Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 38, Issue 3

555 -- 574Andrzej Czyzewski, Bozena Kostek. Intelligent video and audio applications for learning enhancement
575 -- 599Ravi Gummadi, Anupam Khulbe, Aravind Kalavagattu, Sanil Salvi, Subbarao Kambhampati. SMARTINT: using mined attribute dependencies to integrate fragmented web databases
601 -- 644Carlo Combi, Barbara Oliboni, Elisa Quintarelli. Modeling temporal dimensions of semistructured data
645 -- 668Nikolaos Loutas, Vassilios Peristeras, Dimitris Zeginis, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis. The Semantic Service Search Engine (S3E)
669 -- 684Pirooz Shamsinejadbabki, Mohammad Saraee. A new unsupervised feature selection method for text clustering based on genetic algorithms
685 -- 708Eirini Giannakidou, Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali, Ioannis Kompatsiaris. In & out zooming on time-aware user/tag clusters
709 -- 740Bhawani Selvaretnam, Mohammed Belkhatir. Natural language technology and query expansion: issues, state-of-the-art and perspectives
741 -- 766Rogério S. Rodrigues, Pedro Paulo Balestrassi, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, Alberto Garcia-Diaz, Fabrício José Pontes. Aircraft interior failure pattern recognition utilizing text mining and neural networks
767 -- 784Anupam Bhattacharjee, Hasan M. Jamil. WSM: a novel algorithm for subgraph matching in large weighted graphs
785 -- 813Paolo Terenziani. Temporal aggregation on user-defined granularities

Volume 38, Issue 2

299 -- 320Ola Leifler, Henrik Eriksson. Message classification as a basis for studying command and control communications - an evaluation of machine learning approaches
321 -- 341Miao Wan, Lixiang Li, JingHua Xiao, Cong Wang, Yixian Yang. Data clustering using bacterial foraging optimization
343 -- 391Nikos Pelekis, Gennady L. Andrienko, Natalia V. Andrienko, Ioannis Kopanakis, Gerasimos Marketos, Yannis Theodoridis. Visually exploring movement data via similarity-based analysis
393 -- 418Domenico Rosaci, Giuseppe M. L. Sarnè. A multi-agent recommender system for supporting device adaptivity in e-Commerce
419 -- 448Takazumi Matsumoto, Edward Hung. A transduction-based approach to fuzzy clustering, relevance ranking and cluster label generation on web search results
449 -- 464Jiuming Huang, Bin Zhou, Quanyuan Wu, Xiaowei Wang, Yan Jia. Contextual correlation based thread detection in short text message streams
465 -- 486Wei Liu, Hualiang Yan, Jianguo Xiao. Extracting multiple news attributes based on visual features
487 -- 505Seung Wook Lee, Young-In Song, Jung-Tae Lee, Kyoung-Soo Han, Hae-Chang Rim. A new generative opinion retrieval model integrating multiple ranking factors
507 -- 532Andrea Bellandi, Franco Turini. Mining Bayesian networks out of ontologies
533 -- 554Md. Anisur Rahman, Mehedi Masud, Iluju Kiringa, Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik. Tableaux-based optimization of schema mappings for data integration

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 39Bin Jiang, Jian Pei, Xuemin Lin, Yidong Yuan. Probabilistic skylines on uncertain data: model and bounding-pruning-refining methods
41 -- 94Nikos Papadakis, Dimitris Plexousakis, Myron Papadakis, Harris Manifavas. The ramification problem in temporal databases: an approach with conflicting constraints
95 -- 130Montserrat Batet, David Isern, Lucas Marin, Sergio Martínez, Antonio Moreno, David Sánchez 0001, Aïda Valls, Karina Gibert. Knowledge-driven delivery of home care services
131 -- 159Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre. A relational database integrity framework for access control policies
161 -- 190Asaf Shabtai, Uri Kanonov, Yuval Elovici, Chanan Glezer, Yael Weiss. "Andromaly": a behavioral malware detection framework for android devices
191 -- 207Janardhana Punuru, Jianhua Chen. Learning non-taxonomical semantic relations from domain texts
209 -- 239Claudio Schifanella, Maria Luisa Sapino, K. Selçuk Candan. On context-aware co-clustering with metadata support
241 -- 256M. Erdal Özbek, Nalan Özkurt, F. Acar Savaci. Wavelet ridges for musical instrument classification
257 -- 268Liangxiao Jiang. Learning Instance Weighted Naive Bayes from labeled and unlabeled data
269 -- 297Xin Wang 0004, Camilo Rostoker, Howard J. Hamilton. A density-based spatial clustering for physical constraints