Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 20, Issue 6

487 -- 499Orcan Alpar, Radoslav Stojic. Intelligent collision warning using license plate segmentation
500 -- 515Jiaqi Ma, Fang Zhou, Chang-ju Lee. Providing personalized system optimum traveler information in a congested traffic network with mixed users
516 -- 531Guoyan Cao, John Michelini, Karolos M. Grigoriadis, Behrouz Ebrahimi, Matthew A. Franchek. Cluster-based correlation of severe driving events with time and location
532 -- 544Irum Sanaullah, Mohammed A. Quddus, Marcus P. Enoch. Developing travel time estimation methods using sparse GPS data
545 -- 558Zhengbing He, Liang Zheng, Wei Guan, Baohua Mao. A self-regulation traffic-condition-based route guidance strategy with realistic considerations: Overlapping routes, stochastic traffic, and signalized intersections
559 -- 572Meng Wang, Winnie Daamen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Bart van Arem. Connected variable speed limits control and car-following control with vehicle-infrastructure communication to resolve stop-and-go waves
573 -- 590Mahdi Hashemi, Hassan A. Karimi. A weight-based map-matching algorithm for vehicle navigation in complex urban networks

Volume 20, Issue 5

0 -- 0. Erratum
413 -- 427Shuai Wang, Yang Yang, Xiaolin Hu, Jianmin Li, Bingji Xu. Solving the K-shortest paths problem in timetable-based public transportation systems
428 -- 437Chao Wang, Zhirui Ye. Traffic flow forecasting based on a hybrid model
438 -- 448Wenxin Qiao, Ali Haghani, Chun-fu Shao, Jun Liu. Freeway path travel time prediction based on heterogeneous traffic data through nonparametric model
449 -- 460Fei Yang, Zhenxing Yao, Yang Cheng, Bin Ran, Da Yang. Multimode trip information detection using personal trajectory data
461 -- 473Paul Johnson, Duc Nguyen, ManWo Ng. Large-scale network partitioning for decentralized traffic management and other transportation applications
474 -- 484Meng Li, Xiqun Michael Chen, Wei Ni. An extended generalized filter algorithm for urban expressway traffic time estimation based on heterogeneous data

Volume 20, Issue 4

311 -- 315Achille Fonzone, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Francesco Viti. New services, new travelers, old models? Directions to pioneer public transport models in the era of big data
316 -- 333Agostino Nuzzolo, Umberto Crisalli, Antonio Comi, Luca Rosati. A mesoscopic transit assignment model including real-time predictive information on crowding
334 -- 344Christopher Leahy, Richard Batley, Haibo Chen. Toward an automated methodology for the valuation of reliability
345 -- 362Andre Carrel, Rabi G. Mishalani, Raja Sengupta, Joan L. Walker. In Pursuit of the Happy Transit Rider: Dissecting Satisfaction Using Daily Surveys and Tracking Data
363 -- 384Yung-Hsiang Cheng, Sz-Fan Chen. Adoption forecasting of multipurpose smart cards in transit systems
385 -- 400Hyoshin Park, Ali Haghani, Xin Zhang. Interpretation of Bayesian neural networks for predicting the duration of detected incidents
401 -- 412Jinhui Lan, Dongyang Yu, Bin Ran, Yaoliang Jiang, Zhaohui Zhang. A new threat degree analysis method of abandoned objects based on dynamic multifeature fusion in urban traffic

