteria decision-making with normally distributed data
1639 -- 1649Karim Adinehvand, Dariush Sardari, Mohammad Hosntalab, Majid Pouladian. An efficient multistage segmentation method for accurate hard exudates and lesion detection in digital retinal images
1651 -- 1663Wei Zhou, Bingqing Ding, Ying Zhang, Anthony Bush. The improved grey model by fusing exponential buffer operator and its application
1665 -- 1676Zengtai Gong, Qian Wang. On the connection of fuzzy hypergraph with fuzzy information system
1677 -- 1685Chen Qiao, Ke-Feng Sun, Wenfeng Jing, Yan Shi. Critical dynamical analysis for α-UAM RNNs without diagonal nonlinear requirements
1687 -- 1697Supriya Kar, Kajla Basu, Sathi Mukherjee. Solution of a class of generalized assignment problem
1699 -- 1713Muhammad Akram, Anam Luqman. Bipolar neutrosophic hypergraphs with applications
1715 -- 1721P. K. Kishore Kumar, S. Lavanya, Said Broumi, Hossein Rashmanlou. New concepts of coloring in vague graphs with application
1723 -- 1731Karim Baati, Tarek M. Hamdani, Adel M. Alimi, Ajith Abraham. A new classifier for categorical data based on a possibilistic estimation and a novel generalized minimum-based algorithm
1733 -- 1740Mingju Liu, Shijun Wang. Method for evaluating the eco-tourism environmental carrying capacity with hesitant fuzzy linguistic information
1741 -- 1748Yong Yang. Model for evaluating the visual design quality with 2-tuple linguistic information
1749 -- 1756Decheng Fan, Yun Liu, Hao Li. Model for evaluating the industrial structure transfer capability with linguistic information
1757 -- 1765Xiaohui Yu, Hong Zhou, Xufeng Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Yan Liu, Jinhui Pang. The fuzzy bargaining set of cooperative game with fuzzy coalition
1767 -- 1774Xiaohong Zhang. Fuzzy anti-grouped filters and fuzzy normal filters in pseudo-BCI algebras
1775 -- 1784Hui Lin, Zhou-Jing Wang. Linguistic multi-attribute decision making with considering decision makers' risk preferences
1785 -- 1795Li-Bin Liu, Guangqing Long, Aijia Ouyang, Zaitang Huang. Numerical solution of a singularly perturbed problem with Robin boundary conditions using particle swarm optimization algorithm
1797 -- 1807Xuan-hua Xu, Qian Sun, Bin Pan, Bingsheng Liu. Two-layer weight large group decision-making method based on multi-granularity attributes
1809 -- 1821Dengbao Yao, Cuicui Wang. Interval type-2 fuzzy information measures and their applications to attribute decision-making approach
1823 -- 1830Zhen-Yu Xiu. Degree representation of Banach contraction principle in fuzzymetric spaces
1831 -- 1839Nai-Bao He, Hector Gutierrez, Qian Gao, Chang-Sheng Jiang. Fuzzy terminal sliding-mode control for hypersonic vehicles
1841 -- 1854I. Jahan, B. Davvaz, N. Ajmal. Nilpotent L-subgroups satisfy the normalizer condition
1855 -- 1866Tengfei Wang, Yiheng Yang, Guixiang Wang. Constructing of fuzzy integer valued mapping and the application of its integral
1867 -- 1879Libin Yang, Xiaoyan Cai, Shirui Pan, Hang Dai, Dejun Mu. Multi-document summarization based on sentence cluster using non-negative matrix factorization
1881 -- 1893Guiwu Wei. Interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy uncertain linguistic aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
1895 -- 1905Xiao-Li Meng, Fu-Gui Shi. A generalized fuzzy data envelopment analysis with restricted fuzzy sets and determined constraint condition
1907 -- 1918Yechen Qin, Reza Langari, Zhenfeng Wang, Changle Xiang, Mingming Dong. Road excitation classification for semi-active suspension system with deep neural networks
1919 -- 1931Zhengfei Li, Peide Liu, Xi-Yun Qin. An extended VIKOR method for decision making problem with linguistic intuitionistic fuzzy numbers based on some new operational laws and entropy
1933 -- 1943K. Kalirajan, M. Sudha. Moving object detection using median-based scale invariant local ternary pattern for video surveillance system
1945 -- 1952Krzysztof Piasecki. Some remarks on axiomatic definition of entropy measure
