Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 36, Issue 6

5115 -- 5124Sobhan Naderian, Ahmad Salemnia. An implementation of S-transform and type-2 fuzzy kernel based support vector machine algorithm for power quality events classification
5125 -- 5134A. M. Kozae, Abd El Fattah El Atik, A. Elrokh, Mohammed Atef. New types of graphs induced by topological spaces
5135 -- 5152Behnam Barzegar, Homayun Motameni, Ali Movaghar. EATSDCD: A green energy-aware scheduling algorithm for parallel task-based application using clustering, duplication and DVFS technique in cloud datacenters
5153 -- 5165Yi Shi, Fu-Gui Shi. (L, M)-fuzzy internal relations and (L, M)-fuzzy enclosed relations
5167 -- 5175Furong Chang, Bofeng Zhang, Haiyan Li, Mingqing Huang, Bingchun Li, Yue Zhao. Discovering overlapping communities in ego-nets using friend intimacy
5177 -- 5187Huanrong Wu, Xiangnan Zhou, Qingguo Li, Huarong Zhang. Spectrum of prime L-fuzzy ideals of an ordered semigroup
5189 -- 5202Sushil Kumar, Bipin Kumar Tripathi. On the learning machine with quaternionic domain neural network and its high-dimensional applications
5203 -- 5211R. Sumathi, R. Sujatha, R. Sundareswaran. Identification of fuzzy blocks using sum distance metric
5213 -- 5225Mohamad Fallah, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Mehdi Alinaghian, Alereza Salamatbakhsh-Varjovi. A robust approach for a green periodic competitive VRP under uncertainty: DE and PSO algorithms
5227 -- 5244Amit K. Shukla, Pranab K. Muhuri. General Type-2 fuzzy decision making and its application to travel time selection
5245 -- 5259Zhibin Jiang, Jie Zhou, Yuanpeng Zhang, Shitong Wang. A novel multi-view SVM based on consistent hidden density distributions between views for face recognition
5261 -- 5272Morteza Ghomi-Avili, Amir Khosrojerdi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam. A multi-objective model for the closed-loop supply chain network design with a price-dependent demand, shortage and disruption
5273 -- 5289Aliasghar Samadi, Mostafa Jazaeri. Performance analysis of an isolated WTDFIG under transient condition using a fuzzy control strategy
5291 -- 5303Zhang Nannan, Luo Chao. Adaptive online time series prediction based on a novel dynamic fuzzy cognitive map
5305 -- 5318Jiasheng Zeng, Jiali He, Rongping Chen. Information structures in an incomplete real-valued information system
5319 -- 5331Neiping Chen, Jiali He. Information structures in a set-valued information system based on granular computing
5333 -- 5344Feng Zhao 0005, Chaoqi Li, Hanqiang Liu 0001, Jiulun Fan. A multi-objective interval valued fuzzy clustering algorithm with spatial information for noisy image segmentation
5345 -- 5360Noor Rehman, Abbas Ali, Syed Inayat Ali Shah, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Choonkil Park. Variable precision multi decision λ-soft dominance based rough sets and their applications in conflict problems
5361 -- 5368Hee Sik Kim, Joseph Neggers, Sun Shin Ahn. Almost φ-fuzzy semi-ideals in groupoids
5369 -- 5381Yulong Zhang, Yisu Zhou, Menglan Duan, Lixiang Duan, Xin Zhang, Liuyi Jiang. A novel feature extraction algorithm for bearing fault diagnosis based on enhanced symbolic aggregate approximation
5383 -- 5395Mohammad Sharif, Ali Asghar Alesheikh, Behnam Tashayo. CaFIRST: A context-aware hybrid fuzzy inference system for the similarity measure of multivariate trajectories
5397 -- 5408Amos Olalekan Adaraniwon, Mohd Bin Omar. An inventory model for delayed deteriorating items with power demand considering shortages and lost sales
5409 -- 5422Ru-Xin Nie, Jian Qiang Wang, Tie-Li Wang. A three-cycle decision-making selection mechanism with intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy preference relations
5423 -- 5434Hu Peng, Changshou Deng, Zhijian Wu. SPBSO: self-adaptive brain storm optimization algorithm with pbest guided step-size
5435 -- 5442Zhenping Xie, Siwei Jiang, Jianian Zhou. A nonintrusive power load monitoring method using coupled allocation mechanism
5443 -- 5455Ali Karasan, Eda Boltürk, Cengiz Kahraman. An integrated methodology using neutrosophic CODAS & fuzzy inference system: Assessment of livability index of urban districts
5457 -- 5462Alexey S. Shvedov. Instrumental variables estimation of fuzzy regression models
5463 -- 5473Hossein Sadeghi, Homayun Motameni, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Javad Vahidi. Morphology of composition functions in persian sentences through a newly proposed classified fuzzy method and center of gravity defuzzification method
5475 -- 5497Sushil Kumar Trisal, Ajay Kaul. K-RCC: A novel approach to reduce the computational complexity of KNN algorithm for detecting human behavior on social networks
5499 -- 5511Qing-Song Zeng 0001, Xiao-Yu Huang, Xian-Hong Xiang, Junhui He. Kernel Analysis based on SVDD for Face Recognition from Image Set
5513 -- 5520Rongrong Wang, Shengwei Han. Prime (distributive) fuzzy posets
5521 -- 5531Hao Guan, Zhiyong An. Robust online visual tracking via stable and adaptive memories
5533 -- 5545Yupin Wang, Shurong Sun. q-Ulam type stability of fuzzy fractional differential equations with parameters
5547 -- 5558Xinghua Zheng, Zhengming Ma, Hanjian Che, Lei Li. HSIC regularized manifold learning
5559 -- 5564Sinan Ercan, Hifsi Altinok, Yavuz Altin. Lacunary statistical convergence and strongly lacunary summable for sequences of dual numbers
5565 -- 5581Jun Wang, Runtong Zhang, Li Li, Xiaomin Zhu, Xiaopu Shang. A novel approach to multi-attribute group decision making based on q-rung orthopair uncertain linguistic information
5583 -- 5596Rukchart Prasertpong, Manoj Siripitukdet. Generalizations of rough sets induced by binary relations approach in semigroups
5597 -- 5604Murat Kirisçi. Fibonacci statistical convergence on intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces
5605 -- 5615Muhammad Farooq, Tariq Mahmood, Asghar Khan, Muhammad Izhar, Bijan Davvaz. Fuzzy hyperideals of hyperquantales
5617 -- 5629Mohammed El Habib Souidi, Abderrahim Siam, Zhaoyi Pei. Multi-agent pursuit coalition formation based on a limited overlapping of the dynamic groups
5631 -- 5644Jia-Jia Zhou, Hai-Long Yang. Multigranulation hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy rough sets and its application in multi-attribute decision making
5645 -- 5651Shahid Muhmood, Imran Ahmed, Adnan Liaquat. Gallai simplicial complexes
5653 -- 5667Abbas Ali, Noor Rehman, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Kostaq Hila. Soft ordered approximations and incomplete information system
5669 -- 5683Faisal Khan, Saleem Abdullah, Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Shakeel, Muhammad Rahim, Noor Ul Amin. Pythagorean cubic fuzzy aggregation information based on confidence levels and its application to multi-criteria decision making process
5685 -- 5691Arshdeep Kaur, Amit Kumar 0003, S. S. Appadoo. Commentary on "A reply to a Note on the paper "A simplified novel technique for solving fully fuzzy linear programming problems""
5693 -- 5709Liangping Wu, Jie Wang, Hui Gao. Models for competiveness evaluation of tourist destination with some interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Hamy mean operators
5711 -- 5719Wen Sheng Du. Pan-integral on credibility space and its properties
5721 -- 5729Neha Khatod, Ram Naresh Saraswat. Symmetric fuzzy divergence measure, decision making and medical diagnosis problems
5731 -- 5744G. S. Mahapatra, Sudip Adak, K. Kaladhar. A fuzzy inventory model with three parameter Weibull deterioration with reliant holding cost and demand incorporating reliability
5745 -- 5756Emel Asici, Radko Mesiar. Direct product of nullnorms on bounded lattices
5757 -- 5772Márcio Nirlando Gomes Lopes, Brígida Ramati Pereira da Rocha, Alen Costa Vieira, José Alberto Silva de Sá, Pedro Alberto Moura Rolim, Arilson Galdino da Silva. Artificial neural networks approaches for predicting the potential for hydropower generation: a case study for Amazon region
5773 -- 5782C. K. Jaya, R. Sunitha, Abraham T. Mathew. Security prediction of high voltage transmission system (HVTS) based on k-nearest neighbor (k - NN) classifier technique
5783 -- 5795R. Krishankumar, R. Saranya, R. P. Nethra, K. S. Ravichandran, Samarjit Kar. A decision-making framework under probabilistic linguistic term set for multi-criteria group decision-making problem
5797 -- 5805Hua Mao, Zhen Zheng. The construction of fuzzy concept lattice based on weighted complete graph
5807 -- 5820Meng Han, Jian Ding. Efficient methods to set decay factor of time decay model over data streams
5821 -- 5834Truong Vinh An, Ho Vu, Ngo Van Hoa. The existence of solutions for an initial value problem of Caputo-Hadamard-type fuzzy fractional differential equations of order α ∈ (1, 2)
5835 -- 5844C. Jothikumar, Revathi Venkataraman, T. Sai Raj, Rohin Selva. An energy efficient cluster based routing approach to minimize energy consumption using CORP in wireless sensor networks
5845 -- 5856Arpita Nagpal, Vijendra Singh. Feature selection from high dimensional data based on iterative qualitative mutual information
5857 -- 5874Muhammad Akram, Farwa Ilyas, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Certain Notions of Pythagorean Fuzzy Graphs
5875 -- 5887Waldir Nunes, Marley M. B. R. Vellasco, Ricardo Tanscheit. Quantum-inspired evolutionary multi-objective fuzzy classifier with real and categorical representation
5889 -- 5898Jinpei Liu, Piao Wang, Yanyan Huang, Peng Wu 0010, Qin Xu, Huayou Chen. Power load combination forecasting based on triangular fuzzy discrete difference equation forecasting model and PSO-SVR
5899 -- 5907Juan J. Font, Delia Sanchis, Manuel Sanchis. Constructive approximation of level continuous fuzzy functions
5909 -- 5918Chuan Yu Xu, Zhen Ming Ma. Symmetric intuitionistic multiplicative aggregation operator for group decision making in intuitionistic multiplicative environments
5919 -- 5928Ali N. A. Koam, Ismail Ibedou, S. E. Abbas. Fuzzy ideal topological spaces
5929 -- 5942Junda Qiu, Lei Li. A new approach for multiple attribute group decision-making based on interval neutrosophic sets
5943 -- 5958Tri D. T. Nguyen, Eui-nam Huh. Joint index and cache technique for improving the effectiveness of a similar image search in big data framework
