Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2004, Issue 3

0 -- 0Gill Hague. Factors Affecting the Use of Information and Communications Technology by In-House Legal Practices in North West England
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Alan Cunningham. Assessing the Justification for Rights Management Systems
0 -- 0Ronan Deazley. Articles, the Academy and Authorising Reproductions
0 -- 0Istvan Erdos. A Measure to Protect Computer-Implemented Inventions in Europe
0 -- 0Safinaz Mohd. Hussein. Service Provider Licensing System in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Industry
0 -- 0Nicholas Gervassis. In Search of the Value of Online Electronic Personae: Commercial MMORPGs and the Terms of Participation in Virtual Communities
0 -- 0Ida Azmi. Content Regulation in Malaysia: Unleashing Missiles on Dangerous Web Sites
0 -- 0Susan Schiavetta. Does the Internet Occasion New Directions in Consumer Arbitration in the EU?
0 -- 0Luca Egitto. Certifying Uncertainty: Assessing the Proposed Directive on the Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions
0 -- 0Diane Rowland. Data Retention and the War Against Terrorism ? A Considered and Proportionate Response?
0 -- 0Camilla Baasch Andersen. From Resource of Law to Source of Law ? The Internet as a Source of Law in Unifying the Jurisprudence of the CISG
0 -- 0Ronan Deazley. Special Editorial - On the Postgraduate Contributions to the Issue

Volume 2004, Issue 2

0 -- 0Mads Bryde Andersen. Book Review: Technology Outsourcing: A Practitioner?s Guide by John Angel (ed.)
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Dimity Kingsford-Smith, Kirsty Williamson. How Do Online Investors Seek Information, And What Does This Mean for Regulation?
0 -- 0Johan Pas, Bruno de Vuyst. Re-establishing the Balance between the Public and the Private Sector: Regulating Public Sector Information Commercialisation in Europe
0 -- 0Gbenga Bamodu. Information Communications Technology and E-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities for the Nigerian Legal System and the Judiciary
0 -- 0Caroline B. Ncube. A Comparative Analysis of Zimbabwean and South African Data Protection Systems
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Subtech 2004: e-Awake in Seattle, University of Washington Law School, 21-23 June 2004
0 -- 0Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Philip Chung. A New Home Online for Commonwealth Law: A Proposal for a CommonLII
0 -- 0Joseph Savirimuthu. Code, Hybrid Models of Consent and the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002

Volume 2004, Issue 1

0 -- 0Subhajit Basu. To Tax or Not to Tax? That is the Question? Overview of Options in Consumption Taxation of E-Commerce
0 -- 0Georgios I. Zekos. Patenting Biotechnology
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Ronan Deazley. BILETA 2004: Out of the Box, Durham, England, 25-26 March 2004
0 -- 0Agata Jaroszek, Rafal Cisek. Use of Means of Electronic Communication in the Administration of Justice, Wroclaw, Poland, 13-14 June 2003
0 -- 0Calvin S. Goldman, Richard F. D. Corley, Michael E. Piaskoski. Proceed with Caution: The Application of Antitrust to Innovation-Intensive Markets
0 -- 0Manfred Kohlbach. Making Sense of Electronic Money
0 -- 0Susan Schiavetta. The Relationship Between e-ADR and Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights pursuant to the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights
0 -- 0Daniel Poulin. CanLII: How Law Societies and Academia Can Make Free Access to the Law a Reality