1953 -- 1968Meng-Xian Wang, Jian Qiang Wang, Lin Li. New online personalized recommendation approach based on the perceived value of consumer characteristics
1969 -- 1981Mansoureh Sadrykia, Mahmoud Reza Delavar, Mehdi Zare. A GIS-based decision making model using fuzzy sets and theory of evidence for seismic vulnerability assessment under uncertainty (case study: Tabriz)

Volume 33, Issue 2

679 -- 691Omar Rodríguez-Zalapa, Jorge Adalberto Huerta Ruelas, Domingo Rangel-Miranda, Eduardo Morales Sanchez, Antonio Hernández Zavala. CSIMFS: An algorithm to tune fuzzy logic controllers
693 -- 703Jianming Zhan, Xiaowu Zhou, Dajing Xiang. Rough soft n-ary semigroups based on a novel congruence relation and corresponding decision making
705 -- 712Hifsi Altinok, Mithat Kasap. f-statistical convergence of order β for sequences of fuzzy numbers
713 -- 724Guiwu Wei. Picture fuzzy aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
725 -- 732Xiumei Chen, Yufu Ning. The pth moment exponential stability of uncertain differential equation
733 -- 740Li Wei, Yuefei Sui, Wang Yuhui. The lattice-modalized propositional logic: Distributivity and modularity of the Gentzen deduction system GL
741 -- 751Chunqiao Tan, Zhongwei Feng, Li Cunlin, Wentao Yi. Optimal Bayesian equilibrium for n-person credibilistic non-cooperative game with risk aversion
753 -- 759Ho Vu, Le Si Dong, Nguyen Ngoc-Phuong. Application of contractive-like mapping principles to impulsive fuzzy functional differential equation
761 -- 778Juan Tao, Zhuhong Zhang. Continuous dependence and exponential stability of semi-linear interval-valued differential equations
779 -- 790Yifang Yan, Chunyu Yang, Xiaoping Ma, Jun Fu, Linna Zhou. ∞ sampled-data control for T-S fuzzy singularly perturbed systems with actuator saturation
791 -- 805Ku Muhammad Naim Ku Khalif, Alexander E. Gegov, Ahmad Syafadhli Abu Bakar. Hybrid fuzzy MCDM model for Z-numbers using intuitive vectorial centroid
807 -- 818Chih-Min Lin, Tien-Loc Le. WCMAC-based control system design for nonlinear systems using PSO
819 -- 827Xuechong Guan. On central soft sets: Definitions and basic operations
829 -- 839Changjin Xu. Global exponential periodicity for fuzzy cellular neural networks with proportional delays
841 -- 851R. Umesh Sundar, G. Mohan Kumar. Structural analysis for modified fibre reinforced plastic industrial cooling tower - A case study
853 -- 858Yuhong Sheng, Rong Gao, Zhiqiang Zhang. Uncertain population model with age-structure
859 -- 871Funda Samanlioglu, Zeki Ayag. A fuzzy AHP-PROMETHEE II approach for evaluation of solar power plant location alternatives in Turkey
873 -- 883Gang Yan, Ming Yu, Shuo Shi, Chao Feng. The recognition of traffic speed limit sign in hazy weather
885 -- 899Ru-Xin Nie, Jian Qiang Wang, Lin Li. 2-tuple linguistic intuitionistic preference relation and its application in sustainable location planning voting system
901 -- 911Mohamed Abdel-Baset, Haizhou Wu, Yongquan Zhou, Lila Abdel-Fatah. Elite opposition-flower pollination algorithm for quadratic assignment problem
913 -- 920Peng He, Xue-ping Wang. Conditions that a strongly atomic algebraic lattice is semimodular
921 -- 935Muhammad Akram, Saba Siddique. Neutrosophic competition graphs with applications
937 -- 946Le Hao, Tao Feng, Ju-Sheng Mi. Three-way decisions for composed set-valued decision tables
947 -- 956Reha Yapali, Özer Talo. Tauberian conditions for double sequences which are statistically summable (C, 1, 1) in fuzzy number space
957 -- 967Hua Mao, Geng-Mei Lin. Interval neutrosophic fuzzy concept lattice representation and interval-similarity measure
969 -- 977Changjin Xu. Global exponential convergence of fuzzy cellular neural networks with proportional delays and impulsive effects
979 -- 983Babington B. Makamba, Venkat Murali. A class of fuzzy subgroups of finite reflection groups
985 -- 994Pei Wang, Xuanhua Xu, Jian Qiang Wang, Chenguang Cai. Interval-valued intuitionistic linguistic multi-criteria group decision-making method based on the interval 2-tuple linguistic information