5959 -- 5972Yuan-zhi, Xiangnan Zhou. Roughness in Substructures of Skew Lattices
5973 -- 5987Yi Liu, Jun Liu, Ya Qin. Dynamic intuitionistic fuzzy multiattribute decision making based on evidential reasoning and MDIFWG operator
5989 -- 5999Hussain Ahmed Choudhury, Nidul Sinha, Monjul Saikia. Correlation Based Rood Pattern Search (CBRPS) for Motion Estimation in Video Processing
6001 -- 6011Ugur S. Cavus, Murat Kilit, Ismail Zorluer, Tuncer B. Edil. Fuzzy logic based assessment of seismic soil liquefaction potential and its application to foundations of bridge piers
6013 -- 6024Yajun Liang, Mingqing Xiao, Xi-Lang Tang, Yawei Ge, Xiaofei Wang. A Q-learning based method of optimal fault diagnostic policy with imperfect tests
6025 -- 6036Muhammad Gulistan, Naveed Yaqoob, Shah Nawaz, Muhammad Azhar. A study of (α, β)-complex fuzzy hyperideals in non-associative hyperrings
6037 -- 6047Aniruddha Samanta, Kajla Basu. Multi-objective availability allocation using hesitated attraction based particle swarm optimization
6049 -- 6058Miguel Tuberquia-David, Cesar Hernández, Fredy Martínez. Spectrum handoff reduction in cognitive radio networks using evolutionary algorithms
6059 -- 6073Muhammad Rafiq, Shahzaib Ashraf, Saleem Abdullah, Tahir Mahmood, Shakoor Muhammad. The cosine similarity measures of spherical fuzzy sets and their applications in decision making
6075 -- 6087Esteban Castillo, Ofelia Cervantes, Darnes Vilariño. Authorship Verification using a Graph Knowledge Discovery Approach
6089 -- 6102Shahzaib Ashraf, Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Qiyas, Marwan A. Kutbi. Spherical fuzzy sets and its representation of spherical fuzzy t-norms and t-conorms
6103 -- 6112Gabriel A. F. Souza, Rodrigo B. Santos, Lester de Abreu Faria. Low power membership function generator for interval type-2 fuzzy system
6113 -- 6127Muhammad Akram, Arooj Adeel, José Carlos R. Alcantud. Hesitant fuzzy N-soft sets: A new model with applications in decision-making
6129 -- 6142Xia Zhang, Hao Sun 0011, Genjiu Xu, Dongshuang Hou. On the core, nucleolus and bargaining sets of cooperative games with fuzzy payoffs
6143 -- 6154Mohammad Hassan Nazari, Seyed Hossein Hosseinian, E. Azad-farsani. A multi-objective LMP pricing strategy in distribution networks based on MOGA algorithm
6155 -- 6166Sahar Araghi, Abbas Khosravi, Douglas C. Creighton. Comparing the performance of different types of distributed fuzzy-based traffic signal controllers
6167 -- 6180Zhimin Liu, Shaojian Qu, Mark Goh, Ripeng Huang, Shilei Wang. Optimization of fuzzy demand distribution supply chain using modified sequence quadratic programming approach
6181 -- 6194Hosney Jahan, Ziliang Feng, S. M. Hasan Mahmud, Penglin Dong. Version specific test case prioritization approach based on artificial neural network
6195 -- 6206S. Vamshi Krishna, Azad Srivastava, Sunil J. Wagh, Santhi Sabbi. Mongrel of FA-CRA and CG-CRA: Self Healing Resource Allocation with Optimized Job-Scheduling in SDN-Accelerated HPC Infrastructure
6207 -- 6218Zhongying Zhao, Hui Zhou, Bijun Zhang, Fujiao Ji, Chao Li. Identifying High Influential Users in Social Media by Analyzing Users' Behaviors
6219 -- 6229Zongwen Fan, Raymond Chiong, ZhongYi Hu, Sandeep Dhakal, Yuqing Lin. A two-layer Wang-Mendel fuzzy approach for predicting the residuary resistance of sailing yachts
6231 -- 6243Ravinder Kumar, Hari Om Bansal, Hanuman Prasad Agrawal. Development of fuzzy logic controller for photovoltaic integrated shunt active power filter
6245 -- 6263Lei Wang, Na Li. Continuous interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy aggregation operators for multiple attribute group decision making
6265 -- 6281Asghar Khan, Muhammad Izhar, Kostaq Hila. On algebraic properties of DFS sets and its application in decision making problems
6283 -- 6293Hai-wei Wang, Bin Zhao. Free join- and meet-completions of L-ordered sets
6295 -- 6306Nguyen Thi Kim Son, Hoang Thi Phuong Thao. On Goursat problem for fuzzy delay fractional hyperbolic partial differential equations
6307 -- 6323Xindong Peng, Wenquan Li. Algorithms for hesitant fuzzy soft decision making based on revised aggregation operators, WDBA and CODAS
6325 -- 6342Muhammad Akram, Ghous Ali, José Carlos R. Alcantud. Hybrid multi-attribute decision-making model based on (m, N)-soft rough sets
6343 -- 6358Xi Chen, Juan Wang, Haiming Liang, Jing Han. Hesitant multi-attribute two-sided matching: A perspective based on prospect theory
6359 -- 6379Wangwang Yu, Hui Zhang, Boquan Li. Comparison and operators based on uncertain probabilistic linguistic term set
6381 -- 6392Lu Wang, Keyun Qin. Modal-style operators on fuzzy soft sets and their application to decision making
6393 -- 6400Ali Molkhasi. On some strongly algebraically closed semirings
6401 -- 6412D. Deepak, Bibin Mathew, Sunil Jacob John, Harish Garg. A topological structure involving hesitant fuzzy sets
6413 -- 6423Bo Xu 0009, Yunlong Ma, Hongfei Lin. A hybrid deep neural network model for query intent classification
6425 -- 6441S. Petchimuthu, Hüseyin Kamaci. The row-products of inverse soft matrices in multicriteria decision making
6443 -- 6454Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Xiaokun Huang, Haojie Jiang. Fuzzy orders and pseudo-fuzzy orders on semirings
6455 -- 6465Jun Zhang, Dandan Li, Wei Chen. Continuous dependence on solutions of uncertain differential equations via uncertain measure
6467 -- 6480Ho Vu, Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa. Random fractional differential equations with Riemann-Liouville-type fuzzy differentiability concept
6481 -- 6491Luong V. Nguyen, Nguyen H. Hoc. On nonlinear F-contractive fuzzy mappings
6493 -- 6501Atiya Perveen, Mohammad Imdad. Proving new fixed point results in fuzzy metric spaces employing simulation function
6503 -- 6520Ho Vu, Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa. On the initial value problem for random fuzzy differential equations with Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative: Existence theory and analytical solution
6521 -- 6536Muhammad Riaz, Naim Çagman, Iqra Zareef, Muhammad Aslam. N-soft topology and its applications to multi-criteria group decision making
6537 -- 6547Emin Aygün, Hüseyin Kamaci. Some generalized operations in soft set theory and their role in similarity and decision making
6549 -- 6554Vishal Gupta, Aditya Kaushik, Manu Verma. Some new fixed point results on V-ψ-fuzzy contraction endowed with graph
6555 -- 6566Guixiang Wang, Xiaolian Wang, Sen Qin, Guojing Zhang. Dynamic ranking of multi-dimensional uncertain information based on fuzzy order on the fuzzy ellipsoid number space
6567 -- 6578Ruchika Malhotra, Anjali Sharma. Empirical assessment of feature selection techniques in defect prediction models using web applications
6579 -- 6587Ke-Zhong Lu, Li-Bin Liu, Honglin Fang, Lili Liu. A dual mutation differential evolution algorithm for singularly perturbed problems with two small parameters
6589 -- 6604Gangqiang Zhang, Zhaowen Li, Meng Liu, Ningxin Xie, Funing Lin. cc-reduction in a fully fuzzy information system
6605 -- 6617Majid Saeidi, Taher Niknam, Jamshid Aghaei, Mohsen Zare. Multi-Objective Coordination of Local and Centralized Volt/Var Control with Optimal Switch and Distributed Generations Placement
6619 -- 6629Yu Zhong, Fu-Gui Shi, Jie-Tao Zou, Chu-Yi Zou. Degrees of (L, M)-fuzzy convexities
6631 -- 6640Yu-Hsien Liao. Power mensuration mechanism under fuzzy behavior and multicriteria situation
6641 -- 6651Lanzhen Yang, Hua Mao. Intuitionistic fuzzy threshold graphs
6653 -- 6661Gang Li, Zhenbo Li. On a class of left-continuous uninorms constructed from the representable uninorm
6663 -- 6668Hu Zhao, Gui-xiu Chen, Hong-Ying Zhang. Generalized Tychonoff theorem in L-fuzzy supratopological spaces
6669 -- 6684Bo Tan, Jingbo Guo, Guang Chang, Qingfeng Xu. Estimation and detection of a weak magnetic dipole signal with a latent variable based on a non-probability-distribution EM algorithm
6685 -- 6701Qian Liu, Feng Yang, Ce Li. AWBING plus algorithm for generic object proposal generation
6703 -- 6715Jorge L. Santamaria, Vanessa Valentin, Timothy J. Ross. Impact of unstructured factors on concrete through fuzzy models
6717 -- 6729Nilgun Guler Bayazit, Ulug Bayazit. Fuzzy k-NN classification with weights modified by most informative neighbors of nearest neighbors
6731 -- 6741R. J. Kuo, W. C. Cheng. An intuitionistic fuzzy neural network with gaussian membership function
6743 -- 6763Paulo Vitor de Campos Souza, Thiago Silva Rezende, Augusto Junio Guimarães, Vanessa Souza Araujo, Lucas Oliveira Batista, Gabriel Adriano da Silva, Vinicius Jonathan Silva Araujo. Evolving fuzzy neural networks to aid in the construction of systems specialists in cyber attacks

Volume 36, Issue 5

3935 -- 3943Vijayakumar Varadharajan, V. Subramaniyaswamy, Jemal H. Abawajy, Longzhi Yang. Intelligent, smart and scalable cyber-physical systems
3945 -- 3955Kairu Li, Yinfeng Fang, Yu Zhou, Zhaojie Ju, Honghai Liu. Haptics model for human fingertips based on gaussian distribution
3957 -- 3969Abhishek Majumdar, Naushad Manzoor Laskar, A. Biswas, Sandeep K. Sood, Krishna Lal Baishnab. Energy efficient e-healthcare framework using HWPSO-based clustering approach
3971 -- 3980Daojian Zeng, Yuan Dai, Feng Li, Jin Wang, Arun Kumar Sangaiah. Aspect based sentiment analysis by a linguistically regularized CNN with gated mechanism
3981 -- 3992Bhuvaneswari Anbalagan, C. Valliyammai. Information entropy based event detection during disaster in cyber-social networks
3993 -- 4003S. Priyanga, M. R. Gauthama Raman, Sujeet S. Jagtap, N. Aswin, Kirthivasan Kannan, V. S. Shankar Sriram. An Improved Rough Set Theory based Feature Selection Approach for Intrusion Detection in SCADA Systems
4005 -- 4015K. S. Umadevi, P. Balakrishnan, G. Kousalya. Intrusion detection system using timed automata for cyber physical systems
4017 -- 4023He Huang, Shufang Zeng, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Jin Wang. Beamforming aided SSK modulation for MIMO system with energy harvesting
4025 -- 4036Ramakrishnan Sundaram, K. S. Ravichandran. An automated eye disease prediction system using bag of visual words and support vector machine
