Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 38, Issue 6

6739 -- 0. Special section: Cross-domain Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning, Guest editors: Ekaterina Isaeva and Álvaro Rocha
6741 -- 6743Ekaterina Isaeva, Álvaro Rocha. Cross-domain applications of fuzzy logic and machine learning
6745 -- 6754Jianzhong Wang, Yashuo Gao, Jian Jin. Influence of sample length on gray fuzzy prediction performance
6755 -- 6763Chongwen Sun, Chunyan Zhang, Guocai Li, Shi Zhao. Rough set-based evaluation of academic entrepreneurial performance of university teachers
6765 -- 6775Yuanjian Qin, Jie Yang. Influence of the configuration effect of environment and organization factors on the innovation of information technology enterprises - Qualitative comparative analysis based on fuzzy set
6777 -- 6784Jieming Liu, Yingxiang Hu, Fan Wang. A model for evaluating the influence factors in trademark infringement based on fuzzy analytical hierarchy process
6785 -- 6793Sishi Liu, Ding Ma. Risk evaluation of intellectual property pledge financing based on fuzzy analytical network process
6795 -- 6803Yiqi Zhao, Yuanjian Qin, Xianfeng Zhao, Leilei Shi. Impact of altruistic motivation perception on corporate hypocrisy: A study based on fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis
6805 -- 6814Junshu Du, Shaofeng Peng, Jisheng Peng. Research on technology innovation risk evaluation of high-tech enterprises based on fuzzy evaluation
6815 -- 6823Liming Bo, Shidan Cheng, Danni Li. Establishment and application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of green building design based on data mining
6825 -- 6832Kanhua Yu, Yalun Wang, Wei Zhao. Safety evaluation system of urban traffic network based on topological genetic algorithm
6833 -- 6841Fumeng Gao. Establishment of college English teachers' teaching ability evaluation based on Clementine data mining
6843 -- 6852Weiwei Guo. Effectiveness evaluation of the ecological responsibility of resource-oriented enterprises based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets-TOPSIS
6853 -- 6861Depeng Li, Renyong Hou, Qian Sun. The business performance evaluation index method for the high-tech enterprises based on the DEA model
6863 -- 6871Xinyao Guo, Bin Meng, Yawei Liu, Na Lu, Shuai Fu, Qingmin Si. A human error mechanism for pilot based on fault tree analysis and Bayesian network
6873 -- 6882Ling Ding, Shui Yu, Li Li. Research trends of cultural identity of mongol nationality based on mapping knowledge domain and visualization
6883 -- 6893Xiong Zhuang. Intelligent simulation of enterprise re-innovation support system based on system dynamics
6895 -- 6903Xuewei Zhang. A method to measure the efficiency of industry finance integration of manufacturing enterprises based on SFA model
6905 -- 6909Lei Fang, Xiangchun Guo. The impact of technological innovation on the development of intelligent industry system: Evidence from henan, china
6911 -- 6915Yafeng Feng. An evaluation method of PE classroom teaching quality in colleges and universities based on grey system theory
6917 -- 6926Xujun Ma, Xianguo Yan, Yingxia Guo. Robust design for quality characteristics of mechanical processing products based on algorithm decision-making
6927 -- 6935Yuliang Liu, Canhua Kang, Zongyi Yin. Construction of interpretive structure modeling for the influencing factors of emergency industry development
6937 -- 6946Yuanqi Zhang, Fang Su. Investment compensation mechanism for affordable housing construction project based on decision function
6947 -- 6956Shengxin Fang, Aimin Wang. Measurement of corporate social responsibility of automobile enterprises based on AHP-GRA model
6957 -- 6969Yu Zhang. Food safety risk intelligence early warning based on support vector machine
6971 -- 6978Yunchao Du, Ruikai Huang. Research on the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical listed companies based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
6979 -- 6990Mingwei Li, Lin Li. Intelligent transportation system in China: The optimal evaluation period of transportation's application performance
6991 -- 6999Xue Ge, Jiaqi Yang, Haiyan Wang, Wanqing Shao. A fuzzy-TOPSIS approach to enhance emergency logistics supply chain resilience
7001 -- 7007Yunchao Du, Luyi Shi. Research on financing risk of mining enterprises based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
7009 -- 7025Fengju Xu, Lina Ma, Najaf Iqbal. Interaction mechanism between sustainable innovation capability and capital stock: Based on PVAR model
7027 -- 7032Wanqing Shao. Evaluation of international port city based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
7033 -- 7040Bin Xiong. Evaluation of capital input and output efficiency of China's ai enterprises based on DEA model
7041 -- 7052Quan Zhang, Renyan Mu, Yue Hu, Lu Zhang, Xiao Yu. The influence mechanism of organizational slack on CSR from the perspective of property heterogeneity: Evidence from China's intelligent manufacturing
7053 -- 7059Pengfei Zhang, Guoxin Liu, Feng Zhang. Evaluation of interorganizational collaboration effectiveness in distributed innovation networks based on fuzzy-AHP
7061 -- 7065Jie Han, Zhihong Tian. The effect of trade creation in China-Asean free trade area based on the gravity model
7067 -- 7072Fei Zhai. The evaluation to the social responsibility consciousness of the college students based on AHP-fuzzy model
7073 -- 7081Jing Wang, Xiaobo Tang, Qian Huang. Research on intelligent extraction of literature knowledge for the risk factors of chronic diseases
7083 -- 7094Jian Wu, Qiuju Feng. Recommendation system design for college network education based on deep learning and fuzzy uncertainty
7095 -- 7106Hongxia Wen. Intelligent English translation mobile platform and recognition system based on support vector machine
7107 -- 7117Daming Li 0001, Lianbing Deng, Zhiming Cai, Cai Kaicheng. Design of intelligent community security system based on visual tracking and large data natural language processing technology
7119 -- 7131Hongjie Lin. Enterprise ERP system optimization based on deep learning and dynamic fuzzy model
7133 -- 7143Mengyao Xu, Qian Wu. Analysis of news transmission mode based on fuzzy data classification and neural network simulation
7145 -- 7154Sheng Dong. Intelligent English teaching prediction system based on SVM and heterogeneous multimodal target recognition
7155 -- 7165Jun Ye. Modeling of performance evaluation of educational information based on big data deep learning and cloud platform
7167 -- 7177Lixin Yan. Application of face expression recognition technology in skilled unsupervised course based on ultra-wide regression network
7179 -- 7190Jingyue Chen, Qing Chen. Application of deep learning and BP neural network sorting algorithm in financial news network communication
7191 -- 7202Zijiang Hu. Statistical optimization of supply chain financial credit based on deep learning and fuzzy algorithm
7203 -- 7214Yanyan Xu, Jiafu Cheng, Songlin Chen. Neural network model analysis of consumption expenditure prediction of urban and rural residents based on Lasso regression analysis
7215 -- 7228Aiqun Wang, Yaona Liu. Intelligent financial management of company based on neural network and fuzzy volatility evaluation
7229 -- 7240Hongfeng Cui. Information network security construction based on depth learning and modulus algorithm
7241 -- 7251Xiaofeng Du. Application of deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithm in multimedia music teaching
7253 -- 7265Han Yi. Educational resource online evaluation system based on neural network dynamic feedback algorithm
7267 -- 7277Xuhua Kang, Yuzheng Zhang, Huwei Zhang, Shenzhao Li, Wenjing Gao. Research on neural network model for new energy industry economy based on particle swarm optimization
7279 -- 7290Shufen Liang, Chen Chen, Guanhua Zou. Intelligent driving system of robot based on computer vision and neural network algorithm
7291 -- 7302Mo Wanni. Research on English grammar recognition system based on combination of genetic algorithm and KNN algorithm
7303 -- 7314Ren Bo, Meng Ming, L. I. Guangguo, Liu Ping. Action recognition model of athletes at the scene of the game based on SVM and multitarget tracking algorithm
7315 -- 7327Tuo Anxie, Li-Bing. Application of deep learning and artificial intelligence in the psychological mechanism of language activity
7329 -- 7339Wang Hong, Yue Peng. Delay control system of intelligent traffic scheduling based on deep learning and fuzzy control
7341 -- 7350Qianli Xiong. Research on English spoken semantic recognition machine learning model based on neural network and statistics fusion
7351 -- 7363Yi Yang. Smart community security monitoring based on artificial intelligence and improved machine learning algorithm
7365 -- 7375Bin Zhang. Regional enterprise economic development dimensions based on k-means cluster analysis and nearest neighbor discriminant
7377 -- 7387Hui Zhang. Research on spoken English analysis model based on transfer learning and machine learning algorithms
7389 -- 0. Special section: Information Sciences and Data Transmission of Data, Guest editor: Juan Luis García Guirao
7391 -- 7406Zulqurnain Sabir, Fazli Amin, Daniel Pohl, Juan Luis García Guirao. Intelligence computing approach for solving second order system of Emden-Fowler model
7407 -- 7416Hua Meng, Weixin Wang. Definition method for carbon footprint of iron and steel energy supply chain based on relational dispersed degree
7417 -- 7426Ping Wang. Stability detection of building concrete structure based on discrete element method
7427 -- 7436Meixiang La. The balance of ecological and economic benefits of sea-buckthorn
7437 -- 7448Chang-an Ren, Qingyun Luo, Jinguo Zhao, Yinzhen Huang. Agricultural information resource scheduling algorithm based on firefly algorithm in cloud computing
7449 -- 7459Guang Yue, Yutian Pan. Intelligent control system of agricultural unmanned tractor tillage trajectory
7461 -- 7473Xiangrong Huang, Ruhe Xie, Lijuan Huang. Real-time emergency management mode of cold chain logistics for agricultural products under the background of "Internet+"
7475 -- 7485Haiming Liu. Control of automatic seeding robot based on basketball movement capture
7487 -- 7495Jianhu Gong. Plaintext recovery attack on 3DES algorithm with different byte keys
7497 -- 7508Jingjing Li. Discrete element simulation of coupled vibration of high speed railway track under load
7509 -- 7520Ning Tang. False paratactic constructions and symbolic discreteness in the activation diffusion model
7521 -- 7529Yuebin Zhou, Jianlong Xu. IoT perception layer scheduling deadlock relieving optimization method
7531 -- 7539Hanqing Hu, Yu Ma, Sijian Wu. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation on high-quality development of China's rural economy based on entropy weight
7541 -- 7551Liang Ma, Jinan Gu, Tareq Saeed. Mechanical property test of OLED bending area based on discrete element method
7553 -- 7562Junming Hu, Yanru Zhang, Gang Xu, Zhiqiang Zhang. Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic performance of biomimetic flapping foils based on the RANS method
7563 -- 7573Di Zhao. A detection method for DC power disturbance data of charging pile based on linear algebra
7575 -- 7584Jinghong Li, Qiang Wang. Control system of trajectory tracking of discretely-actuated manipulator based on computed torque method
7585 -- 7594Weiqing Yu, Zhichao Huang, Chengping Zhong, Juping Liu, Zhensong Yuan. Method of suppressing torsional vibration noise of automobile drive-train system based on discrete wavelet
7595 -- 7608Qiang Liu, Zhifeng Lian, Yu Guo. Empirical analysis of organizational quality defect management enabling factors identification based on SMT, interval-valued hesitant fuzzy set ELECTRE and QRA methods
7609 -- 7622Qiang Liu, Zhifeng Lian, Yu Guo, Feixue Yang. Intuitively fuzzy multi-attribute group decision making of organizational quality specificity immune evolution ability based on evidential reasoning
7623 -- 7637Hui Wang, Zijian Cao, Bo Hong. A network intrusion detection system based on convolutional neural network
7639 -- 7650Qianru Yang, Shouming Cheng, Bo Zhou. Monitoring study on vertical bearing capacity of pile foundation in soft rock of lhasa human settlements
7651 -- 7660Peixin Qiao, Ying Hou. Application of discrete fruit fly algorithm in enhancement of wireless sensor node coverage
7661 -- 7669QingHong Zhou. Singular point region enhancement of fingerprint image based on symmetric phase consistency
7671 -- 7682Chenxiao Tian, Baoshuai Zhang, Jun Duan. Based on Copula-CoVaR model of risk spillover effect of oil markets and other commodity markets
7683 -- 7692Pengcheng Wei, Chengxiang Shi, Fangcheng He. Simulation on static detection of malicious code based on behavior information gain
7693 -- 7703Yufeng Ou. Dynamic tracking method for multi-frame moving target based on symmetry algorithm
7705 -- 7714Xiaodong Liu, Jinlu Xie. Methods of detection by single camera for target pose in visual sorting
7715 -- 7724Yu Song. Application of symmetry algorithm in energy optimal allocation of wireless sensor networks
7725 -- 7732Lei Wang, Mengwei Wu, Xueqi Xu, Wenqi Fan. The diffusion of intelligent manufacturing applications based SIR model
