Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 30, Issue 3

183 -- 226Stergos D. Afantenos, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Panagiotis Stamatopoulos, Constantin Halatsis. Using synchronic and diachronic relations for summarizing multiple documents describing evolving events
227 -- 247Wooju Kim, DaeWoo Choi, Sangun Park. Agent based intelligent search framework for product information using ontology mapping
249 -- 271Said Elnaffar, Patrick Martin, Berni Schiefer, Sam Lightstone. Is it DSS or OLTP: automatically identifying DBMS workloads
273 -- 292Antonio Arauzo-Azofra, José Manuel Benítez, Juan Luis Castro. Consistency measures for feature selection

Volume 30, Issue 2

93 -- 114Guy De Tré, Rita M. M. De Caluwe, Henri Prade. Null values in fuzzy databases
115 -- 135Akinari Yamaguchi, Shougo Shimizu, Yasunori Ishihara, Toru Fujiwara. Bag-based data models for incomplete information and their closure properties
137 -- 151Siwoo Byun. Transaction Management for Flash Media Databases in Portable Computing Environments
153 -- 181Giuseppe Manco, Elio Masciari, Andrea Tagarelli. Mining categories for emails via clustering and pattern discovery

Volume 30, Issue 1

1 -- 32Xiaochun Yang, Yiu-Kai Ng. Answering form-based web queries using the data-mining approach
33 -- 53Alessandro D Atri, Amihai Motro. VirtuE: a formal model of virtual enterprises for information markets
55 -- 92Elisa Bertino, Giovanna Guerrini, Marco Mesiti. Measuring the structural similarity among XML documents and DTDs