995 -- 1006Walid Mechri, Wassim Snene, Kamel Ben Othman. Uncertainties handling in safety system performance assessment by using fuzzy Bayesian networks
1007 -- 1018Rana Aamir Raza Ashfaq, Xi-Zhao Wang. Impact of fuzziness categorization on divide and conquer strategy for instance selection
1019 -- 1026Abolfazl Ebrahimzadeh, Javad Jamalzadeh. Conditional logical entropy of fuzzy σ-algebras
1027 -- 1039Guan-Hong Chen, Kai Liu, Tao Zhao. Filtering of interval type-2 fuzzy time-delay systems under a unified frame
1041 -- 1052Kinam Sin, Minghao Chen, Huichol Choi, Kwang Ri. Fractional Jacobi operational matrix for solving Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equation
1053 -- 1066Yuqi Zang, Wei Sun, Siying Han. Grey relational projection method for multiple attribute decision making with interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy information
1067 -- 1082Xiaoan Tang, Nanping Feng, Min Xue, Shanlin Yang, Jian Wu. The expert reliability and evidential reasoning rule based intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making
1083 -- 1095Zhiming Zhang. Deriving the priority weights from trapezoidal fuzzy reciprocal preference relations based on uncertainty ratio and geometric mean
1097 -- 1104Mahwish Bano, Tariq Shah, Romana Talat, T. M. Shah. Image reconstruction and text embedding using scan patterns with XOR in graph cut technique
1105 -- 1117Mao Lu, Gui-Wu Wei, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi. Hesitant pythagorean fuzzy hamacher aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
1119 -- 1128Guiwu Wei, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi. Hesitant bipolar fuzzy aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
1129 -- 1142Gui-Wu Wei, Mao Lu, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi. Pythagorean 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
1143 -- 1154Yong Zhang, Wenzhe Liu, Xuezhen Ren, Yonggong Ren. Dual weighted extreme learning machine for imbalanced data stream classification
1155 -- 1172Francisco J. Estrella, Sezi Çevik Onar, Rosa M. Rodríguez, Basar Öztaysi, Luis Martínez, Cengiz Kahraman. Selecting firms in University technoparks: A hesitant linguistic fuzzy TOPSIS model for heterogeneous contexts
1173 -- 1186Weijun Xu, Jia Li, Shaoying Huang. A direct consensus framework based on extended MCCM for multiperson decision making problem with different preference representation structures
1187 -- 1196Mingzuo Jiang, Xuehai Yuan. A fuzzy inference modeling method for nonlinear systems by using triangular pyramid fuzzy system
1197 -- 1207Mao Lu, Gui-Wu Wei, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi. Bipolar 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
1209 -- 1224Osman Taylan, Mohamed A. Zytoon, Ali Morfeq, Rami Al-Hmouz, Enrique Herrera-Viedma. Workplace assessment by fuzzy decision tree and TOPSIS methodologies to manage the occupational safety and health performance
1225 -- 1233Taoreed O. Owolabi, Kabiru O. Akande, Sunday Olusanya Olatunji, Abdullah Alqahtani, Nahier Aldhafferi. Incorporation of GSA in SBLLM-based neural network for enhanced estimation of magnetic ordering temperature of manganite
1235 -- 1248Yan-Ling Bao, Hai-Long Yang. On single valued neutrosophic refined rough set model and its application
1249 -- 1261Mona Hosny, Mahmoud Raafat. On generalization of rough multiset via multiset ideals
1263 -- 1274Xue-Yang Zhang, Jian Qiang Wang. Consensus-based framework to MCGDM under multi-granular uncertain linguistic environment
1275 -- 1292Peide Liu, Shuya Wang, Yanchang Chu. Some intuitionistic linguistic dependent Bonferroni mean operators and application in group decision-making
1293 -- 1302Vahid Samadpour Khalifeh Mahaleh, Reza Ezzati. Numerical solution of linear fuzzy Fredholm integral equations of second kind using iterative method and midpoint quadrature formula
1303 -- 1311Hang Zhan, Hua-Wen Liu. A corrigendum to "Cross-migrative uninorms with different neutral elements"
