Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 52, Issue 3

473 -- 475Stan Matwin, Luca Tesei, Roberto Trasarti. Computational modelling and data-driven techniques for systems analysis
477 -- 499Dalila Hamami, Baghdad Atmani, Ross Cameron, Kevin G Pollock, Carron Shankland. Improving process algebra model structure and parameters in infectious disease epidemiology through data mining
501 -- 532Antonio Cerone. Model mining - Integrating data analytics, modelling and verification
533 -- 571Paolo Milazzo, Giovanni Pardini. Objective/MC: A high-level model checking language - Formalization of the imperative core and translation into PRISM
573 -- 594Manish Thapa, Jose Espejo-Uribe, Evangelos Pournaras. Measuring network reliability and repairability against cascading failures
595 -- 618Sélinde van Engelenburg, Marijn Janssen, Bram Klievink. Design of a software architecture supporting business-to-government information sharing to improve public safety and security - Combining business rules, Events and blockchain technology
619 -- 636Mohamed Aymen Ben HajKacem, Chiheb-Eddine Ben N'cir, Nadia Essoussi. One-pass MapReduce-based clustering method for mixed large scale data
637 -- 655Nieves Atienza, Rocío González-Díaz, Matteo Rucco. Persistent entropy for separating topological features from noise in vietoris-rips complexes

Volume 52, Issue 2

239 -- 268Vahideh Nobahari, Mehrdad Jalali, Seyyed Javad Seyyed Mahdavi. ISoTrustSeq: a social recommender system based on implicit interest, trust and sequential behaviors of users using matrix factorization
269 -- 284Kerstin Bach, Cindy Marling, Paul Jarle Mork, Agnar Aamodt, Frances S. Mair, Barbara I. Nicholl. Design of a clinician dashboard to facilitate co-decision making in the management of non-specific low back pain
285 -- 309Alexander Felfernig, Seda Polat Erdeniz, Christoph Uran, Stefan Reiterer, Muesluem Atas, Thi Ngoc Trang Tran, Paolo Azzoni, Csaba Király, Koustabh Dolui. An overview of recommender systems in the internet of things
311 -- 335Mohamed Salah Kettouch, Cristina Luca, Mike Hobbs. SemiLD: mediator-based framework for keyword search over semi-structured and linked data
337 -- 365Byungkook Oh, Sangjin Shin, Sungkwang Eom, Jooik Jung, Minjae Song, Seungmin Seo, Kyong-Ho Lee. Reliable TF-based recommender system for capturing complex correlations among contexts
367 -- 392Kaikai Zhao, Tetsu Matsukawa, Einoshin Suzuki. Experimental validation for N-ary error correcting output codes for ensemble learning of deep neural networks
393 -- 423Miriam Martínez-García, Aïda Valls, Antonio Moreno. Inferring preferences in ontology-based recommender systems using WOWA
425 -- 450Bithika Pal, Mamata Jenamani. Trust inference using implicit influence and projected user network for item recommendation
451 -- 471Priscilla Kelly Machado Vieira, Bernadette Farias Lóscio, Ana Carolina Salgado. Incremental entity resolution process over query results for data integration systems

Volume 52, Issue 1

1 -- 31Piotr Szczuko, Andrzej Czyzewski, Piotr Hoffmann, Piotr Bratoszewski, Michal Lech. Validating data acquired with experimental multimodal biometric system installed in bank branches
33 -- 55Leila Safari, Jon D. Patrick. An enhancement on Clinical Data Analytics Language (CliniDAL) by integration of free text concept search
57 -- 83Saeed Seifollahi, Mehdi Shajari. Word sense disambiguation application in sentiment analysis of news headlines: an applied approach to FOREX market prediction
85 -- 105Arshia Sathya Ulaganathan, Sheela Ramanna. Granular methods in automatic music genre classification: a case study
107 -- 139Niek Tax, Natalia Sidorova, Wil M. P. van der Aalst. Discovering more precise process models from event logs by filtering out chaotic activities
141 -- 164Azad Naik, Huzefa Rangwala. Improving large-scale hierarchical classification by rewiring: a data-driven filter based approach
165 -- 190Marián Simko, Mária Bieliková. Lightweight domain modeling for adaptive web-based educational system
191 -- 209Jaeyong Kang, Hongseok Choi, Hyunju Lee. Deep recurrent convolutional networks for inferring user interests from social media
211 -- 238Chourouk Belheouane, Stéphane Jean, Hamid Azzoune, Allel HadjAli. Cooperative treatment of failing queries over uncertain databases: a matrix-computation-based approach