Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 24, Issue 2-3

95 -- 97Bozena Kostek. Scanning the Issue
99 -- 111Pedro Cano, Markus Koppenberger, Sylvain Le Groux, Julien Ricard, Nicolas Wack, Perfecto Herrera. Nearest-Neighbor Automatic Sound Annotation with a WordNet Taxonomy
113 -- 132Hung-Chen Chen, Arbee L. P. Chen. A Music Recommendation System Based on Music and User Grouping
133 -- 157Marek Dziubinski, Piotr Dalka, Bozena Kostek. Estimation of Musical Sound Separation Algorithm Effectiveness Employing Neural Networks
159 -- 177Olivier Gillet, Gaƫl Richard. Drum Loops Retrieval from Spoken Queries
179 -- 198Hadi Harb, Liming Chen. Voice-Based Gender Identification in Multimedia Applications
199 -- 221Ian Kaminskyj, Tadeusz Czaszejko. Automatic Recognition of Isolated Monophonic Musical Instrument Sounds using ::::k::::NNC
223 -- 251Marek Szczerba, Andrzej Czyzewski. Pitch Detection Enhancement Employing Music Prediction

Volume 24, Issue 1

5 -- 27Ji Zhang, Wynne Hsu, Mong-Li Lee. Clustering in Dynamic Spatial Databases
29 -- 60Nicolas Pasquier, Rafik Taouil, Yves Bastide, Gerd Stumme, Lotfi Lakhal. Generating a Condensed Representation for Association Rules
61 -- 85Jin Zhang, Tien Nhut Nguyen. A New Term Significance Weighting Approach