Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 1997, Issue 3

0 -- 0. Communications Regulation - A Resourcebank of Web Sites
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. The Regulation of Virus Research and the Prosecution for Unlawful Research
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Riots and Rebellions
0 -- 0Colin Scott. Telecommunications Law Handbook by Angel J and Walden I (eds) (1997)
0 -- 0. The Law Society of England and Wales Response (Summary)
0 -- 0Charles Oppenheim. The Legal Deposit of Non-Print Publications
0 -- 0Laurie West-Knights. The AustLII Paradigm
0 -- 0Ian Wilson. ALTA 97: The Virtual Law School
0 -- 0Moira Simpson. Future Codes: Essays in Advanced Computer Technology and the Law by Karnow Curtis E.A. (1997)
0 -- 0Jonathan D. Wallace. Extinguishing the CDA Fire: The Supreme Court s Masterful Reno v. ACLU Opinion
0 -- 0Twinkle Egan. Proposed Scheme for The Centralised European Union Convention Causebook Judgment Registry Database
0 -- 0Nicholas Gibbins. Digital Literacy by Gilster P (1997)
0 -- 0Chris Pounder, Freddy Kosten. Year 2000: A Date with Destiny?
0 -- 0John Buschman. Notes on a Critical and Skeptical Overview of Electronic Publishing and Librarianship from the United States John Buschman
0 -- 0Chris Marsden. The European Digital Convergence Paradigm
0 -- 0Frederick J. Friend. Annual General Conference of LIBER 1997
0 -- 0Peter Bowal. A Right to Die: The Dax Cowart Case
0 -- 0Norman Nunn-Price. Celex : Improving Access to Community Legislation and Its Transposition Into National Law
0 -- 0. Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services
0 -- 0Francis Lyall. Communications Regulation: The Role of the International Telecommunication Union
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Dealing with Stalkerazzi: Using Copyright to Eliminate Intrusive Photographs Without Censorship
0 -- 0David Swarbrick. Net Law: How Lawyers Use the Internet by Jacobsen Paul (1997)
0 -- 0Alison White. Caveat Vendor? A review of the Court of Appeal decision in St Albans City and District Council v International Computers Limited
0 -- 0. Abstracts
0 -- 0Fiona MacMillan, Michael Blakeney. Copyright Liability of Communications Carriers
0 -- 0Gillian Doyle. From Pluralism to Ownership : Europe s emergent policy on Media Concentrations navigates the doldrums
0 -- 0Chris Marsden. Convergence or Coexistence? Television and Telecommunications Policies Diverge in the Convergence Debate
0 -- 0Nicholas Bohm. Extracts from Nicholas Bohm s Response
0 -- 0David Chadwick. Glossary of Communications Regulation
0 -- 0. News
0 -- 0Jim McLean. Intellectual Property in Europe - First Supplement by Tritton Guy (1997)
0 -- 0Helen Browning. 28th BIALL Conference: Bridging the Gap
0 -- 0Tania Quan. SPTL Conference
0 -- 0Dave Chadwick. Directory of Law-related CD-ROMS 1997 by Eis A L (1997)
0 -- 0Andrew Culley. Technical Indexes European Law
0 -- 0Richard Stone. The Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law Volume II 1996 by Barendt Eric, Bate Stephen, Dickens Julian and Gibbons Thomas (eds) (1997)
0 -- 0Rosemary Wilson. Crime, Deviance and the Computer by Hollinger R (1997)
0 -- 0Nigel Morris-Cotterill. Digital Crime - Policing the Cybernation by Barrett N (1997)
0 -- 0Jon Bing. Law via the Internet 97
0 -- 0Chris Chang. The Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher (2nd ed) by MacLeod Don (1997)
0 -- 0Dwayne Winseck. Convergence: Integrating Media, Information and Communication by Baldwin Thomas F., McVoy D. Stevens and Charles Steinfield (1996)
0 -- 0. UK Notarial Forum Response
0 -- 0. CBI s Response (Summary)
0 -- 0Colin Scott. The Proceduralization of Telecommunications Law: Adapting to Convergence
0 -- 0Taylor Fitchett. The Road to the Virtual Library: The Center for Electronic Text in the Law Builds DIANA