4037 -- 4048Cinu C. Kiliroor, C. Valliyammai. Social network based filtering of unsolicited messages from e-mails
4049 -- 4055A. Jayanth Balaji, D. S. Harish Ram, Binoy B. Nair. A deep learning approach to electric energy consumption modeling
4057 -- 4064M. Poongodi, V. Vijayakumar, Bharat S. Rawal, Vaibhav Bhardwaj, Tanay Agarwal, Ankit Jain, L. Ramanathan, V. P. Sriram. Recommendation model based on trust relations & user credibility
4065 -- 4075N. Senthil Selvan, Subramaniyaswamy Vairavasundaram, Logesh Ravi. Fuzzy ontology-based personalized recommendation for internet of medical things with linked open data
4077 -- 4089Ashutosh Sharma, Rajiv Kumar. Service level agreement and energy cooperative cyber physical system for quickest healthcare services
4091 -- 4104Syed Sadaf Ali, Iyyakutti Iyappan Ganapathi, Surya Prakash 0001. Fingerprint Shell with impregnable features
4105 -- 4113R. Ezhilarasie, Mandi Sushmanth Reddy, A. Umamakeswari. A new hybrid adaptive GA-PSO computation offloading algorithm for IoT and CPS context application
4115 -- 4126N. Kirn Kumar, V. Indra Gandhi. Implementation of fuzzy logic controller in power system applications
4127 -- 4139Zhang Qiang, Junhua Hu, Jinfu Feng, An Liu. Air multi-target threat assessment method based on improved GGIFSS
4141 -- 4152Logesh Ravi, Subramaniyaswamy Vairavasundaram, Saravanan Palani, Malathi Devarajan. Location-based personalized recommender system in the internet of cultural things
4153 -- 4164Ibtihaj Ahmad, Farhan Hussain, Shoab Ahmad Khan, Usman Akram, Gwanggil Jeon. CPS-based fully automatic cardiac left ventricle and left atrium segmentation in 3D MRI
4165 -- 4176T. Arunkumari, V. Indragandhi. A Fuzzy controlled high gain DC-DC converter for renewable power generation
4177 -- 4188Abdul Syafiq Abdull Sukor, Ammar Zakaria, Norasmadi Abdul Rahim, Latifah Munirah Kamarudin, Rossi Setchi, Hiromitsu Nishizaki. A hybrid approach of knowledge-driven and data-driven reasoning for activity recognition in smart homes
4189 -- 4199Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan, Subramaniyaswamy Vairavasundaram, Logesh Ravi. Optimized fuzzy-based group recommendation with parallel computation
4201 -- 4214Yao Tan, Hubert P. H. Shum, Fei Chao, V. Vijayakumar, Longzhi Yang. Curvature-based sparse rule base generation for fuzzy rule interpolation
4215 -- 4226Jiaqi Wang, Marimuthu Karuppiah, Saru Kumari, Zhiyin Kong, Wenbo Shi. A privacy-preserving spectrum auction scheme using paillier cryptosystem with public verification
4227 -- 4234VeeraMuthu A., S. Meenakshi, K. Ashok Kumar. A neural network based deep learning approach for efficient segmentation of brain tumor medical image data
4235 -- 4245Sasikumar Asaithambi, Muthaiah Rajappa, Logesh Ravi. Optimization and control of CMOS analog integrated circuits for cyber-physical systems using hybrid grey wolf optimization algorithm
4247 -- 4256K. C. Ramya, K. Vinoth Kumar, Muhammad Irfan, Shaghayegh Mesforush, K. Mohanasundaram, V. Vijayakumar. Fuzzy based hybrid incorporating wind solar energy source by reduced harmonics
4257 -- 4264Xiaodan Zhang, Yanping Gong, Michael Spece. Trust decision model for online consumer evaluation: Deeper uncertainty integration in evidence theory approach
4265 -- 4276S. Arunkumar, Subramaniyaswamy Vairavasundaram, K. S. Ravichandran, Logesh Ravi. RIWT and QR factorization based hybrid robust image steganography using block selection algorithm for IoT devices
4277 -- 4291Lihui Chen, Xiaomin Yang, Lu Lu 0005, Kai Liu 0012, Gwanggil Jeon, Wei Wu 0002. An image fusion algorithm of infrared and visible imaging sensors for cyber-physical systems
4293 -- 4303Jithendra Huchageeranahally Narasappa, D. Rekha. Energy Aware Methodical Data Forwarding (EAMDF) mechanism in VANET
4305 -- 4317Anuradha Banerjee, D. M. Akbar Hussain. Experience-based Efficient Scheduling algorithm (EXES) for serving requests in cloud using SDN controller
4319 -- 4326C. Kumar, K. Sathish Kumar, V. Indra Gandhi, Vijayakumar Varadharajan, Bharat S. Rawal. A novel distribution system reconfiguration for loss minimization using symbiotic organism search algorithm
4327 -- 4340D. Arivudainambi, D. Dhanya. Resource allocation through optimized three-phase scheduled VMs by grey wolf optimization and introspection security analysis
4341 -- 4348G. Anusooya, Vijayakumar Varadharajan, V. Neela Narayanan. Reducing the carbon emission by early prediction of peak time load in a data center
4349 -- 4360Malathi Devarajan, N. Sabiyath Fatima, Subramaniyaswamy Vairavasundaram, Logesh Ravi. Swarm intelligence clustering ensemble based point of interest recommendation for social cyber-physical systems
4361 -- 4373R. S. Raghav, P. Dhavachelvan. Bigdata fog based cyber physical system for classifying, identifying and prevention of SARS disease
4375 -- 4387Xuhui Zhu, Zhiwei Ni, Liping Ni, Feifei Jin, Meiying Cheng, Jingming Li. Spread binary artificial fish swarm algorithm combined with double-fault measure for ensemble pruning
4389 -- 4397Munna Khan, Md Qaiser Reza, Ashok Kumar Salhan, Shaila P. S. M. A. Sirdeshmukh. Acoustic resonance spectroscopy based simple system for spectral characterization and classification of materials
4399 -- 4412Rishu Chhabra, C. Rama Krishna, Seema Verma. Smartphone based context-aware driver behavior classification using dynamic bayesian network
4413 -- 4423Buddhadeb Pradhan, V. Vijayakumar, Nirmal Baran Hui, Diptendu Sinha Roy. Intelligent navigation of multiple coordinated robots
4425 -- 4436Ignacio Algredo-Badillo, Luis A. Morales Rosales, Carlos Arturo Hernández Gracidas, Juan C. Cruz-Victoria, Daniel Pacheco Bautista, Miguel Morales-Sandoval. Real time FPGA-ANN architecture for outdoor obstacle detection focused in road safety
4437 -- 4447Rupesh Kumar Sinha, S. S. Sahu. Adaptive firefly algorithm based optimized key generation for image security
4449 -- 4459Sundar Srinivasan, K. B. ShivaKumar, Mohammad Muazzam. HMAC-RSA: A security mechanism in cognitive radio for enhancing the security in a radio cognitive system
4461 -- 4478K. Vijayakumar, K. Rajesh, G. Vishnuvardhanan, S. Kannan. Evolutionary algorithm based control strategy for enhanced operation of multifunction grid connected converters
4479 -- 4490Parul Jain, Veer Sain Dixit. Recommendations with context aware framework using particle swarm optimization and unsupervised learning
4491 -- 4506Abul Hasnat, Dibyendu Barman, Suchintya Sarkar. Color image share cryptography: a novel approach
4507 -- 4518Sumalatha Ramachandran, Lakshmi Harika Palivela. An intelligent system to detect human suspicious activity using deep neural networks
4519 -- 4529Saikishor Jangiti, E. Sri Ram, Logesh Ravi, V. S. Shankar Sriram. Scalable hybrid and ensemble heuristics for economic virtual resource allocation in cloud and fog cyber-physical systems
4531 -- 4543G. S. S. Chalapathi, Vinay Chamola, S. Gurunarayanan. A testbed validated simple time synchronization protocol for clustered wireless sensor networks for IoT
4547 -- 4552D. Pinto, V. Singh. Intelligent and fuzzy systems applied to language & knowledge engineering
4553 -- 4563Valery Solovyev, Marina Solnyshkina, Vladimir Ivanov 0001, Ildar Z. Batyrshin. Prediction of reading difficulty in Russian academic texts
4565 -- 4577Jesús Miguel García Gorrostieta, Aurelio López-López. A corpus for argument analysis of academic writing: argumentative paragraph detection
4579 -- 4585Belém Priego Sánchez, David Pinto. An unsupervised method for automatic validation of verbal phraseological units
4587 -- 4597Jorge Reyes-Magaña, Gemma Bel Enguix, Helena Gómez-Adorno, Gerardo Sierra. A Lexical Search Model based on word association norms
4599 -- 4607José-Ángel González, Segarra Encarna, Fernando García-Granada, Emilio Sanchis, Lluís F. Hurtado. Siamese hierarchical attention networks for extractive summarization
4609 -- 4619Christian Eduardo Millán-Hernández, René Arnulfo García-Hernández, Yulia Ledeneva. An evolutionary logistic regression method to identify confused drug names
4621 -- 4631Miguel Ángel García Calderón, René Arnulfo García-Hernández, Yulia Ledeneva. Providing order to the handwritten TLS task: A complexity index
4633 -- 4643Carolina Fócil Arias, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander F. Gelbukh. Medical events extraction to analyze clinical records with conditional random fields
4645 -- 4657Ramón F. Brena, Eduardo H. Ramírez. Scalable text semantic clustering around topics
4659 -- 4675Vedika Gupta, Vivek Kumar Singh 0001, Udayan Ghose, Pankaj Mukhija. A quantitative and text-based characterization of big data research
4677 -- 4684Karina Figueroa, Antonio Camarena-Ibarrola, Luis Valero-Elizondo, Nora Reyes. Locality-sensitive hashing of permutations for proximity searching
4685 -- 4695Amarnath Pathak, Partha Pakray, Alexander F. Gelbukh. Binary vector transformation of math formula for mathematical information retrieval
4697 -- 4708Lluís F. Hurtado, José-Ángel González, Ferran Pla. Choosing the right loss function for multi-label Emotion Classification
4709 -- 4719Fernando M. Rodríguez, Sara E. Garza. Predicting emotional intensity in social networks
4721 -- 4730Vedika Gupta, Vivek Kumar Singh 0001, Pankaj Mukhija, Udayan Ghose. Aspect-based sentiment analysis of mobile reviews
4731 -- 4742Mrinal Kanti Baowaly, Yi-Pei Tu, Kuan-Ta Chen. Predicting the helpfulness of game reviews: A case study on the Steam store
4743 -- 4752Simona Frenda, Bilal Ghanem, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Paolo Rosso. Online Hate Speech against Women: Automatic Identification of Misogyny and Sexism on Twitter
4753 -- 4764Yuridiana Alemán, María J. Somodevilla, Darnes Vilariño. Similarity metrics analysis for principal concepts detection in ontology creation
4765 -- 4775Edwar Javier Giron Buitron, David Camilo Corrales, Jacques Avelino, José Antonio Iglesias, Juan Carlos Corrales. Rule-based expert system for detection of coffee rust warnings in colombian crops
4777 -- 4786Oscar Lithgow-Serrano, Julio Collado-Vides. In the pursuit of semantic similarity for literature on microbial transcriptional regulation
4787 -- 4796Sandeep Kumar Dash, Saurav Saha, Partha Pakray, Alexander F. Gelbukh. Generating image captions through multimodal embedding
