Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 28, Issue 3

199 -- 231Alex Spokoiny, Yuval Shahar. An active database architecture for knowledge-based incremental abstraction of complex concepts from continuously arriving time-oriented raw data
233 -- 251Sheng-Yuan Yang, Fang-Chen Chuang, Cheng-Seen Ho. Ontology-supported FAQ processing and ranking techniques
253 -- 283Henri Avancini, Leonardo Candela, Umberto Straccia. Recommenders in a personalized, collaborative digital library environment

Volume 28, Issue 2

105 -- 131Zakaria Maamar, Hamdi Yahyaoui, Qusay H. Mahmoud. Dynamic management of UDDI registries in a wireless environment of web services: Concepts, architecture, operation, and deployment
133 -- 160Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Wei Wang. Constraint-based sequential pattern mining: the pattern-growth methods
161 -- 197Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Wei Wang. Approximate range-sum query answering on data cubes with probabilistic guarantees

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 22Salvatore Rinzivillo, Franco Turini. Knowledge discovery from spatial transactions
23 -- 36Chedy Raïssi, Pascal Poncelet, Maguelonne Teisseire. Towards a new approach for mining frequent itemsets on data stream
37 -- 78Michelangelo Ceci, Donato Malerba. Classifying web documents in a hierarchy of categories: a comprehensive study
79 -- 104Zidrina Pabarskaite, Aistis Raudys. A process of knowledge discovery from web log data: Systematization and critical review