Volume 20, Issue 3

205 -- 218Yanru Zhang, YunLong Zhang. A Comparative Study of Three Multivariate Short-Term Freeway Traffic Flow Forecasting Methods With Missing Data
219 -- 228Bahar Namaki Araghi, Rajesh Krishnan, Harry Lahrmann. Mode-Specific Travel Time Estimation Using Bluetooth Technology
229 -- 243Arash Olia, Hossam Abdelgawad, Baher Abdulhai, Saiedeh N. Razavi. Assessing the Potential Impacts of Connected Vehicles: Mobility, Environmental, and Safety Perspectives
244 -- 254Jiaqi Ma, Brian L. Smith, Michael D. Fontaine. Comparison of In-Vehicle Auditory Public Traffic Information With Roadside Dynamic Message Signs
255 -- 269Wei Guo, Yi Zhang, Man Xu, Zuo Zhang, Li Li. Parking Spaces Repurchase Strategy Design via Simulation Optimization
270 -- 281Nabil Nehme, Mariette Awad, Isam A. Kaysi. An Epsilon Bargaining Game-Theoretic Formulation Between Carrier and Container Terminal Operators for Servicing Vessels During Unloading Operations
282 -- 293Yao-Jan Wu, Feng Chen, Chang-Tien Lu, Shu Yang. Urban Traffic Flow Prediction Using a Spatio-Temporal Random Effects Model
294 -- 310Sangkey Kim, Ali Hajbabaie, Billy M. Williams, Nagui M. Rouphail. Dynamic Bandwidth Analysis for Coordinated Arterial Streets

Volume 20, Issue 2

103 -- 112Zun Wang, Anne V. Goodchild, Edward McCormack. Measuring Truck Travel Time Reliability Using Truck Probe GPS Data
113 -- 124Fei Yang, Zhenxing Yao, Peter J. Jin, Da Yang. Performance Evaluation of Handoff-Based Cellular Traffic Monitoring Systems Using Combined Wireless and Traffic Simulation Platform
125 -- 137Markus Stocker, Paula Silvonen, Mauno Rönkkö, Mikko Kolehmainen. Detection and Classification of Vehicles by Measurement of Road-Pavement Vibration and by Means of Supervised Machine Learning
138 -- 151Oded Cats, Gerasimos Loutos. Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System: An Empirical Evaluation
152 -- 161Bin Ran, Huachun Tan, Jianshuai Feng, Wuhong Wang, Yang Cheng, Peter J. Jin. Estimating Missing Traffic Volume Using Low Multilinear Rank Tensor Completion
162 -- 177Tao Zhang, Diange Yang, Jiangtao Li, Xiaomin Lian. A Trajectory-Based Map-Matching System for the Driving Road Identification in Vehicle Navigation Systems
178 -- 191Vicente Milanés, Steven E. Shladover. Handling Cut-In Vehicles in Strings of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles
192 -- 204Eleni I. Vlahogianni, Konstantinos Kepaptsoglou, Vassileios Tsetsos, Matthew G. Karlaftis. A Real-Time Parking Prediction System for Smart Cities

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 3Adel W. Sadek, Byungkyu Brian Park, Mecit Cetin. Special Issue on Cyber Transportation Systems and Connected Vehicle Research
4 -- 16H. M. Abdul Aziz, Satish V. Ukkusuri. Network Traffic Control in Cyber-Transportation Systems Accounting for User-Level Fairness
17 -- 32Ismail H. Zohdy, Hesham A. Rakha. Intersection Management via Vehicle Connectivity: The Intersection Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System Concept
33 -- 44Raj Kishore Kamalanathsharma, Hesham Rakha. Leveraging Connected Vehicle Technology and Telematics to Enhance Vehicle Fuel Efficiency in the Vicinity of Signalized Intersections
45 -- 54Noah J. Goodall, Brian L. Smith, Byungkyu Brian Park. Microscopic Estimation of Freeway Vehicle Positions From the Behavior of Connected Vehicles
55 -- 65Peng Su, Joyoung Lee, Byungkyu Brian Park. Calibrating Communication Simulator for Connected Vehicle Applications
66 -- 74Scott Smith, Michael Razo. Using Traffic Microsimulation to Assess Deployment Strategies for the Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot
75 -- 87Yunjie Zhao, Aditya Wagh, Yunfei Hou, Kevin Hulme, Chunming Qiao, Adel W. Sadek. Integrated Traffic-Driving-Networking Simulator for the Design of Connected Vehicle Applications: Eco-Signal Case Study
88 -- 101Shou-pon Lin, Nicholas F. Maxemchuk. The Fail-Safe Operation of Collaborative Driving Systems