4797 -- 4808Goutam Majumder, Partha Pakray, David Pinto. Measuring interpretable semantic similarity of sentences using a multi chunk aligner
4809 -- 4819Jyoti Srivastava, Sudip Sanyal, Ashish Kumar Srivastava. Extraction of reordering rules for statistical machine translation
4821 -- 4832Saptarshi Sengupta, Rajat Pandit, Parag Mitra, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Mohini Mohan Sardar. Word sense induction in bengali using parallel corpora and distributional semantics
4833 -- 4843Iqra Ameer, Grigori Sidorov, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab. Author profiling for age and gender using combinations of features of various types
4845 -- 4855Helena Gómez-Adorno, Roddy Fuentes-Alba, Ilia Markov, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander F. Gelbukh. A convolutional neural network approach for gender and language variety identification
4857 -- 4868Miguel Ángel Álvarez Carmona, Esaú Villatoro-Tello, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Luis Villaseñor Pineda. A comparative analysis of distributional term representations for author profiling in social media
4869 -- 4876Juan Pablo Posadas-Durán, Helena Gómez-Adorno, Grigori Sidorov, Jesús Jaime Moreno Escobar. Detection of fake news in a new corpus for the Spanish language
4877 -- 4887Rafael Guzmán-Cabrera, Belém Priego Sánchez, T. Prasad Mukhopadhyay, J. M. Lozano García, Teodoro Córdova-Fraga. Classification of opinions in cross domains involving emotive values
4889 -- 4899Grigori Sidorov, Ilia Markov, Olga Kolesnikova, Liliana Chanona-Hernández. Human interaction with shopping assistant robot in natural language
4901 -- 4908Pablo López-Ramírez, Alejandro Molina-Villegas, Oscar S. Siordia. Geographical aggregation of microblog posts for LDA topic modeling
4909 -- 4919Rohini Basak, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Alexander F. Gelbukh. Short-answer grading using textual entailment
4921 -- 4929Manuel Mager, Mónica Jasso Rosales, Özlem Çetinoglu, Iván V. Meza. Low-resource neural character-based noisy text normalization
4931 -- 4944Ansel Y. Rodríguez González, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Ruiz-Shulcloper, Matías Alvarado-Mentado. Frequent similar pattern mining using non Boolean similarity functions
4945 -- 4955Fredy Rodríguez Torres, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Fco. Martínez Trinidad. Deterministic oversampling methods based on SMOTE
4957 -- 4967Yoan Martínez López, Julio Madera, Ansel Y. Rodríguez González, Stephen J. Barigye. Cellular Estimation Gaussian Algorithm for Continuous Domain
4969 -- 4979Anoop Kumar Tiwari, Shivam Shreevastava, Karthikeyan Subbiah, Tanmoy Som. An intuitionistic fuzzy-rough set model and its application to feature selection
4981 -- 4990Laura Alejandra Pinilla-Buitrago, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad. Bag of k-nearest visual words for hieroglyph retrieval
4991 -- 4999J. C. Martínez-Espinosa, Teodoro Córdova-Fraga, Rafael Guzmán-Cabrera. Generation of Raman images through spectral mappings
5001 -- 5010David Céspedes-Hernández, Juan Manuel González-Calleros. A methodology for gestural interaction relying on user-defined gestures sets following a one-shot learning approach
5011 -- 5022Hector M. Camarillo-Abad, J. Alfredo Sánchez Huitrón, Oleg Starostenko, Maria Gabriela Sandoval. A basic tactile language to support leader-follower dancing
5023 -- 5035Ernesto Aparicio-Díaz, René Cumplido, Maikel L. Pérez Gort, Claudia Feregrino Uribe. Temporal Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization Using Block Correlation Matrix
5037 -- 5049Oleg Starostenko, Claudia Cruz-Perez, Vicente Alarcón Aquino, Roberto Rosas-Romero. Real-time facial expression recognition using local appearance-based descriptors
5051 -- 5061Humberto Pérez Espinosa, Alejandro Antonio Torres García. Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative features for the acoustic analysis of domestic dogs' vocalizations
5063 -- 5071Oscar Herrera-Alcántara, Miguel González-Mendoza, Jaime Navarro-Fuentes, Víctor A. Cruz-Barriguete. Inverse formulas of length twelve parameterized orthogonal wavelets
5073 -- 5079Iván Francisco-Valencia, José Raymundo Marcial-Romero, Rosa María Valdovinos Rosas. A comparison between UCB and UCB-Tuned as selection policies in GGP
5081 -- 5089Arles Rodríguez, Nathaly Botina, Jonatan Gómez, Ada Diaconescu. Improving data collection in complex networks with failure-prone agents via local marking
5091 -- 5103Krystian Jobczyk. Multi-valued deontic Halpern-Shoham logic for fuzzy deontic-temporal expressions
5105 -- 5114Ivan Torres, Noé Hernández, Arturo Rodríguez, Gibran Fuentes, Luis Alberto Pineda. Reasoning with preferences in service robots

Volume 36, Issue 4

2973 -- 0. Special Section: Similarity, correlation and association measures - dedicated to the memory of Lotfi Zadeh, Guest Editors: Ildar Batyrshin, Valerie Cross, Vladik Kreinovich and Maria Rifqi
2975 -- 2976Ildar Z. Batyrshin, Valerie Cross, Vladik Kreinovich, Maria Rifqi. Special issue on Similarity, Correlation and Association Measures
2977 -- 3004Ildar Z. Batyrshin. Towards a general theory of similarity and association measures: Similarity, dissimilarity and correlation functions
3005 -- 3018Matthijs J. Warrens. Similarity measures for 2 × 2 tables
3019 -- 3032Wen-Ran Zhang. The road from fuzzy sets to definable causality and bipolar quantum intelligence - To the memory of Lotfi A. Zadeh
3033 -- 3043Gerald S. Plesniewicz. Inference and query answering over fuzzy Boolean extension of Allen's interval logic
3045 -- 3059B. Sathiya, T. V. Geetha. A review on semantic similarity measures for ontology
3061 -- 3072Hüseyin Kamaci. Similarity measure for soft matrices and its applications
3073 -- 3085Alexey B. Petrovsky. Metrics in multiset spaces
3087 -- 3094Hongbin Liu, Le Jiang. A multidistance based on generalized OWA operator and its application in power average operator
3095 -- 3104Omar López-Ortega, Félix Castro Espinoza. Fuzzy similarity metrics and their application to consensus reaching in group decision making
3105 -- 3117Veer Sain Dixit, Parul Jain. Proposed similarity measure using Bhattacharyya coefficient for context aware recommender system
3119 -- 3128Octavio Sánchez, Gerardo Sierra. Joint Sentiment Topic Model for objective text clustering
3129 -- 3141Ahmar Rashid, Muhammad Kamran, Zahid Halim. α-maximal cliques in uncertain graphs
3143 -- 3153Fei Li, Yueli Yue, Wei Yao. L-valued relations
3155 -- 3167Andrzej W. Przybyszewski. SI: SCA Measures - Fuzzy rough set features of cognitive computations in the visual system
3169 -- 3176Miguel de Jesús Martínez Felipe, Edgardo Manuel Felipe Riverón, Jesús Alberto Martínez-Castro, Oleksiy B. Pogrebnyak. Noisy image block matching based on dissimilarity measure in discrete cosine transform domain
3177 -- 3193Abul Hasnat, Dibyendu Barman. A proposed multi-image compression technique
3195 -- 3209Jiubing Liu, Xianzhong Zhou, Bing Huang, Huaxiong Li, Hengrong Ju. Combining similarity and divergence measures for intuitionistic fuzzy information clustering
3211 -- 3223Mohit Kumar. Evaluation of the intuitionistic fuzzy importance of attributes based on the correlation coefficient under weakest triangular norm and application to the hotel services
3225 -- 3234Boon Pin Ooi, Norasmadi Abdul Rahim, Ammar Zakaria, Maz Jamilah Masnan, Shazmin Aniza Abdul Shukor. Random subspace oracle (RSO) ensemble to solve small sample-sized classification problems
3235 -- 3247Qibin Zhang, Peng Wang, ZongHai Chen. Mobile robot pose estimation by qualitative scan matching with 2d range scans
3249 -- 3262Pitoyo Hartono, Thomas P. Trappenberg. Topographic representation adds robustness to supervised learning
3263 -- 3269Chunmei He, Yaqi Liu, Tong Yao, Fanhua Xu, Yanyun Hu, Jinhua Zheng. A fast learning algorithm based on extreme learning machine for regular fuzzy neural network
3271 -- 0. Regular Section
3273 -- 3287Yanhui Wang, Yiru Cui, Man Li, Shujun Wang. On identification method of key components of mechatronics system based on network model
3289 -- 3301Jianhang Yu, Yingqin Li, Minghao Chen, Biao Zhang 0004, Weihua Xu. Decision-theoretic rough set in lattice-valued decision information system
3303 -- 3315Tien-Loc Le. Intelligent fuzzy controller design for antilock braking systems
3317 -- 3331Duo-Jin Wang, Hongliu Yu, Jing Wu, Qingyun Meng, Qing-Lian Lin. Integrating fuzzy based QFD and AHP for the design and implementation of a hand training device
3333 -- 3343Hua Mao. Approximation operators for semiconcepts
3345 -- 3356P. Maria Jesi, A. Albert Raj. A neoteric approach for preserving infrastructure and nodes mobility through weight based clustering and distributed scheduling
3357 -- 3372Van Huy Pham, Kang-Hyun Jo, Van-Dung Hoang. Scalable local features and hybrid classifiers for improving action recognition
3373 -- 3383Kai Wang, Fu-Gui Shi. Many-valued convex structures induced by fuzzy inclusion orders
3385 -- 3401Mohammad Farhad Bulbul, Saiful Islam, Hazrat Ali. Human action recognition using MHI and SHI based GLAC features and Collaborative Representation Classifier
3403 -- 3412K. Sudha, N. Suguna. Anomaly analysis based on meta-subspace approach for sentiment classification
3413 -- 3422Tahair Rasham, Qasim Mahmood, Aqeel Shahzad, Abdullah Shoaib, Akbar Azam. Some fixed point results for two families of fuzzy A-dominated contractive mappings on closed ball
3423 -- 3438Xiaomin Zhu, Kaiyuan Bai, Jun Wang 0050, Runtong Zhang, Yuping Xing. Pythagorean fuzzy interaction power partitioned Bonferroni means with applications to multi-attribute group decision making
3439 -- 3445M. Aiyub, Ayhan Esi, N. Subramanian. Poisson Fibonacci binomial matrix on rough statistical convergence on triple sequences and its rate
3447 -- 3459Chih-Hong Lin. Backstepping control and revamped recurrent fuzzy neural network with mended ant colony optimization applied in SCRIM drive system
3461 -- 3470Nosheen Malik, Muhammad Shabir. A consensus model based on rough bipolar fuzzy approximations
3471 -- 3482Brijesh B. Mehta, Udai Pratap Rao, Ruchika Gupta, Mauro Conti. Towards privacy preserving unstructured big data publishing
3483 -- 3494Ugur Kadak, Mohammad Mursaleen, Syed Abdul Mohiuddine. Statistical weighted matrix summability of fuzzy mappings and associated approximation results