7733 -- 7741Kaiyong Li, Ying Ma. Automatic detection and precise location of texture image defect based on ambiguity resolution algorithm
7743 -- 7754Yuan Zhang, Yanping Zhang, Runmei Zhang. Text information classification method based on secondly fuzzy clustering algorithm
7755 -- 7766Lingfang Wu. Design of data transmission system for 3D laser scanning of liquefied gas railway tanker based on fuzzy algorithm
7767 -- 7778Ling Xu. Data evaluation method for ceramic 3D printing samples based on fuzzy algorithm
7779 -- 7785Zefang He, Zixue Guo, Peng Lin, Fengxuan Song. A method for interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute decision making based on fuzzy entropy
7787 -- 7793Xiangtian Nie, Tianyu Fan, Bo Wang, Han Wu. Optimization of operation safety risk indicator based on grey relational and sensitivity analysis of the south-to-north water diversion project
7795 -- 7801Wei Wang, Guanghui Cai, Junjuan Hu. A general threshold GARCH process with volatility asymmetry
7803 -- 7811Zheng Ye, Qi Tai Song Shen. Structural equation modeling of the intelligent manufacturing entrepreneurship's network characteristics
7813 -- 7824Kui Yi, Lixia Yu, Lihong Lu. Research on the weight calculation of social benefit evaluation of Chinese film and TV enterprises based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
7825 -- 7835Ye Zhang, Qiang Hao, Guoqiang Cai, Chen Yang. Vehicle recognition model for complex scenarios based on human memory mechanism
7837 -- 7847Guangrong Li, Jinxiu Yang, Ying Huang. Supply chain finance credit risk evolving intelligent analysis system based on system dynamic model
7849 -- 7856Rong Liu, Huajun Li. Intelligent logistics service combination algorithm based on Internet of Things
7857 -- 7864Fen Yang, Guangsheng Guo. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of innovation capability of Chinese national high-tech zone based on entropy weight - taking the northern coastal comprehensive economic zone as an example
7865 -- 7874Deping Zhang, Liangbo Sun, Xuejin Yang, Beihai Wang, Luan Wang. Control method of wheel slip rate based on fuzzy algorithm
7875 -- 7892Hui Zhang, Chenghu Ke, Na Zhi, Yuan Cheng. Compound control method for overcoming transmission delay impact on networked control inverter for AC microgrid
7893 -- 7902Tianqi Wang, Changjie Zhou, Hui Yu, Yi Sun, Xuemei Xie, Chuanchang Liu. Analysis and improvement of image segmentation algorithm based on fuzzy edge compensation
7903 -- 7914Hui Cao. Big data attribute selection method in distributed network fault diagnosis database
7915 -- 7923Jing Lin. Artificial intelligence control algorithm for steering motion of wheeled soccer robot
7925 -- 7934Jingbo Wang. 3D martial arts image classification algorithm based on symmetry theory
7935 -- 7944Yu Wang. Data stable aggregation algorithm based on fuzzy algorithm in cloud computing
7945 -- 7952Shibo Zhang, Yuanlan Yu, Boyuan Zhang, Yun Sha. Summarization for online reviews based on hierarchical attention network

Volume 38, Issue 5

5317 -- 0. Special section: Fuzzy Systems in Management and Information Science, Guest editors: José M. Merigó, Salvador Linares-Mustaros and Joan Carles Ferrer-Comalat
5319 -- 5322José M. Merigó, Salvador Linares-Mustarós, Joan Carles Ferrer-Comalat. Fuzzy systems in management and information science
5323 -- 5331Javier Reig-Mullor, José M. Brotons Martínez, Manuel E. Sansalvador Selles. A novel approach to improve the bank ranking process: an empirical study in Spain
5333 -- 5342Joan Carles Ferrer-Comalat, Dolors Corominas Coll, Salvador Linares-Mustarós. Fuzzy logic in economic models
5343 -- 5353Antoni Socias Salvà, Carolina Nicolas, Patricia Horrach Rosselló, Carles Mulet Forteza. Forgotten effects of worth-creating activities in hybrid business management models in non-profit organizations
5355 -- 5367Victor Gerardo Alfaro-Garcia, José M. Merigó, Gerardo G. Alfaro Calderón, Leobardo Plata-Perez, Anna Maria Gil Lafuente, Enrique Herrera-Viedma. A citation analysis of fuzzy research by universities and countries
5369 -- 5378Mayer R. Cabrera-Flores, Marta Peris-Ortiz, Alicia León-Pozo. Knowledge, innovation, and outcomes in craft beer: Theoretical framework and fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis
5379 -- 5389Carles López, Salvador Linares-Mustarós, Josep Viñas. The use of fuzzy mathematical tools for local public services outsourcing according to typology
5391 -- 5404Ferran Herraiz-Faixó, Francisco-Javier Arroyo-Cañada, María Pilar López-Jurado, Ana M. Lauroba-Pérez. Digital and programmable economy applications: A smart cities congestion case by fuzzy sets
5405 -- 5412Carolina Nicolas, Julio Rojas-Mora, Leslier M. Valenzuela-Fernández. Causal relationships between economic activity and the mining industry in Chile
5413 -- 5425Jaime Alexander López-Guauque, Anna Maria Gil Lafuente. Fifty years of fuzzy research: A bibliometric analysis and a long-term comparative overview
5427 -- 5439Keivan Amirbagheri, José M. Merigó, Laura Guitart Tarrés, Ana Núñez-Carballosa. OWA operators in the calculation of the average green-house gases emissions
5441 -- 5453Gustavo Zurita, José M. Merigó, Valeria Lobos-Ossandón, Carles Mulet Forteza. Bibliometrics in computer science: An institution ranking
5455 -- 5462L. Otero-González, D. Ibragimova, O. Martorell Cunil, L. I. Rodríguez Gil. Early warning models for European banks
5463 -- 5474Christian A. Cancino, José Guimón de Ros, Juan C. Salazar-Elena, Ariel I. La Paz. The most influential journals and authors in digital business research
5475 -- 5487Pau Vicedo, Hermenegildo Gil Gómez, Raúl Oltra-Badenes, Vicente Guerola-Navarro. A bibliometric overview of how critical success factors influence on enterprise resource planning implementations
5489 -- 5495Glòria M. Barberà-Mariné, Laura Fabregat-Aibar, M. Teresa Sorrosal-Forradellas, Antonio Terceño Gómez. Classifying Spanish mutual funds according to their survival capacity using SOM
5497 -- 5507Jessica Pesantez-Narvaez, Montserrat Guillen. Penalized logistic regression to improve predictive capacity of rare events in surveys
5509 -- 5520Martha Flores-Sosa, Ezequiel Avilés-Ochoa, José M. Merigó. Induced OWA operators in linear regression
5521 -- 5528Juan C. Salazar-Elena, Asunción López, José Guimón de Ros, Christian A. Cancino. Sincerity is a dangerous thing: On how appropriability regimes shape innovation strategies
5529 -- 5535Gary Reyes, Laura Lanzarini, Waldo Hasperué, Aurelio Fernández Bariviera. GPS trajectory clustering method for decision making on intelligent transportation systems
5537 -- 5551Maria Alejandra Pineda-Escobar, José M. Merigó. A bibliometric analysis of the Base/Bottom of the Pyramid research
5553 -- 5563Núria Arimany Serrat, Àngels Farreras-Noguer. A comparison of the wine sectors in Catalonia, La Rioja, Languedoc-Roussillon and Emilia-Romagna
5565 -- 5577Emilio Mauleón-Méndez, Juanabel Genovart-Balaguer, Onofre Martorell Cunill, Carles Mulet Forteza. Tourism research: A bibliometric and country analysis
5579 -- 5588Augusto Villa Monte, Laura Lanzarini, Julieta Corvi, Aurelio Fernández Bariviera. Document summarization using a structural metrics based representation
5589 -- 5604Juan Niebla-Zatarain, Francisco J. Pinedo-de-Anda, Efren Leyva-Duarte. Entrepreneurship on family business: Bibliometric overview (2005-2018)
5605 -- 0. Special section: Intelligent data analysis and applications & smart vehicular technology, communications and applications, Guest editors: Valentina Emilia Balas and Lakhmi C. Jain
5607 -- 0Valentina Emilia Balas, Lakhmi C. Jain. Special Issue on Intelligent data analysis and applications & smart vehicular technology, communications and applications
5609 -- 5614Xingsi Xue, Xiaojing Wu. Optimizing biomedical ontology alignment in lexical vector space
5615 -- 5626Junsuo Qu, Ning Qiao, Haonan Shi, Chang Su, Abolfazl Razi. Convolutional neural network for human behavior recognition based on smart bracelet
5627 -- 5638Shou-Ching Hsiao, Zi-Yuan Liu, Raylin Tso, Da-Yu Kao, Chien-Ming Chen. PrivGRU: Privacy-preserving GRU inference using additive secret sharing
5639 -- 5649Tai-Li Luo, Mu-En Wu, Chien-Ming Chen. A framework of deep reinforcement learning for stock evaluation functions
5651 -- 5659Mu-En Wu, Sheng-Hao Lin, Jia-Ching Wang. Embedded draw-down constraint using ensemble learning for stock trading
5661 -- 5671Zhenyu Meng, Cheng Yang, Fanjia Meng, Yuxin Chen, Fang Lin. A parameter adaptive differential evolution based on depth information
5673 -- 5684Shu-Chuan Chu, Yuxin Chen, Fanjia Meng, Chen Yang, Jeng-Shyang Pan 0001, Zhenyu Meng. Internal search of the evolution matrix in QUasi-Affine TRansformation Evolution (QUATRE) algorithm
5685 -- 5696Fuquan Zhang, Yiou Wang, Chensheng Wu. An automatic generation method of cross-modal fuzzy creativity
5697 -- 5705Jinxin Zhang, Hui Li, Xiufang Zhang, Hua Yu, Fengna Liang, Zijun Qin, Miaohua Jiang. Sensitivity evaluation of soil erosion based on land use types: A case study of Minjiang River Basin
5707 -- 5716Wei Liu 0071, Yu Mao, Linlin Ci, Fuquan Zhang. A new approach of user-level intrusion detection with command sequence-to-sequence model
5717 -- 5729Chao-Fan Xie, Lu-Xiong Xu, Fuquan Zhang. Concentration control of SMB system in parameter space of region velocity based on adjusted fuzzy control
5731 -- 5741Zhanhui Li, Jian-Cong Fan, Yande Ren, Lei-Yu Tang. A novel feature extraction approach based on neighborhood rough set and PCA for migraine rs-fMRI
5743 -- 5752Tao Chen, Hongxia Lv, Yichen Sun, Xiaoyi Wang. Timetable optimization of high-speed railway hub based on passenger transfer
5753 -- 5761Changan Xu, Sihan Li, Heying Xu, Shaoquan Ni. Exploring passenger train occupation rate influencing factors using association rules: A case study in China
5763 -- 5774Tingyu Yang, Xiaoqian Peng, Dingjun Chen, Feiyu Yang, Malik Muneeb Abid. Research on trans-region integrated traffic emergency dispatching technology based on multi-agent
5775 -- 5786Jeng-Shyang Pan 0001, Cheng Yang, Fanjia Meng, Yuxin Chen, Zhenyu Meng. A parameter adaptive DE algorithm on real-parameter optimization
5787 -- 5797Tsu-Yang Wu, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Unil Yun, Chun-Hao Chen, Gautam Srivastava, Xianbiao Lv. An efficient algorithm for fuzzy frequent itemset mining
5799 -- 5810Lisang Liu, Dongwei He, Jishi Zheng, Ying Ma, Jing Huang, Junfeng Fan, Xiaoyu Wei, Jinxin Yao. Design and implementation of intelligent tracking car based on machine vision
5811 -- 5820Trong-The Nguyen, Yu Qiao, Jeng-Shyang Pan 0001, Shu-Chuan Chu, Kuo-Chi Chang, Xingsi Xue, Thi-Kien Dao. A hybridized parallel bats algorithm for combinatorial problem of traveling salesman
5821 -- 5829Xiaoqing Zhang, Yongguo Zheng, Weike Liu, Yanjun Peng, Zhiyong Wang. An improved architecture for urban building extraction based on depthwise separable convolution
5831 -- 5840Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu, Qian Teng, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Unil Yun, Hsing-Chung Chen. Updating high average-utility itemsets with pre-large concept
5841 -- 5845Gábor Kiss. Manchurian artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles
5847 -- 5855Hina Shakir, Haroon Rasheed, Tariq Mairaj Rasool Khan. Radiomic feature selection for lung cancer classifiers
5857 -- 5864Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Saher Manzoor, Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz, Muhammad Faisal Wasim, Basit Ali, Maham Akhlaq, Ciurea Rujita, Alexandru Popa 0003. Fabrication and fuzzy analysis of AAO membrane with manipulated pore diameter for applications in biotechnology
5865 -- 5875Ghulam Sarwar, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf. Parametric estimation of Group II element doped zinc oxide nanostructures using fuzzy logic
5877 -- 5883Irum Naz Sodhar, Akhtar Hussain Jalbani, Abdul Hafeez Buller, Muhammad Ibrahim Channa, Dil Nawaz Hakro. Sentiment analysis of Romanized Sindhi text
5885 -- 5895Shahzadi Tayyaba, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Muhamamd Imran Tariq, Mohsin Nazir, Nitin Afzulpurkar, Marius M. Balas, Sanda Florentina Mihalache. Skin insertion analysis of microneedle using ANSYS and fuzzy logic
5897 -- 5907Vasisht Duddu, N. Rajesh Pillai, D. Vijay Rao, Valentina E. Balas. Fault tolerance of neural networks in adversarial settings
5909 -- 5919Sanjiban Sekhar Roy, Nicolae Paraschiv, Mihaela Popa, Ramona Lile, Ishan Naktode. Prediction of air-pollutant concentrations using hybrid model of regression and genetic algorithm
5921 -- 5931Ankit Mundra, Shikha Mundra, Jai Shanker Srivastava, Punit Gupta. Optimized deep neural network for cryptanalysis of DES
5933 -- 5947Muhammad Imran Tariq, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Natash Ali Mian, Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz, Akhtar Hussain, Muhammad Imran, Emil Pricop, Otilia Cangea, Nicolae Paraschiv. An analysis of the application of fuzzy logic in cloud computing
5949 -- 5956Ankit Mundra, Shikha Mundra, Vivek Kumar Verma, Jai Shankar Srivastava. A deep learning based hybrid framework for stock price prediction
