Journal: J. Internet Serv. Inf. Secur.

Volume 4, Issue 4

1 -- 13Philip A. Legg, Oliver Buckley, Michael Goldsmith, Sadie Creese. Visual Analytics of E-mail Sociolinguistics for User Behavioural Analysis
14 -- 24Fang-Yie Leu, Yi-Ting Hsiao. A Grid System Detecting Internal Malicious Behaviors at System Call Level
25 -- 37Dongjin Kim 0001, Seong Je Cho, Sangchul Han, Minkyu Park, Ilsun You. Open Source Software Detection using Function-level Static Software Birthmark
38 -- 51JaeCheol Ha, YongJe Choi, Dooho Choi, Hoonjae Lee. Power Analysis Attacks on the Right-to-Left Square-Always Exponentiation Algorithm
52 -- 70Hsing-Chung Chen, Hui-Kai Su. A Cooperative Trust Bit-Map Routing Protocol Using the GA Algorithm for Reducing the Damages from the InTs in WANETs
71 -- 81Sangho Park, Jihyun Bang, Mirim Ahn, Woomin Lee, Taekyoung Kwon 0002. A Method for Hiding Link Layer Addresses Using Bloom Filter in Wireless Sensor Networks
82 -- 90Mi-Young Cho, Young-Sook Jeong. Face Recognition Performance Comparison of Fake Faces with Real Faces in Relation to Lighting
91 -- 102Mye M. Sohn, Saerom Kang, Hyun Jung Lee. Integrated Data Model Development Framework for the Architecture Descriptions
103 -- 114In Kyeom Cho, TaeGuen Kim 0002, Yu Jin Shim, Haeryong Park, Bomin Choi, Eul-Gyu Im. Malware Similarity Analysis using API Sequence Alignments
115 -- 126Su-Wan Park 0001, Jeong Hyun Yi. Multiple Device Login Attacks and Countermeasures of Mobile VoIP Apps on Android
127 -- 137Ioannis Agrafiotis, Philip A. Legg, Michael Goldsmith, Sadie Creese. Towards a User and Role-based Sequential Behavioural Analysis Tool for Insider Threat Detection

Volume 4, Issue 3

1 -- 20Satoshi Tanaka, Takanori Yasuda, Kouichi Sakurai. Fast Evaluation of Multivariate Quadratic Polynomials over GF(2^32) using Grahpics Processing Units
21 -- 39Ram B. Basnet, Andrew H. Sung. Learning to Detect Phishing Webpages
40 -- 58Tomoyuki Ishida, Kazuhiro Takahagi, Akira Sakuraba, Noriki Uchida, Yoshitaka Shibata. The Real-time Disaster Damage Information Sharing System for Information Acquiring in Large-scale Natural Disaster
59 -- 71Zhifeng Xiao, Yun Wang. Leveraging Mobile Agents for Log Analysis in Data Center Networks
72 -- 81Jakub Breier. Asset Valuation Method for Dependent Entities
82 -- 96. Revisiting the BAN-Modified Andrew Secure RPC Protocol

Volume 4, Issue 2

1 -- 3Kunwar Singh, C. Pandu Rangan, A. K. Banerjee. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Cyber Security Protections and Applications
4 -- 26Wolter Pieters, Zofia Lukszo, Dina Hadziosmanovic, Jan van den Berg. Reconciling Malicious and Accidental Risk in Cyber Security
27 -- 37Jun Ye, Yong Ding, Xing-Zhong Xiong, Shu-Lin Wu. Dynamic Model for Anonymity Measurement Based on Information Entropy
38 -- 54Hiroshi Fujinoki, Christopher A. Chelmecki, David M. Henry. Fail-Safe Security Architecture to Prevent Privacy Leaks from E-commerce Servers
55 -- 69Shunya Sakamoto, Kenji Okuda, Ryo Nakatsuka, Toshihiro Yamauchi. DroidTrack: Tracking and Visualizing Information Diffusion for Preventing Information Leakage on Android
70 -- 82Keying Li, Jianfeng Wang, Yinghui Zhang, Hua Ma. Key Policy Attribute-based Proxy Re-encryption and RCCA Secure Scheme

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 11Kunwar Singh, C. Pandu Rangan, A. K. Banerjee. Lattice Based Universal Re-encryption for Mixnet
12 -- 24Taerim Lee, Hun Kim, Kyung Hyune Rhee, Sang Uk Shin. Performance of Distributed Text Processing System Using Hadoop
25 -- 36Jingwei Li, Jin Li 0002, Xiaofeng Chen 0001, Zheli Liu, Chunfu Jia. {MobiShare}+: Security Improved System for Location Sharing in Mobile Online Social Networks
37 -- 46Nan Guo, Jia Wang, Tianhan Gao, Kangbin Yim. Privacy-Preserving Predicate Proof of Attributes with CL-Anonymous Credential
47 -- 57Kun-Lin Tsai, Fang-Yie Leu, Tien-Han Wu, Shin-shiuan Chiou, Yu-Wei Liu, Han-Yun Liu. A Secure ECC-based Electronic Medical Record System
58 -- 63Lidia Ogiela, Marek R. Ogiela. Towards Cognitive Cryptography
64 -- 76ChanChamnab Than, Sangyong Han. Improving Recommender Systems by Incorporating Similarity, Trust and Reputation