3495 -- 3512Nasim Tohidi, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hasheminejad. MOQAS: Multi-objective question answering system
3513 -- 3523Karim Baati, Tarek M. Hamdani, Adel M. Alimi, Ajith Abraham. A new possibilistic classifier for mixed categorical and numerical data based on a bi-module possibilistic estimation and the generalized minimum-based algorithm
3525 -- 3533Hifsi Altinok, Derya Deniz. f)-Statistical convergence for sequences of fuzzy numbers
3535 -- 3540Muhammed Çinar, Mikail Et. β in fuzzy normed linear spaces
3541 -- 3553Y. Harold Robinson, S. Balaji, E. Golden Julie. FPSOEE: Fuzzy-enabled particle swarm optimization-based energy-efficient algorithm in mobile ad-hoc networks
3555 -- 3566Ju-Mok Oh, Yong Chan Kim. Fuzzy transformations and fuzzy residuated connections
3567 -- 3577Maliha Rashid, Nayyar Mehmood, Sumbal Shaheen. Existence and uniqueness of approximate solutions to Cauchy problem of complex fuzzy differential equations
3579 -- 3590Muhammad Riaz, Bijan Davvaz, Atiqa Firdous, Atiqa Fakhar. Novel concepts of soft rough set topology with applications
3591 -- 3605Truong Vinh An, Ho Vu, Ngo Van Hoa. Hadamard-type fractional calculus for fuzzy functions and existence theory for fuzzy fractional functional integro-differential equations
3607 -- 3617Hongping Liu, Shuang Wang, Wenping Fan. Convexity on fuzzy partially ordered sets
3619 -- 3635Aliya Fahmi, Saleem Abdullah, Fazli Amin, Asad Ali 0004, Rehan Ahmad, Muhammad Shakeel. Trapezoidal cubic hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators and their application in group decision-making
3637 -- 3648Ömer Kisi. I2-λ¯-statistically convergence of double sequences in fuzzy normed spaces
3649 -- 3660Chengyu Liang, Fanghui Li, Jie Zhang. M)-fuzzy convex spaces
3661 -- 3670Vildan Çetkin. Parameterized degree of semi-precompactness in the fuzzy soft universe
3671 -- 3683Sonam Sharma, Surender Singh. On some generalized correlation coefficients of the fuzzy sets and fuzzy soft sets with application in cleanliness ranking of public health centres
3685 -- 3696Sana Habib, Faiz Muhammad Khan, Nie Yufeng. A new concept of possibility fuzzy soft ordered semigroups via its applications
3697 -- 3709Bijan Davvaz, Yong Chan Kim. L-preuniform convergence structures
3711 -- 3723Lin Zuo, Tangfan Xiahou, Yu Liu. Reliability assessment of systems subject to interval-valued probabilistic common cause failure by evidential networks
3725 -- 3738Totan Garai, Dipankar Chakraborty, Tapan Kumar Roy. Fully fuzzy inventory model with price-dependent demand and time varying holding cost under fuzzy decision variables
3739 -- 3749László T. Kóczy, Ojaras Purvinis, Dalia Susniene. Some considerations on data mining from questionnaires by constructing fuzzy signatures based on factor analysis
3751 -- 3764Zhicai Liu, José Carlos R. Alcantud, Keyun Qin, Zheng Pei. The relationship between soft sets and fuzzy sets and its application
3765 -- 3778Hassina Megherbi, Ahmed Chaouki Megherbi, Khier Benmahammed. On accommodating the semantic-based interpretability in evolutionary linguistic fuzzy controller
3779 -- 3790J. Jithish, Sriram Sankaran. A bio-inspired approach to secure networked control systems against adversarial delays
3791 -- 3800Maryam Joulaei, Mahnaz Mirbolouki, Hadi Bagherzadeh Valami. Classifying fuzzy flexible measures in data envelopment analysis
3801 -- 3824Peng Wang, Peide Liu. Some Maclaurin symmetric mean aggregation operators based on Schweizer-Sklar operations for intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and their application to decision making
3825 -- 3832Atiq-ur Rehmana, Samina Ashraf, Madiha Qayyum. New results on the measures of transitivity
3833 -- 3849Yuan Xu, Xiaopu Shang, Jun Wang 0050, Runtong Zhang, Weizi Li, Yuping Xing. A method to multi-attribute decision making with picture fuzzy information based on Muirhead mean
3851 -- 3856Cuiping Nie, Tao Nie, Hongxia Sun. The graph games with fuzzy characteristic functions
3857 -- 3867Dagmar Markechová, Beloslav Riecan. K-L Divergence, entropy and mutual information of experiments in the intuitionistic fuzzy case
3869 -- 3889Yanchang Chu, Peide Liu, Honggang Li. Multi-attribute group decision making method based on some trapezoid intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic Bonferroni mean aggregation operators
3891 -- 3901Lihe Guan. A heuristic algorithm of attribute reduction in incomplete ordered decision systems
3903 -- 3909Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad. Fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings with applications
3911 -- 3921Jing Zhao 0010, Xingqi Hua, Yucong Cao, Liangming Fan, Xingtai Mei, Zhengchao Xie. Design of an integrated controller for active suspension systems based on wheelbase preview and wavelet noise filter
3923 -- 3932Bijan Davvaz, Naeem Jan, Tahir Mahmood, Kifayat Ullah. th type with applications

Volume 36, Issue 3

1939 -- 1944Sabu M. Thampi, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy. Soft computing and intelligent systems: techniques and applications
1945 -- 1955Jesna Mohan, Madhu S. Nair. Domain independent static video summarization using sparse autoencoders and K-means clustering
1957 -- 1965Vysakh S. Mohan, R. Vinayakumar, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman. Deep rectified system for high-speed tracking in images
1967 -- 1975Suprit Bansod, Abhijeet Nandedkar. Transfer learning for video anomaly detection
1977 -- 1985Vineetha Vijayan, Elizabeth Sherly. Real time detection system of driver drowsiness based on representation learning using deep neural networks
1987 -- 1995Aiswarya S. Kumar, Jyothisha J. Nair. Pair wise training for stacked convolutional autoencoders using small scale images
1997 -- 2004S. Anubha Pearline, V. Sathiesh Kumar, S. Harini. A study on plant recognition using conventional image processing and deep learning approaches
2005 -- 2013S. Jagannathan, V. Sathiesh Kumar, D. Meganathan. Design and implementation of in-situ human-elephant conflict management system
2015 -- 2024Bejoy Abraham, Madhu S. Nair. Computer-aided grading of prostate cancer from MRI images using Convolutional Neural Networks
2025 -- 2032R. S. Jeena, A. Sukesh Kumar, K. Mahadevan. Stroke diagnosis from retinal fundus images using multi texture analysis
2033 -- 2042S. P. Abirami, G. Kousalya, R. Karthick. Identification and exploration of facial expression in children with ASD in a contact less environment
2043 -- 2054Sonal Navdeep Goyal, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. An improved local binary pattern based edge detection algorithm for noisy images
2055 -- 2065Zefree Lazarus Mayaluri, Supratim Gupta. Spectacle problem removal from facial images based on detail preserving filtering schemes
2067 -- 2073Naveen Varghese Jacob, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman. Effect of denoising on hyperspectral image classification using deep networks and kernel methods
2075 -- 2083Koshy George, S. Vishnukumar. A hybrid approach to generate visually seamless aerial mosaicks from unmanned aerial vehicles
2085 -- 2094K. K. Vamshi Durgam, Shanmugha Sundaram G. A.. Behavior of 3-axis conformal proximity sensor arrays for restraint-free, in-vehicle, deployable safety assistance
2095 -- 2106Preethi S. Nair, K. R. Rao, Madhu S. Nair. A machine learning approach for fast mode decision in HEVC intra prediction based on statistical features
2107 -- 2116Shriram K. Vasudevan, S. N. Abhishek, Vignesh Kumar, T. S. Aswin, Prashant R. Nair. An Innovative application for code generation of mathematical equations and problem solving
2117 -- 2124Veeramuthu Venkatesh, Pethuru Raj, K. Kannan, P. Balakrishnan. Precision centric framework for activity recognition using Dempster Shaffer theory and information fusion algorithm in smart environment
2125 -- 2135Parul Chopra, Shivangi Agarwal, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. Performance analysis of DWT and FMH in classifying hand motions using sEMG signals
2137 -- 2145Srinadh Reddy Bhavanam, Devi R. V. Sanjika, Sriram Mudulodu, Dhanesh G. Kurup. Information criteria based optimal structure identification of RF power amplifier models
2147 -- 2154P. Murali Krishna, R. Pradeep Reddy, Veena Narayanan, S. Lalitha, Deepa Gupta. Affective state recognition using audio cues
2155 -- 2163Mohammad Azharuddin Laskar, Rabul Hussain Laskar. Complementing the DTW based speaker verification systems with knowledge of specific regions of interest
2165 -- 2173S. P. Nangrani. State of art fractional order controller for power system stabilizer
2175 -- 2184Urvashi Chauhan, Asha Rani, Bhavnesh Kumar, Vijander Singh. A multi verse optimization based MPPT controller for drift avoidance in solar system
2185 -- 2194Arunesh Kumar Singh, Ibraheem Nasiruddin, Amit Kumar Sharma 0005, Abhinav Saxena. Modelling, analysis and control of an eddy current braking system using intelligent controllers
2195 -- 2205Himanshu Chhabra, Vijay Mohan, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. Trajectory tracking of Maryland manipulator using linguistic Lyapunov fuzzy controller
2207 -- 2218Chuya China Bhanja, Dipjyoti Bisharad, Rabul Hussain Laskar. Deep residual networks for pre-classification based Indian language identification
2219 -- 2227Vijay Sharma, Namita Mittal. Refined stop-words and morphological variants solutions applied to Hindi-English cross-lingual information retrieval
2229 -- 2240Nadeem Akhtar, M. M. Sufyan Beg. User graph topic model
2241 -- 2246C. Pragadeesh, Rohana Jeyaraj, K. Siranjeevi, R. Abishek, G. Jeyakumar. Hybrid feature selection using micro genetic algorithm on microarray gene expression data
2247 -- 2259Alok Kumar Shukla, Pradeep Singh, Manu Vardhan. A hybrid framework for optimal feature subset selection
2261 -- 2271Namrata Singh, Pradeep Singh. A novel Bagged Naïve Bayes-Decision Tree approach for multi-class classification problems
2273 -- 2284Bharti Panjwani, Vijay Mohan, Asha Rani, Vijander Singh. Optimal drug scheduling for cancer chemotherapy using two degree of freedom fractional order PID scheme
2285 -- 2295Husain Naser, Wasan S. Awad, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy. A multi-matching approximation algorithm for Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