5957 -- 5967Muhammad Touqeer, Salma Jabeen, Rida Irfan. A grey relational projection method for multi attribute decision making based on three trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
5969 -- 5978Muhammad Touqeer, Kiran Shaheen, Rida Irfan. Evaluation model for manufacturing plants with linguistic information in terms of three trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
5979 -- 5986Muhammad Touqeer, Abid Hafeez, Misbah Arshad. Multi-attribute decision making using grey relational projection method based on interval type-2 trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
5987 -- 5997Punit Gupta, Mayank Kumar Goyal, Ankit Mundra, Rajan Prasad Tripathi. Biogeography-based meta-heuristic optimization for resource allocation in cloud for E-health services
5999 -- 6017Viviane Gal, Soumya Banerjee, Dana V. Rad. Identifying emotion pattern from physiological sensors through unsupervised EMDeep model
6019 -- 6030Malaya Kumar Nath, Samarendra Dandapat, Cornel Barna. Automatic detection of blood vessels and evaluation of retinal disorder from color fundus images
6031 -- 6043P. Naga Srinivasu, T. Srinivasa Rao, Anca M. Dicu, Corina Anca Mnerie, Iustin Olariu. A comparative review of optimisation techniques in segmentation of brain MR images
6045 -- 6051Umar Farooq, Jason Gu, Muhammad Usman Asad, Ghulam Abbas 0001, Athar Hanif, Marius M. Balas. Online identification of nonlinear systems using neo-fuzzy supported brain emotional learning network
6053 -- 6063Tran Ngoc Thang, Vijender Kumar Solanki, Tuan Anh Dao, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Pham Van Hai. A monotonic optimization approach for solving strictly quasiconvex multiobjective programming problems
6065 -- 6074Dipankar Deb. Intelligent decision making device for residue incorporation in soil or biomass power plants
6075 -- 6088Muhammad Imran Tariq, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Natash Ali Mian, Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz, Emiro de la Hoz Franco, Shariq Aziz Butt, Vito Santarcangelo, Dana V. Rad. Combination of AHP and TOPSIS methods for the ranking of information security controls to overcome its obstructions under fuzzy environment
6089 -- 6098Shafqat Iqbal, Chongqi Zhang, Muhammad Arif, Munawar Hassan, Shakeel Ahmad. A new fuzzy time series forecasting method based on clustering and weighted average approach
6099 -- 6109Rupak Datta, Rajeeb Dey, Ramasamy Saravanakumar, Baby Bhattacharya, Tsung-Chih Lin. New delay-range-dependent stability condition for fuzzy Hopfield neural networks via Wirtinger inequality
6111 -- 6127Matei Tamasila, Gabriela Prostean, Larisa Ivascu, Lucian-Ionel Cioca, Anca Draghici, Andra Diaconescu. Evaluating and prioritizing municipal solid waste management-related factors in Romania using fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS
6129 -- 6144Yu-Chen Lin, Ha-Ly Thi Nguyen, Valentina Emilia Balas, Tsung-Chih Lin, I-Chun Kuo. Adaptive prediction-based control for an ecological cruise control system on curved and hilly roads
6145 -- 6157Muhammad Arif 0009, Guojun Wang 0001, Tao Peng, Valentina Emilia Balas, Oana Geman, Jianer Chen. Optimization of communication in VANETs using fuzzy logic and artificial Bee colony
6159 -- 6173Fahed Yoseph, Nurul Hashimah Ahamed Hassain Malim, Markku Heikkilä, Adrian Brezulianu, Oana Geman, Nur Aqilah Paskhal Rostam. The impact of big data market segmentation using data mining and clustering techniques
6175 -- 6184Tsung-Chih Lin, Cheng-You Li, Pin-Fan Chen, Wei-Kai Chen, Rajeeb Dey, Marius M. Balas, Teodora Olariu, Wai-Shing Wong. Identifier based intelligent blood glucose concentration regulation for type 1 diabetic patients: An adaptive fuzzy approach
6185 -- 0. Special section: Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems: Techniques and Applications, Guest editors: Sabu M. Thampi, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy and Ljiljana Trajkovic
6187 -- 6191Sabu M. Thampi, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy, Ljiljana Trajkovic. Soft computing and intelligent systems: techniques and applications
6193 -- 6200A. S. Ajeena Beegom, P. Chinmayan. Solving word sense disambiguation problem using combinatorial PSO
6201 -- 6210Nadeem Akhtar, M. M. Sufyan Beg, Md. Muzakkir Hussain. Extractive multi-document summarization using relative redundancy and coherence scores
6211 -- 6222El-Sayed M. El-Alfy, Sadam Al-Azani. Empirical study on imbalanced learning of Arabic sentiment polarity with neural word embedding
6223 -- 6234Swati Sanagar, Deepa Gupta. Automated genre-based multi-domain sentiment lexicon adaptation using unlabeled data
6235 -- 6246Richa, Punam Bedi. Combining trust and reputation as user influence in cross domain group recommender system (CDGRS)
6247 -- 6255P. Sujitha, Philomina Simon. A computationally efficient method for Human Activity Recognition based on spatio temporal cuboid and Super Normal Vector
6257 -- 6267Alpana, Satish Chand. An intelligent technique for the characterization of coal microscopic images using ensemble learning
6269 -- 6278Sivakumar Ramachandran, Shymol Kochitty, Anand Vinekar, Renu John. A fully convolutional neural network approach for the localization of optic disc in retinopathy of prematurity diagnosis
6279 -- 6290Shiji T. P., S. Remya, Rekha Lakshmanan, Thara Pratab, Vinu Thomas. Evolutionary intelligence for breast lesion detection in ultrasound images: A wavelet modulus maxima and SVM based approach
6291 -- 6298Sourav Ravikumar, Dayanand Vinod, Gowtham Ramesh, Sini Raj Pulari, Senthilkumar Mathi. A layered approach to detect elephants in live surveillance video streams using convolution neural networks
6299 -- 6310C. Jyotsna, J. Amudha, Raghavendra Rao, Ravi Nayar. Intelligent gaze tracking approach for trail making test
6311 -- 6323J. Amudha, K. V. Divya, R. Aarthi. A fuzzy based system for target search using top-down visual attention
6325 -- 6335Navdeep Yadav, Vijander Singh, Asha Rani, Sonal Navdeep Goyal. An improved hyper smoothing function based edge detection algorithm for noisy images
6337 -- 6345B. Sai Jahnavi, B. Sai Supraja, S. Lalitha. A vital neurodegenerative disorder detection using speech cues
6347 -- 6352Utkarsh Singh, Akshay Gupta, Dipjyoti Bisharad, Wasim Arif. Foreign accent classification using deep neural nets
6353 -- 6363Vyshnav M. T, S. Sachin Kumar, Neethu Mohan, K. P. Soman. Random fourier feature based music-speech classification
6365 -- 6376Hemendra Vijay Shinde, Devashri Manohar Patil, Damodar Reddy Edla, Annushree Bablani, Malkauthekar Mahananda. Brain computer interface for measuring the impact of yoga on concentration levels in engineering students
6377 -- 6382D. K. Manu, P. Karthik. Enhancement of hydrophone sensitivity by varying mandrel parameters for detection of acoustic waves in underwater environment
6383 -- 6390D. C. Chaithanya Krishna, Shikha Tripathi. Hybrid architecture for multiple transforms for signal processing applications
6391 -- 6401K. Remya Revi, M. Wilscy. Image forgery detection using deep textural features from local binary pattern map
6403 -- 6414R. Anushiadevi, Padmapriya Pravinkumar, John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan, Rengarajan Amirtharajan. A high payload separable reversible data hiding in cipher image with good decipher image quality
6415 -- 6422Santhu Sadasivan, Trivandrum T. Sivakumar, Anna P. Joseph, Geevar C. Zacharias, Madhu S. Nair. Tongue print identification using deep CNN for forensic analysis
6423 -- 6435Jitendra Madarkar, Poonam Sharma. Occluded face recognition using NonCoherent dictionary
6437 -- 6444R. Ashoka Rajan, P. Kumaran. Multi-biometric cryptosystem using graph for secure cloud authentication
6445 -- 6455Malay Kumar, Vaibhav Mishra, Anurag Shukla, Munendra Singh, Manu Vardhan. A novel publicly delegable secure outsourcing algorithm for large-scale matrix multiplication
6457 -- 6464D. Preethi, J. Vimala, Bijan Davvaz, S. Rajareega. Biological inheritance on fuzzy hyperlattice ordered group
6465 -- 6474Sudhanshu Suhas Gonge. Combination of neural network and advanced encryption and decryption technique is used for digital image watermarking
6475 -- 6482T. Suriya Praba, V. Meena, T. Sethukarasi, K. Prachetha, B. Aravind, K. C. S. Bharathkumar. Energy measure cluster based concealed aggregation for confidentiality and integrity in WSN
6483 -- 6493B. Arunkumar, G. Kousalya. Nonce reuse/misuse resistance authentication encryption schemes for modern TLS cipher suites and QUIC based web servers
6495 -- 6505J. S. Rauthan, Kunwar Singh Vaisla. Homomorphic encryption approach for exploration of sensitive information retrieval
6507 -- 6516Rithvik Ramadas, Anirban Chowdhury. Hypnotic computer interface (hypCI) using GEORGIE: An approach to design discrete voice user interfaces
6517 -- 6526Ritwik Murali, C. Shunmuga Velayutham. A preliminary investigation into automatically evolving computer viruses using evolutionary algorithms
6527 -- 6535Nilesh Vishwasrao Patil, C. Rama Krishna, Krishan Kumar. S-DDoS: Apache spark based real-time DDoS detection system
6537 -- 6547Anne Dickson, Ciza Thomas. Improved PSO for optimizing the performance of intrusion detection systems
6549 -- 6560Md. Muzakkir Hussain, Mohammad Saad Alam, M. M. Sufyan Beg, Nadeem Akhtar. Towards minimizing delay and energy consumption in vehicular fog computing (VFC)
6561 -- 6570Veervrat Singh Chandrawanshi, Rajiv Kumar Tripathi, Rahul Pachauri. An intelligent low power consumption routing protocol to extend the lifetime of wireless sensor networks based on fuzzy C-Means++ clustering algorithm
6571 -- 6581T. Suriya Praba, T. Sethukarasi, Veeramuthu Venkatesh. Krill herd based TSP approach for mobile sink path optimization in large scale wireless sensor networks
6583 -- 6593Senthilkumar Mathi, Eric Joseph, M. S. Advaith, K. S. Gopikrishna, Rohit Gopakumar. A flattened architecture for distributed mobility management in IPv6 networks
6595 -- 6605M. Sujatha, K. Geetha, P. Balakrishnan, T. Renugadevi. OUTFIT - An optimal data storage hosting model using Sugeno-type fuzzy inference system for multi-cloud environments
6607 -- 6618K. A. Pradeep Kumar, Rajagopalan Thiruvengadathan, Shanmugha Sundaram G. A.. A log-periodic spiral antenna array for L-band radio interferometric imaging
6619 -- 6625Anton A. Zhilenkov, Sergei G. Chernyi, Sergei S. Sokolov, Anatoliy P. Nyrkov. Intelligent autonomous navigation system for UAV in randomly changing environmental conditions
6627 -- 6636Navdeep Mor, Hemant Sood, Tripta Goyal. Application of machine learning technique for prediction of road accidents in Haryana-A novel approach
6637 -- 6648Alok Kumar Shukla, Sanjeev Kumar Pippal, Srishti Gupta, B. Ramachandra Reddy, Diwakar Tripathi. Knowledge discovery in medical and biological datasets by integration of Relief-F and correlation feature selection techniques
6649 -- 6661Rosy Pradhan, Santosh Kumar Majhi, Jemarani Jaypuria. An orthogonal moth flame optimization for global optimization and application to model order reduction problem
6663 -- 6675Salam Jayachitra Devi, Buddha Singh. Link prediction model based on geodesic distance measure using various machine learning classification models
6677 -- 6690Nibedan Panda, Santosh Kumar Majhi, Sarishma Singh, Abhirup Khanna. Oppositional spotted hyena optimizer with mutation operator for global optimization and application in training wavelet neural network
6691 -- 6701Shubham Bhardwaj, Geraldine Bessie Amali, Amrut Phadke, K. S. Umadevi, P. Balakrishnan. A new parallel galactic swarm optimization algorithm for training artificial neural networks
6703 -- 6713Anuj Rawat, S. K. Jha, Bhavnesh Kumar, Vijay Mohan. Nonlinear fractional order PID controller for tracking maximum power in photo-voltaic system
6715 -- 6726Urvashi Chauhan, Vijander Singh, Bhavnesh Kumar, Asha Rani. An improved MVO assisted global MPPT algorithm for partially shaded PV system
6727 -- 6737S. P. Nangrani, K. D. Joshi. Trends in chaos and instability for understanding system complexity

Volume 38, Issue 4

3527 -- 0. Special issue: Fuzzy Systems for Medical Image Analysis, Guest editor: Weiping Zhang
3529 -- 3537Xinfeng Yang, Qiping Hu, Shuaihao Li. Recognition and classification of damaged fingerprint based on deep learning fuzzy theory
3539 -- 3548Xinfeng Yang, Qiping Hu, Shuaihao Li. Electrocardiogram classification of lead convolutional neural network based on fuzzy algorithm
3549 -- 3556Tao He, Miao He. Blood color detection of color ultrasound images based on fuzzy algorithm
3557 -- 3566Shuqiang Wang, Shuo Liang, Fei Peng. Image edge detection algorithm based on fuzzy set
3567 -- 3574Changqing Yu, Liguang Wang, Jiong Zhao, Li Hao, Yafeng Shen. Remote sensing image classification based on RBF neural network based on fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm
3575 -- 3584Le Zhang, Jinsong Wang, Zhiyong An. FCM fuzzy clustering image segmentation algorithm based on fractional particle swarm optimization
3585 -- 3594Chunfeng Lu. Kalman tracking algorithm of ping-pong robot based on fuzzy real-time image
3595 -- 3604Deshuai Yin, Rui Hou, Junchao Du, Liang Chang, Hongxuan Yue, Liusheng Wang, Jiayue Liu. SAR image change detection method based on intuitionistic fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm
3605 -- 3613Huan Chun Xu, Rui Hou, Lan Liu, Jiao Yong Cai, Ji Gang Chen, Jia Yue Liu. The image segmentation algorithm of colorimetric sensor array based on fuzzy C-means clustering
3615 -- 3624Changwu Yue, Xiaoqian Li, Wen Zhao, Xiangyi Cui, Yinyin Wang. The role of antibiotics in the preparation of antitumor drugs under fuzzy system
3625 -- 3633Hui Li. Examination on image segmentation method of ischemic optic neuropathy based on fuzzy clustering theory
3635 -- 3645Yuwen Ning, Xiaoyuan Shi, Jingong Yin, Duowen Xie. Application of fuzzy C-means clustering method in the analysis of severe medical images
3647 -- 3655Hui Zhi, Sanyang Liu. Gray image segmentation based on fuzzy c-means and artificial bee colony optimization
3657 -- 3664Jiaofei Huo, Dong Lin, Wanqiang Qi. Intelligent fault diagnosis method of mechanical equipment based on fuzzy pattern recognition
3665 -- 3673Fuyuan Xiao. Generalized belief function in complex evidence theory
3675 -- 3686Mu Zhou, Xinyue Li, Yong Wang 0004, Xiaolong Yang, Zengshan Tian. Analytical results towards fuzzy error bound of indoor neighbor matching based positioning algorithm
3687 -- 3696Zhu Liu, Mu Zhou, Wei Nie, Liangbo Xie, Zengshan Tian. Indoor intrusion detection based on fuzzy membership-aided Dempster-Shaper theory
3697 -- 3706Shi Liu, Tingting Li. AVG comprehensive practice reform of digital media art based on fuzzy theory
3707 -- 3716Pin Wang, En Fan, Peng Wang. Night vehicle target recognition based on fuzzy particle filter
3717 -- 3725Jingyong Zhou, Yuan Guo, Yu Sun, Kai Wu. Data mining method based on rough set and fuzzy neural network
3727 -- 3735Wei Zhao, Zeju Luo. Web text data mining method based on Bayesian network with fuzzy algorithms
3737 -- 3745Na Man, Kechao Wang, Lin Liu. Fuzzy sets for data mining and recommendation algorithms
3747 -- 3754Jing Zhang. Reliability analysis of high voltage electric system of pure electric passenger car based on polymorphic fuzzy fault tree
3755 -- 3764Ying Chen, Pengyuan Qi, Songqing Liu. The use of improved algorithm of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system in optimization of machining parameters
3765 -- 3772Hanxu Wang, Yubing Yao. Semantic ordering of English machine translation based on fuzzy theory
3773 -- 3782Huanbing Gao, Shouyin Lu, Tao Wang. Motion path planning of 6-DOF industrial robot based on fuzzy control algorithm
3783 -- 3791Huanchun Xu, Rui Hou, Jinfeng Fan, Liang Zhou, Hongxuan Yue, Liusheng Wang, Jiayue Liu. The unordered time series fuzzy clustering algorithm based on the adaptive incremental learning
3793 -- 3801Yunpeng Liu, Xinling Dong. Application of network virtual cloud computing data center based on fuzzy algorithm
3803 -- 3812Guobin Chen, Zhongsheng Chen. Regional classification of urban land use based on fuzzy rough set in remote sensing images
3813 -- 3821Zhe Wang, Hong Zhu. Optimization of e-commerce logistics of marine economy by fuzzy algorithms
3823 -- 3829Yuhong Lyu, Xiaoqian Li, Xuemei Wang, Wen Zhao, Xiangyi Cui, Changwu Yue. Fuzzy decision-making in patients with Alzheimer's disease - a manifestation of pathological aging
3831 -- 3840Wenjun Zhu, Huisheng Shi. Application of fuzzy mathematics in mapping
3841 -- 3847Yanping Feng. Edge detection algorithm of ultrasound image in obstetrics and gynecology based on multiplicative gradient
3849 -- 3857Hui Xu, Yuanhai Li, Jingjun Zhang, Liang Cheng, Song Pan. The study of automatic matching and optimal location of epidural anesthesia based on ultrasonic image processing
3859 -- 3866Yihong Zhang. Digital image processing and recognition technology for classification and recognition of hydrothorax cancer cells
3867 -- 3875Xiaopei Liu, Jianfu Teng. Blind image restoration algorithm based on improved sparse Bayesian low dose CT
3877 -- 3883Na Liu. The finite element analysis of the influence of the load change of the internal oblique muscle on the near end of the patellar tendon based on the three-dimensional image model of MRI
3885 -- 3891Zhonghai Nong. Feature extraction and measurement algorithm based on color in image database
3893 -- 3902Kailing Wang, Qinglian Yu. Simulation analysis of 3D medical image reconstruction based on ant colony optimization algorithm
3903 -- 3909Rui Guo, Xuanjing Shen, Hui Kang. Image segmentation algorithm based on partial differential equation
3911 -- 3919Wang Kung. Research on signal processing technology optimization of contact image sensor based on BP neural network algorithm
3921 -- 3928Bo Yi, Yuan Ping Cao, Ying Song. Network security risk assessment model based on fuzzy theory
3929 -- 3938Jing Wang. Examination on face recognition method based on type 2 blurry
3939 -- 3947Yi Lyu, Yijie Jiang. Examination on avionics system fault prediction technology based on ashy neural network and fuzzy recognition
3949 -- 3959Yanbing Liu, Sanjev Dhakal, Binyao Hao. Coal and rock interface identification based on wavelet packet decomposition and fuzzy neural network
3961 -- 3970Linyuan Fan. Multiple sensor data fusion algorithm based on fuzzy sets and statistical theory
3971 -- 3979Yana Yuan, Huaqi Chai. Knowledge fusion method based on fuzzy set theory
3981 -- 3989Renqiang Wang, Keyin Miao, Jianming Sun. Intelligent recognition method of infrared imaging target of unmanned autonomous ship based on fuzzy mathematical model
3991 -- 3998Wei Wang, Xiaohui Hu, Mingye Wang. Fuzzy clustering algorithm for time series based on adaptive incremental learning
3999 -- 0. Regular Section
4001 -- 4029Peide Liu, Ying Li. Some partitioned heronian mean aggregation operators based on intuitionistic linguistic information and their application to decision-making
4031 -- 4048Yanling Lu, Yejun Xu, Shaojian Qu, Zeshui Xu, Gang Ma, Ziwei Li. Multiattribute social network matching with unknown weight and different risk preference
4049 -- 4060A. A. Ramadan, Yong Chan Kim, E. H. Elkordy. L-fuzzy topologies
4061 -- 4077Ozgur Yanmaz, Yakup Turgut, Emine Nisa Can, Cengiz Kahraman. Interval-valued Pythagorean Fuzzy EDAS method: An Application to Car Selection Problem
4079 -- 4090Daniel Eduardo Sánchez, Estevão Esmi, Laécio Carvalho de Barros, Alessandro Donadio Miebach, Moiseis dos Santos Cecconello. p-fuzzy system
4091 -- 4106Jingmei Li, Weifei Wu, Di Xue. Research on transfer learning algorithm based on support vector machine
4107 -- 4118Pannipa Sae-Ueng, Srdjan Skrbic. Priority fuzzy database management system implementation based on extensions to the XQuery language
4119 -- 4125Xiangfeng Yang, Yaodong Ni. Size relation of uncertain sets with application to clustering
4127 -- 4137Javier Murillo, Serge Guillaume, Tewfik Sari, Pilar Bulacio. k-maxitive fuzzy measures
4139 -- 4157Tolga Temucin, Gülfem Tuzkaya. A multi-objective reverse logistics network design model for after-sale services and a tabu search based methodology
4159 -- 4172Donghai Liu, Dan Peng, Zaiming Liu. Multiple criteria decision making with hesitant interval-valued fuzzy sets based on hesitance degree and least common multiple principle
4173 -- 4190Jianye Gong, Bin Jiang, Qikun Shen. Distributed adaptive output-feedback fault tolerant control for nonlinear systems with sensor faults
4191 -- 4203Qiang Wan, Mei Zhu, Yan Liu. Monitoring the process mean using a synthetic X¯ control chart with two sampling intervals
4205 -- 4221Motahareh Dehghan, Babak Sadeghiyan, Erfan Khosravian. Secure multi-party collision resolution protocol for air traffic control
4223 -- 4236Nguyen Van Can, Doan Ngoc Tu, Tong Anh Tuan, Hoang Viet Long, Le Hoang Son, Nguyen Thi Kim Son. A new method to classify malicious domain name using neutrosophic sets in DGA botnet detection
4237 -- 4246Mingtang Liu, Li Wang, Zening Qin, Jiaqi Liu, Jian Chen, Xuemei Liu. Multi-scale feature extraction and recognition of slope damage in high fill channel based on Gabor-SVM method
4247 -- 4264Rong Gao, Zanmei Zhang. Analysis of green supply chain considering green degree and sales effort with uncertain demand
4265 -- 4272Javad Shokri, Choonkil Park. A fixed point approach to approximate quadratic functional equation in non-Archimedean L*-fuzzy normed spaces
4273 -- 4286R. Madura Meenakshi, Padmapriya Nammalwar, Venkateswaran Narasimhan. Fuzzy SVM based pre-processing technique for infrared (IR) thermal images
4287 -- 4299Minh Thanh Vo, Rohit Sharma, Raghvendra Kumar 0001, Le Hoang Son, Binh Thai Pham, Dieu Tien Bui, Ishaani Priyadarshini, Manash Sarkar, Tuong Le. Crime rate detection using social media of different crime locations and Twitter part-of-speech tagger with Brown clustering
4301 -- 4313Salah Mahmoud Boulaaras. x)-Kirchhoff hyperbolic systems via sub-super solutions concept
4315 -- 4325Marija Milanovic, Mirjana Misita, Nikola Komatina. Determination of the optimal production plan by using fuzzy AHP and fuzzy linear programming
4327 -- 4341Muhammad Jabir Khan, Poom Kumam, Peide Liu, Wiyada Kumam. Another view on generalized interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft set and its applications in decision support system
4343 -- 4357Xinhui Kang, Caroline Samantha Porter, Erik Bohemia. Using the fuzzy weighted association rule mining approach to develop a customer satisfaction product form
4359 -- 4401Deng-Feng Li, Tahir Mahmood, Zeeshan Ali, Yucheng Dong. Decision making based on interval-valued complex single-valued neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy generalized hybrid weighted averaging operators
4403 -- 4414Shumin Han, Derong Shen, Tiezheng Nie, Yue Kou, Ge Yu 0001. A private entity matching approach for multiple databases
4415 -- 4429Yongwei Yang, Kuanyun Zhu, Xiaolong Xin. Fuzzy weak hyper deductive systems of hyper equality algebras and their measures
4431 -- 4439Xiao Wang. Some theoretical results on the stability of uncertain pantograph differential equations
4441 -- 4446Kuanyun Zhu, Jingru Wang, Binghua Jiang. On distributive laws of overlap and grouping functions over uninorms
4447 -- 4457Meiqian Li, Xianjiu Huang, Cailiang Zhang. Grey relational bidirectional projection method based on trapezoidal type-2 intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
4459 -- 4469Fatma Dammak, Leila Baccour, Adel M. Alimi. A new ranking method for TOPSIS and VIKOR under interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets and possibility measures
4471 -- 4483Payam Bahrani, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli, Hamid Parvin, Mitra Mirzarezaee, Ahmad Keshavarz, Hamid Alinejad-Rokny. User and item profile expansion for dealing with cold start problem
4485 -- 4494Luis A. Páramo-Carranza, Elba Cinthya Garcia-Estrada, Jesús A. Meda-Campaña, José de Jesús Rubio, Jonathan Omega Escobedo-Alva, Ricardo Tapia-Herrera, J. O. Hernandez, G. Lopez, Juan Francisco Novoa, Arturo Aguilar. Quadrotor stabilization by Fuzzy Kalman Filter
4495 -- 4510Seyed Hashem Davarpanah. Spatial possibilistic fuzzy C-Mean segmentation method integrated with brain Mid-Sagittal Surface information extracted by an evolutionary algorithm
4511 -- 4523Lihong Dai, Jinguo Liu, Zhaojie Ju, Yang Gao. Iris center localization using energy map synthesis based on gradient and isophote
4525 -- 4535Zhaoyan Hu, Yonglong Luo, Xiaoyao Zheng, Yannian Zhao. A novel privacy-preserving matrix factorization recommendation system based on random perturbation
4537 -- 4543Woo Joo Lee, Hyo-Jin Jhang, Seung-Hoe Choi. Fuzzy regression model of goal difference of the Korean National Football Team based on ELO rating and dividend
4545 -- 4557Amos Olalekan Adaraniwon, Mohd Bin Omar. An inventory model for linearly time-dependent deteriorating rate and time -varying demand with shortages partially backlogged
4559 -- 4571Shibing Zhou, Fei Liu. A novel internal cluster validity index
4573 -- 4589Tianhua Jiang, Huiqi Zhu, Guanlong Deng. Improved African buffalo optimization algorithm for the green flexible job shop scheduling problem considering energy consumption
4591 -- 4601Shabir Ahmad, Faisal Jamil, Azimbek Khudoyberdiev, DoHyeun Kim 0001. Accident risk prediction and avoidance in intelligent semi-autonomous vehicles based on road safety data and driver biological behaviours
4603 -- 4617Shah Riaz, Laiq Khan, Fazal Wahab Karam. Seated pregnant subject biodynamics response enhancement against road irregularities using adaptive NeuroFuzzy control
4619 -- 4642Jun Zhou, Xuan Zhou, Guangchuan Liang, Jinghong Peng. An MINLP model for network layout of underground natural gas storage
4643 -- 4666Yuchu Qin, Qunfen Qi, Peizhi Shi, Paul J. Scott, Xiangqian Jiang. Linguistic interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Archimedean prioritised aggregation operators for multi-criteria decision making
4667 -- 4673Peng He, Xue-ping Wang. L-fuzzy up-sets by using closure operator
4675 -- 4691Sang-Sang He, Yi-ting Wang, Jian Qiang Wang, Peng-Fei Cheng, Lin Li. A novel risk assessment model based on failure mode and effect analysis and probabilistic linguistic ELECTRE II method
4693 -- 4709Alptekin Ulutas, Can Bülent Karakus, Ayse Topal. Location selection for logistics center with fuzzy SWARA and CoCoSo methods
4711 -- 4720Ali Abbaszadeh Sori, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Homayun Motameni. The fuzzy inference approach to solve multi-objective constrained shortest path problem
