Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2009, Issue 3

0 -- 0Michael C. Bromby. Virtual Seminars: Problem-based Learning in Healthcare Law and Ethics
0 -- 0Simon Ball, Helen James. Making Law Teaching Accessible and Inclusive
0 -- 0Paul Maharg, John Mayer, Julian Webb, Abdul Paliwala. Book Review: Transforming Legal Education: Learning and Teaching the Law in the Early Twenty-first Century
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Book Review: Law and the Internet
0 -- 0Clare Chambers. From Financial Exclusion to Online Financial Inclusion
0 -- 0Caroline Coles. The Role of New Technology in Improving Engagement among Law Students in Higher Education
0 -- 0Karen Barton, Sefton Bloxham, Patricia McKellar. Special Issue Editorial
0 -- 0Sefton Bloxham, Fiona Boyle, Ann Thanaraj. Using E-portfolios to Support PDP and Reflective Learning within the Law Curriculum: A Case Study
0 -- 0Catherine Easton. An Examination of Clicker Technology Use in Legal Education
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Editorial

Volume 2009, Issue 2

0 -- 0Tang Hang Wu. The Networked Electorate: The Internet and the Quiet Democratic Revolution in Malaysia and Singapore
0 -- 0Dexin Tian, Chin-Chung Chao. Talking with Copyright Holders and Pirates: Grass Roots Voices
0 -- 0Luciano Batista, Marc Cornock. Information sharing in e-government initiatives: Freedom of Information and Data Protection issues concerning local government
0 -- 0Emir Aly Crowne-Mohammed, Yonatan Rozenszajn. DRM Roll Please: Is Digital Rights Management Legislation Unconstitutional in Canada?
0 -- 0Wen Li. Licensing and Retained Funds Regulation of Internet Third Party Payment Providers in China
0 -- 0Rowena Rodrigues. Book Review: The Future of Identity in the Information Society: Challenges and Opportunities
0 -- 0Joanne Kuzma. Regulatory Compliance and Web Accessibility of UK Parliament Sites
0 -- 0Nehaluddin Ahmad. Credit Card Fraud and the Law: A Critical study of Malaysian perspective
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial

Volume 2009, Issue 1

0 -- 0Mohamed Chawki. Nigeria Tackles Advance Fee Fraud
0 -- 0Thomas Hoeren. The European liability and responsibility of providers of online-platforms such as "Second Life"
0 -- 0Sizwe Snail. Cyber Crime in South Africa - Hacking, cracking, and other unlawful online activities
0 -- 0Federico Ferretti. The "Credit Scoring Pandemic" and the European Vaccine: Making Sense of EU Data Protection Legislation
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Murdoch Watney. Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: An Outline of the South African Legal Position
0 -- 0Dejo Olowu. Cyber-Crimes and the Boundaries of Domestic Legal Responses: Case for an Inclusionary Framework for Africa
0 -- 0Joseph A. Cannataci. Privacy, Technology Law and Religions across Cultures
0 -- 0Damian Schofield. Animating Evidence: Computer Game Technology in the Courtroom
0 -- 0Annamart Nieman. Cyberforensics: Bridging the Law/ Technology Divide
0 -- 0Lina Acca Mathew. Online Child Safety from Sexual Abuse in India