2297 -- 2305V. S. Anusuya Ilamathi, J. Vimala, Bijan Davvaz. Multiset filters of residuated lattices and its application in medical diagnosis
2307 -- 2310AR. Pandipriya, J. Vimala, V. S. Anusuya Ilamathi. Morphisms on lattice ordered interval-valued hesitant fuzzy soft sets
2311 -- 2322Rajkumar Rajavel, Kanagachidambaresan Iyer, R. Maheswar, P. Jayarajan, R. Udaiyakumar. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy behavioral learning strategy for effective decision making in the fuzzy-based cloud service negotiation framework
2323 -- 2331S. Sabeena Begam, J. Vimala. Application of lattice ordered multi-fuzzy soft set in forecasting process
2333 -- 2344Santosh Kumar Majhi, Subho Bhatachharya, Rosy Pradhan, Shubhra Biswal. Fuzzy clustering using salp swarm algorithm for automobile insurance fraud detection
2345 -- 2354Anand K. Rajagopalan, C. K. Shyamala. A lightweight inter-zonal authentication protocol for moving objects in low powered RF systems
2355 -- 2366Surendar Madhawa, P. Balakrishnan, Umamakeswari Arumugam. Roll forward validation based decision tree classification for detecting data integrity attacks in industrial internet of things
2367 -- 2372Anjana P. Das, Sabu M. Thampi. Unsupervised anomaly detection in underwater acoustic sensor networks
2373 -- 2380Swati V. Kulkarni, Sudhir N. Dhage. Advanced credit score calculation using social media and machine learning
2381 -- 2386Roberto Casado-Vara, Juan M. Corchado. Distributed e-health wide-world accounting ledger via blockchain
2387 -- 2398Rahul Saxena, Monika Jain, D. P. Sharma, Siddharth Jaidka. A review on VANET routing protocols and proposing a parallelized genetic algorithm based heuristic modification to mobicast routing for real time message passing
2399 -- 2407Ashim Jyoti Gogoi, Hussain Ahmed Choudhury, Krishna Lal Baishnab. Swarm intelligence based optimization of energy consumption in cognitive radio network
2409 -- 2418Veervrat Singh Chandrawanshi, Rajiv Kumar Tripathi, Rahul Pachauri. An intelligent energy efficient clustering technique for multiple base stations positioning in a wireless sensor network
2419 -- 2429R. Ezhilarasie, A. Umamakeswari, Mandi Sushmanth Reddy, P. Balakrishnan. Grefenstette Bias based genetic algorithm for multi-site offloading using docker container in edge computing
2431 -- 2442Shanmuk Srinivas Amiripalli, Veeramallu Bobba. Impact of trimet graph optimization topology on scalable networks
2443 -- 2453Senthilkumar Mathi, Anshu Khatri, Maanasaa Sethuraman, P. N. Anbarasi. A secure and optimized location update for next generation proxy mobility based internet protocol networks
2457 -- 2464Yonghong Li, Jiang Li. The tree structure of a closed G-V fuzzy matroid
2465 -- 2480Chih-Min Lin, Tuan-Tu Huynh. Dynamic TOPSIS fuzzy cerebellar model articulation controller for magnetic levitation system
2481 -- 2494Prateek Pandey, Ratnesh Litoriya. An activity vigilance system for elderly based on fuzzy probability transformations
2495 -- 2509Meishe Liang, Ju-Sheng Mi, Tao Feng. Optimal granulation selection for similarity measure-based multigranulation intuitionistic fuzzy decision-theoretic rough sets
2511 -- 2525M. Sivarathinabala, S. Abirami. AGRS: Automated gait recognition system in smart environment
2527 -- 2544Amarnath R, G. S. Sindhushree, P. Nagabhushan, Mohammed Javed. Automatic localization and extraction of tables from handheld mobile-camera captured handwritten document images
2545 -- 2556Li Ma, Xuhui Cong. Social stability risk assessment of NIMBY major projects by OWA, matter-element, and cloud model
2557 -- 2569Vahid Karimi, Reza Mohseni. Intelligent target spectrum estimation based on OFDM signals for cognitive radar applications
2571 -- 2580Nabanita Konwar, Bijan Davvaz, Pradip Debnath. Results on generalized intuitionistic fuzzy hypergroupoids
2581 -- 2592Mehran Rahmani, Mohammad Habibur Rahman. An upper-limb exoskeleton robot control using a novel fast fuzzy sliding mode control
2593 -- 2603Zhengxin Li, Fengming Zhang, Feiping Nie, Hailin Li, Jian Wang. Speed up dynamic time warpingof multivariate time series
2605 -- 2613Somayeh Khademan, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, Young Bae Jun, Rajab Ali Borzooei. Fuzzy soft positive implicative hyper BCK-ideals in hyper BCK-algebras
2615 -- 2623Muhammad Aslam, Nasrullah Khan. A new variable control chart using neutrosophic interval method-an application to automobile industry
2625 -- 2630R. Ameri, M. Asghari-Larimi, N. Firouzkouhi. Fuzzy geometric spaces associated to fuzzy hyperrings
2631 -- 2643Jung Mi Ko, Yong Chan Kim. Bi-closure systems and bi-closure operators on generalized residuated lattices
2645 -- 2659Xuan-hua Xu, Xin Yang, Xiaohong Chen, Bingsheng Liu. Large group two-stage risk emergency decision-making method based on big data analysis of social media
2661 -- 2675Yi Liu, Ming Yu, Yang Yu, Mingyue Yin. Facial expression recognition based on weighted adaptive symmetric CBP-TOP
2677 -- 2690Hongmei Ju, Qiuling Hou, Ling Jing. Fuzzy and interval-valued fuzzy nonparallel support vector machine
2691 -- 2704A. M. Rajeswari, C. Deisy. Fuzzy logic based associative classifier for slow learners prediction
2705 -- 2713Kai Wang, Fu-Gui Shi. A natural method of constructing many-valued convex structures
2715 -- 2728Naela Rizvi, Dharavath Ramesh. FBQ-LA: Fuzzy based Q-Learning approach for elastic workloads in cloud environment
2729 -- 2741Faruk Karaaslan. Hesitant fuzzy graphs and their applications in decision making
2743 -- 2755Yue Liu, Fei Cai, Pengfei Ren, Zhizhou Gu. Item life cycle based collaborative filtering
2757 -- 2763Ahmed Mostafa Khalil, Sheng-Gang Li, Fei You, Sheng-quan Ma. More on "n-valued refined neutrosophic soft set theory"
2765 -- 2771Lvqing Bi, Songsong Dai, Bo Hu, Sizhao Li. Complex fuzzy arithmetic aggregation operators
2773 -- 2785Gang Wang, Feng Qin, Wen-Huang Li. Conditional distributivity for uni-nullnorms with continuous and Archimedean underlying t-norms and t-conorms
2787 -- 2792Zhen Wang, LeSheng Jin, Ronald R. Yager, Radko Mesiar, Martin Kalina, Jana Spirková, Surajit Borkotokey. Ordered Weighted Sum in infinite sequences environment with applications
2793 -- 2806Qinghua Zhang, Kaixuan Liu, Lin Feng. Research on rough equality and rough inclusion of sets in multi-granulation spaces
2807 -- 2816Niyaz Khorrami, Ali Salimi Shamloo, Behrouz Parsa Moghaddam. Nystrom method for solution of fredholm integral equations of the second kind under interval data
2817 -- 2827Intisar Al-Mejibli, Sura F. Ismail. Innovative lightweight encryption algorithm for real-time video
2829 -- 2844Shahzaib Ashraf, Saleem Abdullah, Tahir Mahmood, Fazal Ghani, Tariq Mahmood. Spherical fuzzy sets and their applications in multi-attribute decision making problems
2845 -- 2855Masume Khodsuz, Seyyedmeysam Seyyedbarzegar. The investigation of different pattern recognition performance as surge arrester fault classifier
2857 -- 2870Mahshid Javidsharifi, Taher Niknam, Jamshid Aghaei, Geev Mokryani, Panagiotis Papadopoulos. Multi-objective day-ahead scheduling of microgrids using modified grey wolf optimizer algorithm
2871 -- 2884Tien Anh Tran. A study of the energy efficiency management for bulk carriers considering navigation environmental impacts
2885 -- 2893Fanghui Li. A degree approach to separation axioms in M-fuzzifying convex spaces
2895 -- 2905Ming-Fu Hsu. Integrated multiple-attribute decision making and kernel-based mechanism for risk analysis and evaluation
2907 -- 2922Muhammad Bilal Kadri. Two-stage model free fuzzy adaptive controller for multiplicative disturbance rejection
2923 -- 2932Animesh Mahata, Sankar Prasad Mondal, Shariful Alam, Avishek Chakraborty, Sujit Kumar De, Adrijit Goswami. Mathematical model for diabetes in fuzzy environment with stability analysis
2933 -- 2945Mehdi Mohammadi, Soodabeh Soleymani, Taher Niknam, Turaj Amraee. Stochastic multi-objective distribution automation strategies from reliability enhancement point of view in the presence of plug in electric vehicles
2947 -- 2961Ehsan Pourjavad, René V. Mayorga. A comparative study on fuzzy programming approaches to design a sustainable supply chain under uncertainty
2963 -- 2972Nazan Çakmak Polat, Bekir Tanay. A completely new approach for the theory of Soft Groups and Soft Rings

Volume 36, Issue 2

841 -- 0Wen-Hsiang Hsieh. Special Issue on the 6th International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2017 (IMETI2017)
843 -- 850Jinhui Hou, Huanqiang Zeng, Lei Cai, Jianqing Zhu, Jing Chen 0001, Canhui Cai. Multi-task learning network for handwritten numeral recognition
851 -- 860Cheng-Shion Shieh. Digital fuzzy control based on ANFIS for boost converter: Digital redesign
861 -- 870Chun-Hui Wu, Ta-Cheng Chen, Yi-Chih Hsieh, Huei-Ling Tsao. A hybrid rule mining approach for cardiovascular disease detection in traditional Chinese medicine
871 -- 884Huan Wu, Tingdi Zhao, Jian Jiao, Zhiwei Chen. XML-based modeling method of phased-mission systems subject to probabilistic common cause failures
885 -- 895Cheng-Shion Shieh. Constant voltage/current with slowly rising control for high power DC-DC converter based on FPGA digital control
897 -- 910Yi-Cheng Huang, Shih-Wen Hsu, Ming-You Ma. Anticipatory iterative learning control for linear motor positioning accuracy by use of hybrid particle swarm optimization
911 -- 922You-Gang Sun, Jun-Qi Xu, Chen Chen, Guo-Bin Lin. ∞ robust control for magnetic levitation system of maglev vehicles based on T-S fuzzy model: Design and experiments
923 -- 933Woongsup Lee, Kang-Hwi Han, Hyeon Tae Kim, Heechul Choi, Younghwa Ham, Tae Won Ban. Prediction of average daily gain of swine based on machine learning
935 -- 942Xiu-lian Hu, Dan Liu. The research into screening crisis early warning indicators of supply chain quality based on fuzzy inference system
943 -- 953Chao Li, Yu Guo, Zhengming Xiao, Xing Wu, Tao Liu. Fault feature extraction of planet gear tooth crack based on impulsive feature enhancement by MOMEDA
955 -- 965James Anderson, Wonho Suh, Angshuman Guin, Michael Hunter, Michael O. Rodgers. Accounting for composite travel time distributions within a traffic stream in determining Level-of-Service