4721 -- 4732Guiwu Wei 0001, Jianping Lu, Cun Wei, Jiang Wu. Probabilistic linguistic GRA method for multiple attribute group decision making
4733 -- 4742Zhihua Wang. Stability of a more general cubic functional equation in Felbin's type fuzzy normed linear spaces
4743 -- 4751Zahid Khan, Muhammad Gulistan, Rabiya Hashim, Naveed Yaqoob, Wathek Chammam. Design of S-control chart for neutrosophic data: An application to manufacturing industry
4753 -- 4765Jawad Ahmad, Ahsen Tahir, Hadi Larijani, Fawad Ahmed, Syed Aziz Shah, Adam James Hall, William J. Buchanan. Energy demand forecasting of buildings using random neural networks
4767 -- 4777Masoumeh Madadi, Reza Saadati. θ-random operator inequalities: A fixed point technique
4779 -- 4792Rui Wang, Dengfeng Li, Gaofeng Yu. Research on bilateral matching decision method considering attribute association in heterogeneous information environment
4793 -- 4807Xin Jing, Shihao Li, Jing Cheng, Junjun Guo. Multidimensional situational information fusion method for energy saving on campus
4809 -- 4828Kartick Mohanta, Arindam Dey, Anita Pal, Hoang Viet Long, Le Hoang Son. m-polar neutrosophic graph with applications
4829 -- 4843Radhia Fezai, Majdi Mansouri, Kamaleldin Abodayeh, Hazem N. Nounou, Mohamed N. Nounou, Hassani Messaoud. Partial kernel PCA-based GLRT for fault diagnosis of nonlinear processes
4845 -- 4854Yang Liu, Waichon Lio. A revision of sufficient and necessary condition of uncertainty distribution
4855 -- 4868Peiwen Zhang, Zhifu Tao, Jinpei Liu, Feifei Jin, Junting Zhang. An ELECTRE TRI-based outranking approach for multi-attribute group decision making with picture fuzzy sets
4869 -- 4887Yan Liu, Xiao-kang Wang, Jian Qiang Wang, Lin Li, Peng-Fei Cheng. Cloud model-based PROMETHEE method under 2D uncertain linguistic environment
4889 -- 4900Xuezhi Qin, Xianwei Lin, Qin Shang. Fuzzy pricing of binary option based on the long memory property of financial markets
4901 -- 4913Shizhuang Yin, Tao Wang. k-means clustering algorithm based on Pearson distance
4915 -- 4927Yi Gao, Xia Sun, Xin Wang, Shou Xi Guo, Jun Feng 0003. A parallel neural network structure for sentiment classification of MOOCs discussion forums
4929 -- 4939Ahmad Alos, Z. Dahrouj. Decision tree matrix algorithm for detecting contextual faults in unmanned aerial vehicles
4941 -- 4957Wei Xue, Qi Wang, Xiaona Liu. Fuzzy classification involved in fusion of existing decision and pre-known task applied for integrated input space
4959 -- 4975Wen-Jer Chang, Chih-Ming Chang, Yann-Horng Lin. Robust fuzzy control for nonlinear discrete-time systems with internal and external noises subject to multi-variance constraints and pole location constraints
4977 -- 4991Gulfam Shahzadi, Muhammad Akram 0001, Bijan Davvaz. Pythagorean fuzzy soft graphs with applications
4993 -- 5012Muhammad Taimoor, Aijun Li. Adaptive strategy for fault detection, isolation and reconstruction of aircraft actuators and sensors
5013 -- 5031Zhanao Xue, Liping Zhao, Min Zhang, Bing-xin Sun. Three-way decisions based on multi-granulation support intuitionistic fuzzy probabilistic rough sets
5033 -- 5044Mehdi Ghasemzadeh, Khayrollah Hadidi. A new mixed-signal CMOS fuzzy logic controller in current mode
5045 -- 5054C. Rajendra Thilahar, R. Sivaramakrishnan. A fuzzy rule based effective feature selection approach for augmented reality
5055 -- 5076Sha Qiao, Ping Zhu. Extremal solutions to fuzzy relation equations and inequalities with three unknowns
5077 -- 5093Chih-Hong Lin. Clever backstepping control using two adaptive laws, a RRFNN and a compensated controller of SPCRIM drive system
5095 -- 5105Muhammad Imran 0006, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui, Abdul Qudair Baig, Hani Shaker. Molecular topological description of bacterial hypertrees
5107 -- 5126Muhammad Akram 0001, Wieslaw A. Dudek, Amna Habib, Ahmad N. Al-kenani. Imperfect competition models in economic market structure with q-rung picture fuzzy information
5127 -- 5141Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa. ψ-functions
5143 -- 5155Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa. Extremal solutions of fuzzy fractional Volterra integral equations involving the generalized kernel functions by the monotone iterative technique
5157 -- 5173Reza Akbari, Rahim Dabbagh, Saeid Jafarzadeh Ghoushchi. HSE risk prioritization of molybdenum operation process using extended FMEA approach based on Fuzzy BWM and Z-WASPAS
5175 -- 5190Shilpi Shukla, Madhu Jain. A novel stochastic deep conviction network for emotion recognition in speech signal
5191 -- 5201Jinpei Liu, Yun Zheng, Feifei Jin, Hongyan Li, Huayou Chen. DEA cross-efficiency and fuzzy preference relation based on semi-disposability of undesirable outputs for environmental assessments
5203 -- 5214Truong Thi Thuy Duong, Le Thai Phong, Le Quoc Hoi, Nguyen Xuan Thao. A novel model based on similarity measure and quality function deployment on interval neutrosophic sets for evaluation and selection market segments
5215 -- 5229Mengke Zhao, Jian Wu, Mingshuo Cao, Zhaoyan Yu. A DEMATEL and consensus based MCGDM approach for with multi-granularity hesitant fuzzy linguistic term set
5231 -- 5240Luong V. Nguyen, Nguyen T. Thu. Fixed point results for intuitionistic fuzzy mappings and an application
5241 -- 5255Shahzaib Ashraf, Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Aslam 0003. Symmetric sum based aggregation operators for spherical fuzzy information: Application in multi-attribute group decision making problem
5257 -- 5266Yan Cheng, Cuilian You. Convergence of numerical methods for fuzzy differential equations
5267 -- 5277Gang Shi, Xiaohua Li, Lifen Jia. p-th moment of multi-dimensional uncertain differential equation
5279 -- 5293Laio Oriel Seman, Victor Hugo Rodrigues Machado, Luiz Alberto Koehler, Eduardo Camponogara. A framework to estimate dwell time of BRT systems using fuzzy regression
5295 -- 5315Zhiyong Xiao, Zengtai Gong, Kun Liu. Fuzzy linear systems with the two-dimension fuzzy data

Volume 38, Issue 3

2399 -- 0. Special issue: Mathematical Modelling in Computational and Life Sciences, Guest editor: Ahmed Farouk
2401 -- 2413Xiaohong Wang, Huaiqin Wu, Jinde Cao. Global finite-time consensus for fractional-order multi-agent systems with discontinuous inherent dynamics subject to nonlinear growth
2415 -- 2423Ziyuan Tang, Gautam Srivastava, Shuai Liu 0002. Swarm intelligence and ant colony optimization in accounting model choices
2425 -- 2433Ahmed M. Elaiw, Sami E. Almalki, A. D. Hobiny. Stability of delayed CHIKV dynamics model with cell-to-cell transmission
2435 -- 2441M. Algarni, H. Al-Ghamdi, S. Abdel-Khalek. Entanglement and atomic Fisher information of a two qubits and optical field in squeezed thermal state
2443 -- 2455Xia Wu, Jialu Zhang, Jiaming Zhong. Attributes correlation coefficients and their application to attributes reduction
2457 -- 2467Salah Boulaaras, Ali Allahem. Two-dimensional mathematical model of the transport equations of some pollutants and their diffusion in a particular fluid
2469 -- 2480Ming-Chao Yu, Gongfa Li, Du Jiang, Guozhang Jiang, Fei Zeng, Haoyi Zhao, Disi Chen. Application of PSO-RBF neural network in gesture recognition of continuous surface EMG signals
2481 -- 2490Mohammed Farsi, Zohair Malki, Mostafa A. Elhosseini, Mahmoud Badawy. MATLAB-based framework for data analytics applied to Hajj dataset: Hajj health meter
2491 -- 2501Jehad Alzabut, Swati Tyagi, S. C. Martha. On the stability and Lyapunov direct method for fractional difference model of BAM neural networks
2503 -- 2515Jie Liu, Huaiqin Wu, Jinde Cao. Event-triggered synchronization in fixed time for complex dynamical networks with discontinuous nodes and disturbances
2517 -- 2527Mohammed Farsi, Munwar Ali, Reehan Ali Shah, Asif Ali Wagan, Radwan Kharabsheh. Cloud computing and data security threats taxonomy: A review
2529 -- 2537Jianqiang Hu, Jinde Cao, Mahmoud Abdel-Aty. Distributed aggregate tracking of heterogeneous thermostatically controlled load clusters
2539 -- 2550Jinrong Tian, Wentao Cheng, Ying Sun, Gongfa Li, Du Jiang, Guozhang Jiang, Bo Tao, Haoyi Zhao, Disi Chen. Gesture recognition based on multilevel multimodal feature fusion
2551 -- 2560Sadok Otmani, Salah Boulaaras, Waleed Almutiry. The maximum norm analysis of a nonmatching grids method for a class of parabolic biharmonic equation with mixed boundary condition
2561 -- 2568Gautam Srivastava, C. N. S. Vinoth Kumar, V. Kavitha, N. Parthiban, Revathi Venkataraman. Two-stage data encryption using chaotic neural networks
2569 -- 2583Emad E. Mahmoud, Ala A. Eshmawi. Secure communication and synchronizations in light of the stability theory of the hyperchaotic complex nonlinear systems
2585 -- 2590Lellis Thivagar Maria Antony, Abdulsattar Abdullah Hamad. A theoretical implementation for a proposed hyper-complex chaotic system
2591 -- 2601Abdullah M. Almarashi, Ali Algarni, G. A. Abd-Elmougod. Statistical analysis of competing risks lifetime data from Nadarajaha and Haghighi distribution under type-II censoring
2603 -- 2610Mostafa M. A. Khater, Raghda A. M. Attia, Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty, Sayed Abdel-Khalek, Yas Al-Hadeethi, Dianchen Lu. On the computational and numerical solutions of the transmission of nerve impulses of an excitable system (the neuron system)
2611 -- 2622Mohamed A. Mabrok, Hassan K. Mohamed, Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty, Ahmed S. Alzahrani. Human models in human-in-the-loop control systems
2623 -- 2634Yangwei Cheng, Gongfa Li, Jiahan Li, Ying Sun, Guozhang Jiang, Fei Zeng, Haoyi Zhao, Disi Chen. Visualization of activated muscle area based on sEMG
2635 -- 2647Muhammad Hamid, Furkh Zeshan, Adnan Ahmad, Saima Munawar, Esma Aïmeur, Sohaib Ahmed, Mohamed Abu ElSoud, Mohammed Yousif. An intelligent decision support system for effective handling of IT projects
2649 -- 2660Zakia Tebba, Salah Boulaaras, Hakima Degaichia, Ali Allahem. Existence and blow-up of a new class of nonlinear damped wave equation
2661 -- 2672Munwar Ali, Low Tang Jung, Osama Hosam, Asif Ali Wagan, Rehan Ali Shah, Mashael Khayyat. A new text-based w-distance metric to find the perfect match between words
2673 -- 2681Mohamed W. Abo El-Soud, Mohamed Meselhy Eltoukhy. Breast cancer detection in thermal images using extreme learning machine
2683 -- 2691Yanbiao Niu, Yongquan Zhou, Qifang Luo. Optimize star sensor calibration based on integrated modeling with hybrid WOA-LM algorithm
2693 -- 2702Sharifah Alrajhi, Abdullah M. Almarashi, Ali Algarni, M. M. Amein. Estimation for the generalized Gompertz distribution of hybrid progressive censored samples
2703 -- 2715Gan Chai, Jinde Cao, Shaosheng Xu. An optimized on-ramp metering method for urban expressway based on reinforcement learning
2717 -- 2723Saud Owyed. New exact traveling wave solutions of space-time fractional nonlinear electrical transmission lines equation: arising in electrical engineering
2725 -- 2735Shangchun Liao, Gongfa Li, Jiahan Li, Du Jiang, Guozhang Jiang, Ying Sun, Bo Tao, Haoyi Zhao, Disi Chen. Multi-object intergroup gesture recognition combined with fusion feature and KNN algorithm
2737 -- 2744Abdullah M. Almarashi, Ali Algarni, S. Abdel-Khalek, E. M. Khalil. Statistical properties and nonlocal correlation between a two qubits and optical field in the even deformed binomial distribution
2745 -- 2752Haiyong Qin, Raghda A. M. Attia, Mostafa M. A. Khater, Dianchen Lu. Ample soliton waves for the crystal lattice formation of the conformable time-fractional (N + 1) Sinh-Gordon equation by the modified Khater method and the Painlevé property
2753 -- 2763Anis Ben Dhahbi, Yassine Chargui, Salah Boulaaras, Adel Trabelsi. Optimization of the positron emission tomography image resolution by adopting the emulsion cloud chamber technique
2765 -- 2776Adnan Ahmad, Anique Azhar, Sajid Naqvi, Asif Nawaz, Samia Arshad, Furkh Zeshan, Mohammed Yousif, Ali O. M. Salih. A methodology for sender-oriented anti-spamming
2777 -- 2788Mostafa Ahmad, Ahmed Ghoneim, Saleh Alshomrani, Ahmed Samak, Nader Omar, Fahad Algarni. A novel and dependable image steganography model for strengthening the security of cloud storage
2789 -- 2799Ahmed M. Elaiw, Matuka A. Alshaikh. Stability of discrete-time latent pathogen dynamics model with delay and cellular infection
2801 -- 2807Ahmed H. Soliman, A. M. Zidan. Existential examination of the coupled fixed point in generalized b-metric spaces and an application
2809 -- 2816Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty, Heba Kadry, Mohammed Zidan, Yazeed Al-Sbou, E. A. Zanaty, Mahmoud Abdel-Aty. A quantum classification algorithm for classification incomplete patterns based on entanglement measure
2817 -- 2822E. M. Khalil, S. Abdel-Khalek, Saud Al-Awfi, M. Rasulova. Two-level atom and quantum system entanglement and squeezing with and without classical field and damping effects
2823 -- 2832Walaa M. Abd-Elhafiez, Mohamed Heshmat. Medical image encryption via lifting method
2833 -- 2845Mostafa M. A. Khater, Raghda A. M. Attia, Haiyong Qin, Heba Kadry, R. Kharabsheh, Dianchen Lu. On the stable computational, semi-analytical, and numerical solutions of the Langmuir waves in an ionized plasma
