Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 11, Issue 3

199 -- 204Nahum D. Gershon, Stephen G. Eick. Guest Editors Introduction: Information Visualization. The Next Frontier
205 -- 234Michelle X. Zhou, Steven Feiner. Automated Visual Presentation: From Heterogeneous Information to Coherent Visual Discourse
235 -- 257Michael G. Christel, David Martin. Information Visualization Within a Digital Video Library
259 -- 285George S. Davidson, Bruce Hendrickson, David K. Johnson, Charles E. Meyers, Brian N. Wylie. Knowledge Mining With VxInsight: Discovery Through Interaction

Volume 11, Issue 2

99 -- 138Paul Helman, Rebecca Gore. Prioritizing Information for the Discovery of Phenomena
139 -- 152Qiuming Zhu. Minimum Cross-Entropy Approximation for Modeling of Highly Intertwining Data Sets at Subclass Levels
153 -- 168Nadeem H. Daudpota. Five Steps to Construct a Model of Data Allocation for Distributed Database Systems
169 -- 191David Maier, Mary Edie Meredith, Leonard D. Shapiro. Selected Research Issues in Decision Support Databases

Volume 11, Issue 1

5 -- 40Giovanna Guerrini, Elisa Bertino, René Bal. A Formal Definition of the Chimera Object-Oriented Data Model
41 -- 67Ahmed Guessoum. Abductive Knowledge Base Updates for Contextual Reasoning
69 -- 87Lachlan M. MacKinnon, David H. Marwick, M. Howard Williams. A Model for Query Decomposition and Answer Construction in Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems