Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 6, Issue 4

403 -- 417Ridha Ben Abdennour, Gérard Favier, Mekki Ksouri. Fuzzy trace identification algorithms for non-stationary systems
419 -- 434R. Hooshmand, Valiollah Tahani, H. Seifi. A fuzzy linear programming approach to the load shedding and generation reallocation problem
435 -- 445Thomas A. Runkler. Automatic generation of first order Takagi-Sugeno systems using fuzzy c-elliptotypes clustering
447 -- 458Runtong Zhang, Yannis A. Phillis. A fuzzy approach to the flow control problem
459 -- 470Mohamed B. Trabia, William E. McCarthy. Design of fuzzy logic controllers for optimal performance
471 -- 481Tzung-Pei Hong, Tzung-Nan Chuang. Fuzzy scheduling on two-machine flow shop
483 -- 494Tzung-Pei Hong, Tzung-Nan Chuang. Fuzzy CDS scheduling for flow shops with more than two machines
495 -- 496Reza Langari. Book review: Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications
497 -- 498Madan M. Gupta. Book review: Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, and Fuzzy Systems (Selected Papers by Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh)

Volume 6, Issue 3

281 -- 295Bernd-Markus Pfeiffer. Fuzzy logic applications in learning digital control systems
297 -- 314José Valente de Oliveira, J. M. Lemos. Improving adaptive fuzzy control performance by speeding up identification: Application to an electric furnace
315 -- 327Henning Holzmann, Stefan Germann, Christoph Halfmann, Rolf Isermann. Intelligent fuzzy distance and cruise control for passenger cars
329 -- 343E. Bailly, Saïd Hayat, Daniel Jolly, Anne-Marie Jolly-Desodt. Command and control of automated subway in mode of disrupted march using fuzzy logic
345 -- 359Uzay Kaymak, R. Babuwka, H. R. van Nauta Lemke, Ger Honderd. A fuzzy logic system for steady-state security analysis of power networks
361 -- 374Régis Sabbadin, Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, Pierre Grenier. A fuzzy constraint satisfaction problem in the wine industry
375 -- 388Bjørn Ludwig. Fuzzy logic applications in technology assessment studies
389 -- 401Gian-Carlo Cardarilli, Marco Re, Roberto Lojacono. VLSI implementation of a real time fuzzy processor

Volume 6, Issue 2

171 -- 183Wei Wang, Zhenyuan Wang, George J. Klir. Genetic algorithms for determining fuzzy measures from data
185 -- 207Sang Chul Ahn, Yong Ho Kim, Wook Hyun Kwon. A fuzzy generalized predictive control using affine fuzzy predictors for nonlinear systems
209 -- 221Tomonobu Senjyu, Marta Molinas, Takashi Shiroma, Katsumi Uezato. Stabilization of multi-machine power system with facts equipment applying fuzzy control
223 -- 235Robert M. Kleyle, André de Korvin. Constructing one-step and limiting fuzzy transition probabilities for finite Markov chains
237 -- 244André de Korvin, C. McKeegan, Robert M. Kleyle. Knowledge acquisition using rough sets when membership values are fuzzy sets
245 -- 258Ali M. Reza, Mahmood Doroodchi. Segmentation of step-like signals using fuzzy clustering
259 -- 278George J. Vachtsevanos, Sungshin Kim, J. R. Echauz. Neuro-fuzzy approaches to decision making: A comparative study with an application to check authorization

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 16Shaunna McClintock, Tom Lunney, Abdulla Hashim. A genetic algorithm environment for star pattern recognition
17 -- 25Minoru Fukumi, Toshiki Yoshino, Norio Akamatsu. Designing a neural network using a genetic algorithm with deterministic mutation and partial fitness
27 -- 37Peng Chen, Masami Nasu, Toshio Toyota. Self-reorganization of symptom parameters in frequency domain for failure diagnosis by genetic algorithms
39 -- 52Tatsuya Nomura, Tsutomu Miyoshi. An adaptive fuzzy rule extraction using hybrid model of the fuzzy self-organizing map and the genetic algorithm with numerical chromosomes
53 -- 64Yoichiro Maeda. Simulation for behavior learning of multi-agent robot
65 -- 81Hiroyuki Inoue, Katsuari Kamei, Kazuo Inoue. Automatic generation of fuzzy rules using hyper-elliptic-cone membership functions by genetic algorithms
83 -- 90Qiangfu Zhao. Co-evolutionary learning of neural networks
91 -- 97Sung-Bae Cho, Seung-Ik Lee. Mobile robot learning by evolution of fuzzy controller
99 -- 115Akimoto Kamiya, Hajime Kimura, Masayuki Yamamura, Shigenobu Kobayashi. Power plant start-up scheduling: a reinforcement learning approach combined with evolutionary computation
117 -- 129Ferdinando Cicalese, Vincenzo Loia. A fuzzy evolutionary approach to the classification problem
131 -- 145Miho Ohsaki, Hideyuki Takagi, Kimiko Ohya. An input method using discrete fitness values for interactive GA
147 -- 160William S. Hlavacek, Michael A. Savageau. Method for determining natural design principles of biological control circuits
161 -- 170Geuntaek Kang, Wonchang Lee, Yun-Seog Kang, Seong-Wook Jeong, Jae-In Kim, Hong-Won Lee. Refrigerator temperature control with soft computing