2847 -- 2858Mohamed Ramadan, Heba Oshaba, Radwan Kharabsheh. Triangular functions based method for the solution of system of linear Fredholm integral equations via an efficient finite iterative algorithm
2859 -- 2866Saud Owyed, M. A. Abdou, Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty, Awad A. Ibraheem, Ramzi Nekhili, Dumitru Baleanu. New optical soliton solutions of space-time fractional nonlinear dynamics of microtubules via three integration schemes
2867 -- 2872Osama Farouk Hassan, Amani Jamal, Sayed Abdel-Khalek. Genetic algorithm and numerical methods for solving linear and nonlinear system of equations: a comparative study
2873 -- 2883Hanaa H. Abu-Zinadah. Lifetime competing risks data from Lomax distribution in the presence of accelerates life-testing model with Type-I censoring
2885 -- 2888Mahera Rabee Qasem, Marrwa Abdallah Salih, Shadia Majeed Noori. Soft set and its direct effect on a ring structure
2889 -- 0. Regular Section
2891 -- 2905Hadi Mahdipour Hossein-Abad, Mohsen Shabanian, Iman Abaspur Kazerouni. Fuzzy c-means clustering method with the fuzzy distance definition applied on symmetric triangular fuzzy numbers
2907 -- 2950Rajkumar Verma. On aggregation operators for linguistic trapezoidal fuzzy intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their application to multiple attribute group decision making
2951 -- 2959J. Vimala, L. Vijayalakshmi, Xindong Peng. Lattice ordered soft group and its application in urban planning
2961 -- 2977Mohd Fazil, Muhammad Abulaish. A socialbots analysis-driven graph-based approach for identifying coordinated campaigns in twitter
2979 -- 2989Yu Shang, Zhiguo Han, Yun Qiao, Jinglun Zhou. Visualization analysis of the journal of intelligent & fuzzy systems (2002-2018)
2991 -- 3001Qianli Zhao, Linlin Zong, Xianchao Zhang, Xinyue Liu, Hong Yu 0005. Incomplete multi-view spectral clustering
3003 -- 3010Wasfi A. Shatanawi, Vishal Gupta, Ashima Kanwar. New results on modified intuitionistic generalized fuzzy metric spaces by employing E.A property and common E.A property for coupled maps
3011 -- 3026Ching-Lung Fan. Application of the ANP and fuzzy set to develop a construction quality index: A case study of Taiwan construction inspection
3027 -- 3039Fazli Amin, Aliya Fahmi, Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Muhammad Aslam 0003. A new approach of interval-valued intuitionistic neutrosophic fuzzy weighted averaging operator based on decision making problem
3041 -- 3057Amani A. Alahmadi, Muhammad Hussain, Hatim Aboalsamh, Aqil M. Azmi. ConvSRC: SmartPhone-based periocular recognition using deep convolutional neural network and sparsity augmented collaborative representation
3059 -- 3074Hong Yang, Zengtai Gong. Numerical solutions for fuzzy Fredholm integral equations of the first kind using Landweber iterative method
3075 -- 3091Kai Yang, Rui Wang, Lixing Yang. Fuzzy reliability-oriented optimization for the road-rail intermodal transport system using tabu search algorithm
3093 -- 3103Aqeel Shahzad, Tahair Rasham, Giuseppe Marino, Abdullah Shoaib. ψ- dominated fuzzy contractive mappings with graph
3105 -- 3115Jian-Zhang Wu 0001, Gleb Beliakov. k-order representative capacity
3117 -- 3127Yun Zhang, Yude Zhang, Wei He, Shujuan Yu, Shengmei Zhao. Improved feature size customized fast correlation-based filter for Naive Bayes text classification
3129 -- 3139Xin Feng, Jun-cheng Jiang, Yue-gui Feng. Reliability evaluation of gantry cranes based on fault tree analysis and Bayesian network
3141 -- 3150A. Ghareeb, O. H. Khalil, Saleh Omran. σ-algebra and its related mappings
3151 -- 3165Manisha Jangra, Sanjeev Kr. Dhull, Krishna Kant Singh. ECG arrhythmia classification using modified visual geometry group network (mVGGNet)
3167 -- 3178Xiaohan Hu, Rong Jiang, Mingyue Shi, Jingwei Shang. A privacy protection model for health care big data based on trust evaluation access control in cloud service environment
3179 -- 3188Mudassir Khan, Mohd. Dilshad Ansari. Multi-criteria software quality model selection based on divergence measure and score function
3189 -- 3199Jingcao Cai, Rui Zhou, Deming Lei. Fuzzy distributed two-stage hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with setup time: collaborative variable search
3201 -- 3211Lifen Jia, Waichon Lio, Wei Chen. Extreme values, first hitting time and time integral of solution of uncertain spring vibration equation
3213 -- 3227Fatma M. Najib, Rasha M. Ismail, Nagwa L. Badr, Tarek F. Gharib. Clustering based approach for incomplete data streams processing
3229 -- 3252Daniela Sánchez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo 0001. Comparison of particle swarm optimization variants with fuzzy dynamic parameter adaptation for modular granular neural networks for human recognition
3253 -- 3266Jung Mi Ko, Yong Chan Kim. L-topologies and fuzzy rough sets
3267 -- 3284Jinheng Gu, Changqing Liu, Shenghui Fu, Enrong Mao, Changle Pang. A priority index based method for identifying influential design factors in product service-oriented designs
3285 -- 3300S. Ahmad Hashemi, Hamid Farrokhi. Mobility robustness optimization and load balancing in self-organized cellular networks: Towards cognitive network management
3301 -- 3305Ms. Nilofer, Mohammed Rizwanullah. An implementation of chinese postman problem with priorities
3307 -- 3318Xindong Peng, Xueling Ma. Pythagorean fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method based on CODAS with new score function
3319 -- 3330Liying Jin, Shengdun Zhao, Congcong Zhang, Wei Gao, Yao Dou, Mengkang Lu. Adaptive soft subspace clustering combining within-cluster and between-cluster information
3331 -- 3342Ke Su, Le-Le Ren, Xiaohui Ren. A modified nonmonotone QP-free method without penalty function or filter
3343 -- 3357Songtao Shao, Xiaohong Zhang. Generalized Shapley probability neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy Choquet aggregation operators and their applications
3359 -- 3370Prateek Pandey, Ratnesh Litoriya. Fuzzy AHP based identification model for efficient application development
3371 -- 3388Jiashuang Fan, Suihuai Yu, Mingjiu Yu, Jianjie Chu, Baozhen Tian, Wenhua Li, Hui Wang, Yukun Hu, Chen Chen. Optimal selection of design scheme in cloud environment: A novel hybrid approach of multi-criteria decision-making based on F-ANP and F-QFD
3389 -- 3401Tao Liang, Siqi Qian, Meng Zhaochao, Xie Gao Feng. Early fault warning of wind turbine based on BRNN and large sliding window
3403 -- 3417Bao Jiang, Zezhou Zou, Waichon Lio, Jian Li. The uncertain DEA models for specific scale efficiency identification
3419 -- 3443Hussain Ahmed Choudhury, Nidul Sinha, Monjul Saikia. Application of nature-inspired algorithms (NIA) for optimization of video compression
3445 -- 3461Yunlei Yang, Muzhou Hou, Jianshu Luo, Zhongchu Tian. Numerical solution of several kinds of differential equations using block neural network method with improved extreme learning machine algorithm
3463 -- 3487Zhongqi Lin, Jingdun Jia, Wanlin Gao, Feng Huang. A hierarchical coarse-to-fine perception for small-target categorization of butterflies under complex backgrounds
3489 -- 3499Meilin Wen, Yubing Chen, Yi Yang 0006, Rui Kang, Miaomiao Guo. Optimization of spares varieties in the uncertain systems
3501 -- 3513Fan Meng, Zhiquan Qi, Zhensong Chen 0001, Bo Wang, Yong Shi. Token based crack detection
3515 -- 3526Youen Zhao, Xiuhua Ji, Zhaoguang Liu. Blind image quality assessment based on statistics features and perceptual features

Volume 38, Issue 2

1133 -- 0. Special issue: Fuzzy Systems in Distributed Sensing Applications, Guest editors: Mohamed Elhoseny and X. Yuan
1135 -- 0Mohamed Elhoseny, Xiaohui Yuan 0001. Editorial for special issue on fuzzy systems in distributed sensing applications
1137 -- 1145Yuan Tian, You Li, Lin Pan, Harry Morris. Research on group animation design technology based on artificial fish swarm algorithm
1147 -- 1157Yansheng Li, Jun Zhang, Jinbo Chen, Sheng-Hung Chang, Anthony Lam, Qiong Zhao. Evaluation of vertical cooperative algebra connectivity in agricultural production-marketing chain based on control parameters
1159 -- 1171Yongshun Xu, Yuan Liu, Xiaoshuang Zhang. Analysis of social network user behaviour and its influence
1173 -- 1179Yuan Gao, Qing Li. Artificial emotion modeling based on container (CUP) algorithm
1181 -- 1188Lin Gan, Shijun Li, Zhan Shu, Wei Yu 0009. Big data metrics: Time sensitivity analysis of multimedia news
1189 -- 1196Xiaoyue Tang, Shijun Li, Wei Yu 0009. Web user preferences and behavior clustering based on BP neural network
1197 -- 1202Wei He, Xiumin Chu, Yumeng Zhou, Zhonglian Jiang, Zhen Yu, Miguel Ángel Sotelo, Zhixiong Li. Navigational risk assessment of Three Gorges ship lock: Field data analysis using intelligent expert system
1203 -- 1213Jiangang Jin. Research on data retrieval and analysis system based on Baidu reptile technology in big data era
1215 -- 1223Yao Fuguang. Research on campus network cloud storage open platform based on cloud computing and big data technology
1225 -- 1234Jigang Xie. Research on Weibo user behavior system for subjective perception and big data mining technology
1235 -- 1240Chengzhang Ji, Shanqun Lu. Exploration of marine ship anomaly real-time monitoring system based on deep learning
1241 -- 1247Qing Zhang, Neng Chang, Kai Shang. Design and exploration of virtual marine ship engine room system based on Unity3D platform
1249 -- 1255Shenmin Lv. Construction of marine ship automatic identification system data mining platform based on big data
1257 -- 1263Aixia Duan, Yong Zhihuang, Yanling Duan, Qiuhong Wang. Heat exchanger simulation and recovery device design of waste heat boiler of gas turbine generator set on ocean platform
1265 -- 1271Long Qi. Application of improved genetic algorithm in barge loading of offshore platform
1273 -- 1279Yan Zhang, Juan Liu. Application of 3D laser scanning technology in structural design of key parts of marine port machinery
1281 -- 1285Quan Wang, ChangYuan Wang. Exploration of port intelligent AGV path tracking based on vision
1287 -- 1298Xue Liu, Xiaowei Wang, Zhaosheng Yang. Multi-lane traffic flow monitoring and detection system based on video detection
1299 -- 1309Yingxiang Teng. Research on mathematical model and dynamic positioning control algorithm of six degrees of freedom maneuvering in marine ships
1311 -- 1318Musong Gu, Xiaodan Du, Wenjie Fan, Qiyi Han, Zishu He, Lei You. Research on node localization based on 3D wireless sensor network
1319 -- 1328Kedun Mao. Research on key technology analysis and system design of enterprise patent management system
1329 -- 1337Qingjie Liu, Xiaoying Wang, Zhian Pan. Development and application of massive unstructured big data retrieval technology based on cloud computing platform
1339 -- 1347Chen Chao, Liu Dawei, Song Lijun. A MCCDMA-based cognitive radio system for the internet of things
1349 -- 1358Zhanfeng Qi, Jingsheng Zhai, Yufeng Qin. Dynamic analysis and adaptive obstacle avoidance algorithm of wave glider based on fuzzy control
1359 -- 1369Haiping Si, Changxia Sun, Hongbo Qiao, Yanling Li. Application of improved multidimensional spatial data mining algorithm in agricultural informationization
1371 -- 1379Changcheng Xin, Chaohu He. Research on university scientific research patent management information system based on BS mode
1381 -- 1390Kang Yu, Wu Qiang. Application of ant colony clustering algorithm in coal mine gas accident analysis under the background of big data research
1391 -- 1399Haiyong Sun, Hang Lei. Formal verification of a task scheduler for embedded operating systems
1401 -- 1410Xiaoqing Yu, Zenglin Zhang, Rui Chai. RSSI Estimation for wireless sensor network through-the-earth communication at frequency 433 MHz
1411 -- 1422Zheng Liyang, Zhang Xinling. Optimization design of automatic filing system of financial management information under the background of information technology development
1423 -- 1433Leina Zheng, Tiejun Pan, Jun Liu, Guo Ming, Mengli Zhang, Jun Wang. Quantitative trading system based on machine learning in Chinese financial market
1435 -- 1441Tiejun Pan, Leina Zheng, Jun Liu, Ming Guo, Chai Honghui, Jun Wang. Research on key technologies of wine quality and safety system using ANN
1443 -- 1453Yiming Tian, Xitai Wang, Yanli Geng, Zuojun Liu, Lingling Chen. Inertial sensor-based human activity recognition via ensemble extreme learning machines optimized by quantum-behaved particle swarm
1455 -- 1461Niankun Zhang, Zhigang Huang, Peidi Huang, Ningshe Zhao. Design and implementation for a fast reaction testing and training system to fight sports based on real data acqusition
1463 -- 1470Yufeng Shu, Dali Zuo, Junhua Zhang, Junlong Li, Haoquan Gan, Chen Tian Yu, Luo Lixing. Analysis of textile defects based on PCA-NLM
1471 -- 1476Hongying Luo, Jun Liu 0019, Xuebin Li. Periodic behavior of a class of nonlinear dynamic systems based on the Runge-Kutta algorithm
1477 -- 1485Hailun Wang, Wu Fei. Failure recognition method of rolling bearings based on the characteristic parameters of compressed data and FCM clustering
