Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 43, Issue 3

409 -- 410Larry Kerschberg, Zbigniew W. Ras. Special issue on future directions for intelligent information systems
411 -- 435Alex Endert, M. Shahriar Hossain, Naren Ramakrishnan, Chris North, Patrick Fiaux, Christopher Andrews. The human is the loop: new directions for visual analytics
437 -- 462Matthias Jarke, Manfred A. Jeusfeld, Christoph Quix. Data-centric intelligent information integration - from concepts to automation
463 -- 480Jonathan P. Leidig, Edward A. Fox. Intelligent digital libraries and tailored services
481 -- 501Elisa Bertino, Gabriel Ghinita, Murat Kantarcioglu, Dang Nguyen 0001, Jae Park, Ravi S. Sandhu, Salmin Sultana, Bhavani M. Thuraisingham, Shouhuai Xu. A roadmap for privacy-enhanced secure data provenance
503 -- 519Diane J. Cook, Narayanan Chatapuram Krishnan. Mining the home environment
521 -- 535Andrzej Czyzewski, Karol Lisowski. Employing flowgraphs for forward route reconstruction in video surveillance system

Volume 43, Issue 2

205 -- 230Aqdas Ikram, Usman Qamar. A rule-based expert system for earthquake prediction
231 -- 246Guido Boella, Luigi Di Caro, Alice Ruggeri, Livio Robaldo. Learning from syntax generalizations for automatic semantic annotation
247 -- 269Eugene Santos Jr., Qi Gu. Automatic content based image retrieval using semantic analysis
271 -- 306Fariza Fauzi, Mohammed Belkhatir. Image understanding and the web: a state-of-the-art review
307 -- 321Feng Pan, Guangwei Song, Xiaobing Gan, Qiwei Gu. Consistent feature selection and its application to face recognition
323 -- 347Hyeon Gyu Kim, Yoo Hyun Park, Yang-Hyun Cho, Myoung-Ho Kim. Time-slide window join over data streams
349 -- 377Kyoung-Won Lee, Dong-Wan Choi, Chin-Wan Chung. DART+: Direction-aware bichromatic reverse k nearest neighbor query processing in spatial databases
379 -- 407Diogo R. Ferreira, Fernando Szimanski, Célia Ghedini Ralha. Improving process models by mining mappings of low-level events to high-level activities

Volume 43, Issue 1

1 -- 32Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil, Adel Taweel, Usman Naeem, Matthew Montebello, Rabih Bashroush, Ameer Al-Nemrat. Integration operators for generating RDF/OWL-based user defined mediator views in a grid environment
33 -- 57Pilar Castro Garrido, Irene Luque Ruiz, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Nieto. OBCAS: an agent-based system and ontology for mobile context aware interactions
59 -- 79Hailin Li, Libin Yang. Extensions and relationships of some existing lower-bound functions for dynamic time warping
81 -- 99Syed Fawad Hussain, Muhammad Mushtaq, Zahid Halim. Multi-view document clustering via ensemble method
101 -- 127Byung-Won On, Ingyu Lee, Gyu Sang Choi, Ho-Sik Park. Discriminative and deterministic approaches towards entity resolution
129 -- 145Alex Goh Kwang Leng, Ravi Kumar Patchmuthu, Ashutosh Kumar Singh. Link-based web spam detection using weight properties
147 -- 182Pawel Boinski, Maciej Zakrzewicz. Algorithms for spatial collocation pattern mining in a limited memory environment: a summary of results
183 -- 203Lianhang Ma, Hao Huang, Qinming He, Kevin Chiew, Zhenguang Liu. Toward seed-insensitive solutions to local community detection