Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 23, Issue 3

207 -- 208Bhavani M. Thuraisingham. Editorial
209 -- 223Andrei Stoica, Csilla Farkas. Ontology Guided XML Security Engine
225 -- 245Rajesh Yalamanchili, Brajendra Panda. Transaction Fusion: A Model for Data Recovery from Information Attacks
247 -- 269Peng Liu, Jiwu Jing, Pramote Luenam, Ying Wang, Lunquan Li, Supawadee Ingsriswang. The Design and Implementation of a Self-Healing Database System
271 -- 294Hasan M. Jamil, Gillian Dobbie. On Logical Foundations of Multilevel Secure Databases

Volume 23, Issue 2

107 -- 143Saverio Perugini, Marcos André Gonçalves, Edward A. Fox. Recommender Systems Research: A Connection-Centric Survey
145 -- 178Zina Ben-Miled, Jin Liu, Omran A. Bukhres, Huian Li, Jesse Martin, Chavali Balagopalakrishna, Robert J. Oppelt. Use and Maintenance of Histograms for Large Scientific Database Access Planning: A Case Study of a Pharmaceutical Data Repository
179 -- 197Pavlina Fragkou, Vassilios Petridis, Athanasios Kehagias. A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Linear Text Segmentation

Volume 23, Issue 1

5 -- 16Pawan Lingras, Chad West. Interval Set Clustering of Web Users with Rough ::::K::::-Means
17 -- 45Edward Hung, David Wai-Lok Cheung, Ben Kao. Optimization in Data Cube System Design
47 -- 65Jinsuk Kim, Myoung-Ho Kim. An Evaluation of Passage-Based Text Categorization
67 -- 97Andrew Arnt, Shlomo Zilberstein, James Allan, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib. Dynamic Composition of Information Retrieval Techniques