Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 22, Issue 3

211 -- 213Anthony Scime. Guest Editor s Introduction: Special Issue on Web Content Mining
215 -- 235Víctor Fresno, Angela Ribeiro. An Analytical Approach to Concept Extraction in HTML Environments
237 -- 256Hyoil Han, Ramez Elmasri. Learning Rules for Conceptual Structure on the Web
257 -- 279Yasser Kotb, Katsuhiko Gondow, Takuya Katayama. Optimizing the Execution Time for Checking the Consistency of XML Documents

Volume 22, Issue 2

119 -- 153Subbarao Kambhampati, Eric Lambrecht, Ullas Nambiar, Zaiqing Nie, Senthil Gnanaprakasam. Optimizing Recursive Information Gathering Plans in EMERAC
155 -- 174Jiuyong Li, Hong Shen, Rodney W. Topor. Mining Informative Rule Set for Prediction
175 -- 201Laurence Cholvy, Christophe Garion. Answering Queries Addressed to Several Databases According to a Majority Merging Approach

Volume 22, Issue 1

5 -- 6Mohand-Said Hacid. Guest Editor s Introduction: Special Issue on Data Mining
7 -- 22Sherri K. Harms, Jitender S. Deogun. Sequential Association Rule Mining with Time Lags
23 -- 40Érick Alphonse, Stan Matwin. Filtering Multi-Instance Problems to Reduce Dimensionality in Relational Learning
41 -- 70Marzena Kryszkiewicz, Henryk Rybinski, Marcin Gajek. Dataless Transitions Between Concise Representations of Frequent Patterns
71 -- 87Ivan Bruha. Meta-Learner for Unknown Attribute Values Processing: Dealing with Inconsistency of Meta-Databases
89 -- 109Fabrice Muhlenbach, Stéphane Lallich, Djamel A. Zighed. Identifying and Handling Mislabelled Instances