Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 35, Issue 3

347 -- 381Angelo E. M. Ciarlini, Marco A. Casanova, Antonio L. Furtado, Paulo A. S. Veloso. Modeling interactive storytelling genres as application domains
383 -- 413David Sánchez, Montserrat Batet, Aïda Valls, Karina Gibert. Ontology-driven web-based semantic similarity
415 -- 445Liang Zhu, Qin Ma, Chunnian Liu, Guojun Mao, Wenzhu Yang. Semantic-distance based evaluation of ranking queries over relational databases
447 -- 463Jordi Nin, Anne Laurent, Pascal Poncelet. Speed up gradual rule mining from stream data! A B-Tree and OWA-based approach
465 -- 494Qiang Wang, Vasileios Megalooikonomou. A performance evaluation framework for association mining in spatial data
495 -- 516Andreas Wichert, Pedro Teixeira, Pedro Santos, Helena Galhardas. Subspace tree: high dimensional multimedia indexing with logarithmic temporal complexity

Volume 35, Issue 2

157 -- 212Iluju Kiringa, Alfredo Gabaldon. Synthesizing advanced transaction models using the situation calculus
213 -- 244Janne Jämsen, Timo Niemi, Kalervo Järvelin. Derived types in semantic association discovery
245 -- 260Michael Jason Minock. Describing and deriving certain answers over partial databases
261 -- 300Denis Klimov, Yuval Shahar, Meirav Taieb-Maimon. Intelligent selection and retrieval of multiple time-oriented records
301 -- 331Nicola Segata, Enrico Blanzieri, Sarah Jane Delany, Padraig Cunningham. Noise reduction for instance-based learning with a local maximal margin approach
333 -- 345Yong Zhang, Fu-Ding Xie, Dan Huang, Min Ji. Support vector classifier based on fuzzy ::::c::::-means and Mahalanobis distance

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 20Yanfang Ye, Tao Li, Kai Huang, Qingshan Jiang, Yong Chen. Hierarchical associative classifier (HAC) for malware detection from the large and imbalanced gray list
21 -- 49Anthony Lo, Tansel Özyer, Keivan Kianmehr, Reda Alhajj. VIREX and VRXQuery: interactive approach for visual querying of relational databases to produce XML
51 -- 74Liliana Patricia Santacruz-Valencia, Antonio Navarro, Ignacio Aedo, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Comparison of knowledge during the assembly process of learning objects
75 -- 90Alejandro Figueroa, John Atkinson. Intelligent answering location questions from the web using molecular alignment
91 -- 121Surya B. Yadav. A conceptual model for user-centered quality information retrieval on the World Wide Web
123 -- 155M. Zaki, A. A. Hamouda. Design of a multi_agent system for worm spreading_reduction