967 -- 983Jae-kang Lee, Jung Ok Kim, Seong-Jin Park. A study on the UAV image-based efficiency improvement of bridge maintenance and inspection
985 -- 998Bor-Jiunn Wen, Kai-Chen Syu, Chia Hung Kao. Dynamic proportional-fuzzy grip control for robot arm by two-dimensional vision sensing method
999 -- 1008Zsolt Csaba Johanyák. Fuzzy rule interpolation based model for student result prediction
1009 -- 1022Yao-Tang Chang, Yih-Chuan Lin, Wei-Hsiang Wang. Intelligent shuffling cryptography with dynamic AWG/switch matrix for video transmission in WDM-PON network
1023 -- 1032Kai Chain, Wen-Chung Kuo. A novel multisignature scheme based on chaotic maps
1033 -- 1039Yenming J. Chen, Wen-Hsien Ho. Evolutionary algorithm in adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for modeling growth of foodborne fungi
1041 -- 1048Pei-Chun Chen, Su-Han Hsu, Yenming J. Chen, Wen-Hsien Ho, Chun-Po Hsu. Risk assessment of urinary tract infections for patients receiving dapagliflozin
1049 -- 1055Yao-mei Chen, Wen-Hsien Ho, Yenming J. Chen, Kuan-Shan Chen, Wei-Hsiu Liu. Disease severity assessment and ordering of patients in ICU by using a Bayesian network
1057 -- 1072Sang-Ki Jeong, Hyeung-Sik Choi, Jin-Il Kang, Ji-Youn Oh, Seo-Kang Kim, Thieu Quang Minh Nhat. Design and control of navigation system for hybrid underwater glider
1073 -- 1081Jun-Jun Li, Bo-Wei Xu, Hua-Feng Wu. Modified quantum particle swarm optimization for translation control of immersed tunnel element with pontoons
1083 -- 1098Ching-Chang Wong, Hsuan-Ming Feng, Yu-Cheng Lai, Chia-Jun Yu. Ant Colony Optimization and image model-based robot manipulator system for pick-and-place tasks
1099 -- 1107Jing Zhao, Chih-Min Lin. Multidimensional classifier design using wavelet fuzzy brain emotional learning neural networks
1109 -- 1120Nan Pan, Lifeng Kan, Yi Liu, Wei Fu, Zhanwei Hou, Gang Li, Junbin Qian, Xiaodong Fu. Nonlinear tool traces fast tracing algorithm based on single point laser detection
1121 -- 1132Yung-Yao Chen, Chih-Hsien Hsia, Chiao-Wen Lu. Multiple exposure fusion based on sharpness-controllable fuzzy feedback
1133 -- 1142Ting-Lan Lin, Chien-Hui Chuang, Shih-Lun Chen, Nung-Hsiang Lin, Shaou-Gang Miaou, Szu-Yin Lin, Chiung-An Chen, Hui-wen Liu, Jocelyn Flores Villaverde. An efficient image processing methodology based on fuzzy decision for dental shade matching
1143 -- 1151Liu Jian, Jin Zequn, Zhang Rui, Liu Meiju, Gao Enyang. Key point location method for pedestrians in depth images based on deep learning
1153 -- 1160Qinghui Lai, Qingxu Yu, Jiayu Dong. Dynamic analysis of rotary tiller gearbox based on EDEM, ADAMS and ANSYS
1161 -- 1169Hao Li, Bin Pu, Yan Kang, Chen Yang Lu. Research on massive ECG data in XGBoost
1171 -- 1181Chih-Hsien Hsia, Chin-Hsiang Chien, Hao-Wei Hsu, Jen-Shiun Chiang, Hsien-Wei Tseng. Sports science: The correction of a sportsperson's pose using a knowledge-based method
1183 -- 1191Yan Kang, Hao Li, Chenyang Lu, Bin Pu. A transfer learning algorithm for automatic requirement model generation
1193 -- 1203Junbing Qian, Liping Bao, Nan Pan, Chuankun Ji. Analysis of the thrust disturbance control strategy of the permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
1205 -- 1214Guang-Qing Lu, Audrius Cereska, Giedrius Augustinavicius, Rimas Maskeliunas, Minvydas Ragulskis. Intelligent control and performance evaluation of a novel precise positioning stage
1215 -- 1230Yung-Chang Luo, Yu-Hsiang Chen. Sensorless air-gap field orientation controlled induction motor drive with constant torque and constant power operation mode
1231 -- 1244Ming-Sen Hu. The control system for plate type catalytic reduction performance analysis with automatic blending
1245 -- 1257Jian-Fu Weng, Kuo Lan Su. Development of a SLAM based automated guided vehicle
1259 -- 1271Ching-Chang Wong, Hua-Ching Chen, Chin-Tan Lee, Chien-Chung Wang, Hsuan-Ming Feng. High interactive sensory robot system design in the indoor autonomous services applications
1273 -- 1285Peng-Sheng You, Yi-Chih Hsieh. A heuristic approach to bicycle repositioning problems with dynamic pricing
1287 -- 1299Jhen-Tang Dai, Jih-Gau Juang. Mathematical modeling of hybrid intelligent system to longitudinal landing control design
1301 -- 1310Ta-Cheng Chen, Sheng-Chuan Wang, Chun-Hui Wu, Ke-wei Huang. Using two-phase evolutionary computation approach for nonlinear constrained signal detectors allocation problems
1311 -- 1321Wen-Chung Kuo, Chun-Cheng Wang, Shao-Hung Kuo, Lih-Chyau Wuu. Verifiable data hiding scheme with tamper detection
1323 -- 1331Hsi-Chiang Chou. Remote monitoring and control smart floor for detecting falls and wandering patterns in people with dementia
1335 -- 1352Ali Karasan, Cengiz Kahraman. A novel intuitionistic fuzzy DEMATEL - ANP - TOPSIS integrated methodology for freight village location selection
1353 -- 1360Fatemeh Zadehparizi, Shahrokh Jam. A new chaotic teaching learning based optimization for frequency reconfigurable antennas design
1361 -- 1373S. K. Gupta, D. Dangar, Izhar Ahmad, Suliman Al-Homidan. A fuzzy multiple objective nonlinear optimization problem and its duality results
1375 -- 1387Y. Dorfeshan, S. Meysam Mousavi. A group TOPSIS-COPRAS methodology with Pythagorean fuzzy sets considering weights of experts for project critical path problem
1389 -- 1400Beyza Ahlatçioglu Ozkok. Finding fuzzy optimal and approximate fuzzy optimal solution of fully fuzzy linear programming problems with trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
1401 -- 1415Zahraa Tarek, Mohammed AL-Rahmawy, Ahmed Tolba. Fog computing for optimized traffic control strategy
1417 -- 1429Weizhong Wang, Xinwang Liu, Jindong Qin. Risk priorization for failure modes with extended MULTIMOORA method under interval type-2 fuzzy environment
1431 -- 1441B. Santhi, G. R. Brindha. Multinomial Naïve Bayes using similarity based conditional probability
1443 -- 1454Roohallah Daneshpayeh, Arsham Borumand Saeid, Saeed Mirvakili. A representation for radicals in pseudo BL-algebras
1455 -- 1473Zhong Yuguang, Yang Fan, Liu Feng. Solving multi-objective fuzzy flexible job shop scheduling problem using MABC algorithm
1475 -- 1490Pei Wang, Dan Huang, Zhaowen Li. Uncertainty measurement based on information fusion of three-source datasets: A granular computing viewpoint
1491 -- 1504Ali Karasan, Eda Boltürk, Cengiz Kahraman. A novel neutrosophic CODAS method: Selection among wind energy plant locations
1505 -- 1519Leibao Zhang, Yanli Fan, Wenyu Zhang, Shuai Zhang 0002, Dejian Yu, Shuai Zhang. Measuring scientific prestige of papers with time-aware mutual reinforcement ranking model
1521 -- 1530Jinchao Ji, Yongbing Chen, Guozhong Feng, Xiaowei Zhao, Fei He 0003. Clustering mixed numeric and categorical data with artificial bee colony strategy
1531 -- 1545Shazia Kanwal, Akbar Azam. Bounded lattice fuzzy coincidence theorems with applications
1547 -- 1562Fazli Wahid, Ahmed Khalaf Zager Alsaedi, Rozaida Ghazali. Using improved firefly algorithm based on genetic algorithm crossover operator for solving optimization problems
1563 -- 1571Tapan Senapati, Young Bae Jun, Kar-Ping Shum. Cubic intuitionistic subalgebras and closed cubic intuitionistic ideals of B-algebras
1573 -- 1585María de Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor, Hiram Ponce, Miguel González-Mendoza. Fuzzy aggregation of similarity values for electronic health record interoperability
1587 -- 1597An Hoa Ton-That, Nhan T. Cao. Speech emotion recognition using a fuzzy approach
1599 -- 1614Jun Wang, Runtong Zhang, Xiaomin Zhu, Zhen Zhou, Xiaopu Shang, Weizi Li. Some q-rung orthopair fuzzy Muirhead means with their application to multi-attribute group decision making
1615 -- 1625Yi Xu, Shanzhong Hu. Extended rough set model based on modified data-driven valued tolerance relation
1627 -- 1637Ramón Perez, Carmen Vásquez, Amelec Viloria. An intelligent strategy for faults location in distribution networks with distributed generation
1639 -- 1645Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Hilman Wahyu Caesar Akbar. Developing an electronic glove based on fuzzy logic for mobile robot control
1647 -- 1661Kai-wen Shen, Jian-qiang Wang 0001, Tie-Li Wang. The arithmetic of multidimensional Z-number
1663 -- 1670Cuilian You, Ruili Zhang, Ke Su. On the convergence of fuzzy variables
1671 -- 1682N. Abbasizadeh, Bijan Davvaz. A new model of fuzzy topology: I-fuzzy topological polygroups
1683 -- 1690Muhammed Recai Türkmen, Erdinç Dündar. On lacunary statistical convergence of double sequences and some properties in fuzzy normed spaces
1691 -- 1703Huiming Duan, Yongzhi Liu, Di Wang, Leiyuhang He. Prediction of a multi-mode coupling model based on traffic flow tensor data
1705 -- 1714Yuan-Liang Han, Fu-Gui Shi. L-fuzzy convexity induced by L-convex fuzzy ideal degree
1715 -- 1725Wangwang Yu, Hui Zhang, Boquan Li. Priority degree method for hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets based on the G function
1727 -- 1741Nguyen-Trang Thao. An improved fuzzy time series forecasting model using the differential evolution algorithm
1743 -- 1757Hongzhan Ma, Xuening Chu, Yupeng Li. An integrated approach to identify function components for product redesign based on analysis of customer requirements and failure risk
1759 -- 1772Liwei Ren, Xiaojun Ban, Hao Ying. Feedback-linearization-based control of discrete-time quadratic TS fuzzy systems with disturbances
1773 -- 1783Masoumeh Zareapoor, Pourya Shamsolmoali, Jie Yang. Learning depth super-resolution by using multi-scale convolutional neural network
1785 -- 1796Hasan Barzegar Kelishami, Mohammad Ali Fariborzi Araghi, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Dynamical control of computations using the finite differences method to solve fuzzy boundary value problem
1797 -- 1808Jian Zhou, Linfeng Liu, Lijuan Sun, Fu Xiao. A multi-criteria decision-making method for hesitant fuzzy linguistic term set based on the cloud model and evidence theory
1809 -- 1822Yejun Xu, Xiaowei Wen, Ziqiang Zhang. Missing values estimation for incomplete uncertain linguistic preference relations and its application in group decision making
1823 -- 1836Monir Abdullah, Ebtsam A. Al-Muta'a, Maher Al-Sanabani. Integrated MOPSO algorithms for task scheduling in cloud computing
