Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 18, Issue 2-3

103 -- 105Thorsten Joachims, Fabrizio Sebastiani. Guest Editors Introduction to the Special Issue on Automated Text Categorization
107 -- 125Ata Kabán, Mark Girolami. A Dynamic Probabilistic Model to Visualise Topic Evolution in Text Streams
127 -- 152Nello Cristianini, John Shawe-Taylor, Huma Lodhi. Latent Semantic Kernels
153 -- 172Alexei Vinokourov, Mark Girolami. A Probabilistic Framework for the Hierarchic Organisation and Classification of Document Collections
173 -- 194Chien Chin Chen, Meng Chang Chen, Yeali S. Sun. PVA: A Self-Adaptive Personal View Agent
195 -- 217Paolo Frasconi, Giovanni Soda, Alessandro Vullo. Hidden Markov Models for Text Categorization in Multi-Page Documents
219 -- 241Yiming Yang, Seán Slattery, Rayid Ghani. A Study of Approaches to Hypertext Categorization

Volume 18, Issue 1

5 -- 14John C. Cherniavsky, Elliot Soloway. Editorial - A Survey of Research Questions for Intelligent Information Systems in Education
15 -- 30Virginie Zampa, Benoît Lemaire. Latent Semantic Analysis for User Modeling
31 -- 53Gregory B. Newby. Empirical Study of a 3D Visualization for Information Retrieval Tasks
55 -- 70Tapio Elomaa, Juho Rousu. Linear-Time Preprocessing in Optimal Numerical Range Partitioning
71 -- 94Shengli Wu, Amit P. Sheth, John A. Miller, Zongwei Luo. Authorization and Access Control of Application Data in Workflow Systems