Volume 1997, Issue 2

0 -- 0Mark Gould. Online Law by Smeddinghoff T (1996)
0 -- 0Elaine Kirkland. Society for Computers and Law (SCL): Internet, Intranets and Law 97
0 -- 0. Editorial
0 -- 0Peter Alldridge. The Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual (SLSA): Information Technology Stream
0 -- 0Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Geoffrey King. The AustLII Papers - New Directions in Law via the Internet
0 -- 0Richard Jones. 12th BILETA Conference: The Future of Legal Education and Practice
0 -- 0Peter Brudenall. The Australian Copyright Amendment Bill: A Report
0 -- 0Brian Jenkins, Richard E. Susskind. IT in the City of London
0 -- 0. Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services (March 1997)
0 -- 0Tom Guthrie. Introduction to Computer Law (3rd ed) by Bainbridge D (1996)
0 -- 0Philip Leith. The Communication of Legislative Information in Ireland
0 -- 0Peter Alldridge. Anoraks Among the Suits and Jeans: Computers, Law and the Legal Academy
0 -- 0. Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala, Andrew Cartwright, Andrew Terrett. User Needs in Electronic Law Reporting: A Research Study
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Shamans, Software and Spleens: Law and The Construction of the Information Superhighway by Boyle J (1996)
0 -- 0Shanthini Satyendra. Internet Domain Names - New Proposals
0 -- 0. News Page
0 -- 0Peter Clinch. How to use the Internet for Legal Research by Blackman J (1996)
0 -- 0Stephen Migdal, Martin Cartwright. Pure Electronic Delivery of Law Modules - Dream or Reality?
0 -- 0Robin Williamson. Free Access to Electronic Law
0 -- 0Yaman Akdeniz. Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties s Response to the DTI Consultation Paper Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services
0 -- 0John Zeleznikow. JURIX 96: Foundations of Legal Knowledge Based Systems
0 -- 0Peter Moodie. Law Courseware and Iolis
0 -- 0Charlotte Waelde. Is the Dam about to Burst? An Analysis of Domain Name Disputes in the UK
0 -- 0Christine Cnossen, Veronica M. Smith. Developing Legal Research Methodology to Meet the Challenge of New Technologies
0 -- 0Bill Onwusah. The Investment Conundrum
0 -- 0Ian J. Lloyd. Software Patents After Fujitsu: New Directions or (another) Missed Opportunity?
0 -- 0Ben Watt. Scots Law Courseware CD-ROM: Learner s Review
0 -- 0John Dale. John Dale s Comment on Law Courseware and Iolis
0 -- 0Robin Williamson. Free Access to Electronic Law
0 -- 0Nicola Clare. Computers, the Internet and Electronic Publishing, - the impact on Scots Law
0 -- 0Peter Alldridge. Criminal Law CD-ROMs
0 -- 0Yaman Akdeniz, Oliver Clarke, Alistair Kelman. Cryptography and Liberty: Can the Trusted Third Parties be Trusted ? A Critique of the Recent UK Proposals
0 -- 0Mark McLaughlin. Scrambling for Safety: Privacy, security and commercial implications of the DTI s proposed encryption policy

Volume 1997, Issue 1

0 -- 0Ian Church. Westminster on the Web - Parliament s Internet Service Takes Off
0 -- 0Peter Brudenall. The Future of Fair Dealing in Australian Copyright Law
0 -- 0. News Page
0 -- 0John Huntley, Niall Levine, Douglas C. Pitt. Laboratories of De-Regulation? Implications for Europe of American State Telecommunications Policy
0 -- 0Moira Simpson. Distance Learning - Technology and Applications by Daniel Minoli (1996)
0 -- 0Yaman Akdeniz. Policing The Internet: First European Conference on Combating Violence and Pornography on the Internet
0 -- 0Ian Wilson. Australian CAL 96: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives
0 -- 0. Italian Data Protection Act [English] (unofficial translation of the full text)
0 -- 0Chris Reed. A legal advisory system concerning electronic data interchange within the European Community by Andreas Mitrakas (1996)
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Distance Learning at the LSE with Virtual Tutorials
0 -- 0Yaman Akdeniz. The Regulation Of Pornography And Child Pornography On The Internet
0 -- 0. Forthcoming Conferences (the list is regularily updated with no preservation of the original contents published on the 28 Feruary, 1997)
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. The Reform of Document Management in Civil Procedure
0 -- 0David Bainbridge. Computer Law by Chris Reed (ed) (1996)
0 -- 0Peter Duncan. The Impact of IT on Small Legal Practices in Scotland
0 -- 0Peter Moodie. Law Courseware and Iolis: Assessing the Present and Constructing the Future
0 -- 0Valerie Stevenson. Internet Digital Libraries: The International Dimension by Jack Kessler (1996)
0 -- 0. Italian Data Protection Act [Italian] (the full text)