1837 -- 1854V. M. Panchade, Rajan H. Chile, Balasaheb M. Patre. Quasi continuous sliding mode control with fuzzy switching gain for an induction motor
1855 -- 1866N. Foroozesh, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Seyed Meysam Mousavi. An interval-valued fuzzy statistical group decision making approach with new evaluating indices for sustainable supplier selection problem
1867 -- 1877Basharat Hussain, Shah Nawaz, Muhammad Haroon Yousaf. Visual vehicle detection scheme on low-powered embedded GPU
1879 -- 1898Peide Liu, Hongxue Xu. Group decision making method based on hybrid aggregation operator for intuitionistic uncertain linguistic variables
1899 -- 1915Muhammad Shakeel, S. Abduulah, Muhammad Shahzad, Tahir Mahmood, N. Siddiqui. Averaging aggregation operators with pythagorean trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and their application to group decision making
1917 -- 1925Sk. Amanathulla, Sankar Sahoo, Madhumangal Pal. L (3, 1, 1)-labeling numbers of square of paths, complete graphs and complete bipartite graphs
1927 -- 1935Qi Liu, Fu-Gui Shi. M-fuzzifying median algebras and its induced convexities

Volume 36, Issue 1

1 -- 11Dong Qiu, Haihuan Jiang, Yan Yu. On computing generalized Hukuhara differences of Z-numbers
13 -- 27M. Jeyaram Bharathi, S. Velmurugan, N. Subramanian, R. Srikanth. λ- statistical convergence of weighted g(A)
29 -- 36Xiu Juan Hua. Fuzzy rough set based on lattice effect algebra
37 -- 45Deng Hui, Li Zhi. Multi-valued bisimulation quotienting algorithms
47 -- 65Aditi Khanra, Tandra Pal, Manas Kumar Maiti, Manoranjan Maiti. Multi-objective four dimensional imprecise TSP solved with a hybrid multi-objective ant colony optimization-genetic algorithm with diversity
67 -- 78S. Kanagamalliga, S. Vasuki. An efficient algorithm for tracking and counting pedestrians based on feature points in video surveillance applications
79 -- 89Fan-Hong Chen, Yu Zhong, Fu-Gui Shi. M-fuzzifying derived spaces
91 -- 100Joanna Jedrzejowicz, Piotr Jedrzejowicz. Gene Expression Programming as a data classification tool. A review
101 -- 115Harish Garg. A novel divergence measure and its based TOPSIS method for multi criteria decision-making under single-valued neutrosophic environment
117 -- 126Jiucheng Xu, Yun Wang, Huiyu Mu, Fangzhou Huang. Feature genes selection based on fuzzy neighborhood conditional entropy
127 -- 137Cheng-Guo E, Quan-Lin Li, Shiyong Li. Cooperative game in parallel service systems with nonexponential service times
139 -- 147Sinem Tarsuslu, Gökhan Çuvalcioglu. (T, S) - Intuitionistic fuzzy algebras
149 -- 160Xingang Wang, Yushui Geng, Peipei Yao, Mengjie Yang. Multiple attribute group decision making approach based on extended VIKOR and linguistic neutrosophic Set
161 -- 172Amin Mahmoudi, Sifeng Liu, Saad Ahmed Javed, Mehdi Abbasi. A novel method for solving linear programming with grey parameters
173 -- 188Abdul Mannan, Kashif Javed, Atta-ur-Rehman, Serosh Karim Noon, Haroon Atique Babri. Optimized segmentation and multiscale emphasized feature extraction for traffic sign detection and recognition
189 -- 198Nguyen Xuan Thao, Mumtaz Ali, Florentin Smarandache. An intuitionistic fuzzy clustering algorithm based on a new correlation coefficient with application in medical diagnosis
199 -- 211Jing Zheng, Ying-Ming Wang, Lei Chen, Kai Zhang. A new case retrieval method based on double frontiers data envelopment analysis
213 -- 218Cuilian You, Yangyang Hao, Ke Su. Stability in credibility for fuzzy differential equation
219 -- 230Yong Liu, Ting Zhou. A dynamic group grey target decision approach with group negotiation and Orness measure constraint
231 -- 239Faruk Karaaslan. *-groupoids and AG-bands under SI-product operation
241 -- 251Rong Gao, Hamed Ahmadzade, Mojtaba Esfahani. Covariance and Pseudo-Covariance of Complex Uncertain Variables
253 -- 269Naeem Jan, Lemnaouar Zedam, Tahir Mahmood, Kifayat Ullah, Zeeshan Ali. Multiple attribute decision making method under linguistic cubic information
271 -- 282Jing Zheng, Ying-Ming Wang, Yang Lin, Kai Zhang. Hybrid multi-attribute case retrieval method based on intuitionistic fuzzy and evidence reasoning
283 -- 294Hui Li 0006, Bin Zhao. On distributivity equations of implications over overlap functions and contrapositive symmetry equations of implications
295 -- 307Muhammad Gulistan, Ismat Beg, Naveed Yaqoob. A new approach in decision making problems under the environment of neutrosophic cubic soft matrices
309 -- 324Muhammad Shakeel, Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Shahzad, Fazli Amin, Tahir Mahmood, N. Amin. Pythagorean trapezoidal fuzzy geometric aggregation operators based on Einstein operations and their application in group decision making
325 -- 335Aurang Zeb, Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan, Muhammad Ibrar. Approaches to multi-attribute decision making with risk preference under extended Pythagorean fuzzy environment
337 -- 352Fatma Kutlu Gündogdu, Cengiz Kahraman. Spherical fuzzy sets and spherical fuzzy TOPSIS method
353 -- 369Yujie Gu, Qingwei Hao, Jie Shen, Xiang Zhang, Liying Yu. Calculation formulas and correlation inequalities for variance bounds and semi-variances of fuzzy intervals
371 -- 383Jianping Fan, Jinrong Lan, Jing Zhang, Zhan Wang, Meiqin Wu. A novel cross-efficiency evaluation method under hesitant fuzzy environment
385 -- 396Zhen-Yu Xiu, Qing-Guo Li. Relations among (L, M)-fuzzy convex structures, (L, M)-fuzzy closure systems and (L, M)-fuzzy Alexandrov topologies in a degree sense
397 -- 411Muhammad Abulaish, Anjali Jahiruddin b Bhardwaj. OMCR: An Opinion-Based Multi-Criteria Ranking Approach
413 -- 421Duojie Jia-hua, Haidong Zhang, Yanping He. Possibility Pythagorean fuzzy soft set and its application
423 -- 433Nguyen Dinh Phu, Nguyen Nhut Hung, Nguyen Hoang Giang. Global existence and uniqueness of the solution to the impulsive interval-valued differential equations under generalized Hukuhara differentiability
435 -- 448Xiaoqiang Zhang, Lin Li, Scott Le Vine, Xiaobo Liu. An integrated pricing/planning strategy to optimize passenger rail service with uncertain demand
449 -- 465Muhammad Akram, Fariha Zafar. A new approach to compute measures of connectivity in rough fuzzy network models
467 -- 472Ugur Ulusu, Erdinç Dündar. Asymptotically lacunary I2-invariant equivalence
473 -- 486Min Qi, Zhanpeng Yang, Wenjuan Ren, Hongqi Wang. Lorentzian knowledge measures for atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets
487 -- 504Xinshang You, Qing Yang. An aggregating method to big group decision-making problem for the public participation problem under the Chinese situation
505 -- 515Sichun Wang. Measures of uncertainty for an approximation space
517 -- 526Naveed Yaqoob. Approximations in left almost polygroups
527 -- 539Tomasz Górecki, Maciej Luczak. The influence of the Sakoe-Chiba band size on time series classification
541 -- 556Mohammed Javed, P. Nagabhushan, Bidyut B. Chaudhuri, Satish K. Singh. Edge based enhancement of retinal images using an efficient JPEG-compressed domain technique
557 -- 574Peide Liu, Guolin Tang. Some generalized Shapely interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy uncertain linguistic Choquet geometric operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
575 -- 581Ling Chen, Zhen Chen. Decomposition theorem of fuzzy tensors and its applications
583 -- 594Rodolfo García-Rodríguez, Vicente Parra-Vega. Pose regulation of a constrained circular object using Echo State Networks
595 -- 607Faisal Khan, Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan, Muhammad Shahzad, Saleem Abdullah. Pythagorean cubic fuzzy aggregation operators and their application to multi-criteria decision making problems
609 -- 624Hua Ke, Shiwei Chai, Rong Cheng. Selling or sharing: Business model selection problem for an automobile manufacturer with uncertain information
625 -- 635Quanyu Ding, Ying-Ming Wang. Intuitionistic fuzzy TOPSIS multi-attribute decision making method based on revised scoring function and entropy weight method
637 -- 647Nguyen Dinh Phu, Truong Vinh An, Nguyen Nhut Hung. Weakly contractive mappings in partially ordered metric space and solutions of delay interval-valued differential equations under generalized Hukuhara differentiability
649 -- 660Wenhua Cui, Jun Ye 0001, Lilian Shi. Linguistic neutrosophic uncertain numbers and their multiple attribute group decision-making method
661 -- 674Atiyeh Mashhadi Gholam, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Numerical solution of two-dimensional nonlinear fuzzy Fredholm integral equations via quadrature iterative method
675 -- 688A. T. Vijayan, S. Ashok. Comparative study on the performance of neural networks for prediction in assisting visual servoing
689 -- 707Jifa Guo, Zhongliang Wang, Yanyan Duan. A fuzzy semantic spatial partitioning model of regions and applications in understanding remote sensing data
709 -- 718Baohua Liang, Lin Wang, Yong Liu. Attribute reduction based on improved information entropy
719 -- 730Xiangqian Feng, Qi Liu, Cuiping Wei. Probabilistic linguistic QUALIFLEX approach with possibility degree comparison
731 -- 745Yao Wu, Daojin Yao, Xiaohui Xiao, Zhao Guo. Intelligent controller for passivity-based biped robot using deep Q network
747 -- 760Akansha Anuradha a Singh, Gaurav Gupta. ANT_FDCSM: A novel fuzzy rule miner derived from ant colony meta-heuristic for diagnosis of diabetic patients
761 -- 773Gui Ping Wang, Jian Xi Yang. SKICA: A feature extraction algorithm based on supervised ICA with kernel for anomaly detection
775 -- 786Haodong Yang, Jun Zhang, Shuohao Li, Tingjin Luo. Bi-direction hierarchical LSTM with spatial-temporal attention for action recognition
787 -- 803A. Ghareeb, Wadei F. Al-Omeri. New degrees for functions in (L, M)-fuzzy topological spaces based on (L, M)-fuzzy semiopen and (L, M)-fuzzy preopen operators
805 -- 818Arsham Borumand Saeid, Florentin Smarandache. Single-valued neutrosophic filters in EQ-algebras
819 -- 828Hao Guan, Zhiyong An. Coupling one-shot learning and online discriminative learning for robust object tracking
829 -- 838Hongzhou Wang. Existence of solutions to boundary value problem for second order fuzzy differential equations