Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 3, Issue 3/4

231 -- 262Christos Faloutsos, Ron Barber, Myron Flickner, Jim Hafner, Wayne Niblack, Dragutin Petkovic, William Equitz. Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content
263 -- 298Eben M. Haber, Yannis E. Ioannidis, Miron Livny. Foundations of Visual Metaphors for Schema Display
299 -- 330Tiziana Catarci, Shi-Kuo Chang, Giuseppe Santucci. Query Representation and Management in a Multiparadigmatic Visual Query Environment
331 -- 355Beng Chin Ooi, Cuie Zhao, Hongjun Lu. Duet - A Database User Interface Design Environment
357 -- 398Kingsley C. Nwosu, C. Y. Roger Chen, P. Bruce Berra. Multimedia Object Modeling and Storage Allocation Strategies

Volume 3, Issue 2

133 -- 150Alfons Kemper, Peter C. Lockemann, Guido Moerkotte, Hans-Dirk Walter. Autonomous Objects: A Natural Model for Complex Applications
151 -- 183Aris M. Ouksel, Channah F. Naiman. Coordinating Context Building in Heterogeneous Information Systems
185 -- 203Avigdor Gal, Opher Etzion, Arie Segev. Representation of Highly-Complex Knowledge in a Database
205 -- 219Ran Giladi, Peretz Shoval. An Architecture of an Intelligent System for Routing User Requests in a Network of Heterogeneous Databases

Volume 3, Issue 1

7 -- 27Motohide Umano, Satoru Fukami. Fuzzy Relational Algebra for Possibility-Distribution-Fuzzy-Relational Model of Fuzzy Data
29 -- 56Valerie Cros. Fuzzy Information Retrieval
57 -- 87Wesley W. Chu, Qiming Chen, Andy Y. Hwang. Query Answering via Cooperative Data Inference
89 -- 117Shie-Jue Lee. An Autonomous Multistrategy Theorem Proving System Using Knowledge-Based Techniques