Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 4, Issue 3

0 -- 0Clarice Castro, Chris Reed, Ruy J. G. B. de Queiroz. On the Applicability of the Common European Sales Law to some Models of Cloud Computing Services
0 -- 0Andreas Themelis. Information and Intermediation, Abuse of Dominance and Internet 'Neutrality': 'Updating' Competition Policy under the Digital Single Market and the Google Investigations(?)
0 -- 0Uno G. H. Fors, Åsa Skoglund. A pilot study of virtual cases in law education
0 -- 0Katleen Janssen, Sara Hugelier. Open data as the standard for Europe? A critical analysis of the European Commission's proposal to amend the PSI Directive
0 -- 0Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay. Open Content Licenses Without Representation: Can You Give Away More Rights Than You Have?
0 -- 0Angela Kretschmann. Copyright and Movements of Access: Business is Business, but Friends are Friends
0 -- 0Roksana Moore. The Case for Regulating Quality within Computer Security Applications
0 -- 0Simone Aliprandi, Andrea Mangiatordi. Content production and perception of copyright: an analysis of habits and beliefs of internet users

Volume 4, Issue 2

0 -- 0Joseph A. Cannataci, Sebastiano Faro, Maria Angela Biasiotti. Editorial for Special Issue on Surveillance
0 -- 0Radek Pospisil, Milan Skrob. Actual Trends in Improvement of risk area security using combined methods for biometrical identification of subjects
0 -- 0Heiner Koch, Tobias Matzner, Julia Krumm. Privacy Enhancing of Smart CCTV and its Ethical and Legal Problems
0 -- 0Stefano Rodotà. Some Remarks on Surveillance today
0 -- 0Chiara Bodei, Pierpaolo Degano, Letterio Galletta, Gianluca Mezzetti, GianLuigi Ferrari. Security in Pervasive Applications: A Survey
0 -- 0Filippo Novario. Cyberspace, Surveillance and Law: a legal informatics perspective
0 -- 0Antonella Galetta. The changing nature of the presumption of innocence in today's surveillance societies: rewrite human rights or regulate the use of surveillance technologies?
0 -- 0Daniele Mezzana, Marija Krlic. The current context of surveillance: An overview of some emerging phenomena and policies
0 -- 0Joseph A. Cannataci. Defying the logic, forgetting the facts: the new European proposal for data protection in the police sector
0 -- 0Vildana Sulic Kenk, Janez Krizaj, Vitomir Struc, Simon Dobrisek. Smart Surveillance Technologies in Border Control
0 -- 0Alessandro Fantechi, Chris D. Nugent, Alessandro Pinzuti, Enrico Vicario, Tommaso Magherini. An On-line system for automated recognition of human activities
0 -- 0Tijmen Wisman. Purpose creep by design: Transforming the face of surveillance through the Internet of Things

Volume 4, Issue 1

0 -- 0Philip Leith, Cynthia Fellows. BAILII, Legal Education and Open Access to Law
0 -- 0Sandra Meredith. Critical review of referencing software when used with OSCOLA
0 -- 0Paul Maharg, Sefton Bloxham. Professor Abdul Paliwala - An Appreciation
0 -- 0Jonathan Bainbridge, Karen Counsell, Freda Grealy, Paul Maharg, Joel Mills, Rory O'Boyle. iPads in Legal Learning (iLEGALL): mobile devices in professional legal learning
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Curriculum Vitae
0 -- 0Graeme Broadbent, Pamela Sellman. Images of Law and Legal Education: Law School websites and the provision of information
0 -- 0Antoinette Muntjewerff. CASE reading, structuring and analyzing decisions by judges
0 -- 0Janice Ann Denoncourt. Using Film to Enhance Intellectual Property Law Education: Getting the Message Across
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Publications
0 -- 0Patricia McKellar, Steven Warburton. Developing an e-reader and e-publishing model for flexible and open learning on a distance learning LLB programme
0 -- 0Paul Maharg, Sefton Bloxham. Editorial
0 -- 0Wai Shun Chow, Firew Kebede Tiba. Professional Legal Education Reviews: Too Many "What"s, Too Few "How"s
0 -- 0Emily Allbon. Too cool for (law) school? Using technology to engage students in legal skills