Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 14, Issue 2-3

83 -- 84Zbigniew W. Ras, Andrzej Skowron. Introduction
85 -- 94Gio Wiederhold. Information Systems that Really Support Decision-Making
95 -- 113Timothy J. Rogers, Robert B. Ross, V. S. Subrahmanian. IMPACT: A System for Building Agent Applications
115 -- 130Zbigniew W. Ras, Jan M. Zytkow. Mining for Attribute Definitions in a Distributed Two-Layered DB System
131 -- 154Mohand-Said Hacid. Representing and Reasoning on Conceptual Queries Over Image Databases
155 -- 173Ali H. Alsaffar, Jitender S. Deogun, Vijay V. Raghavan, Hayri Sever. Enhancing Concept-Based Retrieval Based on Minimal Term Sets
175 -- 198Floriana Esposito, Donato Malerba, Francesca A. Lisi. Machine Learning for Intelligent Processing of Printed Documents
199 -- 216Kenneth A. Kaufman, Ryszard S. Michalski. An Adjustable Description Quality Measure for Pattern Discovery Using the AQ Methodology
217 -- 239Irene Weber. Levelwise Search and Pruning Strategies for First-Order Hypothesis Spaces
241 -- 261Bernd Thomas. Token-Templates and Logic Programs for Intelligent Web Search

Volume 14, Issue 1

5 -- 27Joshua Grass, Shlomo Zilberstein. A Value-Driven System for Autonomous Information Gathering
29 -- 50Leonard J. Seligman, Paul E. Lehner, Kenneth Smith, Chris Elsaesser, David Mattox. Decision-Centric Information Monitoring
51 -- 75Ya-Hui Chang, Louiqa Raschid. Producing Interoperable Queries for Relational and Object-Oriented Databases