1487 -- 1498Li Wang, Yuxin Xie, Jiping Xu, Huiyan Zhang, Xiaoyi Wang, Jiabin Yu, Qian Sun, Zhiyao Zhao. Prediction method of cyanobacterial blooms spatial-temporal sequence based on deep belief network and fuzzy expert system
1499 -- 1508Siguang Dai, Guihua Nie, Pingfeng Liu. Research on the two-player two-way principal-agent model and optimization algorithm with lower and upper bounds
1509 -- 1518Liu Hui, Zhang Xiaojun. Predictive analysis of impact hazard level of coal rock mass based on fuzzy inference network
1519 -- 1530Chang Wang 0002, Qinyu Sun, Zhen Li 0019, Hongjia Zhang, Rui Fu. A forward collision warning system based on self-learning algorithm of driver characteristics
1531 -- 1538Moli Xu, Deping Xiong, Mengyuan Yang. Risk recognition and risk classification diagnosis of bank outlets based on information entropy and BP neural network
1539 -- 1548Fangbo Cai, Jingsha He, Zulfiqar Ali Zardari, Song Han. Distributed management of permission for access control model
1549 -- 1558Weijian Fang, Xiaoling Tan, Dominic Wilbur. Research on machine learning method and its application technology in intrusion information security detection
1559 -- 1568Huobin Tan, Yongfeng Tian, Linfeng Wang, Guangyan Lin. Name disambiguation using meta clusters and clustering ensemble
1569 -- 1577Linyuan Fan. Dimensionality reduction of image feature based on geometric parameter adaptive LLE algorithm
1579 -- 1584Ziyan Tang. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of purchase intention of retailer private brands based on improved AHP method
1585 -- 1592Qingyuan Zhou, Zongming Zhang, Yuancong Wang. Research on safety management system optimization of B2C e-commerce intelligent logistics information system based on data cube
1593 -- 1602Yuan He, Xiang Sun, Ping Huang, Hong Xu. Evaluation of automatic algorithm for solving differential equations of plane problems based on BP neural network algorithm
1603 -- 1614Zhongyi Xing. Driver's intention recognition algorithm based on recessive Markoff model
1615 -- 0. Regular Section
1617 -- 1622Vakeel A. Khan, Hira Fatima, Ayaz Ahmad, Mohd Imran Idrisi. λ-ideal convergent double sequence spaces
1623 -- 1635Kholood Mohammad Alsager, Noura O. Alshehri. Q-dual hesitant fuzzy soft rough model
1637 -- 1647Nasir Shah, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Muhammad Shabir, Abbas Ali, Noor Rehman. Z-soft covering rough models based on a knowledge granulation
1649 -- 1662Nurdan Tüysüz, Cengiz Kahraman. CODAS method using Z-fuzzy numbers
1663 -- 1674Muhammad Abulaish, Ishfaq Majid Bhat, Sajid Yousuf Bhat. Scaling density-based community detection to large-scale social networks via MapReduce framework
1675 -- 1689Vahid Mohagheghi, S. Meysam Mousavi, Mohammad Mojtahedi. Project portfolio selection problems: Two decades review from 1999 to 2019
1691 -- 1704P. Visalakshi, S. Prabakaran. Detection and prevention of spoofing attacks in mobile adhoc networks using hybrid optimization algorithm
1705 -- 1719Asif Ali, Tabasam Rashid. Generalized interval-valued trapezoidal fuzzy best-worst multiple criteria decision-making method with applications
1721 -- 1736Haishu Lu, Rong Li, Kai Zhang. On the existence of Nash equilibria in fuzzy generalized discontinuous games with infinite players
1737 -- 1752Muhammad Jamil, Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Yaqub Khan. The induced generalized interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Einstein hybrid geometric aggregation operator and their application to group decision-making
1753 -- 1760Kelvin H.-C. Chen, Hui-Chuan Wei, Ai-Tzu Li, Wei-Ni Wang, Yu-Hsien Liao. The supreme-core on multicriteria fuzzy games
1761 -- 1773Mohammad Yasrebi, Vahid Rafe, Hamid Parvin, Samad Nejatian. An efficient approach to state space management in model checking of complex software systems using machine learning techniques
1775 -- 1787Zhang-peng Tian, Ru-Xin Nie, Jian Qiang Wang, Hanyang Luo, Lin Li. A prospect theory-based QUALIFLEX for uncertain linguistic Z-number multi-criteria decision-making with unknown weight information
1789 -- 1797Hashem Bordbar, Seok-Zun Song, Mohammad Rahim Bordbar, Young Bae Jun. BCK-algebras
1799 -- 1810Hongzhuang Wu, Songyong Liu, Cheng Cheng, Changlong Du. Observer based adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy sliding mode control for unknown nonlinear systems
1811 -- 1825M. Ambika, G. Raghuraman, L. Sai Ramesh, A. Ayyasamy. Intelligence - based decision support system for diagnosing the incidence of hypertensive type
1827 -- 1840Priyang Prakashchandra Bhatt, Bhaskar Thakker. Isolating botnet attacks using Bootstrap Aggregating Surflex-PSIM Classifier in IoT
1841 -- 1854Natasa Zivic, Obaid Ur Rehman. Iterative self-correction for secured images using turbo codes and soft input decryption
1855 -- 1864Hanbiao Yang, Daocheng Zeng. A special fuzzy star-shaped numbers space with endograph metric
1865 -- 1875Ailing Li, Jixiong Zhang, Nan Zhou, Meng Li, Weiqing Zhang. A model for evaluating the production system of an intelligent mine based on unascertained measurement theory
1877 -- 1888Vi H. Nguyen, Hung Q. Nguyen, Thanh T. Tran. Robust control design of nonlinear roll-to-roll dynamic system in printed electronics technology
1889 -- 1900Zezhong Wu, Fei Song. Generalized convexity of n-dimensional fuzzy number-valued functions and its application in fuzzy optimization
1901 -- 1913Ernesto León-Castro, Luis F. Espinoza-Audelo, José M. Merigó, Anna Maria Gil Lafuente, Ronald R. Yager. The ordered weighted average inflation
1915 -- 1928Abel Hailemichael, Syed Moshfeq Salaken, Ali Karimoddini, Abdollah Homaifar, Abbas Khosravi, Saeid Nahavandi. Developing a computationally effective Interval Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Logic Controller
1929 -- 1941Huan-huan Wang, Shengwei Tian, Long Yu, Xian-Xian Wang, Qing-Shan Qi, Ji-Hong Chen. Bidirectional IndRNN malicious webpages detection algorithm based on convolutional neural network and attention mechanism
1943 -- 1949Thamer Mitib Al Sariera, Lalitha Rangarajan, Amarnath R. Detection and classification of hard exudates in retinal images
1951 -- 1965Pengjun Zhao, Sanyang Liu. An enhanced symbiotic organisms search algorithm with perturbed global crossover operator for global optimization
1967 -- 1975Weiguang Li, Juan Zhu, Yong Zhang 0006, Shuyan Zhang. Design and implementation of intelligent traffic and big data mining system based on internet of things
1977 -- 1995Masooma Raza Hashmi, Muhammad Riaz. A novel approach to censuses process by using Pythagorean m-polar fuzzy Dombi's aggregation operators
1997 -- 2008Musavarah Sarwar, Muhammad Akram 0001, Usman Ali. m-polar fuzzy graphs
2009 -- 2019Jian-Zhang Wu 0001, Rui-Jie Xi, Ye Zhu. Correlative decision preference information consistency check and comprehensive dominance representation method
2021 -- 2038Peyman Bayat, Hossein Afrakhte. A purpose-oriented shuffled complex evolution optimization algorithm for energy management of multi-microgrid systems considering outage duration uncertainty
2039 -- 2054Heng Yu, Yimin Wang, Xin Huang, Yue Luo, Peiyun Qiu. Establishment and application of a metro station safety evaluation system based on extension theory
2055 -- 2068Edgar Guevara, Jorge Arturo Flores Castro, Ke Peng, Dang Khoa Nguyen, Frédéric Lesage, Philippe Pouliot, Roberto Rosas-Romero. Prediction of epileptic seizures using fNIRS and machine learning
2069 -- 2080Shadi Dorosti, Mahdi Fathi, Saeid Jafarzadeh Ghoushchi, Marzieh Khakifirooz, Mohammad Khazaeili. Patient waiting time management through fuzzy based failure mode and effect analysis
2081 -- 2087Esra Gülle. α
2089 -- 2102Jianping Fan 0005, Xuefei Jia, Meiqin Wu 0001. A new multi-criteria group decision model based on Single-valued triangular Neutrosophic sets and EDAS method
2103 -- 2118Muhammad Jabir Khan, Poom Kumam, Peide Liu, Wiyada Kumam, Habib-ur Rehman. An adjustable weighted soft discernibility matrix based on generalized picture fuzzy soft set and its applications in decision making
2119 -- 2127T. Sathis Kumar, K. Latha 0002. Middleware interoperability performance using interoperable reinforcement learning technique for enterprise business applications
2129 -- 2139Kuen-Suan Chen. Fuzzy testing decision-making model for intelligent manufacturing process with Taguchi capability index
2141 -- 2149Young Bae Jun, Xiao Long Xin. Implicative neutrosophic LI-ideals of lattice implication algebras
2151 -- 2163Xin-jun Pei, Long Yu, Shengwei Tian, Huan-huan Wang, Yong-fang Peng. Combining multi-features with a neural joint model for Android malware detection
2165 -- 2179Weimin Ma, Wenjing Lei, Bingzhen Sun. Three-way group decisions based on multigranulation hesitant fuzzy decision-theoretic rough set over two universes
2181 -- 2196V. D. Ambeth Kumar, S. Malathi, R. Venkatesan, K. Ramalakshmi, K. Vengatesan, Weiping Ding 0001, Abhishek Kumar. Exploration of an innovative geometric parameter based on performance enhancement for foot print recognition
2197 -- 2210Tao Li, Liyuan Zhang, Ziyu Yang. Two algorithms for group decision making based on the consistency of intuitionistic multiplicative preference relation
2211 -- 2230Muhammad Shakeel, Muhammad Aslam 0003, Noor Ul Amin, Muhammad Jamil. Method of MAGDM based on pythagorean trapezoidal uncertain linguistic hesitant fuzzy aggregation operator with Einstein operations
2231 -- 2244Hui Wu, Bing Wang. Single-machine scheduling problem with fuzzy time delays and mixed precedence constraints
2245 -- 2259Ho Vu, Truong Vinh An, Ngo Van Hoa. Ulam-Hyers stability of uncertain functional differential equation in fuzzy setting with Caputo-Hadamard fractional derivative concept
2261 -- 2271Yang Lin, Ying-Ming Wang, Longzhong Yan. Cosine-similarity based approach for weights determination under hesitant fuzzy environment and its extension to priority derivation
2273 -- 2284Sylwia Henselmeyer, Marcin Grzegorzek. Short-term load forecasting with discrete state Hidden Markov Models
2285 -- 2296Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan, Faisal Khan, Joseph Lemley, Saleem Abdullah, Fawad Hussain. Extended topsis method based on Pythagorean cubic fuzzy multi-criteria decision making with incomplete weight information
2297 -- 2309Qu Min, Xiong Xing-Fu. Identifying key elements in a car-sharing system for constructing a comprehensive car-sharing model
2311 -- 2322Sreelekshmi C. Warrier, Terry Jacob Mathew, José Carlos R. Alcantud. Fuzzy soft matrices on fuzzy soft multiset and its applications in optimization problems
2323 -- 2335Chiyu Wang, Hong Li, Xinrong Li, Feifei Hou, Xun Hu. Guided attention mechanism: Training network more efficiently
2337 -- 2345Madeline Al Tahan, Sárka Hosková-Mayerová, Bijan Davvaz. Fuzzy multi-polygroups
2347 -- 2357Yi-Cheng Huang, Hsien-Shu Liao. Building prediction model for a machine tool with genetic algorithm optimization on a general regression neural network
2359 -- 2367Decheng Fan, Zhilong Song, Song Jon, JuHyok U. An improved quantum clustering algorithm with weighted distance based on PSO and research on the prediction of electrical power demand
2369 -- 2382Donghai Liu, Harish Garg. Linguistic connection number of set pair analysis based on TOPSIS method and numerical scale function
2383 -- 2398Amin Ul Haq, Jianping Li 0002, Muhammad Hammad Memon, Jalaluddin Khan, Salah Ud Din. A novel integrated diagnosis method for breast cancer detection

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 0. Special Section: Fuzzy Logic for Analysis of Clinical Diagnosis and Decision-Making in Health Care, Guest editor: Young Ho Kim
3 -- 4Young-Ho Kim. Editorial for special issue on fuzzy logic for analysis of clinical diagnosis and decision-making in health care
5 -- 19Qidi Wu, Yibing Li, Yun Lin. Medical image restoration method via multiple nonlocal prior constraints
21 -- 28Yingfa Yang. Research on brush face payment system based on internet artificial intelligence
29 -- 37Yixiang Sun, Nana Geng, Shuli Gong, Yinbao Yang. Research on improved genetic algorithm in path optimization of aviation logistics distribution center
39 -- 46Lei Zhao. Research on multi-user air cargo route selection based on improved genetic algorithm
47 -- 53Yingwen Long, Yanxiang Zhu. An improved discrete consensus algorithm for reactive power sharing considering communication delay condition
55 -- 63Xiaohui Ma. A new aggregated search method
65 -- 73Xilong Deng, Dan Song, Li Wei. A dynamic game model analysis for friendship selection
75 -- 88Dingxuan Zhao, Chunbo Xu, Tao Ni, Hongyan Zhang, Ruibo Qiao. Dynamic response and control accuracy optimization of marine hydraulic manipulator based on piecewise P and fuzzy PI control algorithms
89 -- 96Xinsheng Zhang, Teng Gao. Multi-head attention model for aspect level sentiment analysis
97 -- 103Zhongru Wang, Qiang Ruan. Research on network security subsystem based on digital signal
105 -- 113Jingfeng Zang, Guibin Ren, Yanlin An, Yan Piao. Removal of rain from video based on dual-tree complex wavelet fusion
115 -- 126Dan Wang, Hongwei Zhao, Qingliang Li. An image retrieval method of mammary cancer based on convolutional neural network
127 -- 137Dan Wang, Hongwei Zhao, Qingliang Li. Medical brain image classification based on multi-feature fusion of convolutional neural network
139 -- 145Jun Zeng. Research on secure encryption method of multi-domain fiber network based on particle swarm optimization algorithm
147 -- 153Limin Chen, Zhuohang Li, Muzhan Lv, Mingliang Xiong. Intelligent prediction algorithm of economic trend index based on rough set support vector machine
155 -- 162Xiang Sun. Similarity detection method of abnormal data in network based on data mining
163 -- 173Dakai Li, Fan Zhang, Yuanli Tian. Research on enterprise management integration mechanism and information platform by internet of things
175 -- 186Tian Xu, Jizhuang Fan, Qianqian Fang, Yanhe Zhu, Jie Zhao 0003. A new robot collision detection method: A modified nonlinear disturbance observer based-on neural networks
187 -- 196Depeng Song, Binbing Li, Yi Qu, Yijun Chen. A circular convolution based on compressed sensing imaging algorithm for FMCW CSAR
197 -- 206Peng Wu, Wei Li, Ming Yan. Point cloud registration algorithm based on the volume constraint
207 -- 217Ling Wu, Hao Hu, Weihua Zhao, Haoxue Liu, Tong Zhu. An innovative method to measure and predict drivers' behaviour in highway extra-long tunnels using time-series modelling
219 -- 228Yan-Xiao Liu 0001, Ching-Nung Yang, Qin-dong Sun, Yi-Cheng Chen. n) scalable secret image sharing with multiple decoding options
229 -- 238Zhao Li, Yi Song, Guoqiang Gong, Siwei Zhou, Ke Lv. A multi-technique fusion approach for fault localization in manufacturing software
239 -- 246Yang Sun, Jianrong Li, Xueliang Fu, Haifang Wang, Honghui Li. Application research based on improved genetic algorithm in cloud task scheduling
247 -- 255Honghui Li, Hailiang Lu, Xueliang Fu. An optimal and dynamic elephant flow scheduling for SDN-based data center networks
257 -- 262Guoping Lei, Xiuying Luo, Li Cai, Le Gao, Nina Dai, Qingshan Xu, Zefu Tan. Research on smart EFK algorithm for electric vehicle battery packs management system
263 -- 276Qian Bian, Xuejun Zhang, Zhenduo Wang, Mujun Liu, Bijiang Li, Dongbo Wu, Gang Liu. Virtual surgery system for liver tumor resection
277 -- 281Zhijun Zeng, Yong Gao, Liyan Liu, Xiaojun Yan, Guoliang Xu, Hongning Liu, Yanhua Ji. Quickly evaluating the synergistic effects of top anti-cancer drugs by the computer high performance computing power and complex network visualization
283 -- 291Yujun Lu, Xiaoyong Hu, Yu Su. Framework of industrial networking sensing system based on edge computing and artificial intelligence
293 -- 302Man Ding, Zhonghang Bai, Jinzhu Zhang, Xiaoguang Huang. Dynamic color design for multimodal industrial products based on genetic algorithm
303 -- 309Liu Xiao-Lan, Lu Gui-Zhen, Zhang Jun-Liang. A novel wide-band polygonal slot circular antenna using the theory of characteristic modes
311 -- 318Junhua Xiong, Ruisheng Li, Tingling Wang, Jinfeng Gao. Improved random PWM modulation method based on preset carrier switching frequency
319 -- 325Xiaomian Li, Yufeng Shu, Dali Zuo, Junhua Zhang, Zhanshuo Chen, Haoxian Gan, Junlong Li, Juntao Li, Kaiwen Chen, Guohui Yang. Machine vision of textile testing and quality research
327 -- 335Zhiqiang Du, Shigang Cui. Innovative application for the wind farm control system with multi communication protocol converter
337 -- 343Changxia Sun, Yi Liu, Xia Zeng, Haiping Si. Provable secure attribute-based proxy signature
345 -- 353Xiaoling Ren, Wen Wang, Shijun Xu. An innovative segmentation method with multi-feature fusion for 3D point cloud
355 -- 363Junhua Xiong, Ruisheng Li, Tingling Wang, Jinfeng Gao. Application of improved particle swarm algorithm to power source capacity optimization in multi-energy industrial parks
365 -- 377Shuo Zhang, Xuan Zhao, Wubin Lei, Qiang Yu, Yibo Wang. Front vehicle detection based on multi-sensor fusion for autonomous vehicle
379 -- 389Leilei Deng, Zhenghao Wang, Chuang Wang, Yifan He, Tao Huang, Yue Dong, Xian Zhang. Application of agricultural insect pest detection and control map based on image processing analysis
391 -- 407Rong Fei, Shasha Li, Xinhong Hei 0001, Qingzheng Xu, Jiayu Zhao, Yuling Guo. A motion simulation model for road network based crowdsourced map datum
409 -- 416Yun Hu, Zuojian Zhou, Kongfa Hu, Hui Li. Detecting overlapping communities from micro blog network by additive spectral decomposition
417 -- 426Yuanyuan Wang 0006, Zhijian Wang, Ming-Xin Jiang, Liqi Chen, Tianhao Shen, Wenyang Zhang. Joint deep learning of angular loss and hard sample mining for person re-identification
427 -- 440Dongping Wei, Niansheng Tang, Tianli lei, Shouwen Wen. The deep learning word vector model using part of speech and sentiment information
441 -- 451Hongmu Han, Xinhua Dong, Cuihua Zuo. A weighted recommendation algorithm based on multiview clustering of user
453 -- 462Sheng Wang, Yongchang Yu, Chen Yang, Long Liu, Yahui Zhang, Zhi Zhang, He Li. Experiment and research of seeding electromechanical control seeding system based on fuzzy control strategy
463 -- 469Xian Zhang, Fengxian Wang, Dawen Han, Hao Meng, Bin Wei, Songcen Wang, Yang Li, Ming Xue, Qingxin Yang. Finite element method and coupled mode theory coupling for accurate analysis of frequency splitting in wireless power transmission
471 -- 480Yajun Wang 0003, Fuming Sun, Xiaohui Li. Compound dimensionality reduction based multi-dynamic kernel principal component analysis monitoring method for batch process with large-scale data sets
481 -- 486Yang Wang, Shengyu Zhang, Hongjie Cen, Bo Zou. Performance analysis and improvement of large-scale antenna array system
487 -- 494Shaofei Wu. Internet public informatioan text data mining and intelligence influence analysis for user intent understanding
495 -- 511Hui Liu 0015, Yifan Li, Rui Hong, Zhenming Li, Ming Li, Wei Pan, Adam Glowacz, Hao He 0003. Knowledge graph analysis and visualization of research trends on driver behavior
513 -- 521Jun Huang, Yumin Zhuo, Xuemei Tian, Dingju Zhu, Rashed Mustafa. Personalized disease treatment plan suggestion system based on big data and knowledge base
523 -- 0. Special Section: FLINS 2018, Guest editor: Cengiz Kahraman
525 -- 530Krassimir T. Atanassov, Peter Vassilev. Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and other fuzzy sets extensions representable by them
531 -- 543Wenkai Zhang, Hengxia Gao. On weakly prioritized multicriteria decision analysis with interval-valued hesitant fuzzy information
545 -- 552Serhat Aydin, Mehmet Yörükoglu. Turkish ground handling services firms assesment with neutrosophic multiobjective method
553 -- 564Zia Bashir, Tabasam Rashid, Wojciech Salabun, Sohail Zafar. Certain convergences for intuitionistic fuzzy sets
565 -- 575Sükran Seker. A novel integrated MCDM approach: An application for selection of the optimal Fiber optical access network strategy
577 -- 588Ronei Marcos de Moraes, Elaine Anita de Melo Gomes Soares, Liliane dos Santos Machado. A double weighted fuzzy gamma naive bayes classifier
589 -- 600Ibrahim Mert Uzun, Selçuk Çebi. A novel approach for classification of occupational health and safety measures based on their effectiveness by using fuzzy kano model
601 -- 608Robison Ohta, Valerio A. P. Salomon, Messias B. Silva. Classical, fuzzy, hesitant fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy processes applied to industrial maintenance management
609 -- 618Özlem Türksen. Obtaining interval estimates of nonlinear model parameters based on combined soft computing tools
619 -- 626Sonakshi Vij, Amita Jain, Devendra K. Tayal, Oscar Castillo 0001. Scientometric inspection of research progression in hesitant fuzzy sets
627 -- 637Serhat Aydin, Mehmet Kabak. Investment analysis using neutrosophic present and future worth techniques
639 -- 651Hoang Nguyen. Some new operations on Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets in decision-making problems
653 -- 662Nazli Göker, Mehtap Dursun, Michele Cedolin. A novel IFCM integrated distance based hierarchical intuitionistic decision making procedure for agile supplier selection
663 -- 673Shahzad Faizi, Tabasam Rashid, Sohail Zafar. TODIM approach based on score function under hesitant 2-tuple linguistic environment
675 -- 684Onur Dogan 0001, Basar Öztaysi, Carlos Fernández-Llatas. Segmentation of indoor customer paths using intuitionistic fuzzy clustering: Process mining visualization
685 -- 696Minxia Luo, Lixian Wu, Li Fu. Robustness analysis of the interval-valued fuzzy inference algorithms
697 -- 707Mehmet Bayram, Muzaffer Akat, Serol Bulkan. Algorithmic pairs trading with expert inputs, a fuzzy statistical arbitrage framework
709 -- 721Miguel López-Medina, Macarena Espinilla, Ian Cleland, Chris D. Nugent, Javier Medina 0001. Fuzzy cloud-fog computing approach application for human activity recognition in smart homes
723 -- 733Mehmet Yörükoglu, Serhat Aydin. Smart container evaluation by neutrosophic MCDM method
735 -- 748Álvaro Labella, Rosa M. Rodríguez, Luis Martínez 0001. A consensus reaching process dealing with comparative linguistic expressions for group decision making: A fuzzy approach
749 -- 759Cengiz Kahraman, Basar Öztaysi, Sezi Çevik Onar. Single & interval-valued neutrosophic AHP methods: Performance analysis of outsourcing law firms
761 -- 777Abhishek Guleria, Rakesh Kumar Bajaj. S)-norm discriminant measure in various decision making processes
779 -- 793Irfan Deli. A TOPSIS method by using generalized trapezoidal hesitant fuzzy numbers and application to a robot selection problem
795 -- 807Zia Bashir, M. G. Abbas Malik, Saba Asif, Tabasam Rashid. The topological properties of intuitionistic fuzzy rough sets
809 -- 819Basar Öztaysi, Sezi Çevik Onar, Cengiz Kahraman. Social open innovation platform design for science teaching by using pythagorean fuzzy analytic hierarchy process
821 -- 833Oscar Castillo 0001, Fatih Kutlu, Özkan Atan. Intuitionistic fuzzy control of twin rotor multiple input multiple output systems
835 -- 852Irem Otay, Miguel Jaller. Multi-expert disaster risk management & response capabilities assessment using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
853 -- 857Parimala Mani, Karthika Muthusamy, Saeid Jafari, Florentin Smarandache, A. A. El-Atik. αψ-connectedness
859 -- 872Gülçin Büyüközkan, Celal Alpay Havle, Orhan Feyzioglu, Fethullah Göçer. A combined group decision making based IFCM and SERVQUAL approach for strategic analysis of airline service quality
873 -- 881Lazim Abdullah, Chunmin Goh, Nurnadiah Zamri, Mahmod Othman. Application of interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy TOPSIS for flood management
883 -- 894Sezi Çevik Onar, Basar Öztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman, Ersan Ozturk. Evaluation of legal debt collection services by using Hesitant Pythagorean (Intuitionistic Type 2) fuzzy AHP
895 -- 904Hongyue Diao, Yiming Cao, Yingying Xu, Li Zou, Ansheng Deng. Approach for group decision making based on linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic fuzzy lattice
905 -- 915Funda Samanlioglu, Zeki Ayag. An intelligent approach for the evaluation of innovation projects
917 -- 933Kamal Bashir, Tianrui Li, Chubato Wondaferaw Yohannese, Yahaya Mahama. SMOTEFRIS-INFFC: Handling the challenge of borderline and noisy examples in imbalanced learning for software defect prediction
935 -- 946Murat Çolak, Ihsan Kaya, Betül Özkan, Aysenur Budak, Ali Karasan. A multi-criteria evaluation model based on hesitant fuzzy sets for blockchain technology in supply chain management
947 -- 961Farzin Piltan, Jong Myon Kim. Advanced fuzzy-based leak detection and size estimation for pipelines
963 -- 978Fatma Kutlu Gündogdu. A spherical fuzzy extension of MULTIMOORA method
979 -- 995Boris Yatsalo, Alexander Korobov, Basar Öztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman, Luis Martínez 0001. A general approach to fuzzy TOPSIS based on the concept of fuzzy multicriteria acceptability analysis
997 -- 1011Ahmet Beskese, Alper Camci, Gül Tekin Temur, Ercan Erturk. Wind turbine evaluation using the hesitant fuzzy AHP-TOPSIS method with a case in Turkey
1013 -- 1025M. Emre Demircioglu, H. Ziya Ulukan. A novel hybrid approach based on intuitionistic fuzzy multi criteria group-decision making for environmental pollution problem
1027 -- 1042Sultan Ceren Öner, Basar Öztaysi, Mahir Oner. Social platform based interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy location recommendation system
1043 -- 1058Didem Yildiz, Gül Tekin Temur, Ahmet Beskese, Faik Tunç Bozbura. Evaluation of positive employee experience using hesitant fuzzy analytic hierarchy process
1059 -- 1069Beyzanur Çayir Ervural. A combined methodology for evaluation of electricity distribution companies in Turkey
1071 -- 1081Sezi Çevik Onar, Cengiz Kahraman, Basar Öztaysi, Eda Boltürk. Fuzzy production systems: A state of the art literature review
1083 -- 1095Elif Dogu, Y. Esra Albayrak, Esin Tuncay. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis risk factors assessment with intuitionistic fuzzy cognitive maps
1097 -- 1106Aycan Kaya, Büsra Çiçekalan, Ferhan Çebi. Location selection for WEEE recycling plant by using Pythagorean fuzzy AHP
1107 -- 1117Elif Haktanir. Interval-valued neutrosophic hypothesis testing
1119 -- 1132Gülçin Büyüközkan, Merve Güler. Analysis of companies' digital maturity by hesitant fuzzy linguistic MCDM methods