1313 -- 1325Xindong Peng, Jingguo Dai. Hesitant fuzzy soft decision making methods based on WASPAS, MABAC and COPRAS with combined weights

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 14Guoqiang Yuan, Yi Tian, Shuming Wang. A VaR-based optimization model for crop production planning under imprecise uncertainty
15 -- 25Ningxin Xie, Zhaowen Li, Gangqiang Zhang. An intuitionistic fuzzy soft set method for stochastic decision-making applying prospect theory and grey relational analysis
27 -- 39Genjiu Xu, Xianghui Li, Hao Sun, Jun Su. The Myerson value for cooperative games on communication structure with fuzzy coalition
41 -- 54Yejun Xu, Huimin Wang. A group consensus decision support model for hesitant 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic preference relations with additive consistency
55 -- 65Yang Zhongguo, Li Hongqi, Zhu Liping, Liu Qiang, Sikandar Ali. A case based method to predict optimal k value for k-NN algorithm
67 -- 78S. Babu, N. R. Ananthanarayanan. EMOTE: Enhanced Minority Oversampling TEchnique
79 -- 92Elton Rafael Alves, Carlos Tavares da Costa, Lopes Márcio Nirlando Gomes, Brígida Ramati Pereira da Rocha, José Alberto Silva de Sá. Lightning prediction using satellite atmospheric sounding data and feed-forward artificial neural network
93 -- 103Xiaorong He, Yingyu Wu. Independent hesitant fuzzy group decision making methods with application to person and post matching
105 -- 112Hamed Ahmadzade, Rong Gao, Mohammad Hossein Dehghan, Yuhong Sheng. Partial entropy of uncertain random variables
113 -- 124Xianghui Li, Hao Sun, Dongshuang Hou. On the position value for communication situations with fuzzy coalition
125 -- 136Masoud Goharimanesh, Elyas Abbasi Jannatabadi, Hossein Moeinkhah, Mohammad-Bagher Naghibi Sistani, Ali Akbar Akbari. An intelligent controller for ionic polymer metal composites using optimized fuzzy reinforcement learning
137 -- 143Yu-Hsien Liao. The supreme-consistent value for fuzzy transferable-utility games: Alternative formulation, dynamic process and axiomatizations
145 -- 158Yan Yang, Yanlin Jia, Yihua Zhong. Parametric sensitivity analysis of linear programming with fuzzy variables
159 -- 170Hong-xia Sun, Qiang Zhang, Feng Wang, Xiaohui Yu. A Fuzzy Owen function on games with coalition structure and fuzzy coalitions
171 -- 180Shokrollah Ziari, Irina Perfilieva. On the approximation properties of fuzzy transform
181 -- 191Ping Jiang, Quansheng Dou. Fundus vessel segmentation based on self-adaptive classification strategy
193 -- 206Minghua Shi, Qingxian Xiao. Hesitant fuzzy linguistic aggregation operators based on global vision
207 -- 213Ho Vu. Existence results for fuzzy Volterra integral equation
215 -- 228Ju-Mok Oh, Yong Chan Kim. The relations between Alexandrov L-fuzzy pre-uniformities and approximation operators
229 -- 244Rakesh L. Das, Ranjan Kumar Jana, Manoranjan De, Manoranjan Maiti. Prices and order quantities of substitutable products in an EPQ model over different uncertain finite budget constraints
245 -- 254Fuji Ren, Lei Wang. Sentiment analysis of text based on three-way decisions
255 -- 267Peng Zhao, Hongwei Wang, Chao Qi, Dian Liu. HTN planning with uncontrollable durations for emergency decision-making
269 -- 280Xiu-Yun Wu, Bijan Davvaz, Shi-Zhong Bai. On M-fuzzifying convex matroids and M-fuzzifying independent structures
281 -- 291Xinjian Wang, Guangyi Chen, Guangchun Luo. A logarithm-based image denoising method for a mixture of Gaussian white noise and signal dependent noise
293 -- 303Zerrin Önder, Ibrahim Çanak. A Tauberian theorem for the weighted mean method of improper integrals of fuzzy-number-valued functions
305 -- 313Shidong Wang, Yaping He, Hengyu Yang, Kunxia Wang, Jian Wang. Video smoke detection using shape, color and dynamic features
315 -- 325Zhongying Zhao, Yong Zhang, Chao Li, Li Ning, Jiancong Fan. A system to manage and mine microblogging data
327 -- 336Ankan Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar Roy, Deng-Feng Li. Analysis of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy matrix games using robust ranking
