Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2000, Issue 3

0 -- 0Kevin Curran, Lee Higgins. A Legal Retrieval Information System
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Introduction to Legal Citations
0 -- 0Russell L. Weaver. Defamation Law in Turmoil: The Challenges Presented by the Internet
0 -- 0Robin Widdison. Software Patents Pending?
0 -- 0Nicholas Bohm, Ian Brown, Brian Gladman. Electronic Commerce: Who Carries the Risk of Fraud?
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Justin Needle. The Automatic Linking of Legal Citations
0 -- 0John Fairhurst. Huddersfield s Electronically-delivered PgDL(CPE) Course, Part Two
0 -- 0Burkhard Schafer. ALICE in Cyberland: Computer Support for Lawyers in a Global Economy
0 -- 0Lynn Foster. Obstacles to Citation Reform
0 -- 0Julia Hörnle. The European Union Takes Initiative in the Field of E-Commerce
0 -- 0Chris Reed. What is a Signature?
0 -- 0Michael Deturbide. Liability of Internet Service Providers for Defamation in the US and Britain: Same Competing Interests, Different Responses
0 -- 0Frank Diedrich. A Law of the Internet? Attempts to Regulate Electronic Commerce
0 -- 0Patrick S. Chen. An Automatic System for Collecting Crime Information on the Internet

Volume 2000, Issue 2

0 -- 0Christophe Collard, Christophe Roquilly. Electronic Commerce and Closed Distribution Networks: Proposals for Solving Legal Problems
0 -- 0Andrés Guadamuz González. Habeas Data: The Latin-American response to Data Protection
0 -- 0John Dickie. E-Commerce and the Law by Ian Lloyd
0 -- 0David Bainbridge, Graham Pearce. Tilting at Windmills - Has the New Data Protection Law failed to make a Significant Contribution to Rights of Privacy?
0 -- 0Philip Leith. BILETA 2000: Conference Report
0 -- 0. BILETA 2000: World Wide Law
0 -- 0Karen Barton, Peter Duncan, L.-M. Ruiz-Nieto, Patricia McKellar. E-commerce and Legal Practice in Scotland: A Benchmark Survey
0 -- 0Russell Allen, Graham Greenleaf, Philip Chung, Daniel Austin, Andrew Mowbray. With a wysh and a Prayer: An Experiment in Cooperative Development of Legal Knowledgebases
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. CTI Law Technology Centre: A Retrospective View
0 -- 0Siobhan McCann, Graham Greenleaf, Philip Chung, Daniel Austin, Tim Moore. Reconciliation on-line: Reflections and Possibilities
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Software Utility Models and SMEs
0 -- 0Peter W. Martin. Impermanent Boundaries - Imminent Challenges to Professional Identities and Institutional Competence
0 -- 0Paulo Quaresma, Irene Pimenta Rodrigues. Automatic Classification and Intelligent Clustering for WWWeb Information Retrieval Systems
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0Thomas R. Bruce. Tears Shed Over Peer Gynt s Onion: Some Thoughts on the Constitution of Public Legal Information Providers
0 -- 0Steven Whittle. A national Law Gateway: Developing SOSIG for the UK Legal Community
0 -- 0Sarah Andrews. Who Holds the Key? - A Comparative Study of US and European Encryption Policies

Volume 2000, Issue 1

0 -- 0Tom Bruce. Public Legal Information: Focus and Future
0 -- 0Timothy Arnold-Moore, Jane Clemes. Connected to the Law: Tasmanian Legislation Using EnAct
0 -- 0. Free the Law - Joint Evening Meeting, Monday 8 November 1999
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century
0 -- 0Noriko Kawawa. Contract Law Relating to Liability for Injury Caused by Information in Electronic Form: Classification of Contracts - A Comparative Study, England and the US
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. The Internet - Business Strategies for Law Firms
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Access to Legal Information - A Welcome Return?
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. Use of IT in Law Firms as Enabler of Inter-Organisational Knowledge Networks
0 -- 0Tyrone McKenna. BILETA Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran 1999 Joint Undergraduate Prize Winner: Contemporary Issues of Digital Sampling Technology, Appropriation and Copyright Law
0 -- 0. Learning in Law Initiative (LILI) 2nd Annual Conference 2000
0 -- 0Pearl Rozenberg. Referencing and Citation of Internet Resources - The Truth is Out There
0 -- 0Bruce Kercher. Where the Future meets the Past: Pre-1900 NSW case law on the Web
0 -- 0Peter Moodie. C&IT Comes in Many Sizes
0 -- 0David Grantham. IOLISplus - The Second Chapter
0 -- 0Orlan Lee. IT, Law and Verbal Skills: A Review of a CD-ROM Project, Hong Kong Business Law
0 -- 0Richard Wu. Electronic Transactions Ordinance - Building a Legal Framework for E-Commerce in Hong Kong
0 -- 0Graham Greenleaf, Daniel Austin, Philip Chung, Andrew Mowbray, Madeleine Davis, Jill Matthews. Solving the Problems of Finding Law on the Web: World Law and DIAL
0 -- 0Philip Chung, Daniel Austin, Andrew Mowbray. A Defence of Plain HTML for Law: AustLII s Approach to Standards
0 -- 0Daniel Austin, Andrew Mowbray, Philip Chung. Scalability of Web Resources for Law: AustLII s Technical Roadmap: Past, Present and Future