337 -- 350Vladimír Kobza, Vladimír Janis, Susana Montes. Generalizated local divergence measures
351 -- 364Muhammad Akram, Musavarah Sarwar. Transversals of m-polar fuzzy hypergraphs with applications
365 -- 376Muhammad Ibrar, Asghar Khan, Bijan Davvaz. Characterizations of regular ordered semigroups in terms of (α, β)-bipolar fuzzy generalized bi-ideals
377 -- 387Li Zhou, Jialu Zhang. Lukasiewicz semantic MV-topology for MV-algebra and its application to Lukasiewicz propositional logic
389 -- 402Shuyang Li, Xuehai Yuan, Hongxing Li. Approximation of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers by trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
403 -- 411Akbar Rezaei. Interval-valued hesitant fuzzy filters in BE-algebras
413 -- 421Lixia Cao, Guangqiu Huang, Weiwen Chai. A knowledge discovery model for third-party payment networks based on rough set theory
423 -- 431Xinyang Feng, Jian Tang, Bijan Davvaz, Yanfeng Luo. A novel study on fuzzy ideals and fuzzy filters of ordered *-semigroups
433 -- 443Apil Uddin Ahmed, Saifur Rahman, Bijan Davvaz. On intuitionistic fuzzy idempotent, prime, strongly irreducible and t-pure ideals of semirings
445 -- 455Ke Wang, Peidong Zhu, Peng Xun, Bowen Shang. An experimental study: An interpretative division method on principal component analysis
457 -- 465Xiao-Li Meng, Fu-Gui Shi. An extended DEA with more general fuzzy data based upon the centroid formula
467 -- 477Shanoli Samui Pal, Samarjit Kar. Time series forecasting using fuzzy transformation and neural network with back propagation learning
479 -- 489Muhammad Nazir, Zahoor Jan, Muhammad Sajjad. Facial expression recognition using weber discrete wavelet transform
491 -- 501David Luviano Cruz, Wen Yu. Continuous-time path planning for multi-agents with fuzzy reinforcement learning
503 -- 514Robab Afshari, Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh, Majid Sarmad. Fuzzy multiple deferred state attribute sampling plan in the presence of inspection errors
515 -- 527Yuping Xing, Runtong Zhang, Meimei Xia, Jun Wang. Generalized point aggregation operators for dual hesitant fuzzy information
529 -- 542Samina Ashraf, Sumera Naz, Hossein Rashmanlou, M. Aslam Malik. Regularity of graphs in single valued neutrosophic environment
543 -- 553Guohua Qu, Weihua Qu, Zhenhua Zhang, Jianxiu Wang. Choquet integral correlation coefficient of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its applications
555 -- 562Jinming You, Junhua Wang, Shou'en Fang, Jingqiu Guo. An optimized real-time crash prediction model on freeway with over-sampling techniques based on support vector machine
563 -- 573Jingjing An, Deng-Feng Li, Jiang-Xia Nan. A mean-area ranking based non-linear programming approach to solve intuitionistic fuzzy bi-matrix games
575 -- 588Muhammad Akram, Anam Luqman. Certain networks models using single-valued neutrosophic directed hypergraphs
589 -- 599Yingcang Ma, Hong Chen, Weini Song, Zhenyuan Wang. Choquet distances and their applications in data classification
601 -- 611Romà J. Adillon, Lambert Jorba. Quantified trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
613 -- 620Zhen-Yu Xiu, Bin Pang. M-fuzzifying cotopological spaces and M-fuzzifying convex spaces as M-fuzzifying closure spaces
621 -- 633Xiaolan Liu, Miao Yi, Le Han, Xue Deng. A subspace clustering algorithm based on simultaneously sparse and low-rank representation
635 -- 647Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah, Rehan Ahmed, Murad Ullah. Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein weighted geometric aggregation operator and their application to multiple attribute group decision making
649 -- 666Anindita Kundu, Partha Guchhait, Goutam Panigrahi, Manoranjan Maiti. An imperfect EPQ model for deteriorating items with promotional effort dependent demand
667 -- 677Mohammad Imdad, M. A. Ahmed, H. A. Nafadi. Common fixed point theorems for hybrid pairs of L-fuzzy mappings in non-Archimedean modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces